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Posted on: March 2, 2011 1:01 pm

Rasual Butler to sign with Bulls off waivers

Butler intends to sign with Bulls off waivers. 
Posted by Matt Moore

Well, the Bulls finally got their two-guard. After seeking an upgrade at shooting guard for months including through the trade deadline, but being unwilling to dramatically shift the roster, the Bulls will be getting the services of Rasual Butler once he clears waivers, according to CSNChicago.com

It's an interesting choice for the Bulls, as Butler's not a true shooting guard, doesn't shoot that well, isn't that great of a scorer, and turns 32 in the playoffs. He shot 39 percent from 3-point in his last year with the Hornets two years ago, and since then his shot has completely vanished. But, Butler's long enough and could provide enough with Kyle Korver and Ronnie Brewer to give coach Tom Thibodeau enough optiions to survive at that spot in the playoffs. It's not a long-term solution, but buyout candidates never are. 

Butler's biggest addition may be in providing backup support for Luol Deng without losing requisite length. Meanwhile, Keith Bogans will continue to stun the universe by starting for the third team in the East while shooting 37 percent. This team is rather odd when you look at the whole. 
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Upside-Downside with the buyout free agents

The upsides and downsides of signing the top five buyout free agents. 
Posed by Matt Moore

Trade deadine season is over, which means it's buyout season. The crop this season is loaded with your usual batch of veterans able to provide help, especially as they're at a significant discount for the rest of the season and looking to join already well-loaded teams. There's always a significant cost to these players on the floor though. Here then are the upsides and downsides of the top five players available via buyout. 

Troy Murphy, PF : Murphy was a candidate last year for the big Cavs move that wound up being Antawn Jamison. Instead, he wound up being traded to New Jersey, dealing with significant back issues, getting jerked around by Avery Johnson (along with half the Nets' roster), and then having a long, lovely vacation. After finally being moved to the Warriors, he was freed, and the result is that he's the top free agent on the market. 

Upside: Murphy's biggest draw is that he's a do-it-all big. He shoots reliably from the field and from the 3-point line (39 percent on his career, 38 percent last season with Indiana). But versus most stretch-fours, he also rebounds, averaging 10 rebounds a game last season with a 17 percent rebound rate (that's decent). Basically, if the Celtics nab him, he becomes a perimeter scorer and a big who can rebound. He's a Swiss Army Knife at the power forward spot. Usually a buyout big is limited somewhere on the floor, but being able to rebound and shoot is a rare combination. He's also good on tip-ins at 51 percent off offensive rebounds.

Downside:  Defensively, though, there are concerns. Murphy gave up a 57 percent field goal percentage in the post last year, according to Synergy Sports. He's good on the pick-and-roll and in isolation, but in the post, he's got some concerns. Then again, if post defense was what the Celtics were worried about, they wouldn't have traded Kendrick Perkins. Meanwhile, his post offense is as bad as his defense. Quite simply don't put him in the block. That's a problem unless you have a good array of players to complement him. Which, you know, the Celtics do. That's why Murphy seems like such a no-brainer for Boston. 

Mike Bibby, PG: Bibby was the big trade acquisition for Atlanta. He was the guy brought in to put them at the next level. And he did that. But now he's been moved to the Wizards for Kirk Hinrich and, as a result, has been bought out. Once a star in Sacramento, Bibby's on the backside, but still brings something to the table. 

Upside: Bibby can still shoot. He shot 44 percent from the arc this season, and 39 percent last season with Atlanta. That's a skill in a point guard you want, especially if you're just looking for a point guard to come in and give the ball to two star wings like, oh, say, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. Perhaps even better, though, Bibby rarely turns the ball over. He's a reliable, consistent, what-you-see-is-what-you-get point guard. He's no longer an elite player, but could be a difference maker on a team like the Heat

Downside: No defense. Cannot do it. Happens when you're 32 and undersized. Bibby averages .7 steals per game, and that's a bad stat to measure defense. Bibby can't stay in front of perimeter penetration, meaning more pressure on help defenders down low. 

