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Posted on: November 2, 2011 6:43 pm

Terrence Williams: 'Enough with the stare off'

Posted by Royce Young

It was probably inevitable. At some point, the players were going to just get fed and want to play basketball. Whether you buy into the reports of the union splitting at the seams or you think their letters are legit, there's some division going on. Glen Davis tweeted today, "Take the 51% man and let's play."

And on top of it, Terrence Williams of the Rockets added another:

The union's in a dangerous place right now. They still want a fair deal, which they won't ever get. But at the very least, they want a deal that they can present as being worth losing a month for. Derek Fisher and Billy Hunter want something they can take back to the union and say, "See, it was worth it guys."

Which is probably the current deal on the table, sadly. Players like Davis and Williams aren't going to influence Fisher and Hunter to cave toward an unwanted deal, but the more Fisher's phone buzzes with players echoing that feeling, the more he's going to have to walk in prepared to take something below 53 percent.

And it also means that there's some credence to the stuff about it being Hunter versus Fisher right now. The word is that players are taking sides between Hunter and Fisher right now. There are those ready to "fold" as JaVale McGee might put it and there are others willing to stick it out, if for at least a little longer.

Here's reality though: They played chicken with the owners. And they lost. They said they were drawing the line at 53 and weren't going to dip below. But they can't win that fight. They're going to have to give up their precious three percent to take a deal and get back to not just playing, but getting paid. Maybe they can convince the owners to meet them at 51 percent. But at this point, that might be a pipe dream.
Posted on: August 9, 2011 9:09 am
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T-Will jams, then rips shirt off to celebrate

By Matt Moore

Terrence Williams is largely headed the way of Gerald Green. An exciting young talent that for whatever reason can't find time on the floor, mostly attributable to attitude and basketball intelligence reasons. But he's entertaining every second of it. For example, take this video taken from this weekend at one of the Pro-Ams. There are dunks, we've seen those. And there are celebrations. And then there's this. 


That's the basketball version of "Not to put too fine a point on it, but... SHAZAM!" Point taken, T-Will.

Oh, and the unfortunate soul who just got yammed on is the Lakers' Derrick Caracter. That'll make for a nice summer memory for him.
Posted on: January 7, 2011 9:34 am

Shootaround 1.7.11: Rodney Stuckey likes unicorns

Terrence Williams may see the floor, Yao Ming may not retire, and Rodney Stuckey likes unicorns (not really), all in today's Shootaround.
Posted by Matt Moore

Terrence Williams may finally get some burn in Houston. We remain skeptical, since two different coaches have yanked his playing time away. Surprising fall for the swing man. 

The Kings may be in a selling mood, but don't count Omri Casspi among the items on the front lawn. 

Even after surgery.... again, Yao Ming may not be planning on retiring.  Worse still than retiring though would be being one of those players who can't find a team to sign you because of your injury concerns.  We hope the best for Yao, but in the event that his career can't get righted, we hope he is smart enough to take the high road out.

Nets fans had low expectations of Sasha Vujacic when he arrived in the Terrence Williams trade. But he's making a believer out of them now. He hit the game winner the other night in a huge home win over the Bulls

Need4Sheed exposes Rodney Stuckey's twitter account as a bot with the headline: "Rodney Stuckey: 'I like unicorns, Cotton Candy, Star Trek and Harry Potter movies.'" 

Carlos Boozer was not exactly thrilled with being benched for the final 14 minutes in the Bulls' loss to the Nets the other night. 

In short, the Magic have a very balanced offense since the mega-trade. 

Mayor Kevin Johnson in Sacramento put together a task force towards getting a new arena. It erupted into a verbal skirmish this week. Yeah, things are going that well. 

Tyler Hansbrough will start at power forward for the Pacers, a sign of the desperation mounting in Indiana. 

Suddenly Jodie Meeks being back in the lineup is a big deal. Strange times. 
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Are the Nets positioning for a run at Carmelo?

Posted by Royce Young

Ken Berger of CBSSports.com along with multiple outlets are reporting that the Los Angeles Lakers, Houston Rockets and New Jersey Nets have agreed in principle to a trade that would send Sasha Vujacic to the Nets, Joe Smith to the Lakers and Terrence Williams to the Rockets.

