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Posted on: April 13, 2011 5:26 pm
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NBA suspends Villanueva 5 games for altercation

The NBA has suspended Detroit Pistons forward Charlie Villanueva for five games for his reaction to a recent altecation against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Posted by Ben Golliver.

Breaking news: If you run around an NBA court like a crazy person, gouge someone's eyeball, have to be escorted to the locker room by security, try to enter the opposing team's locker room multiple times and threaten to kill an opponent, the NBA will put you in an extended timeout.

On Thursday, the NBA announced that it was suspending Detroit Pistons forward Charlie Villanueva for five games for his part in an on-court altercation with Cleveland Cavaliers forward Ryan Hollins that turned into an ugly scene when Villanueva refused to leave the court, instead trying repeatedly to confront Hollins. 
Charlie Villanueva of the Detroit Pistons has been suspended five games without pay for initiating an on-court altercation with Cleveland  Cavaliers’ Ryan Hollins and attempting to escalate the altercation by entering the Cavaliers' locker room on two occasions following his ejection, it was announced today by Stu Jackson, NBA Executive Vice President, Basketball Operations. 
The incident occurred with 5:47 remaining in the fourth quarter of the Pistons’ 110-101 loss to the Cavaliers at The Palace of Auburn Hills on Monday, April 11. 
Villanueva will serve the first game of his suspension tonight when the Pistons play the Philadelphia 76ers at Wells Fargo Center. The remaining games will be served during the first four 2011-12 regular season games in which he is physically able to play. 
As there is only one game left in Detroit's season, the balance of Villanueva's suspension will carry over into next season. Given Villanueva's $7.0 million salary this season and $7.5 million salary next season, the suspension without pay will end up costing him more than $450,000 in pro-rated salary. Hope it was worth it. 

Here's the video of Villanueva's insane reaction once again. 

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Villanueva loses it in confrontation vs. Cavs

Confrontation between Charlie Villanueva and Ryan Hollins ends in double ejection, before Villanueva attempts to charge Cavaliers' bench, then break into locker room to continue altercation.
Posted by Matt Moore

Update: Villanueva after the game on why he went "bonkers": "You've got to be careful with the quiet ones, right?" The word you're looking for is "Yikes." 

Charlie Villanueva lost it on Monday night versus the Cavaliers after a confrontation with center Ryan Hollins. Hollins and Villanueva became entangled in your protypical tussle during a screen, resulting in Hollins shoving Villanueva in the face, and Hollins swinging at Hollins. The two were separated by teammates, and that's when things got weird. 

It was announced that Villanueva was ejected, and at that point, Charlie V. went nuts. He started to charge the Cavaliers' bench to get at Hollins, and had to be held back and pushed towards the back by an assistant coach, and Rodney Stuckey, who was hanging off the power forward trying to avoid a scary incident. The Cleveland Plain-Dealer cites a Pistons reporter who says Villanueva was saying he was "going to kill that dude (Hollins)." On his way out, Villanueva motioned for Hollins to meet him in the back.  The weirdness doesn't end there. 

Once back in the locker room area, Villanueva had to be restrained trying to get into the Cavaliers' locker room, presumably to get to Hollins, who was also ejected. 

If I may, that story is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S. 

During the ejections, the Pistons P.A. announcer took the time to remind the fans not to throw anything and to stay in their seats. Gee, I wonder why

Considering the fact that Villanueva didn't react this way when Kevin Garnett may or may not have called him a cancer patient, you have to wonder what Hollins said to Charlie V. 

Here's footage of the incident: 

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Revenge of the Cavs: LeBron falls to Cleveland

The Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Miami Heat Tuesday night, getting revenge on the player who left them in free agency last summer. 
Posted by Matt Moore

That's why they play the games. 

The now-15-58 Cleveland Cavaliers got revenge on the player who left them in the most devastating way possible as the Cavs beat LeBron James and the Heat 102-90 in Cleveland Tuesday night. 

You couldn't have scripted the performance any better for the Cavs. LeBron James finished 10-21 with 27 points, 10 rebounds, and 12 assists, with three turnovers. And he had probably the best night of any Heat player. The Cavs played the kind of game you need to play to win a game like this, getting out in transition and knocking down threes. Anthony Parker was 4-4 from downtown, Ryan Hollins and Alonzo Gee received multiple alley-oops from Baron Davis, J.J. Hickson had a double-double with 21 and 12, and Ramon Sessions spelled Baron Davis (who had a throw-back night) with a solid 11-6-6 in 26 minutes.

