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Posted on: March 8, 2012 9:12 am
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Wednesday Night Game-Winner Power Rankings

By Matt Moore and Ben Golliver  

Wednesday night was one of those nights in the NBA. Multiple game winners, so many that we decided we need to break them down, power rankings style. 

1. Rose does MJ: Derrick Rose's game winner had to be the best of the night for pure elegance. It had everything we look for from a winner: at the buzzer, walk off, isolation, high degree of difficulty, total calm, nothing but net. So much was going on in this one. He read the defense patiently, unleashed some crippling dribble moves, created and took the exact shot he wanted and even had large swaths of a road crowd cheering for him. Watch that thing and try not to think Michael Jordan.

2. Kyrie Irving's end-to-end. Irving's dash to the rim for what would be the game winner wasn't 94 feet of basketball brilliance, but it was as close as you want it to be. The fact that Byron Scott had the confidence in Irving to navigate all that space and the tactical knowledge to know the Nuggets wouldn't expect Irving to just get a running start and barrel to the basket deserves some points, while Irving's approach to switch hands on approach shows off his handle. That kid is something special. 

3. Isaiah Thomas read-and-react. Thomas, at his best, is the type of undersized guard that just makes you marvel. That he was the 2011 NBA Draft's "Mr. Irrelevant" just makes the story that much better. Thomas was at his best on Wednesday night, intercepting an idiotic entry pass at full stretch and with perfect timing. Thomas' game is all action/reaction/action and he made an incredibly heady play to move the ball forward to a streaking John Salmons, hitting him in stride. No second-guessing, no covering the ball to allow the defense to react. Just pure open court instinct in a very unusual game situation. The only downside is that it wasn't a walk off winner, or the Power Balance Pavilion might have stormed the court. Thomas' growing reputation for putting smiles on faces continues to grow.


4. DWill trusts Farmar. What? Why aren't people flipping out over Deron Williams passing up the crucial shot in the Nets' win over the Clippers like they did with LeBron James? Regardless, Williams made a great play and Farmar didn't get too excited or go hero-mode. He just lined up and knocked down the open jumper. You know, the right basketball play. On the opposite end of the spectrum,CP3 was never going to take that pass, and gambling on it meant he couldn't run Farmar off. Big mistake as Farmar's been en fuego from the outside this year.  

5. Nick Young has daggers on daggers.  If this was later in the game, it would be a top-three candidate. After all, Young did rise and fear to knock off the master of rise and fire. But alas, we had more free throws and missed Kobe Bryant threes to get through before it was said and done. But make no mistake, Nick Young's dagger to punch the Lakers' comeback attempt was the game winner in the Wizards' stunner over L.A.. 

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Nick Young daggers the Lakers

And that's how the Wizards downed the Lakers, sending them to their second loss in two nights to bottom-feeder lottery teams, after their big win Sunday against Miami. The Wizards were down 21 points in the third quarter, before rallying to close it within one possession by the start of the fourth. 

Kobe Bryant was 9-31 for 30 points in the loss. Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol had 19 shots combined. The loss comes a day after Rodney Stuckey crossed over Bryant for a late-game bucket and now Young drains this one. The Lakers looked like one of the elite teams in the league on Sunday. Four days later, they're taking on water again. The trade deadline is one week away. 

For the Wizards, it's their best win of the season, and something for Randy Wittman to hang his hat on. Trevor Booker was the player you need your bigs to be, John Wall managed the offense even on a bad night, and his team got the win. In a long, dark season, it's nice to have nights like this. 
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Wizards sign Young to one-year qualifying offer

By Matt Moore

The Washington Post first reported it Sunday night, and on Monday the Wizards made it official, Nick Young will remain a Wizard for another season.

Young signed a one-year qualifying offer with the Wizards in restricted free agency Monday, which will allow him to enter unrestricted free agency in 2012. Young's offer of $3.7 million for the season comes after a disappointing free agency period failed to net the long-term offer sheet Young was no doubt hoping for, due to teams' strong belief the Wizards would match any such offer. 

