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Posted on: January 27, 2011 8:02 pm
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This Earl Boykins jumpshot will blow your mind

Posted by Royce Young

Once when I was in high school during a game, a guy on my team took a jumper that rolled around the rim a few times and ended up coming to a stop and the back iron. I had never seen that happen before. It was a jump ball, but something that was pretty cool to see.

Earl Boykins had one roll around the rim more than a few times against the Hawks and it did not come to a complete stop (though it looks like it will at one point). However, it didn't look like it might ever stop spinning around the iron either.

The ball makes four complete circles around the tin and just watch how far it goes down before spinning back up. During the super-slow-motion shot, it truly seems like it goes on forever.

I wonder what the ruling would've been if it hadn't ever stopped spinning? I guess that might've meant this was all a dream though right? Maybe Earl Boykins' totem is a basketball? I just blew my own mind.

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Posted on: December 28, 2010 2:05 am
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Video: Best fantasy hoops waiver wire pickups

CBSSports.com is back with another episode of fantasy hoops analysis, focusing this week on who you might pick up off of the waiver wire. Posted by Ben Golliver CBSSports.com's Sergio Gonzalez always brings the Heat when it comes to fantasy hoops advice, and this week is no exception. In an interview with Lauren Shehadi, Gonzalez breaks down which NBA players might be available on your waiver wire and should be considered for a pickup. Just click here or watch the video below. Gonzalez listed Oklahoma City Thunder guard James Harden, Milwaukee Bucks guards Earl Boykins and Keyon Dooling, Toronto Raptors forward Linas Kleiza, Phoenix Suns wing Jared Dudley and center Marcin Gortat, and Sacramento Kings big man Samuel Dalembert.  Also this week, Gonzalez and Shehadi break down who you should start and sit in your fantasy lineups
Posted on: August 19, 2010 2:12 pm
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Boykins and Bucks near deal

Posted by Royce Young

Fear the baby deer. Earl Boykins is close to signing with Milwaukee, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports.

The signing would round out the Bucks point guard group with Brandon Jennings, Keyon Dooling who was signed after Luke Ridnour moved to Minnesota and now Boykins.

This would be a return to Milwaukee for Boykins who played for the Bucks in 2006-07. Last season, the 5-foot-5 guard played witht he Wizards and appeared in 67 games, averaging 6.6 points and 2.6 assists in almost 17 minutes a game. Depending on how you count teams, this would be Boykins' ninth team in 11 NBA seasons.

Boykins' signing pretty much rounds out the Milwaukee roster, putting the Bucks at 14. Most teams like to keep that 15th spot flexible so more than likely, second round pick Tony Gallon will be heading to Europe (or the D-League) next season.
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