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Denver TV Station yells fire in Carmelo theatre

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For about 45 minutes, we were all holding on to the edge of our seats. According to a Denver television station, Carmelo Anthony had been traded to New Jersey. We just had to wait until 10 p.m. (mountain time) for reporter Lionel Bienvenu to give us the details.

How did we get there? The ABC affiliate Channel 7 crytically tweeted that the Denver Nuggets and New Jersey Nets came to a deal that would send Carmelo to Nets, with more details to come on their broadcast. This obviously coming just hours after Ken Berger of CBSSports.com reported that the Nets just acquired two first-round picks to potentially make a run at Anthony.

Everything was kind of adding up.

The details are this, again according to Channel 7 in Denver: The framework for a Carmelo to New Jersey deal is done. The Nets will send Troy Murphy, Derrick Favors and multiple first-round draft picks to the Nuggets for Carmelo. The deal however, is contingent on Carmelo agreeing to sign a long-term extension with New Jersey. If he doesn't, it's all off.

While that certainly sounds believable and is a likely conversation Nets general manager Billy King and Nuggets GM Masai Ujiri have privately had, by all accounts, it's not true. I know. Bummer city.

Numerous NBA writers immediately discounted the rumor. Adrian Wojnarowski. Chris Tomasson. J.A. Adande. Down the line you go, well-connected NBA folks heard from their sources that there was absolutely no truth to it. Even Carmelo chimed in after the Nuggets 111-94 win over the Magic. He said, "It's terrible. There's no truth to it."

But there we had @DenverChannel telling us it was true. Could Lionel Bienvenu have scooped all the plugged in people that have been tracking Carmelo's every move?

It doesn't look like it. After the broadcast, he was asked on Twitter to clarify the extremely odd report for those of us that don't live in Denver and didn't see it. And possibly seeing his career lighting on fire as people around the Internet brought him cans of gasoline, Bienvenu said, "No, Melo was not traded. Deal is in works. Trade could happen." But whatever happened to what your station said? You know, the whole, "The Denver Nuggets and New Jersey Nets have come to terms to trade Carmelo Anthony to the Nets" thing?

I think really what probably happened here is whoever was running the station's Twitter account got a little excited about Lionel's report and embellished on it with "come to terms" stuff. Obviously the fact that the Nets are working on getting a deal done for Melo isn't news. Of course they are. What do you think they went out and got 37 new first-round picks for? This whole thing has always been about whether or not Carmelo would sign an extension elsewhere. Teams can put together all sorts of "deals" and "frameworks" but that doesn't mean Carmelo is getting traded. Ken Berger had a framework deal that was almost done over the summer, but it just didn't happen.

Still, Bienvenu maintains that a deal is in the works. Which it probably is. There are probably 50 NBA trades "in the works." Whoever the intern running your station's Twitter account though, made you look pretty bad. Another example of social media running amok I guess.

But despite all the temporary excitement, Carmelo Anthony is still a Denver Nugget and reportedly, there's no framework and no deal to New Jersey. Yet.
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Portland tried to land CP3 in a Carmelo mega-deal

Posted by Royce Young

Remember that one time Chris Paul was almost traded? And remember that one time where Carmelo Anthony was/is going to be traded? Well it all almost came together in one huge, super-duper mega-deal.

Al Iannazzone of The Bergen Record reveals a trade that was in the discussion phase that would've shaken the NBA tree around a good bit. How's this sound: The Blazers tried to include the Hornets in a deal that would've sent Chris Paul to Portland, Devin Harris, Kris Humphries and a couple Blazers to the Hornets, Derrick Favors to Denver and Andre Miller to the Nets.

And a wipe of the forehead. Now that, would've been a trade.

Iannazzone mentions that the trade really wasn't ever that close, but boy, that's one to talk about. And it's easy to see why it didn't really go anywhere. The two teams giving up their stars weren't really being compensated, well, at all. Harris is a nice guard, but Humphries and some Blazer scrubs? Unless the unnamed Blazers were Nicolas Batum, Greg Oden and Brandon Roy, I don't see how New Orleans feels good about that trade. And all Denver would've received was Favors? I'm sure picks were involved in there too, but still.

The Nets though, my goodness. Not only do they land Carmelo, but Andre Miller. Quite a haul. And if Portland isn't giving up anything that substantial, putting Chris Paul in Andre Miller's spot means the Blazers are like actual contenders or something.

Again, easy to see why this never picked up a ton of steam though.

Underneath all that in Iannazzone's story though is the fact that New Jersey is still pushing hard for Anthony, but isn't going to be able to get much done as long as Favors isn't producing. The rookie power forward went 0-for-5 and had zero points and five rebounds in 23 minutes in Wednesday’s 91-81 preseason loss to Houston. That made three bad outings for Favors in four preseason games, two of which were watched in person by a Nuggets scout.

Right now, Denver has the leverage and Favors was supposed to be the prize for them in dealing Anthony to New Jersey. But if he doesn't look like a capable starting NBA power forward, it'll be back to the drawing table for the Nets. The Nuggets are still in a position where they can track down the best deal. Until Denver starts feeling some pressure from the Carmelo camp, the Nuggets can take their time.
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Your daily Carmelo Anthony update

