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Blazers' Brandon Roy to pursue medical retirement

By Matt Moore and Ben Golliver

Brandon Roy (Getty)On Friday, Portland Trail Blazers coach Nate McMillan confirmed that guard Brandon Roy will pursue a medical retirement rather than play during the 2011-2012 season. As recently as Monday, the Blazers had said Roy would pencil in as a starter.

The Associated Press provides additional details.
Portland Trail Blazers All-Star guard Brandon Roy has told the team that he is retiring because of ongoing difficulty with his knees.

Portland players were informed of Roy's decision to seek medical retirement on Friday before the first practice of training camp.
Roy, a five-year veteran who helped the team shed its "Jail Blazers" reputation, has been dogged by knee injuries and surgeries. He has said he lacks cartilage between the bones in both knees.
NBA spokesman Tim Frank said Roy had not yet filed the retirement paperwork with the league.

Roy did not report to the Blazers' practice facility on Friday and his agent did not respond to a request for comment on any retirement plans, first reported by ESPN.com early Friday.

"I couldn't believe it," Blazers forward Nicolas Batum said. "I still can't believe it."

The reports contradicted statements made on Monday during a news conference with Blazers President Larry Miller, coach Nate McMillan and acting general manager Chad Buchanan. Roy had met with team officials earlier that day and said he felt good and was ready to help the team in any way he could.

But during a medical evaluation on Thursday it became apparent that Roy's knees were not going to be able to handle another season.

"It's a tough situation," said Blazers center Marcus Camby. "People will say `Hey, he'll get his money. But Brandon's a competitor."
Earlier Monday, Ken Berger of CBSSports.com reported that Blazers guard Brandon Roy was considering medical retirement in the face of repeated severe knee injuries. The report will come as devastating news to Blazers fans, despite the long road leading to this point. 

Roy has had injury concerns since he was drafted, and earlier this year, a consulting surgeon for Roy said that he only had 1-2 more years left in him. Many questioned the legitimacy of doubts about Roy's health after he exploded in the playoffs in a comeback win over the Mavs, who went on to win their first-round series against the Blazers. Roy had said as recently as July, Roy said he was healthy and ready to play once the lockout endedOn December 5th, the Blazers confirmed they would not be using the amnesty clause on Roy. 

NBA rules stipulate that if doctors clear Roy for medical retirement, his salary would come off the Blazers' cap after one year, though he would still be paid the full amount of his contract. If he were to return for retirement for ten games or more, the full amount would return to the Blazers' cap situation. 

It's an unfortunate ending to what was once thought to be a long and brilliant career. But the Blazers knew of the condition when they signed him to a massive extension, knew of it when he was drafted. It's the sad consequence of being human, that sometimes the body simply cannot give what we want.

Wesley Matthews is expected to take over starting duties at shooting guard for the Blazers.
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Brandon Roy doesn't think JET can guard him

By Matt Moore

For more on Brandon Roy, check out our interview with him from this weekend's event in Seattle. 

Brandon Roy is injured. Despite telling CBSSports.com over the weekend that he's finally pain free, he's always going to be "injured" to a degree because of the condition of his knees. He's gone through physical and emotional hell over the last year in dealing with the realities of his knees.

One thing that has not suffered, though, is his confidence. Roy's not only still confident that he can be the Roy of old, he's calling out (and then saying he's not calling out) players that are able to stay on the court. From the Oregonian:
"I can still create off the dribble," Roy warned. "I still think you are crazy to put a guy who can't guard on me. You'll get exposed all night. So I don't want to get away from that.

"But I have to get in a position again where the team believes enough in me to make me a threat," Roy said. "I don't have to be The Guy, but just a focal point again, to where -- not to knock a player -- but if Jason Terry is guarding me, then my team can believe I can expose that matchup. That's part of getting my confidence back to where I can give confidence back to Coach and the organization."
via No promises, says Brandon Roy, but doubt him at your own risk | OregonLive.com

Roy likely chose to single out Terry because of the success that he had against the Mavericks ... in one game. Roy's comeback game in Portland seemed like a miracle moment, a reckoning of all those who doubted that Roy could come back. Then Roy went back to being the 9.3 points per game scorer he was during that playoff series before the Mavericks booted the Blazers back home. Terry, it should be noted, went on to guard LeBron James and do it pretty effectively in the Finals. 

Roy's not trying to be overly antagonistic; he really does think he's that much better than Terry. But he could learn a thing or two from JET. Terry manages to understand his role while also playing to his strengths. He recognizes his place on the team but contributes in a huge way and sitll gets headlines.

Maybe if Roy had learned to trust and rely on LaMarcus Aldridge earlier in his career, he wouldn't have had to carry the load as much. But what-ifs are no use. Roy is who he is, and that won't change, physically or mentally. This will be his approach.

