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Posted on: February 24, 2012 7:54 pm
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Jeremy Lin explains Slam Dunk Contest couch plan

Iman Shumpert and Jeremy Lin's dunk would have involved a couch, Landry Fields and Sprite. (Getty Images)
Posted by Ben Golliver   

ORLANDO -- Blake Griffin's dunk-over-the-Kia will remain the corniest Slam Dunk Contest concept for at least another year.

New York Knicks guard Iman Shumpert was a late scratch due to injury, and Shumpert's departure prevented Knicks guard Jeremy Lin from taking the Slam Dunk Contest to a whole new level of ridiculousness. 

Lin, a 23-year-old Taiwanese-American, has become a global sensation over the last few weeks. He barely avoided getting released by the Knicks before emerging as a big-time player once he moved into a starting role in February. The symbol of Lin's rags-to-riches journey became a couch, as he was reportedly crashing on the living room furniture of his teammate, Landry Fields, and his brother because he didn't want to rent his own place in Manhattan with his future unknown.

Word leaked earlier this week that the Knicks guard duo planned to incorporate Lin and a couch into their 2012 Slam Dunk Contest routine.

Lin laid out the whole plan in detail during a Friday press conference prior to the Rising Stars Challenge.

"We actually had a sweet idea," Lin explained. "Landry was going to roll a couch out with a cover over it, I was going to be sleeping underneath it, and then we were going to pull the cover, I was going to throw Iman an alley-oop from the couch, and he was going to jump over both me and the couch, windmill it and then sit down and have Landry hand him a Sprite. That was our idea, but it didn't happen."

Shumpert scratched last week due to a sore knee, and he was replaced by Utah Jazz forward Jeremy Evans. Shumpert will also sit out the Rising Stars Challenge.

"He got hurt and hopefully he gets better," Lin said. "We miss him and wish he was here with us in this game that we're about to play."
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Shumpert's Lin dunk involved a couch

Iman Shumpert and Jeremy Lin's dunk contest dunk would have involved a couch. (Getty Images)

Iman Shumpert had to bail out of the dunk contest Wednesday due to nagging knee injuries that have hobbled the Knicks' shooting guard from time to time. It was disappointing not only to see the athletic Shumpert who New York fans either love or are completely ambivalent about drop out, but because point guard sensation Jeremy Lin was supposed to help Shumpert with his dunk, and well, everyone's gone crazy seeing Lin do just about anything. 

So what was it exactly that they were going to do before the Jazz' Jeremy Evans replaced Shumpert in the dunk contest?

Remember how Jeremy Lin had slept on Landry Fields' and his brother's couch for weeks because he wasn't sure whether the Knicks would cut him or not? From the New York Post:
Yes, he and Jeremy Lin had talked about doing a dunk in which Shumpert would vault over a couch — the symbol of Lin’s humble sleeping conditions.

“He was going to help me out,’’ Shumpert told The Post. “Once my knee was so sore, I started thinking about it: ‘Am I going to be able to jump over the couch?’ All kinds of things to think about.’’
via Knicks’ Iman Shumpert planned to use Jeremy Lin in Slam Dunk contest - NYPOST.com.

On the one hand, it's a bummer that we won't get to see Jeremy Lin, preferably lounging on the couch or feigning sleep while Shumpert goes bananas over him, or tosses the ball up to him as Baron Davis did to Blake Griffin in the car last year. But on the other...

This was supposed to be Shumpert's time to shine. It's bad enough that the dunk contestants are taken away from the rest of not being involved in All-Star Weekend and into the media rush from one event to another, but to have your whole thing be centered around someone else? There's enough room for Linsanity during the regular season and throughout All-Star Weekend without having him take over the spotlight when Shumpert was going to be doing all the work.

All for naught, though, as Shumpert will try and get healthy, and Evans, who very much wants to be a part of the dunk contest, gets a go.

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Posted on: February 21, 2012 8:32 pm

Chase Budinger prepares for the dunk contest

Posted by Royce Young

Most everyone wasn't exactly blown away when this year's All-Star slam dunk contest participants were announced. Derrick Williams, Paul George, Iman Shumpert and Chase Budinger isn't exactly a field that gets you pumped up.

