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LeBron James dunk blocked by opponent's head

Posted by Ben Golliver

Go ahead and book it: this is the greatest blocked shot you will see during the 2011-2012 NBA season.

Miami Heat All-Star forward LeBron James threw down a vicious one-hand dunk during the fourth quarter of a Tuesday night game against the Charlotte Bobcats. One problem, though. As the ball went through the rim cleanly, Bobcats guard Gerald Henderson flew underneath the basket in a failed attempt to contest the play. James' dunk bounced off of Henderson's head and back through the rim, richocheting out clear to midcourt.

The officials apparently thought James' dunk either clanged off the bang rim or was blocked by Henderson and let play continue without counting the basket. James protested mightily, to no avail.

The Heat went on to beat the Bobcats, 96-95, at Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte. 

Here's the ridiculous video of LeBron James dunking the ball off of Gerald Henderson's head, only to have the basket not count.

Posted on: December 19, 2011 9:25 am

Rookie Biyombo agrees to buyout, will join Cats

By Matt Moore

The AP reports that Charlotte Bobcats forward Bismack Biyombo has agreed to a buyout with his Spanish team Fuenlabrada for $1.5 million, clearing the way for the 19-year-old to join the NBA this season. There had been concerns that Biyombo would not be able to get out of his contract with the club and would have to wait another season. 

The Bobcats desperately need Biyombo after center Kwame Brown signed with the Warriors in free agency. The Cats had been considering starting Boris Diaw at center, which they may still with Biyombo trying to catch up. Biyombo's size is vital for the Bobcats. Before the draft, fellow prospects had joked at Biyombo's freakish length,  which allowed him to nearly touch his knees... standing upright. 

Along with Kemba Walker, the Bobcats have a legitimate youth movement now with Biyombo and Gerald Henderson for the first time in nearly a decade, since the franchise's inception. There are concerns regarding Biyombo's ability to adapt to the NBA game given his raw offensive repertoire, but his defensive instincts should translate just fine. 

The Bobcats got their man, now they just need to mold him into a legitimate force. 
Posted on: April 7, 2011 6:31 pm
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Quentin Richardson suspended 2 games for shove

Orlando Magic wing Quentin Richardson has been suspended for two games for shoving Gerald Henderson. Posted by Ben Golliver.

Earlier, we noted that Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard was suspended for one game by the NBA for tossing the ball into the stands after he was whistled for a violation for taking too long to shoot a free throw during a Wednesday night game against the Charlotte Bobcats. Howard's technical was a foolish play, but it wasn't even close to the dumbest thing a member of the Magic did during that game. 

During the fourth quarter, Magic wing Quentin Richardson was physically defending Bobcats wing Gerald Henderson, bumping him before and after a down screen and getting into his body on the perimeter. Henderson took exception to the contact and after a foul was called on the play Henderson and Richardson jawed at each other. Henderson then swiped at Richardson with his forearm, only provoking Richardson further, who responded by using both of his hands to shove Henderson in the face, knocking him backwards and stunning him momentarily. 

The NBA announced on Thursday that Richardson will be suspended for two games for the shove to the face and docked his salaries for those games.
Quentin Richardson of the Orlando Magic has been suspended two games without pay for shoving Gerald Henderson of the Charlotte Bobcats in the face, it was announced today by Stu Jackson, NBA Executive Vice President, Basketball Operations. 
The incident occurred with 8:30 remaining in the fourth quarter of the Magic’s 111-102  victory over the Bobcats at Time Warner Cable Arena on April 6. Richardson will serve his suspension on Sunday, April 10 when the Magic host the Chicago Bulls at Amway Center, and on Monday, April 11 when the Magic play the Philadelphia 76ers at Wells Fargo Center. 
Here's video of the sequence in which Howard was ejected courtesy of YouTube user mikegutierrezmonst. Richardson's shove happens around the 1:20 mark.

This was one of the more pointless altercations you'll ever see. What was Richardson trying to prove? Who knows. What was riding on this game? Nothing. Why bother with Gerald Henderson? I have absolutely no idea. Is there a message to be sent? Certainly not by the Magic, who will spend the next month getting pushed around.

The Bulls will now have the luxury of facing the Magic without both Howard and Richardson on Sunday. If Chicago doesn't have the Eastern Conference wrapped up by Sunday, those absences could prove decisive.
Posted on: September 22, 2010 11:24 am
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Preseason Primer: Charlotte Bobcats

Posted by Matt Moore

Charlotte lost its starting point guard and its starting center, and didn't really add any players of huge significance.So what's going to get them through this year? Larry Brown and defense, the formula proven to work. The big thing to watch with the Cats this season is if they make another trade. Larry Brown has opted for a trade to his roster every year in a big way, and despite initial criticisms, the deals have been huge successes for the most part. We continue our Preseason Primers with a stop at the Cats. 

