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Posted on: February 19, 2012 2:44 pm
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McGrady on playing time: 'I'm tired of this s--'

T-Mac is pretty upset about his playing time in Atlanta. (Getty Images)
Posted by Royce Young

When Tracy McGrady signed with the Hawks before the season, he knew he wasn't going to be playing a prominant role. He knew that, much like in Detroit last season, he'd likely be coming off the bench and would likely be playing less minutes than he did earlier in his career.

Last season with the Pistons, he did a great job with it. He played his role, did his job and didn't say anything about it. But that was with him still actually having a real role with the team. With the Hawks, he's seen his time on the floor cut game after game, with him not playing at all after halftime against the Hawks Saturday.

And McGrady's had enough. So he let it all out, via the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

“I’m tired of this [bleep],” McGrady said. “You can put that in the paper, I don’t give a [bleep].”

McGrady has played in 26 of 32 games for Atlanta this season for an average of 18 minutes before Saturday’s game. Last season with Detroit McGrady averaged 23 minutes in 72 games.

As for the why, McGrady says coach Larry Drew hasn't given him a reason.

“If you don’t feel I can help, come tell me that,” McGrady said. “He ain’t told me nothing. I just want to help these guys win, man, which I know I can. But, damn, four minutes?”

Drew has previously used the excuse of wear and tear for limiting minutes, but McGrady says he's feels terrific and if he didn't, he'd say so and not play. If he's in uniform, he expects to play.

Does he want out? Under league rules, he's eligible to be traded on March 1. But he's not ready to go there yet.

“Hopefully, I’m here,” he said. “I like it here. I like the guys. That’s what I love most about it. I like the guys in this locker room. But at the same time, I still can play. No doubt in my mind.”

McGrady signed with the Hawks to help a playoff team hopefully contend. He expected to play a big role and get his time. He's frustrated and if Drew is saving him, that's got to be communicated. Otherwise, you're going to have a disgruntled veteran and that's not a good thing for a locker room to have to deal with.

The Hawks need McGrady because their depth has been challenged. The team isn't going anywhere, but if they're to stay in the Eastern playoff picture, they're going to rely on players like McGrady giving them good minutes. He's not psyched right now, and wasn't afraid to say so. You know Larry Drew has heard it, so we'll have to see if anything changes. If not, something might be happening March 1.
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Nicolas Batum sent to hospital with eye injury

Posted by Ben Golliver

Portland Trail Blazers forward Nicolas Batum got poked in the eye by Atlanta Hawks forward Tracy McGrady and he wound up in the hospital.

McGrady swiped at Batum's left eye while contesting a pass with roughly 9 minutes remaining in the second quarter of Wednesday night's game at Philips arena. No foul was called on the play and Batum remained on the court for the ensuing defensive possession. At the next dead ball he requested out of the game and immediately departed for the locker room with team staff. Batum left with 0 points, 1 rebound and 1 assist on 0-for-2 shooting in 9 minutes.

The Blazers reported that Batum would not return to the game during halftime and later noted that he was taken to an Atlanta-area hospital for precautionary X-rays. X-rays were negative for an orbital fracture and the team is listing him as day-to-day. CSNNW.com reported that Batum said he will play in Portland's next game against the Raptors in Toronto on Friday.

Batum, 23, is averaging 12.4 points, 4.6 rebounds and 1.0 blocks per game this season.

Here's video of Nicolas Batum getting poked in the eye by Tracy McGrady.

Posted on: January 2, 2012 11:03 pm

Report Card: Hawks fly over the Heat

Posted by Royce Young

A: Atlanta Hawks

It's easy to overlook the boring old Hawks when talking about the class of the East. But remember: That team went to the Easter semifinals and gave the Bulls a decent run. Joe Johnson, Josh Smith, Al Horford -- there's talent there. And while we all may want to forget about them and talk about the Heat, Knicks and Celtics, the Hawks aren't some team to take lightly in the East. They sent a pretty clear message by outscoring Miami 33-21 in the fourth while executing halfcourt possessions and holding the Heat's big three in check.

A: Minnesota Timberwolves

Dating back to last season, the Wolves had lost 18 straight games, including their 0-3 start. But with a win over the Spurs, the Wolves have just taken two in a row. Luke Ridnour showed Ricky Rubio that the starting job isn't his yet (nine assists), Kevin Love was terrific and the Wolves handled the Spurs with pretty much no problem. Minnesota's 2-3 on the season with two really tough losses to Oklahoma City and Miami. Not far off from being 4-1.

