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Posted on: September 7, 2011 11:14 am
Edited on: September 7, 2011 11:16 am

Melo's phones stolen at exhibition

By Matt Moore

When Carmelo Anthony's Team Melo featuring friends LeBron James and Chris Paul defeated the Goodman League team starring Kevin Durant, it should have been a pretty good day for Melo. Won the exhibition, did something good for his hometown, hung out with some friends, it was a win-win day. Until afterwards. From the New York Post:
Anthony’s two cellphones were stolen by an unidentified attendee after the competition. “Fans bum-rushed the court to get close to the guys after the game,” a source told Page Six. “Carmelo’s phones were stolen during all of the chaos.”
via Carmelo Anthony’s phones were stolen at a charity event in Baltimore - NYPOST.com

That's just bad all over. So if offensive tweets start showing up on Anthony's account, we'll know what happened, and he'll have actually been hacked this time. Jokes aside, there's a lot of sensitive information on those phones and we hope no one is harmed by the theft. 

Unless of course, the thiefs want to call up Billy Hunter repeatedly and ask him why a grown man continues to go by "Billy." That would be okay, provided they turned themselves in immediately afterwards.

Here's another question. Have these guys seen Melo out before? For the uninitiated, each time I've seen Melo out in public, he's been accompanied by two of the largest men I've ever seen who acted as bodyguards. They were like houses with necks. And this is the guy you want to steal from? Perhaps you should reconsider that criminal mastermind career choice.

Posted on: August 29, 2011 9:34 am

Eddy Curry to play in Melo league exhibition

Matt Moore

Another, ahem, big name has joined the Team Melo vs. Goodman League exhibition scheduled for Tuesday, according to Hoopsworld. Alex Kennedy reports that Eddy Curry is set to join the superstar team of Chris Paul, LeBron James, and Carmelo Anthony, along with others. He'll be matched up against DeMarcus Cousins in what can only be described as an odd contrast at center. 

Curry has lost nearly 100 lbs. in the last six months after being traded from New York to Minnesota and then released as he works out with famed trainer Tim Grover. He's worked out for the Heat multiple times as they continue to look for viable options at center. Playing and spending time with James is a great way to cement that opportunity as getting James in his corner pretty much solidifies his chances at getting a contract. 

It's an odd addition, but it'll also provide fans with an idea of how far along Curry is with his conditioning and retraining of his body after losing all that weight. Matched up against shorter, but more bullish DeMarcus Cousins provides a good testing match. Meanwhile, he'll have as much help offensively as he can handle with Chris Paul, Anthony, and James. James is no longer a question as he confirmed to the AP he'll be playing.  With Kevin Durant also playing for Goodman alongside Brandon Jennings, this is a pretty loaded set of superstars on one floor, bigger even than the Goodman-Drew matchup earlier in August.

Now if only someone could drag Kobe down to this thing... 
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