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Posted on: September 16, 2010 4:01 pm
Edited on: September 23, 2010 4:29 pm

Tim Thomas leaves Mavericks again

 Mavericks journeyman forward will miss 2010-2011 season to support wife through illness for second consecutive season.
Posted by Matt Moore

Less than a month after a feel-good reunion , the Tim Thomas-Dallas Mavericks reunion is over. Jeff Caplan of ESPN Dallas reports that Thomas has informed the Mavericks he'll miss the 2010-2011 to continue supporting his wife with an undisclosed illness, the same situation that forced him to miss almost the entirey of the 2009-2010 season.

The Mavericks are working with the league to void the $1.35 million contract they agreed to with Thomas for this season. The Mavericks now have a month and a half and two roster spots available. It's deeply regrettable, and there is a lot of discussion that this might be the end of Thomas' career. Life gets in the way. Hopefully, Thomas' wife will recover from whatever she's facing. The Mavericks' season is important to them and their fans. But not nearly as this reminder that athletes have lives with serious complications and struggles to overcome that have nothing to do with conditioning or jump shots.

F&R wishes the best for the Thomas family.

Posted on: September 7, 2010 9:21 am
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Shootaround 9.7.10: Believe!

Reggie believes in Wade, Thomas believes in loyalty, and Butler believes in Burger King.Posted by Matt Moore

Reggie Miller believes the Heat are still DWade's team . Miller's probably on target here, but the fact that this is debatable is an interesting thought exercise. After all, we say we determine the quality of a player not by his performance, but by how many rings he has. Wade is the only one of the Miami Triad to have a ring, and yet LeBron is burdened with leadership of the squad. It's possible that this whole thing could only serve to show us how we've been underrating Dwyane Wade the past few years.

In a summer that put a very large nail in the coffin of loyalty in sports, the Mavs' actions towards Tim Thomas remain a hand propping it open. Art Garcia spoke with both Thomas and the Mavs , and both sides used the Magic word, loyalty, in their joint decision to add Thomas to the Mavericks' roster this season after his wife's illness forced him away from the game. We'll see if both sides remain loyal if Thomas does well enough to earn more money next season, or poorly enough to force the Mavericks' hand at the trade deadline.

Derrick Rose has been obsessing over improving his three-point range shot. The Bulls were one of the worst offenses and one of the worst perimeter shooting teams in the league last season. They were simply without a perimeter threat. They brought in Kyle Korver to fix that problem. But Rose is taking that burden upon himself and working to improve it while he's with Team USA. Giving that kid range makes him essentially unguardable. Yikes.

A list of NBA pairings that should happen, including Greg Oden and the Phoenix training staff .

Caron Butler owns six Burger Kings , mostly due to the fact that he used to work at one. Do what you know, I suppose.

It's time to put childish things away and start acknowledging the potential that lies in Miami.

Larry Drew says the Hawks are going to switch less , which is a terrific idea. The switching killed the Hawks against the top teams in the league. Surprisingly, it worked against the Celtics, because they weren't fast enough to make the Hawks pay. But against Orlando, the Magic shredded them off switches by forcing penetration in the interim and creating space, the building block of their offense.

Kobe's ready to go at it again . Raise your hand if you're surprised.

An interesting look at who the Magic's rival is now. The Heat-Magic rivalry has several factors boosting it. It's an in-state rivalry, Dwyane Wade has killed the Magic (on a performance, not win-based level) over the years, and the teams play four times a year. The fans say the Celtics, but we'll see what they say by the end of the year.

In case you've been missing them, check out our Pop Quiz series .

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Posted on: August 19, 2010 12:05 pm

Tim Thomas back with the Mavericks

Forward signs with Mavericks after half-season away on personal reasons.
Posted by Matt Moore

I'm not sure at what point Tim Thomas became the veteran forward you root for and stopped being "the lazy dude that cashed in on one good playoff season" but it happened. Thomas was a phenomenal disappointment in Philadelphia, Milwaukee, New York, and Chicago, wound up being a huge part of the Suns' playoff run in 2006, then reverted back to form with the Clippers. But with the Mavericks last season, he was experiencing a bit of a career rennaissance. He shot better than he had in nearly a decade, was playing solid defense, and was a good veteran option off the bench.

Then, a personal situation that has as yet not been reported developed with his wife, and Thomas was forced to leave the team after only 18 games to be with her. But with that situation resolved, he's back with the Mavs . It's kind of a feel-good story when you look at all the factos, and if Thomas can return to his production last season, he could help the Mavs challenge again in the West. His services were certainly needed against San Antonio, whose depth caused major issues for the Mavs.
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