Training camp site:

Training camp starts:  Sept. 28 

Key additions:  Shaun Livingston (free agency), Matt Carroll (trade), Eduardo Najera (trade), Dominic McGuire (free agency), Kwame Brown (free agency)

Key subtractions:  Raymond Felton (free agency), Tyson Chandler (trade), Alexis Ajinca (trade), Theo Ratliff (free agency)

Likely starting lineup:  D.J. Augustin (PG), Stephen Jackson (SG), Gerald Wallace (SF), Boris Diaw (Boris Diaw position), Nazr Mohammed (C)

Player to watch:
 Tyrus Thomas. Thomas is at yet another "time to show what he can do" moment (seemingly the ninth of his career). With the new contract the Bobcats rewarded himself with, he's no longer the young'n working on becoming legit. He's got to actually develop and identity. He doesn't need to be Josh Smith with his overall athletic dynamism or a premier lockdown defender. But he's got to develop a set role on the floor that translates with his abilities. And stop shooting that mid-range jumper! But if he's able to effectively translate that athleticism he still has into production, consistently , it'll go a long way to putting him in a higher tier among NBA forwards. Time for Larry Brown to work his Magic again.

Chemistry quiz:
It's a delicate act the Cats have put together. Gerald Wallace is the strong, mostly silent type. Captain Jack is very much not. Tyrus Thomas is surly and brash. D.J. Augustin is well-natured but has bore the brunt of Larry Brown's particular attitude towards young point guards. The Cats have a fascinating cast of characters, and that's before you factor the possibility of Antoine Walker making it to camp. The Cats though don't really have many chemistry quirks. They have the alpha dog in Stephen Jackson, a franchise mainstay leader in Gerald Wallace, and a roster that understands it has to buy what Larry Brown's selling or they'll never see the light of day.

Injury watch:
 The Bobcats loaded up on centers last year, only to watch all of them wind up injured and missing time. Gerald Wallace bounced back from a disastrous 2009-2010 season that featured a collapsed lung and missed only six games last season. Boris Diaw has, ahem, conditioning issues. And, oh, yeah, their backup point guard suffered one of the most devastating knee injuries in recent NBA history. So they've got a number of things to keep a trainer's eye on.

Camp battles:
 Point guard is going to be a messy, messy affair without Raymond Felton around. D.J. Augustin has been the player the Cats had hoped would overtake Felton for years, and he's never gotten there. Now he's got no real choice and if he doesn't get it together this year their clock may run out on him. Shaun Livingston has a great opportunity to really push for a starting gig, but his body hasn't been the same since the injury. 

Power forward's another interesting spot. Diaw has the best skill set, but Tyrus Thomas has the new contract and the potential. That one could get messy as Thomas has become more authoritative this summer about his career. He's no longer unsure of himself now that he's out of Chicago.

Biggest strength:
 Defense, plain and simple. The Cats were best in defensive efficiency last season , and that's how they made the playoffs. The Cats managed to work effectively in both man situations and man-help. They communicate well, have athletic players all over the floor, and gun it 100% of effort, the most important element. The want-to is there and that's how they win games. Losing Raymond Felton will do some damage in that regard, as will their question marks at center. But they have enough talent, and most importantly, they have Larry Brown at the helm.

Glaring weakness:
 Talent. The Bobcats brought in an offensive weapon to save their putrid scoring last year in Stephen Jackson, but he's no spring chicken. Gerald Wallace is a tremendous talent, but not great at creating his own shot. And other than that, the Cats don't have a single consistent offensive weapon, and they are far from having a superstar. They've elected to build through trades, and that means improving value each time, but also watering down the talent level. Unless Gerald Henderson makes a huge leap, the Cats won't change much in that regard this season.
Posted on: July 6, 2010 6:03 pm

Is Gerald Henderson making the jump?

Gerald Henderson was drafted out of Duke with a lot of promise. Then he fell into the endless pit that all rookies fall into under Larry Brown. It's like the gigantic sand monster in Return of the Jedi . But the Duke prospect has an opportunity this season, even with Stephen Jackson in front of him, to make an impact. And the work he's putting in in Summer League may help get him there.

Henderson dropped 21 points today after leveling 20 yesterday. He had the whole range of his offense going, and added 8 rebounds and 4 assists. Henderson could help the Bobcats out dramatically if he can come in and provide backcourt depth this season, allowing them to focus on a replacement point guard with Reymond Felton likely departing and Tyrus Thomas a restricted free agent.

Henderson was also crazy efficient, scoring those 21 points on just 11 shots, getting 11 shots from the line. Henderson has to come out guns blazing through training camp if he's going to work his way into LB's rotation. Orlando Summer League has at least been a good start for the sophomore.

-Matt Moore

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