Young is a slightly above-average scorer with few other patented skills, but is only 26 and two-guards are becoming a bit of a premium in this market. He should pull in better offers next summer.

It's surprising that Young didn't receive an offer good enough to sign, but movement in restricted free agency was largely limited this time around, thanks in part to the restructured CBA.
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Free Agency Buzz: 12.4.11: Heat want Oden?

Posted by Royce Young

Sunday, December 4, 2011

9:58 p.m. ET

6:29 p.m.

2:34 p.m.

10:24 a.m.

  • The Heat are making a run at Greg Oden, according to ESPN.com: "The Heat are considering making a run at restricted free agent Greg Oden, league sources said. Oden, who hasn't played in nearly two years after suffering two different knee injuries, has a key doctor's examination this week when he could be cleared to resume contact practices."

10:06 a.m.

  • Via Yahoo! Sports, the Heat are in hot pursuit of Shane Battier: "Battier has been a primary target in free agency for the Heat, and sources say the pitch of Riley, coach Erik Spoelstra and key Heat players could ultimately confirm Battier’s strong feelings about chasing a championship in Miami." How could the Heat get him? By using the amnesty clause on Mike Miller and freeing up their full mid-level exception. Also of note: The Thunder aren't pursuing Battier as of now, a team many expected to.
  • Also via Yahoo!, the Heat aren't after Samuel Dalembert as of now, mainly because other teams can offer more.
  • Dwight Howard's agent Dan Fegan has yet to talk with Magic general manager Otis Smith, as of Friday evening, according to the Orlando Sentinel. "Smith and Fegan could speak with each other this weekend. And even if they don't, there might not be any immediate reason for concern from the Magic's perspective. Howard and Smith will have the chance to speak Dec. 9, the day training camps are scheduled to open across the league."
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Free Agency Buzz 12.1.11: Schedule out Tuesday?


Posted by EOB Staff

On a shortened schedule with the conclusion of the NBA lockout, free agency is going to be fast and furious. To keep track of all the wheelings, dealings, rumors, and reports, check Eye on Basketball daily for the Free Agency Buzz. 

Thursday, Dec. 1, 2011

7:11 p.m. ET

  • The Associated Press reports that the NBA is hosting a schedule release television program on Tuesday at 7 p.m. Eastern. So, obviously, the full 2011-2012 regular season schedule should finally be available by Tuesda night at the latest.

6:38 p.m. ET

  • MercuryNews.com reports that the New Orleans Hornets have contacted the Golden State Warriors to express interest in point guard Stephen Curry: "Multiple NBA sources: If the Hornets consider trading Chris Paul, one player they really like is Stephen Curry & have told GSWs that. But again, Warriors would need assurance from Paul that he'd consider re-signing here before going anywhere down that trade path. Doubtful."

2:54 p.m. ET

  • NBA.com reports that Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban does not plan to use his Amnesty Clause on center Brendan Haywood. Haywood has more than $45 million remaining on his contract but can always be waived prior to another season in the future.

12:54 p.m. ET

  • Deron Williams will not sign an extension with the Nets and will just plan to play this season out. Big news because that basically means it'll be open season on Williams in 2012 and the Nets will have to convince him he should stay. Not all that surprising news, but still, it's important.

12:40 p.m. ET

  • The Chicago Tribune reports Thursday morning that Caron Butler is working out in Chicago and that a source close to him indicated he hopes to sign there. The Bulls need a scoring shooting guard, which Butler can play in combination with the small forward spot, but Butler has both age, injury, and efficiency issues. His prime is past and he tends to overestimate his offensive ability at this point. Then again, the alternative is Keith Bogans. Additionally, Butler is still an excellent defender with length and know-how, and would fit well with the Thibodeau's scheme. 
  • Timberwolves GM David Kahn said at his presser Thursday morning via the Minneapolis Star-Tribune that signing Kevin Love to an extension is a big priority for the club and that he expects Love to be with the club a long time. This is a nice change of pace from the year prior to last year and even start of last season when Love could not find time on the floor, reportedly because of Kahn's hesitance about him. You know, him being the All-Star who had a 30-30 game last year and lead the league in rebounding. 