But that's not so say those guys aren't taking things seriously and aren't going to try and put on a real show.

In what's clearly a planned video featuring teammate Chandler Parsons and a cardboard cutout of Yao Ming, Budinger is caught practicing a dunk over the likeness of the former 7-6 Houston Rocket. I don't know if that's one he's really planning, but points for thinking outside the box. Maybe we shouldn't write this dunk contest off quite yet.
Posted on: February 16, 2012 10:25 am
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Dunk contest released: Jeremy Lin to have a part?

Posted by Royce Young

He won't be dunking, but Linsanity could have a role in the dunk contest. (Getty Images)

The 2012 dunk contest participants will be Paul George of the Pacers, Derrick Williams of the Timberwolves, Iman Shumpert of the Knicks and Chase Budinger of the Rockets, the NBA announced Thursday.

But that's not all. I guess in an effort to spice up the field as well as find a way to work Linsanity into All-Star Weekend, Jeremy Lin will also be playing a part. According to ESPN.com, Lin will be "assisting" Shumpert in some way, much in the same way Baron Davis helped out Blake Griffin at last year's contest.

The New York Daily News also reported that Lin would be part of the "Shooting Stars" competition, meaning he'd already be in the arena for All-Star Saturday night. David Stern has already said that Lin would not be a late addition to the Rising Stars game.

There will be a revamped format that will feature only one round and be voted on only by the fans. There no longer will be judges in the event, which also will be reduced to one round. Each contestant will execute three dunks. Fans will determine the champion by voting on NBA.com, Twitter or through text messaging. The format in recent years was two rounds, with a panel of judges voting on the first round before fan voting in the second.

As for the actual contest, it's a pretty weak field with no big name stars. Actually, when you really look it over, it might the weakest there's ever been. No disrespect to the participants, but none are exactly well known players to the casual NBA fan. Maybe Williams, just because the was the No. 2 overall pick.

Last year featured Blake Griffin, JaVale McGee, Serge Ibaka and DeMar DeRozan, four fairly well known players. This year has two rookies and two role players. Not exactly an eye-popping group. But let's break the field down anyway.

I'd say the early favorite has to be Williams, who is a bit in the Griffin mold of a big man with freakish leaping ability. He can always employ his teammate Ricky Rubio, who surely could zip a fancy pass Williams' way. Paul George is long and can jump. Budinger participated in the McDonald's All-American dunk contest in high school and has always been known as a big leaper.

But it might be hard to top Shumpert. Not because he's some fantastic dunker, but because of this being a fan vote thing and if he indeed brings along Lin, the people will likely speak on the side of the not just the Knicks, but of Lin.

I suppose the NBA is banking on Lin's "assisting" star power to give this contest a bump. Players are less and less inclined to participate in the event for the risk of injury and just the fact it's a stressful thing to add to an already busy weekend. Plus, the league sees it as an opportunity to welcome new faces to the casual fan with the possibility one of the guys does something unexpected and amazing. Vince Carter was a rising star, but he exploded as a household name after his dunk contest performance.

It might be a weak group lacking big names, but we'll all be watching anyway. And if you've watched much Paul George or Derrick Williams, you know that those two can fly. Who knows, we might be in for a pleasant surprise.
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Point Problem: Knicks have big issues to work out

Posted by Royce Young

OKLAHOMA CITY -- I guess Carmelo Anthony is really, really important to the Knicks. Either that, or they have some pretty serious issues to figure out before they actually start thinking of themselves as an Eastern contender.

Yeah, it's definitely the latter.

We already kind of knew that but after New York signed Tyson Chandler, then started playing a little defense and then beat the 76ers, it was easy to start wondering. But all that was brought back to Earth after the Thunder dismantled the Knicks in Oklahoma City Saturday night 104-92.

Here's where the Knicks faltered: Yeah, their defense was bad and I think an empty chair could've done a better job on Kevin Durant than Bill Walker, but the Knicks issues lie within their offense. They're still playing fast (fifth in the league in pace), but they are playing far from efficient. Scoring almost appears to be a chore at times, Melo or no Melo. All a player the caliber of Anthony does is provides a one-on-one bailout option when the ball stops moving and everyone starts standing.