Posted by Royce Young

Are you getting tired of reading about Carmelo Anthony? I sure hope not, because I'm not tired of writing about him... yet. But every day there's a little news here, and a little news there. Over the past 24 hours or so, a few more rumors and reports have made their way out. Here's the latest:
  • According to the Denver Post, Houston is active in discussing a trade for Anthony, and are dangling shooting guard Kevin Martin. Adding in Martin makes Houston a contender because of the Rockets' assets, plus a trade exception they have that could allow them to give up a young asset over someone like Shane Battier.
  • However, Sam Amick of FanHouse reported that Houston's discussions have not included Martin to this point. Again, the Rockets have assets and a couple young players. But they'll have to throw in a good player, especially with New Jersey reportedly offering up a package that includes everything Denver might want. So if Houston wants to play, Martin will likely have to be involved.
  • Chad Ford and Marc Stein of ESPN reported that the Knicks head the list for Anthony still. But we already knew that. But the new news is that the Bulls are firmly planted as 1A on his list. Anthony's representation has reportedly ramped up pressure on the Nuggets to get a deal completed prior to training camp.
  • The Nuggets however are holding out hope that if they can get Anthony into camp, maybe he'll change his tune. That hope is pretty much a pipe dream at this point, but you can't blame them for clinging to their star. Reports say they aren't in any kind of rush and are willing to take time to get every offer they can.
  • By all indication, Anthony's preferred list is 1) New York; 1A) Chicago 2) New Jersey; 3) Houston. While that's Anthony's list, the rankings for who might actually land him are probably 1) New Jersey; 2) Chicago; 3) Houston and 4) New York.
That's pretty much it for now. Until someone files another report saying Carmelo still wants out, New York is tops on his list or that someone made someone an offer, we sit and wait. Just like Carmelo.
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Joakim Noah involved in Carmelo trade talks?

Posted by Royce Young

Fresh off the report that the Bulls are on the top of Carmelo Anthony's list, a story from ESPN Chicago is out including a player the Bulls are discussing trading to get the Denver star.

Brace yourself Bulls fans, because you might be a little torn. But according to the report, in order to get Anthony, Joakim Noah could possibly be included as part of that package. The Nuggets are also reportedly hesitant to take back Luol Deng as part of the deal because of his long-term contract.

For the Bulls, it comes down to how bad do you want Carmelo? If it's that bad, then you deal Noah, no question. You aren't going to get Anthony for peanuts and this is precisely the kind of trade package that would be enticing enough for the Nuggets to pull the trigger on. But at the same time, what Bulls fan wasn't pumped at the twin tower combo of Noah and Carlos Boozer? I don't care about the Bulls one bit and that duo had me excited. Plus, without Noah, Boozer's defensive deficiencies become highlighted, especially if Anthony is playing small forward in that lineup.

Noah has emerged as one of the East's best big men, averaging a double-double last season while also finishing in the top 10 in rebounding. He's a high energy player that blocked 1.6 shots a game last season.

Now the Bulls are just discussing including Noah internally. No offer has been made (that we know of). If Denver is hesitant to take back Deng, Chicago will be forced to up the ante. A deal sending James Johnson and Taj Gibson isn't going to get it done. But adding Noah into some kind of package is something that Masai Ujiri will have to stop and think about.

The issue is though, working out the numbers. The Nuggets would pretty much be forced to take back Deng in order to line up the salary exchange. A deal sending Noah, Johnson and Gibson isn't near enough salary to match Anthony's $17 million. But adding Deng plus Noah plus Johnson or Noah works.

Noah only has one year left on his current contract, so who knows if the Nuggets want a player they aren't guaranteed to keep. So in order to alleviate some of Denver's concerns about Deng's contract, Noah might be added as the trump card. At least, that's what the Bulls are discussing amongst themselves right now.
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Report: D.J. Mbenga to sign with Denver

Posted by Royce Young

Don't everybody get all excited at once. But D.J. Mbenga is reportedly set to sign with the Nuggets according to Beligan media outlets (via The Hoop Market). If you're wondering, yes, Mbenga is Belgian.

The report says it's a one-year deal but numbers aren't included right now. Mbenga is 29 years old and has spent his last two full seasons with the Lakers, snagging two championship rings. He's been nothing more than a clean-up player, sometimes filling in for other injured Laker big men. The seven-footer has played six seasons in the NBA, spending time with Dallas and Golden State.

Mbenga is probably most famous from this YouTube clip involving Kobe Bryant, because other than that, he hasn't accomplished a ton. He never has been given much playing time during his six seasons and the situation is unlikely to be much different in Denver.

Last season, Mbenga appeared in 49 games and averaged 2.1 points and 1.8 rebounds per game.
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CP3 to Charlotte?

Posted by Royce Young

Former Hornets general manager Jeff Bower lost his job because his shopping of Chris Paul reportedly caused some strain with ownership. But as Rick Bonnell of The Charlotte Observer writes , Paul is "open" to a trade and Bonnell sees Charlotte as a prime destination.

Besides citing the fact that Charlotte is near home for Paul who grew up in nearby Winston-Salem, Bonnell sees it as doable because of the Bobcats ability to offer both financial relief in Erick Dampier's unguaranteed $13 million salary, along with actual talent in Gerald Wallace, Gerald Henderson and D.J. Augustin.

If Paul sours on the Hornets and wants out, Charlotte definitely appears like it could be a prime destination. There's the Michael Jordan connection (CP3 is on the Jordan Brand and grew up in North Carolina), it's close to home and the Bobcats can reconcile the trade by giving the Hornets assets and cap relief.

New Orleans appears to be a mess right now with Bower recently being fired, team president Hugh Weber rescinding a contract to Luther Head for apparently no reason and oh yeah, the roster isn't very good either. So picturing CP3 demanding a way out isn't that hard to do. Owner George Shinn absolutely loves Paul and would probably fight to keep him, but with Shinn selling the team to Gary Chouest, things could change there. It's obviously all wild speculation at this point, but it certainly could become reality.

Hornets new head coach Monty Williams is planning to meet with Paul in the near future to discuss his status with the team. I'm thinking Williams will say something like, "Please don't ever leave me."

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