B: Dwyane Wade's block

Sometimes Dwyane Wade does stupidly incredible things. His block on Vladamir Radmonovic was one of these such things. Why only a B? Well, it came in a losing effort and let's keep in mind, Wade denied Vladamir Radmonovic at the rim.

B: 2003

Tracy McGrady and Vince Carter turned back the clock Monday. McGrady put together a big night for the Hawks with 16 points in a win over the Heat and Carter added 14 against the Thunder for the Mavericks off the bench. The cousins were doing work on the same night for the first time in... well, a while.

C: Boston Celtics

Boston got back to .500 with a home win over the Wizards, but it wasn't easy. It took a big fourth quarter to put away Washington and the Celtics actually trailed with six minutes left. It's a win, which is what's important, but it wasn't exactly an impressive performance against an overmatched team.

D: Miami Heat

The Hawks aren't terrible. So if you want to openly mock the Heat for losing their first game, keep in mind the Hawks are a playoff team with some good players. However, Miami's offense went completely stale, the Heat never tried to run and with everything shut down in the fourth, neither LeBron nor Wade tried to go to work on the block. Which I thought was the plan, right? Miami wasn't going to go 66-0, but this was a decent wake up call.

F: Flip Saunders

The embattled Wizards coach didn't get to watch his team for long against the Celtics as he picked up two technicals and was ejected in the first quarter.
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Report: McGrady agrees to 1-year deal with Hawks

Posted by Royce Young

The Hawks appear to be losing their top bench option in Jamal Crawford so they're trying to cost effectively replace him. How? With a 32-year-old former scoring champ.

According to ESPN.com, the Hawks have agreed to a one-year deal with Tracy McGrady for the veteran minimum. McGrady, a shooting guard/small forward combo player, spent last season in Detroit quietly having a nice season off the bench for the Pistons. He averaged 8.0 points in 23.4 minutes per game. The oft-injured McGrady made it through last season without a major hiccup, playing in 72 games while starting 39.

McGrady can't officially sign with the team until Friday when free agency actually begins. But teams have been allowed to speak to agents for more than a week and could negotiate directly with players as of Monday.

McGrady has been in the league though 15 seasons and has appeared in 886 games. That's a lot.

The Hawks don't have a lot of depth to start with and really won't have much if Crawford, an unrestricted free agent, signs with someone else. Right now, there's nobody behind Joe Johnson and the starting small forward is Josh Smith with Marvin Williams behind him. So it's very likely McGrady will serve as Johnson's backup.

It's just a matter of how McGrady has left in the tank and if he can stay healthy. If so, he's going to make a nice piece for a contender. Depth is always extremely important and even more so in a shortened season with games packed together like they are.

McGrady's had a prolific career scoring the ball in Toronto and Houston, and has played in New York and Detroit. The Hawks will be the fifth franchise for him. And with him only being 32 still, I doubt it is his last.
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Report: Houston to host 2013 NBA All-Star Weekend

Posted by Ben Gollivermcgrady-yao

The NBA All-Star Game is reportedly heading back to Texas.

MyFoxHouston.com reports that Houston will play host to the NBA's annual weekend extravaganza in 2013.
NBA sources told FOX 26 Sports the Houston Rockets and the City of Houston landed the NBA All-Star Game in 2013. The game will be played at Toyota Center on Feb. 17, 2013. NBA All-Star week will be Feb. 15-17. The Rockets and Toyota Center also hosted the game in 2006.

Houston is the United States' fourth largest city, boasting a population of more than 2 million residents. It also happens to be in a warm weather locale unlike New York City and Chicago. That's crucial for a multi-venue, multi-day event that takes place in February.

The big question: will the hometown Rockets have an All-Star selected to the Western Conference squad? Center Yao Ming was a penciled-in starter for years thanks to his contingent of Chinese fans, but his retirement in July created a huge hole in the middle and a massive absence of starpower on the roster.

The last member of the Rockets to make an All-Star Game besides Yao was the since-departed Tracy McGrady, in 2007. No current member of the Rockets looks like a potential All-Star, unless point Kyle Lowry somehow continues to improve by leaps and bounds or wing Kevin Martin stays healthy to put together a career year of high-efficiency basketball. If neither of those eventualities develop, there is one last possibility: the Rockets could finally cash in all of their minor assets to make a long-anticipated trade for a legit star. Don't hold your breath.