Why is there a problem though? With Amar'e Stoudemire, Carmelo and Tyson Chandler, there shouldn't be issues, right? While those three form a nice trio, there simply isn't a good option to steer the boat. Mike D'Antoni has been using rookie Iman Shumpert at point guard recently, but changed that plan Saturday by starting Mike Bibby. He says it's not a permanent move, but was more of a matchup thing. But he didn't deny that he's looking for answers.

"You can always search a little bit and we are searching," he said. "When you lose two, you always re-evaluate everything. I'm not ready to say yea or nay [on starting Bibby for good]. It's definitely not Iman's fault or anything like that. It's just trying to find the right combos."

Reality is, neither Shumpert nor Toney Douglas is the answer. They're both nice players, but pretending either is a potential answer at point is like thinking you have a chance with that Hooters waitress that winked at you. Pipe dream, you guys, pipe dream. And as the Heat learned the hard way last season, Bibby isn't either. The hope is that when Baron Davis is healthy that he can take over that job, but that's not at all a guarantee. I mean, that's where things are -- the Knicks are hoping that Baron Davis is the answer at point guard. Think about that for a second.

It's really an interesting situation for New York, because it's one that the Heat are constantly trying to overcome themselves. Except the Knicks are like Miami Lite, a less talented version with less depth and not the same starpower. In truth, the Knicks would kill for either Norris Cole or Mario Chalmers at this point. And if they had one, they might kill a little more too. Or at least get killed less.

(Sidebar: Let me go ahead and throw out what everyone else has probably two thousand times this season: Steve Nash just makes too much sense for the Knicks. I have no idea what they possibly have that could interest the Suns, but with Phoenix not really going anywhere and Nash's contract and career ending soon, you have to give it a real shot. Landry Fields, Iman Shumpert and whatever picks the Knicks have left -- maybe?)

It is still early. The Knicks still have a whole lot of games left and remember, the Heat were 9-8 at one point last season. But I think when we watched that team, we could all see that eventually it would click. I have a hard time seeing that with this Knicks team.

"It's just going to take a while," D'Antoni said. "Almost always we have at least one or two rookies on the floor and without a training camp, excuse excuse, and I don't want to do that, we're just struggling right now a little bit. We just got to work through it."

Said Tyson Chandler: "We need practices under our belt. We need to get better chemistry on both ends of the floor."

That's an easy thing to say. We'll work through it. We're getting better. Give us time. At some point, there have to be results. D'Antoni has been heralded as an offensive guru, but his offense isn't working. And I don't think the blood is on his hands. He just doesn't have the personell. I mean, a team with two top 10 offensive players like Melo and Stoudemire shouldn't rank in the bottom third of the league in offensive efficiency. There has to be a reason for it.

The Knicks want to pretend that they have a new look and a new commitment to defense. And while they entered Saturday's game in the top 10 in points per 100 possessions, they aren't anywhere in the same universe as a team like the Bulls or Heat that can hang their hat on it. The Thunder proved that with their 70-point first half. It's the offense, stupid. It's a problem and unless the Knicks start finding answers, it's not looking like they're going anywhere they didn't go last year.
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Knicks G Iman Shumpert sprains MCL vs. Celtics

Posted by Ben Golliver.

The New York Knicks' thin backcourt took a big hit on opening day.

Knicks rookie guard Iman Shumpert suffered a sprained right MCL during the third quarter of New York's Christmas Day season opener against the Boston Celtics at Madison Square Garden. The New York Daily News reported that the Knicks expect Shumpert to be out "two to four weeks."

The injury occurred with just over a minute left in the third quarter, as Shumpert jockeye for defensive rebounding position following a mid-range jumper attempt by Celtics guard Ray Allen. Celtics forward Chris Wilcox got tied up with Knicks forward Amar'e Stoudemire and crashed to the court, undercutting Shumpert. Shumpert got up and was unable to put any pressure on his right leg. After Knicks trainers attended to him he was carried off the court by his teammates.

