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Report: Nickey Van Exel dumped body, posted bail

The son of former NBA All-Star Nick Van Exel reportedly confessed to murder, but the case is taking some strange turns. Posted by Ben Golliver.

Last week, we noted that Nickey Van Exel, the 20 year-old son of former NBA All-Star and current Atlanta Hawks coach Nick Van Exel, reportedly confessed to killing his Texas neighbor, Bradley Bassey Eyo, and was charged with capital murder. Plenty of twists and turns were sure to follow, but they've come even more quickly and bizarrely than we might have expected.

First, the Dallas Morning News reports that new details have emerged in the case. Van Exel not only shot his neighbor, he did so with a shotgun in the middle of the night, and he then dumped the body in a nearby lake.
At about 1 a.m. Sunday, Eyo went across the street to visit Van Exel at his home in the 6900 block of George Brown Drive in Garland. Documents say that Van Exel aimed his parents' shotgun at his friend's chest and fired.
Van Exel wrapped Eyo's body, dragged it downstairs into the garage and loaded it in the back of a 2001 Chevy SUV, detectives wrote in an arrest affidavit.
About 8:30 that same morning, a man called police to report a body near the park on Barnes Bridge Road in Dallas. The affidavit stated that Eyo's body was missing a pair of Nike Air Jordan shoes, two cellphones and jewelry.
Despite the odd timing of the incident, the moving of the body and the disappearance of valuables, Van Exel's lawyer calls the incident "horseplay," which, of course, isn't sitting well with the victim's father, Oyo Eyo.
"If it was accidental, he wouldn't have gone to dump his body at the lake. He could've called 911," Oyo Eyo said. "I don't know what transpired in the house. Maybe it was premeditated, I don't know, but how can he point a shotgun at his friend?"
Somehow, despite bail initially being set at $1 million, WFAA.com reports that "his bond was reduced from $1 million to $25,000," which he paid, and Van Exel has now been released. 

Even with bail reduced so dramatically, the Morning-News reports that police say the charge against Van Exel is still officially capital murder.
Dallas police Deputy Chief Craig Miller said the capital murder charge against Van Exel could be lowered to manslaughter. "We reserve the right to change the charges; right now that's not the case," Miller said.
Honestly, who knows what will come next?
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Report: Nick Van Exel's son confessed to murder

The son of former NBA player Nick Van Exel reportedly confessed to committing a murder in Texas.  Posted by Ben Gollivernick-van-exel

WFAA.com out of Dallas is reporting that the son of former NBA All-Star Nick Van Exel has confessed to murdering his neighbor in Texas on Wednesday night.
Nickey Van Exel, son of former Dallas Mavericks player Nick Van Exel, was arrested Wednesday night in connection with a recent murder. 
Bradley Bassey Eyo was found shot to death near Lake Ray Hubbard the day after Christmas. Investigators determined he was murdered at a Garland home in the 6900 block of George Brown Drive and his body later dumped at the lake, less than a mile away.
Police said 20-year-old Nickey Van Exel turned himself in Wednesday and confessed to the crime. He's a neighbor of the victim.
WFAA.com also reports that Nickey Van Exel is being held on a $1 million bond. The elder Van Exel, who is just 39 years old, retired after the 2005-2006 NBA season after playing 13 seasons in the NBA. He spent his early years with the Los Angeles Lakers before bouncing around the Western Conference, making stops with the Denver Nuggets, Dallas Mavericks, Golden State Warriors, Portland Trail Blazers and San Antonio Spurs. He averaged 14.4 points and 6.6 assists for his career and made an All-Star game in 1998.  Known for his explosive scoring ability and quickness off the dribble as a player, Van Exel joined the Atlanta Hawks coaching staff as Player Development Instructor this fall.
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Jeff Teague has to find "The Dog"

Young Hawks guard gets guidance from Nick the Quick.
Posted by Matt Moore

Do you realize how many young guys get lost simply because they can't find the mental gear necessary to survive in the NBA? Talent is not lacking, not in the NBA. It's that mental edge that weeds so many guys out. And the Hawks need Jeff Teague to find that edge. Teague showed tremendous promise last season as a rookie, and with Mike Bibby further slipping into retirement age, he's going to be needed even more.

So to find that spirit animal, the Hawks brought in former NBA star Nick Van Exel. And he's even got a name for the beast. As told to the Atlanta Journal Constitution :
“We call it ‘the dog’ in the NBA,” Van Exel said. “We are trying to bring that dog out of him.”
Just gotta stop you there, Nick. I'd just like to provide an opportunity for everyone to make their own favorite dog joke about the NBA. Perhaps a Glen Robinson joke? No? Maybe a Ron Artest early-career gag ? Wait, hold on, I know I've got an Eddy Curry work ethic line in here somewhere, just let me find it.

Okay, let's move on. So Van Exel has been trying to bring out the angry side of Teague in an effort to make him into the best he can be. Please try and appreciate the irony that Jerryd Bayless can't get a starting job in Portland because he's too aggressive with the ball and not enough of a point guard while Jeff Teague is enough of a point guard but not angry enough. Those two should get together and go bowling.

In all seriousness, Teague's showed great flashes both last year and during Summer League, and could wind up surprising quite a few people on a Hawks team that everyone has low expectations for, despite them not losing a single relevant soul from last year's third seed. "The Dog" could be enough to at least keep them in the conversation for the top seeds in the East.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go find "The Dog" in making a sandwich. Aw, that just doesn't sound right at all.
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