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Posted on: November 5, 2011 5:24 pm
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Report: Spurs GM R.C. Buford arrested for DWI

Posted by Ben Golliverr-c-buford

The San Antonio Spurs and their management staff are generally held up as the "model" NBA franchise.

That model took a major public hit on Friday night, when KSAT.com reported that Spurs GM R.C. Buford was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated after he allegedly drove through a fence.
Spurs general manager R.C. Buford was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated after he crashed into a fence, San Antonio Police said. A police spokesman confirmed Buford was arrested after crashing into the fence in the 500 block of N. Leona just west of downtown late Friday night.

The police department said an officer from the Bexar County Hospital District first responded to the scene. SAPD then arrested Buford.

Records at the magistrate's office show Buford was charged with driving while intoxicated with an open container.

KENS5.com reportsthat Buford was booked after 3 a.m.
Court documents say Buford was booked into Bexar County Jail at 3:38 a.m. Saturday. He was released on a $2,500 bond.
Buford has served as GM of the Spurs since 2002, overseeing NBA championships in 2003, 2005 and 2007. Prior to serving as GM, a position he inherited from coach Gregg Popovich, Buford rose through the ranks in the scouting department and also worked as team president. 

WOAI.com reports that the Spurs released the following statement regarding the incident on Saturday.
RC Buford, president of sports franchises for Spurs Sports & Entertainment, was involved in a single car accident on Friday evening in San Antonio. The event involving Buford, who is a type 1 diabetic, was precipitated by a severe low blood sugar reaction. A San Antonio police officer responded to the scene and Buford was subsequently detained and charged with possession of an open container and a DUI. No injuries were caused by the accident.

“I take great pride in being a positive member of our community and deeply regret this incident,”  said Buford. “I apologize to our community, our fans and the entire Spurs family.”

The Spurs and Buford indicated they will have no further comments on the incident. 

In a 2005 Sports Illustrated profile, Buford expressed his fondness for adult beverages.
Ask them about their working relationship or who is responsible for what, and they both go coy. "Philosophical differences?" says Buford. "Well, Pop likes wine, and I drink beer. That's about it." Says Popovich, "R.C. tells me when I'm full of crap."
A WIBW.com story from 2008 features Buford re-telling a favorite story, when he and University of Kansas coach Bill Self brought a keg to the 1985 World Series.
Self and Buford pulled up to Royals Stadium, beer in tow, and, amazingly, were able to buy face-value tickets along the third-base line to watch the Royals beat the Cardinals.

That, and they became the most popular guys in town when beer stopped flowing. Who else had cold Budweiser on tap after the seventh game of the World Series –- in their car?

"We were the only guys in Kansas City with beer," Buford said.

Buford is the third member of his family to be arrested for mixing drinking and driving in the last 30 months.

Back in February 2011, Alexis Mang-Ikri Wangmene, a University of Texas basketball player from Cameroon, was arrested for driving while intoxicated in Austin. Buford was serving as Wangmene's legal guardian, according to MyFoxAustin.com. Back in July 2009, Chase Buford, R.C.'s son, was arrested on DUI charges in Lawrence, Kansas, where he was a member of the University of Kansas Jayhawks basketball team, according to KMBC.com.
Posted on: May 20, 2011 4:09 pm

Spurs GM Buford reacts to Parker's comments

Posted by Royce Young

Earlier in the week, Tony Parker made some curious comments. Basically he said the Spurs are old, they're slow and they're done winning. He actually said that he thought their window was closed.

"I don't think this current team will play for the title in the future," Parker said. "We are aging. We must be realistic. It was sort of our last chance this season.

"Tim [Duncan] and Gino (Manu Ginobili) are getting old. It's going to be tough to regenerate ourselves. We will always have a good team but we can no longer say that we're playing for a championship."

Pretty stunning comments from a guy that just signed a long-term extension with the Spurs. A team that just had the top record in the West, mind you.

(I can't help but wonder what Ginobili and Duncan thought about being called old by Parker. I mean they are, but still, nobody wants to hear they can't play any more because of their age.)

Parker's comments likely weren't all that well received by the organization and someone got in touch with general manager R.C. Buford to get his thoughts on Parker's comments. Via the San Antonio Express-News:

"Who knows what the motivation is to say something like that," Buford said. "I'm not going to get caught up in comments. All I can say is that we're going to continue to build our team and try to be as good as we can be in the future."

Some feel that maybe the motive for making such bold comments is that Parker is trying to spur (get it? you get it) the team into pushing for a few deals this summer to boost the roster. Maybe Parker's trying to not-so-subtly nudge the Spurs along. Or maybe he's just depressed about their first-round exit. Buford realizes that this is going to ramp up speculation about the roster though.

"I can't control that," he said, "and I'm not going to worry about it. We're just going to move forward and work to improve the team."

Nobody runs a more well-oiled organization than Buford. They say the right things, do the right things and rarely have a hiccup. So this is a rare event. At some point, yes, Duncan, Ginobili and others will phase out. The roster will turn over to new faces. Parker sees that coming. But I have no doubt that maybe the best GM in the business does too.
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