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Posted on: December 21, 2011 1:45 pm
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Reggie Evans signs with Clippers

Posted by Royce Young

The Clippers needed more depth inside and they got it. And not just that, they got some gritty, tough depth.

Via Yahoo! Sports, forward Reggie Evans signed a one-year, veteran minimum deal with the Clippers. This is a quality pickup for the Clips as Blake Griffin needs a good, reliable backup and the team as a whole needs some frontcourt depth.

They probably need another center, as they don't even have one on the roster to back up DeAndre Jordan right now. But Evans is a tough, nasty rebounder and someone that gives the Clips a lot of help inside. They had Craig Smith last season but lost him to Portland in the offseason. While Evans is coming off a major foot injury, he's a player that can tear up the boards. Before the injury, he was leading the league in rebounding last season.

Before the injury in late November last season, Evans was grabbing 26.4 percent of all rebounds and 35.3 percent of all available defensive rebounds. Those are like all-time numbers. Granted, small sample size, but the dude can board.

So add him to a frontcourt of Jordan and Griffin and you've got a guy behind them that will help bang and shove against the likes of the Lakers and Thunder and someone that can give the Clips a boost inside. He rebounds, he plays rough and he adds an attitude. Great pickup by the Clips.
Posted on: April 1, 2011 12:13 pm

Sonny Weems is a lonely Raptor

Posted by Matt Moore

Sure, you're an NBA player. You've got money, fame, access. You're a star athlete. Getting women is not exactly a problem. But there's a huge difference between many women and the right one. That's the quandary that apparently Sonny Weems is struggling with. 

The Toronto Star has a fun little article Friday about Weems, who posted an internet plea for a girlfriend on Twitter, and was predictably thronged with a deluge of offers. Because, you know, a random girl that tweets the star athlete is probably a safe bet for "take-her-home-to-mom" girlfriend material: 
“A lot of females come to you, and they tell you a story. ‘I want to be your girl. I’m different from other females.’ Or whatever. It happens all the time,” Weems said. “Athletes really have it hard, trying to find that person. Who can you trust?”

“It’s hard for us to trust (women), and it’s probably hard for them to trust us, too,” acknowledged Reggie Evans, the veteran Raptors forward who is married with children.

Why, then, would Weems, at age 24, bother seeking a relationship via Twitter? Evans wondered aloud if Weems has grown tired of being a soloist while one of his closest friends on the team, 21-year-old DeMar DeRozan, spends quality time with a steady girlfriend.

“DeMar’s been having a girlfriend for a while — it’s probably taking a toll on Sonny,” Evans said, a mischievous smile ever in place. “He probably thinks he needs someone.”

Amir Johnson, another of Weems’ close friends on the squad, and a currently single one, said cruising the Internet is futile.

“Just my take: You can’t search for your partner,” said Johnson, 23. “You’ve just got to let it happen naturally. Eventually you’ll find somebody."
via Who wants to date Raptors' Sonny Weems? - Toronto Star.

So there you have it. Love advice from Amir Johnson, who averages 5.1 fouls per 36 minutes. But really, he's a lover, not a fighter. 

It is good to see Weems at least being deliberate with his choice. Not that it's any of our business, but from the perspective of having seen so many players become entangled in ugly divorces after committing too soon to marriages made when young when the men are involved in lifestyles that are not conducive to committment.  Trying to find the right person is a noble but difficult pursuit in that kind of environment. 

Maybe someone should start a dating service for famous people. The Lakers could run it. After all, they're dating half the R&B stars of the 90's. 
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Reggie Evans breaks foot, out indefinitely

Toronto Raptors forward Reggie Evans fractured his right foot and is out indefinitely. Posted by Ben Golliver reggie-evans In addition to being a deep thinker on gender issues , Toronto Raptors forward Reggie Evans is one of the NBA's most incredible single-tool players.  Evans rebounds, and nothing more. As of Sunday, Evans was No. 3 in the league with 12.6 rebounds per game, and he was tops for rebounds per 48 minutes , with 21.7. Evans does the dirty work and he does it without requiring touches. On a team as soft as the Raptors, he is worth his weight in gold. Unfortunately for Toronto, Evans fractured his right foot during a Friday night 110-101 loss to the Boston Celtics, according to the team's television broadcaster . The Toronto Star reports that the team and coach Jay Triano have not placed a timeline on Evans' recovery from the broken foot, but it's obviously expected to be lengthy.
“It’s broken, a fracture, a break, I don’t know,” a downcast Triano said. “X-rays were positive, I have no idea of timeline or anything else.”
Evans, who averages nearly 12 rebounds a night and is by far Toronto’s most effective player on the boards, was injured with about six minutes left in the third quarter and hobbled to the bench. He had the x-rays in the arena and got the bad news there, departing for the team bus on crutches before the post-game media session began. He missed 50 games last season with an injury to his other foot but was among Toronto’s best players before Friday’s mishap.“He went up for a rebound and I guess he came down funny on it and felt something and knew he was in trouble,” said Triano.
The Raptors can't replace Evans' rebounding, and will likely look to fill his minutes using a platoon of foul-prone Amir Johnson, over-the-hill Peja Stojakovic, and untested Joey Dorsey. Rookie power forward Ed Davis has been recovering from an injury earlier in the year and was recently sent down to the D-League  and could be another option down the line. However they try to plug it, the hole on the boards won't make for a pretty sight as the Raptors, with Evans, were in the middle of the pack in the Atlantic Division at 6-10. For his part, the tough-minded Evans took the news well, addressing Raptors fans and the city of Toronto on his Twitter account Friday night. "T Dot let's not feel sorry for me just minor setbacks for a major comeback," Evans wrote. "Let's Get Itttttttttttttttttt."
Posted on: October 18, 2010 5:33 pm
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Reggie Evans, gender scholar

Toronto Raptors forward Reggie Evans has strong opinions on gender issues. Posted by Ben Golliver Beneath Toronto Raptors power forward Reggie Evans's burly and bearded exterior hides an enlightened scholar on gender issues. Asked how the Raptors are coping now that former teammate and all star Chris Bosh left to team up with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade in Miami, Evans told Holly MacKenzie of The Score that he does not dwell on the past because moping is not part of the male existence.
"Only girls sit around and mope. I’m speaking from a man’s perspective. Like if they come on the floor be moping and stuff, that’s what girls do. I’d look at them like a girl, doing what girls do, sitting around moping because of what happened yesterday, or last week that happened. Like my two girls, I have two girls, when I told them no, what they do? Put their heads down and mope. You know what I’m saying."
It is believed Evans acquired such a detailed understanding of the male and female mentalities through decades of careful observation and the occasional surgical procedure, like this famous one he performed on Los Angeles Clippers center Chris Kaman. All jokes aside, Evans's attitude is on point, if a bit crude in delivery. The Raptors are clearly searching for a new identity in Bosh's absence and a forward-thinking approach, rather than the bitterness and pettiness spewed by GM Bryan Colangelo this fall, is the right way to go.
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