Corey Brewer, G/F: How often does a 24-year-old wing who started last season wind up on the buyout market? When David Kahn's involved, that's when! Brewer wasn't going to get time in New York, because really, when you give up four players for two, you're not going to worry about depth at all. Nonetheless, Brewer's on the market. 

Upside: Brewer works as a complementary wing player. He can play in multiple lineups at multiple positions, and is athletic. An actual athletic wing in a buyout situation. Weird. A good team might be able to develop him and capitalize on what was a good 3-point shooter at one point in his career.

Downside: Well, Brewer's shooting 38 percent from the field this year, 2.7 rebounds, and 1.4 assists in 30 minutes per game. That's pretty terrible and there's no way around it. Plus he won't be in a situation focused on development, but trying to fit in with a veteran team trying to win a championship. That isn't ideal. The Spurs are the best fit, but if he struggles, he's going to have welts on his backside from the pine. 

Jared Jeffries, F: Jeffries was a poor fit in New York, left over from the Isiah era (shudder). But it turns out he's actually not a bad player overall, he just didn't fit into Houston's plans. So, once agian, he's available, and all of a sudden, contenders are interested. 

Upside: Jeffries is an active, competent defender with the ability to match up at multiple positions. He's 6-11 with good length, so he can be used to fit into multiple rotations off the bench. He's experienced (sensing a pattern yet), which teams are looking for and he's shown good activity as a part of a system. He averages 9.1 rebounds per 36 minutes which is nothing to ignore, either. And as opposed to the other options, Jeffries is still shy of 30 for a few months. 

Downside: Don't let him touch the basketball on offense. I don't mean: "he shouldn't shoot." I mean: "if you have to, you should look into some sort of shock collar to prevent him from shooting." Career 43 percent from the field, 25 percent from the perimeter. That's a pretty big liability offensively. He's never been a leader, and hasn't been part of a winner. Again, Isiah (shudder). 

Rasual Butler, GF: It's kind of surprising Butler's on the market. Butler's a fringe player, but it's not like the Clippers are loaded, and they've historically aimed for veterans despite needs to go young. But there he is, shopping as a guard in a market with high guard demand. 

Upside: Butler's a streak shooter. He can fill it up when he gets going, and doesn't struggle with the trigger. Set up as a well-spaced shooter, he could be very effective, provided his shot comes back. Because...

Downside: His shot's fallen off a cliff. Then it crashed into the canyon wall. Then it caught fire. Then exploded. Butler's a career 40 percent shooter, shooting 32 percent this season. So basically, he's a bad shooter most of the time, who's shooting even worse this season, doesn't rebound or pass well, and is 31. Get excited, Bulls fans! This is why you didn't go get O.J. Mayo (well, that and the Grizzlies didn't want Ronnie Brewer after giving up a first round pick for him last year then renouncing his right this summer, but that's a whole other thing). 

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Buyouts: Butler, Murphy and Bibby

Posted by Royce Young

After the trade deadline, comes the buyout deadline. The two really go hand-in-hand. A lot of teams trade for a player that don't want at all just so they can buy them out, open a roster spot and save some money.

It's like the circle of life in the NBA. So far three big names popped up over the weekend for potential buyouts, with a couple new landing spots too.

Rasual Butler to Chicago: The Clippers are trying to clean up some of the excess fat on the roster and they started by buying out forward Rasual Butler. According to ESPN.com, terms were reached Sunday for Butler to be bought out by the Clippers. He had a couple places mentioned for where he could go like Boston, Oklahoma City, Atlanta and New York, but it looks like he'll be inking with the Bulls.