The city of Orlando, Florida, and the brand spanking new Amway Center are on tap to host the 2012 NBA All-Star Game, should it take place.

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Shootaround 3.14.11: Dwyane Wade wins in court

Dwyane Wade wins in court, David Lee holds Kevin Love in check, Tracy McGrady takes a swing at being a labor leader, Chauncey Billups preaches patience and a whole lot more. Posted by Ben Golliver. shootaround
  • The San Francisco Chronicle writes that Golden State Warriors forward David Lee was the key to ending Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love's consecutive double-double streak. "The player guarding Love tonight was not going to be involved in the game on offense," coach Keith Smart said. "He had one objective: That was to make sure Love didn't get the glass. David Lee did a great job of sacrificing. ... "I call David Lee a good basketball player. He was locked in to do a job that was necessary."
  • In case you missed it over the weekend, CBSSports.com's Ken Berger investigates how the NFL Players Union's decision to decertify might influence the negotiations going on between the NBPA and NBA owners.
  • New York Knicks point guard Chauncey Billups says the new-look Knicks are still feeling each other out after the blockbuster trade that brought Billups and Carmelo Anthony to the Big Apple, writes the New York Daily News. "I don't know at what point it becomes a problem," Chauncey Billups said. "We had one real practice yesterday. The trade was weeks ago. We have five new players on the team. It's not that easy. We end up practicing in the games."
  • On Sunday night, we took a look at Boston's historic defeat of the Milwaukee Bucks, in which they allowed just 56 points. The Journal Sentinel quotes Bucks coach Scott Skiles calling the loss "about as humiliating a defeat as you'll ever see."
  • It's come to the point where writers are asking the Utah Jazz whether they've quit on the season. The Deseret News quotes Al Jefferson who says things are still all good. "No. Heck no," Jefferson said. "I hope no one in here have quit, because there's a lot of games to be played and we have a job to do. I can speak for myself and I can speak for a lot guys in there (the locker room), and I know they haven't quit."
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The Pistons should be declared a disaster zone

Posted by Matt Moore

This is it. This is rock bottom. It cannot get worse than this, right? Doesn't matter if they're winning or losing, this is the very bottom of the professionalism barrel.  There are ruins, there is rubble, and there's the Detroit Pistons

Hours after four veteran players staged a protest sleep-in , and were summarily benched, things hit a new low. First, Kuester was ejected in the Pistons' loss to the Sixers in Philadelphia tonight. And the players responded as you'd expect professionals to. By laughing. 


To top it off, Vincent Ellis of the Detroit Free Press is reporting that before the All-Star break, the players walked to the shower postgame while Kuester was talking. Double ugh. 

Okay, long story, short story. 

Short story: The only victims here are the fans of the Pistons, who don't deserve this. Any of it. 

Long story: Kuester has been losing his players for a year and a half.  There have been clashes since the beginning, along with losses piling up. The biggest questions surround Rip Hamilton and his benching this season. On the outside it appears like Hamilton is just a petulant player struggling to accept he's no longer the star he once was. But combined with all the other stories of unrest, it certainly seemed like there was a pattern to suggest that Kuester was at least partially responsible for the chemistry problems.

But this?

It's unproffessional. To a ridiculous degree. You're not happy? Fine. Voice it to management. Or the press. Or on Twitter.  But don't stoop to what you consider to be his level by resorting to childish, immature behavior that will follow you wherever you look to go for the short remainders of your careers.  It's inexcusable, and the Pistons need to suspend and/or fine the players for their behavior. Regardless of what they decide to do with Kuester, the players have to be held accountable, because you can't run a team like this. 


To make John Kuester into a victim here is to deny a pattern of unrest among the players and a disturbing deviation from the norm. There are those that stipulate it was Tayshaun and Rip's attitudes that helped lead to all the coaching turnover of the past seven years. But there's a huge gap between being difficult, and veteran guys who at the very least were known as hard workers. To not come to work is the nuclear option. To engage in this kind of behavior goes above and beyond desperate measures. The Pistons are only six games out of the playoffs, but they're also 18-29 (yes, the middle of the East is still terrible), and there have been multiple questionable moves by Kuester. 