12:08 p.m. ET
  • Suns GM Lon Babby to the Arizona Republic on free agent Grant Hill: "Grant is an absolute first order of business and top priority. I can't contemplate him not being here. He represents everything we want the franchise to stand for -- on and off the court. He's our ballast."
  • Grizz owner Michael Heisley reiterates what we already know: "Obviously, we want to sit down and try to make a deal with Marc," Heisley told The Commercial-Appeal. "I'm committed to keeping him. I'm committed to winning a championship."
  • The Washington Post reports the Wizards won't amnesty Rashard Lewis: "Two people with knowledge of the Wizards' thinking have said that it is unlikely that the team uses the amnesty provision on Lewis or anyone else before this season. But the Wizards could wait and see what players other teams waive, which could add more free agents to the mix."
  • Ken Berger of CBSSports.com told us that Caron Butler had his list to six teams. Yahoo! Sports reports that list is narrowed even more to just two. "Butler is most attracted to the Bulls because of the chance to play with Derrick Rose and compete for a title, but he would have to take significantly less money to play in Chicago. The Bulls have a stronger need for a shooting guard, and could ultimately spend their money there. Ultimately, that leaves Clippers with an edge over the New Jersey Nets among the suitors with the most significant cap space and a need for a starting small forward."
9:54 a.m. ET
  • Ken Berger of CBSSports.com reports that Lakers' owner Jim Buss has finally relented on keeping Andrew Bynum and now will entertain offers for Bynum if it's "the right deal." That means Dwight Howard is on the Lakers' board, if he wasn't already. The younger Buss has been reluctant to move the young center despite his ongoing knee issues, considering him the franchise player of the future. Berger says that a potential three-way deal could be discussed with Milwaukee sending Andrew Bogut to Orlando, Bynum to Milwaukee and Howard to make even more commercials in L.A. For more on the Lakers' decision regarding which center to build around (assuming they can pull off a trade for Howard with enough assets), read "The Bynum Dilemma." 
  • Yahoo Sports reports that the Bulls could have interest in Wizards' restricted free agent Nick Young. Young is a perfect fit for the Bulls who are badly in need of an upgrade offensively at the shooting guard spot in front of Keith Bogans. But the Wizards are likely to match any offer for Young. A better and cheaper fit might be a trade for sophomore Jordan Crawford, though it's a downgrade in ability.
  • Yahoo also reports that Josh Smith is still interested in a trade from Atlanta. Minnesota was mentioned as a possibility around the trade deadline, which of course makes no sense with Kevin Love and now Derrick Williams, but with the Wolves, what else is new?
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Wade pledges loyalty to Jordan despite lockout

Posted by Ben Golliver


NBA legend and Charlotte Bobcats owner Michael Jordan has drawn the scorn of NBA players past and present over the last few months, thanks to his hard-line, anti-player stance in the league's ongoing labor negotiations. 

In case you missed it, Los Angeles Lakers forward Metta World Peace said that Jordan betrayed NBA players, former New York Knicks guard Stephon Marbury called Jordan a "fake sellout", Golden State Warriors wing Klay Thompson and Indiana Pacers wing Paul George agreed that Jordan was a "straight hypocrite", and Washington Wizards guard Nick Young pledged never to wear Jordan's sneakers again. Jordan has generally enjoyed that rare combination of being loved, feared and respected, so all the criticism has been unusual, to say the least.

One prominent NBA player still has Jordan's back, though. Miami Heat All-Star guard Dwyane Wade, one of Jordan Brand's major marketing faces, expressed his loyalty to his sneaker boss in an interview with the Sun-Sentinel on Thursday
"I really didn't need to get involved in all that," Wade said. "Obviously I wear a different hat than certain other guys that got involved in it. And I stay away from it. I have an obligation and I have a job to do and I'm going to do my job."

