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Posted on: October 26, 2011 10:52 am
Edited on: October 26, 2011 11:02 am

Real Madrid pushing to add Marc Gasol

By Matt Moore

Real Madrid is a major player in Spanish basketball. They added Rudy Fernandez (in all his blind-three-pointer greatness) and Serge Ibaka (who we're pretty sure could block shots blind) just yesterday. A report Wednesday however indicates that they want to pull off the biggest move yet by signing former FC Barcelona and Memphis Grizzlies center Marc Gasol. Marca reportsthat the team wants to put in a huge offer for Gasol to try and lure him overseas, as transcribed by Sportando:
Real Madrid is studying the possibility to make a rich proposal to Marc Gasol. The Spanish team wants Marc Gasol to be the franchise player for the future.

Florentino Perez, president of the club, gave his approval to the entire operation. The biggest hurdle is the NBA lockout. Marc Gasol said that he will start considering proposals from Europe and Spain just if the NBA season will be completely cancelled.
via Real Madrid is willing to sign Marc Gasol to a 4-5-year contract | Spain | Europe | Sportando.

First of all, FC Barcelona is the most likely candidate to bring in Gasol, since it could conceivably bring back Ricky Rubio and pull in Pau Gasol should the season go down the tubes. Thats' where their roots are, and they have to be considered the leadres, but Madrid is clearly putting its money where its mouth is. 

But this talk that Gasol could sign for the "future" is insane. Gasol is going to pull in a higher contract than what Kendrick Perkins agreed to with the Thunder. If the Grizzlies are dumb enough to let Gasol walk, which they have shown no intention of doing (Gasol is the one player, even more so than Mike Conley or Zach Randolph, that Grizzlies' owner Michael Heisley has insisted will be with the club long-term), then he's going to get any number of offers from every team with cap space in the league.

Gasol's not a premium scorer, but he's a supremely efficient one. He's not a monster shot blocker, but he's a better defender than most of the shot blockers you'll find. He's able to manage the pick and roll at both ends of the floor, is an excellent pinch post passer, has good footwork and touch out of the post, and no character issues. He's the ultimate non-star.

So, no, I don't imagine that he'll be heading back to Spain long-term considering what he can make in the NBA. Plus, he's spoken repeatedly about Memphis being his home since he went to high school there while his brother was not winning playoff games with the Grizzlies.

But short-term? The bidding war could get very interesting if we don't have a season in the NBA.

Posted on: August 4, 2011 10:04 am
Edited on: August 4, 2011 10:46 am

Marc Gasol says he won't play for Barcelona

By Matt Moore

FC Barcelona is such a popular (and thereby successful) team in Spain that if anyone was going to make big strides during the lockout luring NBA players back to play, you'd think it would be them. The NBA players who have played for them, and there have been quite a few, have always spoken highly of the situation, with Juan Carlos Navarro actually preferring to stay with the club rather than remain in the NBA (and the horrible-at-the-time Grizzlies). But for whatever reason, it's unlikely you'll be seeing too many NBA guys playing for FC Barcelona in Euroleague next year. 

Tuesday, Ricky Rubio said he would only return if the entire season were lost for the NBA. And on Wednesday, Marc Gasol told Marc Mundet of RAC1 in Catalonia that he doesn't think it would be fair to return to FC Barcelona since he would want to go back to the NBA when the lockout is over.  Gasol termed that idea as "selfish" and said that's just not the way he is. 

Gasol is a restricted free agent when the lockout ends and is due for his biggest payday, what will likely be a max contract (whatever that is for a player of his situation in the new CBA). It was his play that provided the backbone for the Grizzlies' playoff run, and he's considered one of, if not the best young overall center in the league outside of Dwight Howard. He played for two seasons with FC Barcelona after graduating high school in Memphis. 

So it would appear there will not be a reformation of the 2008 Spanish national team for FC Barcelona, but the team should do fine. It routinely wins its league and is considered one of the top European clubs even without Gasol. And if the entire season is lost, who knows?

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