Consider it this way.  If you're an executive, and employees who have helped your company for close to a decade all of a sudden start engaging in completely inappropriate behavior in response to their manager, you're going to punish them.  You can't just let the example stand that it's okay not to respect the company and it's management. But at the same time, you're definitely going to want to examine the manager to see why it is his employees are the ones behaving in this manner. You have to look at the whole picture while reacting responsibly. 

But at the heart of this? This is on Joe Dumars. He didn't move Rip Hamilton last year when he still had trade value despite the acquisition of Ben Gordon. He didn't move Tayshaun Prince despite his trade value. And he was completely silent at the deadline, despite needing to make moves badly. Maybe it's the ownership situation, still in flux. But the situation is untenable. One way or another, Dumars has to step in now. 

It's not just time. It's past time.

We'll see what's left of the Pistons when all of this is over. Though we do support John Schuhmann of NBA.com's idea for Elizabeth Shue from "Adventures in Babysitting" to step in.
Posted on: January 25, 2011 4:50 am

Game Changer 1.25.11:

Detroit takes a perimeter attack, CP3 overwhelms with help, and Ruy Gay saves the day, all in today's Game Changer. 
Posted by Matt Moore

Each game is made up of elements which help formulate the outcome. Monday through Friday, we'll bring you the elements from the night before's games in our own specialized version of the game recaps. It's not everything that happened, but it's an insight into what lead to the results you'll see in the box scores. This is the Game Changer.  

THE BIG ONE: Detroit wings it to victory

You know? If the Pistons can get past their coach screwing with their rotations, their chemistry, and their play, and somehow manage to rely on the talent they have on this roster? This team ain't bad.  Austin Daye was the real hero here, and the youngster is proving that he's a big part of the Pistions' future. 20 points on 5-9 shooting, including 4-4 from the arc and 7 rebounds for Daye. Tayshaun Prince started at small forward, and added 20 points of his own, along with 6 assists, and Tracy McGrady had 20 points, 7 rebounds, and 5 assists. That's right. The Pistons got 60 points from three small forwards in this game. Hedo Turkoglu, Jason Richardson, and Quentin Richardson combined for 15 points. When you lose a position battle by 45? Dwight Howard's 7 offensive boards aren't going to help much.

The Magic had five players out of their nine-man rotation with at least two turnovers, while the Pistons had just two out of their ten-man. Throw in some hot shooting from outside and the Pistons brought the Heat. Big win for the Pistons who continue to have one of the oddest seasons in memory. And guess what?

At 17-28, they're a game and a half back of the playoffs. Weird. 

THE N'ORLEANS HOMEFRONT: Victory through swarm

Trevor Ariza got busy. Ariza swarmed Kevin Durant down the stretch and it was one terrible shot after another, only this time he wasn't hitting any miracles. The Hornets threw multiple waves of pressure to keep the ball out of Russell Westbrook's hand after he had torched the Hornets time after time in this game, and in the end, it was David West's off-balance pivot jumper that won it for New Orleans. 

The Hornets at once seemed completely out-manned in this one and certifiably in control. Basically, whenever David West, Emeka Okafor, or Chris Paul got involved, they looked like the better squad, and when anyone else got involved it was not so much the case. Marcus Thornton was nice, if you think 10 points on 12 shots is nice, but in reality, none of the Hornets outside the Big 3 mattered much. What was relevant was a long stretch in the second and third quarter when Scott Brooks gave Eric Maynor the reins and watched as Chris Paul sliced him into roast beef. Maynor was simply not in a position to defend the MVP candidate, and it showed. 

A key play down the stretch saw Chris Paul steal the inbounds with the game tied, then come crashing down to the floor holding his ankle. Paul would walk it off, though. David West continues his reliable play and you have to think he and Okafor will determine how far this team goes in the playoffs. Okafor was at times brilliant, and at times extremely vulnerable as the Thunder crashed the glass time after time.  The Thunder held an 8% advantage in percentage of available offensive boards collected. 

Jeff Green had 19 points and wreaked havoc on the Hornets but had no shots in the final 3:16. 


Kevin Love: 24 points, 17 rebounds, 7 assists

Runner-Up:  Tyreke Evans: 26 points, 6 rebounds, 6 assists

HERO OF THE DAY: RG doin' work

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