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Posted on: February 13, 2012 8:44 pm
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Roburt Sallie clears up EnlargementGate

Posted by Royce Young

Roburt Sallie had himself quite the day. And by quite the day, he had everyone talking about how he was cut from his Spanish team for taking a penis enlargement pill. At least that's what his Spanish team said.

The former Memphis Tiger talked with CBSSports.com's Gary Parrish in a radio interview today and wanted to clear the air about this penis enlargement stuff.

Two things he attempted to clarify in this absolutely must-listen interview: 1) He did not take "ExtenZe" but a male enchancement pill called "Black Ant." The difference is that "ExtenZe" is to enlarge your penis while "Black Ant" is just something to increase sexual potency. As Sallie put it, he just wanted to try it out to see what's up. The jokes write themselves, you guys.

But he did not take a pill to enlarge his penis though. He wanted to make that very clear. As he shouted repeatedly, "If you really think that I've taken 'ExtenZe' to enhance my penis, then you must be crazy."

Of note too: Sallie says he disclosed that he took the enhancement pills and also says he has not been paid. He wasn't "cut" as the team says, but actually released himself.

Listen to the whole thing. It's worth the 11 minutes.

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Posted on: February 13, 2012 1:16 pm
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Enlargement pills got Roburt Sallie cut?

Roburt Sallie was cut from his team for a... different reason. (Getty Images)
Posted by Royce Young

Some stories are more delicate than others. Especially ones involving private parts.

Roburt Sallie, a former Memphis Tiger who once scored 35 points in 36 minutes during the NCAA tournament by going 10-15 from 3, has been playing in Spain chasing his NBA dream. But he had a setback this week as he was cut from his team.

That's not news. Because you probably have no idea who Roburt Sallie is. It's the reason Sallie was cut. According to Spanish basketball news site tubasket.com, with the help of Google Translate:
Yes, you heard. The truth is stranger than fiction. Roburt Sallie, escort 25 and 1.95 m.'s Basketball 20117 Tarragona (Adecco Gold), was cut early in the month of December, officially, for disciplinary reasons. Now, with the Catalan newspaper 'The 9 Esportiu', we learn the real reason for his dismissal.

On 18 November, his team won the ENIAC Knet & Rioja, 83-75, with his 5 points in 20 minutes. After the party he had to pass the drug test and then was caught. When asked if he was taking any medications, acknowledged that yes, some pills named 'Extends' to lengthen the penis.

Nothing bad if not for the 'little' detail that can make for testosterone doping, and worse, because nobody in the club knew, with consequent damage to the Tarragona in case of receiving a sanction.

It was then understood why the player, formed at the University of Memphis and graduated a year before finishing his basketball career in the NCAA, his poor relationship with peers, and almost never take a shower in the locker room, or after the matches or training, not to see him naked peers.

Not exactly the ideal way for your time to end with a team. Getting busted on doping is one thing, but for using "Extends?" I guess PEDs in sports really are out of control.
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