Shumpert, a 21-year-old rookie out of Georgia Tech, left the game with 11 points, 4 rebounds and 1 assist on 3-13 shooting in 22 minutes.

In his absence, New York will lean more heavily on guards Toney Douglas, Landry Fields and Bill Walker as they wait for Mike Bibby and Baron Davis to get healthy.

Here's the video of Knicks rookie guard Iman Shumpert's right knee injury.

Posted on: June 24, 2011 1:27 am
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NBA Draft: Five biggest surprises

Posted by Royce Young

The build-up to this year's draft had a pretty wild feel to it. With the chance of a lockout ahead, teams appeared to be frantically positioning for a crazy night of trading and movement. A lot went according to plan. Kyrie Irving went No. 1 overall to Cleveland. Derrick Williams was taken right after by Minnesota. Enes Kanter went to Utah third.

There were some surprises though. Some players that dropped a bit farther than expected or climbed up the ladder to get taken four or five spots ahead of expectation. For instance, Josh Selby fell all the way down to 49 to Memphis, which is pretty remarkable. But the 49th overall pick is pretty unremarkable. So here are my biggest five draft night surprises:

1. Tristan Thompson, PF, Cleveland Cavaliers (4): Some prognosticators saw the Cavs going either with Jonas Valanciunas or Thompson here, especially with Kanter coming off the board to Utah at No. 3. But Thompson was mostly slated on big boards somewhere in the 7-10 region. The Cavs didn't necessarily reach on him, as they need more front court depth, but Thompson might've been available a couple slots lower as well.

I imagine the Cavs wanted Kanter and took their second choice with Thompson, but passing over Valanciunas is a bit surprising. The buyout issue for Valanciunas probably had a lot to do with it.

2. Iman Shumpert, PG, New York Knicks (17): The Knicks were hoping homegrown point guard Kemba Walker would somehow free fall to them at 17, but instead, New York picked up Shumpert, a junior guard out of Georgia Tech. The Knicks contingent in the building promptly said, "Who?" and commenced booing.

It's not a bad pick by any means, as the Knicks need a player to groom behind Chauncey Billups, plus, he does offer a little size and athleticism. Shumpert is 6-6 and already a terrific defender, something the Knicks need more than a good scorer. But 17 is a bit high for Shumpert since most saw him as a late first-round guy. Chris Singleton, Kenneth Faried and Marshon Brooks were still on the board at 17,  so some are curious why New York passed them over for Shumpert.

3. Markieff Morris, F, Phoenix Suns (13): Sort of a minor surprise here, but most figured younger brother Marcus was the higher ranked prospect of the two. Naturally, I had to wonder if maybe Lon Babby and the Suns just mixed the two up here. (Twin joke!) It is relatively interesting that Markieff, born seven minutes ahead of Marcus, was picked one spot ahead, almost exactly seven minutes earlier. Some things are just meant to be.

4. Jordan Hamilton, SF, Denver Nuggets (26): Hamilton was taken by the Mavericks and, after mass confusion, ended up being part of a three-way trade that sent him to Denver. But most had the Texas swingman pegged in the 15-20 range. And when he dropped past Houston at 23, it looked like almost a certainty that Oklahoma City would snatch him up at 24.

Yet, he was passed over. There was word that Texas coach Rick Barnes warned teams that Hamilton is uncoachable and that's the reason he slipped. A couple weeks ago he was a borderline lottery pick, but on draft night he barely survived the first round.

5. Corey Joseph, PG, San Antonio Spurs (29): Once the Spurs pushed the button on a trade to send George Hill to Indiana for Kawhi Leonard, you knew San Antonio was going to look to restock its depth. Just not many saw them targeting Joseph.

Joseph played one year at Texas and was a nice, highly-recruited defender, but didn't really impress many. He was pegged as a middle second round guy, so when David Stern called his name with the 29th pick, some were a bit shocked. He has the same frame as George Hill and might be able to settle into that exact some role. Plus, with the Spurs, everything they do seems brilliant. They're sort of like a new Radiohead album in that way. They escape the critics even when something doesn't quite add up because they've earned it with a glowing reputation.
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