The Bulls have been hunting wing help and while they went hard after O.J. Mayo, they came up short on getting him. Butler's not exactly the perfect piece or anything to get all excited about, but he is a veteran that can shoot and will likely make some sort of impact in the Chicago rotation. Last season he averaged he averaged 11.9 points and 2.9 rebounds, This season his numbers have sunk to 5.0 points and 1.9 rebounds and he's at 32.3 percent from 3.

Troy Murphy has Miami and Boston on target: Initially, it was assumed the Warriors would buy out Murphy as soon as they got him from New Jersey. But as the deadline approached, the Warriors saw an opportunity to get another pick out of the forward. That didn't happen so as originally expected, Murphy was bought out by Golden State.

A couple places have popped up as potential destinations for the left-handed power forward, but it appears to be down to Boston and Miami. New York was thought to be in the mix, but it doesn't appear the Knicks will pursue. The Celtics have been interested in Murphy since word of the buyout popped up, but the Heat are kind of a surprise contender for him.

Mike Bibby nearing a buyout:
It's not a certainty, but as the Washington Post reports, Bibby and his agent scheduled a meeting with the Wizards to discuss terms of a buyout. Bibby is an older veteran and likely has little interest in playing backup point guard on a lottery team. He was sent to Washington in a deal that brought the Hawks Kirk Hinrich.

The Wizards reportedly tried to trade Bibby, who will earn $5.56 million this season and $6.21 million next year, as soon as they acquired him. The only way Bibby is getting out of Washington though is if he takes a major paycut. Boston and Miami are both said to be interested in pursuing, but they'll likely only hand out the veteran minimum to Bibby. So if he wants to latch on to a playoff team, he'll have to settle for less. Way less.

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Clippers G Eric Gordon out 3-4 weeks with wrist

Los Angeles Clippers guard Eric Gordon is expected to miss at least three weeks with a wrist injury. Posted by Ben Golliver. eric-gordon

Los Angeles Clippers guard Eric Gordon is one of the league's most improved, underrated and overlooked players, and he's also one of the league's most prolific and consistent scorers. Unfortunately for those in Southern California, he's also now officially sidelined due to injury and likely won't return until after the All-Star break.

The Clippers reported Tuesday that Gordon is expected to miss "three to four weeks" with a "sprained right wrist combined with a small bone chip fracture." Ouch.
Los Angeles Clippers' guard Eric Gordon did not travel with the team to Dallas for tonight's game against the Maverick's so he could remain in Los Angeles for further examination on his right wrist, injured in a fall this past Saturday in a game versus the Golden State Warriors.
Gordon was examined today by Dr. Steve Chin at the Kerlan-Jobe Orthopedic Clinic. He was examined previously by Clippers' team physician/orthopedist Dr. Steven Shimoyama and Dr. Roy A. Meals, a orthopedist specializing in hand-related injuries.

Their joint diagnosis is that Gordon is suffering from a sprained right wrist combined with a small bone chip fracture. He is expected to return to action in three to four weeks.
Gordon, a third year off guard out of Indiana, has improved his numbers in just about every statistical category this season, putting up 24.1 points, 3.1 rebounds, 4.5 assists and 1.2 steals per game. At age 22, this would make him one of the most hyped young players in the league, if not for the fact that he plays alongside surefire Rookie of the Year and dunk machine Blake Griffin.

Gordon has thrived as the outside counter when teams pay too much attention to Griffin down low, as he's both a reliable three-point shooter and an effective scorer off the dribble. 

Gordon leads the Clippers in minutes per game this season, so he won't be easily replaced. LA's backcourt depth isn't great, so guys like Randy Foye, Eric Bledsoe, and Rasual Butler will probably all see their minutes hiked. 