For the Heat? 

The box score is actually kinder to them than the game would suggest... and the box score is an autopsy report. Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh combined to shoot 13-34, 8 rebounds, 10 assists, and 4 turnovers. Bosh, in particular, had yet another in a very long line of disappointing performances inside. The game actually turned back in the Cavs' favor after a Heat run when Ryan Hollins blocked Bosh twice on one possession. It was that kind of game. Bosh fell down repeatedly, failed to finish at the rim, and was completely outmuscled by Hickson and Hollins. You know, those dominant beasts of the paint. 

This game speaks to the high level of play in the NBA across teams. The worst team in the NBA at the moment, record-wise, the Cleveland Cavaliers, have knocked off the Boston Celtics, the Los Angeles Lakers, the New York Knicks, and now the Miami Heat. The Cavs have a long way to go to rebuild and find themselves back in a place of contention. But until then, Tuesday night will stand as the high point of the season, when the fans got to rally behind a total team effort, against the individual-centric Heat offense and deliver a blow for their pride, for their city, and for the hurt they suffered after "the Decision." Baron Davis wasn't in Cleveland for that, but he was a hero. Ramon Sessions wasn't there, but he was a hero. 

The Cavs still lost twice to the Heat this season, once in Cleveland. The Cavs are still the worst team, record-wise, in the NBA. The Heat are still headed to the playoffs and the Cavs to the lottery, James to the second-round, most likely, and the Cavs to vacation in May. But for a night, the Cavs proved that they are professionals, and on any given night, they can compete with the best. That's what makes sports great. 

Enjoy the win, Cleveland. You earned it. 

Just don't publish the headlines in Comic Sans, okay? 


  • Bizarre that Mike Bibby would hit 7-11 from the arc for 20 points and the Heat would lose. Usually if they get any contribution like that from a  supporting player, they're golden. But then, that doesn't make up for Bosh's 5-14 performance for ten points. 
  • Also on the bad list? The Heat bench, which contributed just six points on 3-12 shooting, with two turnovers. They were outscored 32-6 by the Cavs' supporting players. 
  • Anthony Parker, J.J. Hickson, Ramon Sessions, and Daniel Gibson all had more rebounds than Chris Bosh in this game. The Cavs won the rebounding game 44-30. Again, 44-30. Aren't the playoffs all about defense and rebounding? 
  • The Heat showed that same lack of effort that's doomed them time and time again this season, which they had started to shed recently. Again, the dreaded beast rears its head. 
  • Dan Gilbert was courtside. And happy. As you'd imagine. 
  • Though James will (rightfully) get most of the blame and flak from this game, especially after vanishing before the game for introductions, the only real push the Heat made all night was when James starting pressing on the drive. Once he abandoned that strategy, it was over. 
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Cavs trade West, Telfair to Wolves for Sessions

Posted by Royce Young

The Cavaliers
have traded Delonte West and Sebastian Telfair to Minny for Ramon Sessions, Ryan Hollins and a future second-round pick, Brian Windhorst reports .
The second-round pick is in 2013.

Obviously this is something David Kahn and Minnesota have been trying to get done, especially after Luke Ridnour signed. By acquiring West now, his buyout is only $500,000. If he would've been grabbed by someone a few weeks later, his contract would've been guaranteed and a buyout would've cost a lot more.

It's slightly interesting Hollins was included in the deal. Minnesota pursued Hollins pretty hard last summer in free agency, pulling him from Dallas for a relatively small deal. But Hollins never found consistent playing time and with the Cavs being a roster in transition, this could be a nice move for him.

And by dealing Sessions, the Wolves basically swapped their two free agent signings from last summer for a contract that they can buy out and a third point guard. As always, Kahn's plan isn't easily deciphered in this deal.

Sessions is a player the Cavs have been actively trying to grab, or at least a player like him. New coach Byron Scott prefers an up-tempo attack and Sessions is a fast, high pace point guard. Mo Williams can likely slide into more of a combo guard role as Sessions commandeers the offense.
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