The deal can't be finalized until Wednesday because Smith is a player that can't be traded until Dec. 15.

But the three players players moving isn't the most interesting aspect of this trade. Sure, Terrence Williams heading to Houston is somewhat intriguing because he's a player in desperate need of a new situation, but really, it's all the throw-ins that makes this interesting.

The Nets are also adding No. 1 picks from Houston and Los Angeles as well as Vujacic's $5.5 million expiring contract. Can you say "positioning for Carmelo?" (The pick from L.A. is for 2011 and from Houston 2012, to be clear.)

All signs have been pointing towards Carmelo Anthony heading to New York, but obviously the Nets aren't buying that. This deal is clearly a move in the direction of sweetening the post for the Nuggets. Not only does New Jersey have the talent to deal in Derrick Favors, but now they've got another expiring, plus two (not one) first-rounders to dangle in front of Denver.

Berger has some great thoughts on how the Nets are setting up for a run at Anthony,
but also mentions this:
According to a person with direct knowledge of Anthony's strategy, he recently became entrenched in his desire to agree to an extend-and-trade only if the deal sent him to the Knicks. The person who provided this information could not have been more unequivocal -- and could not have been closer to Anthony's inner circle. 

Contrary to another report, however, Anthony at no point informed the Nuggets of his stance. The Nets, who according to sources have received repeated assurances from Anthony's camp that he would extend his contract in a trade to New Jersey, continued with their aggressive strategy to sweeten the assets they could offer the Nuggets.
So that could be important to know. Anthony wants New York. The Nets want Anthony. Either New Jersey isn't willing to take no for an answer or they just don't get it.

Also, remember how the Knicks thought they had a first-round pick ready for them when they needed it from Houston? Well it looks like the Nets may have slid in and taken it away. Talk about a pretty good power play for Nets general manager Billy King. Undercut the Knicks while just giving up a player that was sent down to the D-League a couple weeks ago? Not too bad at all really.

If this trade goes final Wednesday, the Nets will have five first-round picks over the next two drafts. That makes them a player in any deal, not just one for Carmelo.

The Nuggets have been pretty adament about looking for the best possible deal if they're going to trade their star. Well, the Nets now have the ability to really sweeten the pot. Their main competitor in the Knicks, don't have near the pieces right now. They may have the fact that Carmelo evidently wants to play there, but the Nuggets want the best trade and right now, New Jersey has it by far.
Posted on: December 14, 2010 6:40 pm
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Nets, Lakers, Rockets, Kings talk trades

The New Jersey Nets, Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets are discussing a three-team trade involving Terrence Williams, Sasha Vujacic andterrence-williams Joe Smith. Posted by Ben Golliver

