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Posted on: September 30, 2011 9:42 am
Edited on: September 30, 2011 10:09 am

Reports warn of breakdown in Bryant Italian deal

By Matt Moore

Early Friday morning, the AP reported that Italian Club Virtus Bologna had said it had a "verbal agreement" with Kobe Bryant that would send the NBA All-Star abroad during the lockout. Just as quickly, reports are flooding in that Virtus Bologna needs to slow its roll. 

From Yahoo! Sports:
Despite Bologna GM saying deal's "95 percent done" for Kobe Bryant, source close to talks warns Y! Sports that no agreement is imminent.
via Twitter / @WojYahooNBA: Despite Bologna GM saying ....

And from Sportando:
Virtus Bologna informed that the deal with Kobe, without the possibility to play 10 games in 1 month, is on the verge of collapse
via Twitter / @SportandoBasket: Virtus Bologna informed th ....

This isn't the first time a team has jumped the gun on saying it had a deal with Bryant. This exact scenario played out through August with Turkish team Besiktas. Eventually talks stopped completely with Besiktas, almost immediately after Besiktas spread word they had an agreement with Bryant. Kobe apparently is not big on contract talks making their way to the media prior to the actual completion of a deal. 

The AP reported Bryant's proposed salary at $3 million, which is the closest figure to what he would likely demand for a temporary stint abroad, assuming the lockout does not cost the entire season. It's unlikely, however, that Bryant would choose to announce the deal through a team representative without himself present, and equally unlikely that he would do it this weekend, with the NBA and the players expected to be on hand with most of their constituents for the CBA talks. Friday represents a significant moment in the talks, with both sides offering compromises and David Stern pushing hard to get a deal done by Monday. 

This seems early on to be another case of a European team putting the Kobe publicity cart before the contract horse. 

Posted on: September 20, 2011 11:16 am

Report: Italian club offers Kobe $600k per game

By Matt Moore

Turkish teams rushed into the fold. Then China started dabbling. Russia, Greece, the usual players have come to the table. Now Italy has its professional basketball teams charging the field to claim the crown jewel of lockout-available NBA players. 

BolognaBasket.it reports that Virtus Bologna, which has been pursuing Manu Ginobili and who recently signed Chris Douglas-Roberts, has made an offer to Kobe Bryant for $800,000 per home game, or $600,000 net. Which is kind of a lot of money for anyone, even Kobe Bryant. Bryant has previously turned down offers from Besiktas in Turkey and has played the international game cool while repeatedly saying his options remain open. Virtus may be in a better position at most, however, given the fact that Bryant spent a considerable amount of his youth in Italy with his father playing professionally there. 

Italy's season won't start until November, which means Bryant could take the offer knowing that the lockout is likely to drag on past the beginning of the year. Bryant could really use the rest on his body and doesn't need the money, obviously, but that's not how his mind works, by any and all accounts. He'll pursue playing basketball and beating opponents and making money, because that's what he does.

Can't expect a snake not to be a snake, now.  

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Posted on: September 9, 2011 12:51 pm

Reports: Italian club pursuing Ginobili, CDR

By Matt Moore

Virtus Bologna is an Italian basketball club. Earl Boykins played there a few seasons ago. Orlando Woolridge, too. Travis Best, Charlie Bell, there's a handful of NBA guys who have donned their unis. But with the lockout and the availability of NBA talent, it would appear Bologna is opening up its pocket books for some of the bigger names. 

First, Sportando reports that a former Memphis Tiger and current Milwaukee Buck is taking off for the northern region of the boot:
Despite the meetings to avoid the lockout are going on, Chris Douglas-Roberts decided to leave NBA and land in Italy where he will play for Virtus Bologna.

The two parts reached an agreement in principle and the small forward has just to sign the one-year contract without NBA out with the Italian team.
via Virtus Bologna close to Chris Douglas-Roberts | Serie A | Italy | Sportando.

CDR has never fit in in the NBA. He landed in an unstable, volatile situation in New Jersey as management, coaching, and ownership changed hands in the handful of years he was there. He landed in Milwaukee, but since he's not a gritty veteran defender, he has a hard time getting time with Scott Skiles. Well, that and his skillset on a coordinated team level is like giving a goldfish a bicycle, even if the bicycle is really long and quite fast, the goldfish still can't do anything with it.

In Italy, he could be a star. CDR's claim to fame outside of a prolific Twitter account and his time with Memphis is his awe-inspiring one-on-one record which was at one point unblemished. Give him the ball and stand aside, Italianos! Let's hope his coach enjoys ISO sets.

The next is a report out of the San Antonio Express Newsthat involves a much bigger name. Manu Ginobili.
Manu Ginobili’s agent, Herb Rudoy, on Thursday confirmed an offer made to Ginobili to rejoin the Virtus Bologna team in the Italian League, but said no response has yet been made to the offer.

Ginobili’s brother Leandro, working as a television analyst at the FIBA Americas tournament, also confirmed the offer for Manu to play again in Italy if the NBA lockout continues.

“I don’t think Manu is thinking he will go play in Italy for two months before returning to the Spurs,” said Manu’s 41-year-old brother.
via Spurs Nation » Ginobili has offer from his former club in Italy.

You would think the only way Ginobili is going to test his legs by playing somewhere other than San Antonio is in Argentina after he retires from the NBA, a likely possibility. But the fact that Bologna is making such offers shows their commitment. It's also intriguing, as compared to hyper-controlled China and the instability of Besiktas in Turkey, Italy is a real vacation spot. Live well, eat well, enjoy the countryside, see the piazzas... that sounds like a fine way to spend a lockout. Too bad Ginobili is focused on international competition and then likely trying to stay healthy to start the season for once. 
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