No matter what, he'll go down swinging.
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Surgeon: Roy may have 1-2 years left in career

The consulting surgeon for Brandon Roy says he may have only 1-2 years left in his career, even under the best case scenario.
Posted by Matt Moore

Portland fans are starting to get excited again. The team's on a winning streak, have pulled into the sixth seed, and LaMarcus Aldridge is the new savior, along with Wesley Matthews. And then part of them also feels that Roy's coming back, and no matter what he's gone through, he's still Brandon Roy. He's still the hero that was going to lead them to a championship. Even if he's gone through a lot, you can never count him out. One Blazer fan told me last night: "Science has to be proven every time to be true!" 

And maybe that's true. But the predictive sciences are not providing a very rosey picture for Roy's future. The Oregonian spoke with the consulting surgeon on Roy'smost recent surgery. And the outlook is not good. 
The "consulting surgeon" whispers that he believes the best-case strategy for handling Roy is this: A) Limit Roy's practice reps to almost nothing; B) Play him off the bench in 65-75 or so games a season, choosing rest in key spots; C) pray. Surgeon suspects the Blazers might get 1-2 years out of Roy employing this strategy. Right now, I think they'd take that, and hope for the best. Roy is a fierce competitor and I won't count him out.
via Canzano blog: Emptying my notebook... smack into a LaMarcus Aldridge alley oop | OregonLive.com.

The article also discusses how a significant oversight would have had to have occurred for the Blazers to have given Roy his most recent extension given the condition of his knees prior to surgery. The questions surrounding the Blazers' training staff continue to skyrocket, even as everyone who works with them personaly vouches vehemently for them. 

Everyone wants to see Brandon Roy defy the odds, overcome his condition and take the league by storm again. But if we're examining the most likely scenarios, the odds of him ever being a major impact player again are slim. His game wasn't an "old man" game like Andre Miller's featuring set shots. He used his athleticism and physical ability to create his shots. Without any lift due to his knees, getting anywhere near the same kind of production will be extremely difficult. Maybe he can be a bench player who contributes the occasional big game, but consider the kind of precaution the consulting surgeon is the best strategy for Roy. How do you commit to Roy on that kind of salary, trying to rebuild your organization, for that kind of limited production? 

No one wants to count out Brandon Roy. But every indication out of Portland is a fearful warning that he may simply never be anything close to the same player again. 
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Blazers announce Roy is 'sidelined indefinitely'

Posted by Matt Moore

Hours after Ken Berger of CBSSports.com reported that the Blazers and Brandon Roy were considering shutting down the superstar for the remainder of the season, the Blazers have issued a press release announcing that Roy has been "sidelined indefinitely." The release includes the following quote from Rich Cho:

“Unfortunately, Brandon Roy’s condition has not significantly improved and we’ve decided to hold him out indefinitely,” said Cho. “In the short term, we’re going to proceed with an extended period of rest. Beyond that, we’re looking at all available treatment options to help better determine a course of action.”

So it would appear that the Blazers are at least making moves in the direction of a season-long sit-down for the All-Star. For more on the Blazers' situation without Roy, check out Ben Golliver's comprehensive breakdown on what it would mean for Roy, the Blazers, the fans, and everyone else.
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Wesley Matthews loves his mom, but ...

Wesley Matthews isn't sure his mom is totally accurate about her supposed 50-50 game in high school, but he loves her anyway. 
Posted by Matt Moore

Wesley Matthews is the new hope of Blazers nation as Brandon Roy struggles to stay on the floor with significant knee injuries. His ability to close games has been especially impressive and if there is a bright spot in the Blazers' season, it's Matthews. 

My mom can't play basketball. At all. But if my mom said she dropped 50 points and 50 rebounds in high school, I'd believe her. She's my mom. Wesley Matthews? He's got a much more fierce devotion to the truth. 

If you ever wonder if players are really changed by the money and change of circumstances that come with being an NBA player, listen to Matthews describe being able to support his mother after she worked multiple jobs when he was a child to make ends meet, now that he signed a five-year contract with the Portland Trail Blazers. "It's the best feeling in my life," Matthews tells CBSSports.com's Ken Berger. "Being able to let my mom relax. She's still not relaxing, she's trying. She's not very good at relaxing yet. She doesn't have to get up and go to work. All she's doing is helping take care of my business, what's going on with me, and she loves doing that. It's been a blessing, being able to do that for her."

Watch Matthews talk about his mom's big stat night and what his new contract has meant to his family in this preview of Ken Berger's video interview with Wesley Matthews. 

The full interview with Ken Berger and Wesley Matthews will be here on CBSSports.com tomorrow. 
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Shootaround 12.6.10: The Brad Miller Engine

Miller drops his man, Gortat is a soccer nut, Z-BO for USA, and the worst half of basketball ever, all in today's Shootaround.  Posted by Matt Moore

Knicks blog Posting and Toasting says Danilo Galinari needs to make Landry Fields his hero: "Gallo has returned to chilling around the three-point arc and waiting for kick-outs. Even there, his conversion rate has been uncomfortably low. One way he might see more opportunities is to do what Chandler and Landry Fields have been doing and dive in diagonally or along the baseline when Stoudemire receives the ball around the free throw line. It's not like Gallo's hurting the team (5 assists, 4 boards, and decent enough defense on the perimeter), but he can do much more to help them. 2-7 isn't the kind of output you expect from someone with Gallo's scoring ability."