Multiple outlets, including Yahoo! Sports and CBSSports.com's Ken Berger, are reporting that the New Jersey Nets, Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets have a three-team trade in place. Berger writes...
The Nets have begun putting into motion a plan to acquire several assets that the Nuggets have asked for in a potential blockbuster trade for Carmelo Anthony, two people familiar with the situation told CBSSports.com. 
The first step, agreed to in principle Tuesday, is a three-team trade in which the Nets get a first-round pick from the Rockets and another one from the Lakers. New Jersey sends Terrence Williams to the Rockets and Joe Smith to the Lakers, who send Sasha Vujacic to the Nets, the people familiar with the framework of the deal said. 
Berger also notes that the trade cannot be completed until tomorrow, once the NBA's Dec. 15 deadline for players that were signed in the offseason to be traded has passed. Williams, a physical second-year wing out of Louisville who is averaging 6.7 points, 3.6 rebounds and 3.1 assists in 20.6 minutes per game this season, ran afoul of the Nets and coach Avery Johnson in late November, when he repeatedly showed up late for practices and was demoted to the D-League. He will join former teammate Courtney Lee in Houston, who was traded to the Rockets in a four-team trade last summer.  Given Williams's talent level and need for a change of scenery, the move is a reasonable risk for the Rockets, who have struggled through a 9-14 start and are currently in last place in the Southwest Division. To make room for Williams, ESPN.com reports that the Rockets will dump little-used reserve guard Jermaine Taylor, who has long been rumored as a candidate for trade, to the Sacramento Kings for a future second-round pick.  Smith, a veteran big man, has barely touched the floor for New Jersey this season and is essentially a non-factor. Vujacic has also been buried on Los Angeles's bench this season, after the team's offseason acquisitions of Matt Barnes and Steve Blake, and the continued emergence of Shannon Brown, pushed him down and out of the team's depth chart. The move is a great one for Los Angeles, as they move the $5.4 million owed to Vujacic off their books. Taking back the $1.3 million owed to Smith, the Lakers net $4.1 million in cap savings and the only cost is a first round draft pick, which will likely be no higher than No. 25. As the Lakers are well over the luxury tax line, those savings are doubled, making for a total savings of ~$8 million, making this deal even sweeter. Sure, the Lakers aren't exactly a small market team aching for savings, but any time you can turn a bottom of the first round pick into ~$8 million worth of savings, you do it and you don't think twice.  From New Jersey's side, it's the picks, not the players, who are the obvious key to this deal, as they afford the Nets important additional assets to use in trade talks prior to this year's deadline. Their major target, of course, could be Denver Nuggets all star forward Carmelo Anthony. The Nuggets, as we've written numerous times, need to receive salary cap flexibility and future assets when they move Anthony, and first round picks certainly qualify. So does Vujacic's expiring contract, which could be re-packaged to allow the Nets to take back salary in a deal. At first glance, this trade is a winner for all parties. The Rockets take a reasonable risk on a talented player, the Lakers receive some much-needed financial relief and the Nets accumulate trade assets. The final chapter to this trade analysis book can't be written until we see what deals are in New Jersey's future.
Posted on: December 9, 2010 8:10 am
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Shootaround 12.09.10: Rocking out with Rony

Former NBA player turns club DJ, questions about Tyreke Evans' foot, Derek Fisher drops the Clippers, the Blazers fret about a lockout, Antoine Walker airballs a free throw, and a bunch more. Posted by Ben Golliver
  • Former Miami Heat center Rony Seikaly is now a party DJ playing in clubs across the globe, the New York Times reports. “I’m not doing this to be a celebrity,” Seikaly said. “I’m not doing this to become famous. I’m doing this just to share the love, and to share the music.”
  • Duke point guard Kyrie Irving, the potential No. 1 overall pick in the 2011 NBA draft, "could miss the rest of the season with a right toe injury," Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski told the media.
Posted on: December 9, 2010 8:07 am
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Terrence Williams is destroying the D-League

Posted by Royce Young

UPDATE: Williams has been recalled by the Nets.

Mostly, when a young player is sent to the D-League, it's about what the "D" stands for - development. But that wasn't the case for Nets guard Terrence Williams.

Because of issues with being late, Williams was sent to the D-League. Coach Avery Johnson says it was about giving him the opportunity to play, but most agreed it was a punishment of sorts aimed to give Williams a wake-up call.

But in his time in the D-League, Williams has absolutely torn up the world in the three games he's played with the Springfield Armor. He notched triple-doubles in his first two outings and in his most recent game Sunday against the Maine Red Claws, he scored 36 points, pulled in nine boards and handed out seven assists.

In the three games, Williams is averaging 28.0 points, 11.3 rebounds, 10.7 assists and 1.3 steals a game. I guess sometimes it's not hard to tell when one is not like the other. Williams is clearly an NBA-level talent. But it's his head that's keeping him out of it.

With the Nets, Williams has been squeezed. He hasn't played much this season averaging just 19.9 minutes a game in eight appearances. He was drafted 11th overall out of Louisville in 2009 and seen as a player capable of exactly what he's doing in the D-League. But because of this recent issue, plus some odd exchanges he's had on Twitter, it's been easy to wonder where Williams' head is at.

Clearly his basketball ability isn't in question. He's one of the most athletic shooting guards in the league, had mid-range touch, great vision and the ability to be an above-average defender. Put all of that together and it's easy to scratch your head wondering why he's not playing in front of Anthony Morrow or even Travis Outlaw at small forward.

The Nets are in desperate need of playmakers and Williams can be exactly that for them. Maybe his stint in the D-League will show him what a player he can be and maybe get his head straightened a bit. Because he has the ability for sure. But it's a matter of if he has the head.
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