"That's on Nick Young," Wade said. "That's his moment. Obviously, that's his own choice and decision and, you know, that's something he's going to have to deal with. I can't let that affect me. I have my own things to run, my own stuff to think about what I'm doing with my own shoes.

"Obviously, I heard about it, because you can't do nothing but hear about everything now, because there's nothing else to do."
When Wade refers to the fact that he wears a "different hat" than the players critical of Jordan, what he actually means is that he has his own very popular signature shoe with Jordan and that he is compensated handsomely for it. In 2007, BusinessWeek.com reported that Wade was pulling in roughly $10 million a year in shoe endorsements. By comparison, Young, who is signed with Nike according to the Washington Post, has made $7.4 million in NBA earnings during his 4-year NBA career.

Put simply: Jordan almost certainly pays Wade more money in one year than Young has made in his lifetime. We shouldn't be surprised in the slightest that the two men have different takes on MJ's role in these labor negotiations.

Wade, a Chicago native who grew up idolizing Jordan, modeling his game after No. 23, has earned nearly $70 million in NBA salary and tens of millions more off of endorsements. He could very well find himself on the owners' side of the table in future collective bargaining negotiations if he chooses to follow in Jordan's footsteps after he retires.

For better and worse, Wade, like Jordan, is so fully invested in the massive business system that surrounds the NBA that outside perception of their moral stands doesn't even come under consideration. The "job" and the "obligations" come first, second and third.
Posted on: November 6, 2011 1:34 am

NBA players call Michael Jordan 'hypocrite'

Posted by Ben Gollivernba-lockout

Basketball legend and Charlotte Bobcats owner Michael Jordan became the face of the hard-liner NBA owners this week, when a report broke that he is the face of a group of 10-14 owners who think a 50/50 revenue split with the players is too generous, preferring instead to offer a 47 percent stake.

On Saturday, as labor talks between the NBA and the National Basketball Players Association were winding down, at least three NBA players took to Twitter to express their frustration with Jordan. 

"I'm not wearing Jordans no more," Washington Wizards guard Nick Young said. "Can't believe what I just seen and heard from MJ. Elvis Done Left The Building." 

"Damn MJ," Indiana Pacers guard Paul George wondered aloud. "That's how you feel?"

Later, Golden State Warriors rookie wing Klay Thompson replied to George: "You think the 1996 MJ would pull this? Straight hypocrite bro."

George agreed: "Man straight hypocrite bro.. He should've been the 1st one behind us smh."

The charges of hypocrisy stem from the fact that Jordan was a major advocate for NBA players' rights during his playing days. During the 1998 labor negotiations, for example, Jordan famously told then-Washington Wizards owner Abe Pollin: "If you can't make a profit, you should sell your team."
Posted on: August 31, 2011 12:34 pm

Nick Young next to head to China?

Posted by Royce Young

With Wilson Chandler deciding to take the plunge and commit to a full season in China, it might have a bit of a domino effect of other players joining in. Already Thaddeus Young is reportedly in talks with a Far East club.

Now, it's another Young. Nick Young. Via ESPN.com:
Young’s agent, Aaron Mintz, told ESPN.com on Tuesday night that Nick Young is getting “major interest” from teams in China. The catch? Actually signing with one of them, like Chandler did, means Young would most likely be forfeiting the opportunity to play in the NBA in 2011-12 in the event that the lockout eventually ends, thanks to a rule instituted by the Chinese Basketball Association earlier this month that forbids its teams to include NBA out clauses in contract offers.
That's indeed the catch and it's a big one. Jumping into that pool means you give up a season in the NBA for sure, lockout or not.

Nick Young blossomed into a nice scorer last season averaging 17.4 points a game after Gilbert Arenas was traded from Washington. And while he's not going to find a huge offer overseas most likely, he's going to get a decent paycheck.

It's just a question as to if Young, a restricted free agent who has a qualifying offer of about $3.6 million, is willing to risk losing out on that money and a full season in the NBA. Of course there has to be a season in the NBA to lose out on and right now, that doesn't look so hot.
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