Zach Randolph wants to play for Team USA. I'm curious as to whether Zach realizes that the traditional block concept is nearly absent in international play. 

Marcin Gortat was a huge soccer fan and played it almost exclusively until he was 18 when he found basketball. Add him to the list of guys you'd put on a soccer team from NBA players with Steve Nash being the obvious first overall choice. 

Behold: The worst half of basketball ever.

Brad Miller dropped the man coming around his screen this weekend. Unfortunately, it was his own man

Ben Wallace is so good even at his age that bloggers know they're taking him for granted: "I don’t spend much time writing about Wallace anymore because, frankly, he’s just so consistently good that I don’t think it needs pointing out. But he, along with Hamilton and Prince, was part of the “retro” performance I alluded to in the headline. Wallace had 9 rebounds, 5 assists, 3 blocks and a steal. He was an imposing presence inside and a huge reason Cleveland’s guards shot poorly. They may have been getting penetration, but Wallace blocked or altered several shots in his 24 minutes and he continued to show that he’s a great high-post passer and someone the Pistons can comfortably take advantage of on offense."

A lockout would be devastating on so many fronts, but here's another: Kevin Garnett may retire

Our own Ben Golliver on what was memorable from last night's Blazers win over the Clippers, the violence: "This game will endure for its random acts of violence. First, and most memorably, Blazers center Joel Przybilla, who was greeted with a standing ovation upon his entry to the game, was flagrantly fouled by Brian Cook with 4 second remaining in the third quarter. The mid-air hit, which sent Przybilla flying to the ground, wound up earning Cook a Flagrant Foul 2 and an immediate ejection. It also set off a tussle under Portland's basket, with Clippers point guard Baron Davis getting into Blazers forward Nicolas Batum's chest, and Przybilla and Clippers big man Craig Smith apparently getting after it as well. All four were assessed technical fouls, and the sequence resulted with Przybilla splitting the free throws awarded him for Cook's flagrant foul, for his only point of the game."

If Brad Miller is the fuel for your offense? You may need to get a new engine.

Glen Davis, meet medicine ball
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Game Changer 11.18.10: The Greg Oden Debacle

Wrapping up and expanding on the announcement that Greg Oden will have microfracture surgery for the second time, ending his 2010-2011 season and possibly his career. Posted by Matt Moore

Each game is made up of elements which help formulate the outcome. Monday through Friday, we'll bring you the elements from the night before's games in our own specialized version of the game recaps. It's not everything that happened, but it's an insight into what lead to the results you'll see in the box scores. This is the Game Changer.  


In lieu of our regular game changer, we're going to provid you with a wrap up of the Oden news. We'll have more on Chris Bosh's big night in Miami later on.

Eye on Oden

Here's a debriefing on what's going on with Oden, as seen throughout our coverage last night.

As you've no doubt heard by now, Greg Oden will undergo microfracture surgery to repair his left knee. He'll miss the entirety of the 2010-2011 season, and then you have to wonder about recovery time beyond that given the wear and tear on him just from surgeries. Ken Berger spoke with executives around the league and it's widely thought that the Blazers won't even make a qualifying offer to him this summer to keep him in restricted free agency, meaning he would be a free agent.

We covered the press conference live from the arena last night and brought you both video and audio of the press conference. Oden's injuries go far beyond just the left knee and we gave you a comprehensive look at his injury history . Royce Young provided some context for Oden's experience in contrast to the rising star of Kevin Durant, and we examined how Oden's trek back to the league compares with some injury-ridden players who came before him.

Ben Golliver went in-depth on Oden's knee and the situation the Portland trainers are now trying to deal with as they begin to come under severe scrutiny once again.

And you can be sure we'll have more coverage as this unfortunate series of events unfolds. There's a genuine sense of regret and sadness around the NBA blogosphere today. We all wanted to see the next great center. Instead we got the next great disappointment, for Oden and for us.

Around the Web

It took John Canzano to put up the tombstone on the Greg Oden era last night, in what had to be a record.

If you're a sadist, or, if you live in Portland and are a masochist, you can read the reaction from Blazers fans to the news first here in letters to Oden , and here on the Blazersedge reaction thread .

At Hardwood Paroxysm, Zach Harper touches on how this isn't an actual tragedy, but it is a basketball tragedy . (Admission: I'm the editor of Hardwood Paroxysm, but I felt this piece was so good it warranted a link.)

Noam Schiller asks us to remember the Blazers.

Here's an FAQ on the injury with Kevin Pelton of Basketball Prospectus.

Here's another timeline of this particular injury .

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