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Posted on: January 14, 2012 1:25 am
Edited on: January 14, 2012 1:31 am

LeBron James listens to Rick Ross' Tim Tebow rap

Posted by Ben Golliver

LeBron James not only relates to Tim Tebow, he turns to rap songs about him for inspiration.

During a Thursday night game between the Miami Heat and the Denve Nuggets, an ESPN broadcast revealed that James listened to a Rick Ross rap song about the Denver Broncos star quarterback before the game for inspiration.

The song included the following lyrics, according to the broadcast, and James was reportedly rapping these words out loud.

"Thought I wouldn't make it, now I'm winning -- Timothy Tebow / 
Fourth quarter I'm back, fourth quarter in fact /
Fourth quarter, that's that."

The song is titled, "F*** em."

Earlier Friday, James told the Palm Beach Post that he relates to Tebow because they both face intense scrutiny. 
"He's one of the most intriguing, competitive athletes that we have today," James said. "He's all about winning, and he praises everybody but himself. He's a very humble guy, and I respect that, all the way back from when I watched him when he was coming off the bench at Florida behind Chris Leak, all the way to him winning the Heisman, winning the national championship, to now starting for the Broncos."

"You know, I'm one of those guys who has been in those shoes before, as well," James said. "Still in that boat, where a lot of people doubt you, and you've just got to try to prove them wrong. So I understood a lot of what he's going through, what he went through, and it's good to see him have success now. You want to see greatness, you always want to see guys succeed. Especially when people count you out from Day 1. That's what I love about him. I always tweet about him. He's always great to watch. I try to catch all the Broncos games when I can, if my Cowboys are not playing."
Tebow is already developing a reputation for his fourth quarter comebacks. James, though, is still trying to shake the label that his best performances don't come in the clutch. Earlier this week, he struggled down the stretch of an overtime loss to the Los Angeles Clippers, missing multiple free throws and committing a costly foul.

Here's the video report of LeBron James listening to a Rick Ross rap about Tim Tebow.

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