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Posted on: December 13, 2011 4:15 pm
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Mavs trade Fernandez, Brewer to Nuggets

Posted by Ben Golliverrudy-fernandez

Grand opening. Grand closing?

Guard Rudy Fernandez's career with the Dallas Mavericks may be over before it even started. TuBasket.com and ESPN.com both reported on Tuesday that the Mavericks will move the moody shooting guard to the Denver Nuggets. ESPN.com reported that the Mavericks would receive a future second round pick and included reserve guard Corey Brewer in the deal as well. NBA.com quickly confirmed those details.

The Mavericks acquired Fernandez from the Portland Trail Blazers on the night of the 2011 NBA Draft for a first round pick that the Blazers re-routed to the Nuggets with guard Andre Miller in a trade for Raymond Felton. During the lockout, Fernandez, a Spanish national team player, signed a multi-year contract with Real Madrid.

Brewer, a lithe wing, signed with the Mavericks in March after getting bought out by the New York Knicks after they acquired him in a trade with the Minnesota Timberwolves that helped facilitate the acquisition of All-Star forward Carmelo Anthony

Recent reports indicated that Fernandez, who regularly complained at his role in Portland, would not be happy in Dallas if he did not receive ample playing time and was considering requesting a buyout. Following the 2011-2012 season, Fernandez is free to return to play for Real Madrid. He reportedly had issues with his travel visa that delayed his arrival to Dallas' training camp.

On Monday, Dallas announced the signing of free agent wing Vince Carter and reports surfaced that the Mavericks had signed free agent guard Delonte West as well. Over the weekend, Dallas swung a trade for Los Angeles Lakers forward Lamar Odom, too, giving Dallas 11 players competing for playing time at the one, two and three positions.

Fernandez, 26, has not yet delivered on the considerable hype he brought with him to the NBA following the 2008 Olympics, where Spain won the Silver Medal. Last season, Fernandez averaged 8.6 points and 2.5 assists in 78 games for the Blazers.

Brewer, 25, played just 13 games for Dallas last season, posting season averages of 8.0 points and 2.5 rebounds per game in 69 combined appearances for the Mavericks and the Timberwolves.
Posted on: October 26, 2011 10:52 am
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Real Madrid pushing to add Marc Gasol

By Matt Moore

Real Madrid is a major player in Spanish basketball. They added Rudy Fernandez (in all his blind-three-pointer greatness) and Serge Ibaka (who we're pretty sure could block shots blind) just yesterday. A report Wednesday however indicates that they want to pull off the biggest move yet by signing former FC Barcelona and Memphis Grizzlies center Marc Gasol. Marca reportsthat the team wants to put in a huge offer for Gasol to try and lure him overseas, as transcribed by Sportando:
Real Madrid is studying the possibility to make a rich proposal to Marc Gasol. The Spanish team wants Marc Gasol to be the franchise player for the future.

Florentino Perez, president of the club, gave his approval to the entire operation. The biggest hurdle is the NBA lockout. Marc Gasol said that he will start considering proposals from Europe and Spain just if the NBA season will be completely cancelled.
via Real Madrid is willing to sign Marc Gasol to a 4-5-year contract | Spain | Europe | Sportando.

First of all, FC Barcelona is the most likely candidate to bring in Gasol, since it could conceivably bring back Ricky Rubio and pull in Pau Gasol should the season go down the tubes. Thats' where their roots are, and they have to be considered the leadres, but Madrid is clearly putting its money where its mouth is. 

But this talk that Gasol could sign for the "future" is insane. Gasol is going to pull in a higher contract than what Kendrick Perkins agreed to with the Thunder. If the Grizzlies are dumb enough to let Gasol walk, which they have shown no intention of doing (Gasol is the one player, even more so than Mike Conley or Zach Randolph, that Grizzlies' owner Michael Heisley has insisted will be with the club long-term), then he's going to get any number of offers from every team with cap space in the league.

Gasol's not a premium scorer, but he's a supremely efficient one. He's not a monster shot blocker, but he's a better defender than most of the shot blockers you'll find. He's able to manage the pick and roll at both ends of the floor, is an excellent pinch post passer, has good footwork and touch out of the post, and no character issues. He's the ultimate non-star.

So, no, I don't imagine that he'll be heading back to Spain long-term considering what he can make in the NBA. Plus, he's spoken repeatedly about Memphis being his home since he went to high school there while his brother was not winning playoff games with the Grizzlies.