It's tough timing for the Clippers, as they play 12 games in the next three weeks and 13 games prior to the All-Star break. That stretch includes an 8-game road trip immediately prior to the break, which features games against the Atlanta Hawks, Miami Heat, Orlando Magic, and New York Knicks in succession. Wow. Good luck with that.
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Shootaround: 7.26.10

Posted by Royce Young
  • Stan Van Gundy isn't a true believer in this CP3 to Orlando stuff : "Much ado about nothing,'' Magic coach Stan Van Gundy Saturday told the Orlando Sentinel when asked about reports linking his team to Paul. "We are only involved in this story because someone said he wants to be traded and someone said he wants to come to Orlando,'' Van Gundy told FanHouse Sunday. "It's a New Orleans and Chris Paul story.''
  • Hornets' fans are disappointed with Chris Paul. And how could you blame them? Any time a player wants out of a contract or asks for a trade, it's seen only as betrayal. And for a guy like Paul who seemed so happy in New Orleans just a few years ago, asking out now just looks like a copout.
  • KC Johnson of the Chicago Tribune on Tracy McGrady's situation: "The Bulls have made no definitive decisions on the future of Tracy McGrady, who will work out for management on Monday. McGrady, a seven-time All-Star, is trying to find a home after playing just 30 games last season because of microfracture surgery on his left knee in February 2009. McGrady has been effusively public in his desire to play for the Bulls, whom he toyed with in 2000 free agency."
  • More advice from LeBron to CP3, as Frank Isola of the NY Daily News shares : "It is being reported that LeBron James is advising Chris Paul that he should remain in the Western Conference thus forming a potential rivalry with the Miami Heat should Paul's new team and Miami both reach the Finals. Can you imagine getting career advice from this guy? I'm really hoping that Paul hung up the phone when James offered that suggestion. If LeCon cares so much about rivalries, why did leave Cleveland to play second banana to Dwyane Wade?"

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Free-agency layup line: LeBron's gift edition

All of the little free agency stories that flow through. We'll have several of these throughout the day, updated regularly.

A mystery team dropped a "small square box" containing a gift off at LeBron James' house at 11PM Wednesday night, according to the New York Daily News .  Our best guesses as to the gift are the heart of a lion, whatever was in the suitcase in "Pulp Fiction ", or a Russian doll containing $2.4 million in bonds.  (HT: FanHouse )

Richard Jefferson opted out of his contract, but that doesn't necessarily mean much for the team basketball-wise. Spurs blog 48 Minutes of Hell reports that with the team significantly over the cap still, Jefferson's opt-out doesn't clear them to make any significant moves and leaves them with a hole at small forward. You have to wonder if Tony Parker and his contract may be even more on the block.

Chris Bosh is predictably keeping track of his free agency exploits on Twitter. As of 4EST, he had met with the Bulls, Raptors, Heat, and Rockets (check out more on our discussion of Houston's chances ). You have to wonder if it's better to be early or late in these discussions. The Knicks seem to be taking the latter approach, since they went and visited Mike Miller first thing last night.

Darren Rovell of Sports Biz reports that part of the Nets' offer for LeBron James is a clothing line via Jay-Z . These are the kind of advantages teams have to pull out. There's so much more going on here than just money and a good core of players, though those things are up-front the most important.

Via Wizards blog Bullets Forever , Yahoo! Sports reports that Washington is looking to fill that whole at small forward quickly . They've already spoken to both of their expired small forwards (Mike Miller, Josh Howard) and are looking at Ryan Gomes, Travis Outlaw, Rasual Butler and even Josh Childress who is still in Greece. With the acquisition of Kirk Hinrich, the Wizards have to be thinking on the cheap with this contract, and likely won't want to commit to anything long-term. Then again, they traded for Kirk Hinrich and Yi Jianlian, so there's no telling what they're going to do next.

John Hammond is "cautiously optimistic" that the Bucks will be able to re-sign John Salmons. Then again, we think Hammond is "cautiously losing his mind" for giving Drew Gooden a 5 year, $32 million deal when he has Ersan Ilyasoava and Luc Richard Mbah a Moute along with rookie Larry Sanders to pair with Andrew Bogut. Hammond's either gone around the bend or is in pursuit of something...

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