But short-term? The bidding war could get very interesting if we don't have a season in the NBA.

Posted on: October 24, 2011 5:44 pm
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Rudy Fernandez hits no-look 3-pointer video

Posted by Ben Golliver

Dallas Mavericks guard Rudy Fernandez is fairly adept at three things: being popular in Spain, flopping, and making 3-pointers. In the following clip, we get to see Fernandez put those three skills together in one ridiculous highlight shot.

With the NBA in a lockout, Fernandez is back home in Spain, suiting up and starring for basketball power Real Madrid. On Sunday, Real Madrid defeated Blusens Monbus, 81-67, thanks in part to a no-look, legs-kicking 3-pointer from Fernandez -- or at least the free throws that resulted.

(As Ball Don't Lie points out, the shot was waived off because it came after the foul.)

In one of the more entertaining threes you'll ever see, Fernandez receives a pass in the left corner, pump-fakes to get a trailing defender in the air, steps in to draw contract, heaves up a shot with his body perpendicular to the basket while flailing to the ground and kicking his legs into the air like a bucking bronco. The high-arcing shot splashes through the rim hitting nothing but net as Fernandez rolls on the ground. He then calmly steps to the free throw line after his teammates argue the call.

Here's video of Fernandez's amazing circus three-pointer uploaded by YouTube user Pabloskicbb5.

Hat Tip: Sportando.net
Posted on: September 20, 2011 12:57 pm

Mavericks' Rudy Fernandez signs in Spain

By Matt Moore

From the Associated Press: 

Dallas Mavericks forward Rudy Fernandez has signed with Real Madrid's basketball team during the NBA lockout.

Madrid says Fernandez has agreed to play in Spain during the labor negotiations. The deal includes an option for Fernandez to play with Madrid once his contract with the NBA champions ends. 

Fernandez has flirted with playing overseas for years, particularly at the start of last season after being unhappy with his role in Portland. This deal itself has been percolating the last few weeks. But since being traded to the champion Mavericks (who need a healthy wing with Caron Butler just now getting back on the court), Fernandez has been adamant that he intends to finish his contract in the NBA before even considering a return overseas. With the option to return, the most likely scenario is Fernandez plays one year with the Mavericks, then takes off to return to Real Madrid. ESPN Dallas notes that this might not be the worst case scenario for the Mavericks, who have two talented wings still developing.

Should Fernandez return to Spain after the season, the Mavs should be ready to replace him with either of their two young players for the 2012-13 season. And if Beaubois and Jones don't pan out -- which would be disappointing -- Fernandez will go down as nothing more than a low-cost gamble that should be sufficiently replaceable in next summer's free-agent market.

Who knows, a year from now the Mavs might not even want him back.
via If Rudy Fernandez is one-and-done, so be it - Dallas Mavericks Blog - ESPN Dallas.

So the defending NBA champs traded for a versatile, athletic wing with range for cheap who won't complicate matters if he doesn't work out and have the depth behind him to compensate. Man, it's good to be Dallas right now. You know, if we have a season and all.  
Posted on: July 5, 2011 12:35 pm

Rudy Fernandez is staying put

Posted by Matt Moore

In a relatively surprising development, Rudy Fernandez will not accept an offer from Real Madrid to join them for the duration of the lockout, return to the Mavericks upon its conclusion, and then resume playing with the Spanish team once his contract expires. 

From Marca:
Just back from Paris, after a conversation with his agent, Rudy Fernandez made the decision. He stays in the NBA. The Spaniard will finish his contract in Dallas and then decide what to do with his career.
via Rudy Fernandez is in the Mavericks - MARCA.com.

Fernandez passing on what we described as his "dream scenario" comes as a bit of a shock and speaks to a level of maturity we weren't sure Fernandez possessed. In essence, he's committing 100 percent to the team that traded for him, after a year filled with noise about his desire to return to Spain. Yes, the Mavericks are the defending NBA champions whenever the league resumes play, but it's still striking that he elected not to play during the lockout and then have his cake and eat it too by playing for Dallas to see how it goes and get paid the remainder of his NBA contract before going home. 

It's an encouraging sign for the Mavericks if reports are true, as it may show a Fernandez prepared to commit to reaching his potential which he never quite did in Portland. 

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