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Posted on: April 11, 2011 11:20 pm
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Von Wafer misses dunk, causes turnover video

Boston Celtics guard Von Wafer makes the worst play of the 2010-2011 NBA season. Posted by Ben Golliver.

Congratulations Von Wafer. You've been known as a headcase ever since your meltdowns in Houston, but your play tonight will stand for enternity as the best representation of your frustrating, misguided NBA career. So many things go wrong here that it's worth the time to provide a proper accounting.

First, some context. The Boston Celtics, a top playoff team that's been struggling recently, decided to rest their players at the end of the season during a game against one of the league's worst teams, the Washington Wizards. Even though Boston's second string should still be able to beat Washington's starters, the game manages to go to overtime, surely a frustrating proposition for all involved. 

With the Celtics up two with roughly two minutes to play in OT, Wafer takes the ball to the rack against some pathetic Wizards defense and attempts to power slam the ball with his right hand. He misses badly, but is so clueless that he doesn't realize it, instead gesticulating to the baseline cameras and road crowd. Did I mention this was a game his team should have won 20 minutes ago? 

If the missed dunk and end zone celebration weren't enough for you, Wafer finally realizes that play is continuing, stopping his preening for just long enough to run smack dab into Celtics center Jermaine O'Neal, who was attempting a post move on the left block. Wafer contacts O'Neal as he's dribbling, causing the ball to hang up. O'Neal then attempts to dribble again, leading to the mandatory double-dribble call from the baseline referee. 

Add it all up -- the missed dunk, the preening, the collision -- and Wafer made three ridiculous errors in less than five seconds. In overtime. Of a game with playoff implications. The best part? The Wizards came back to win, 95-94, sealing the Celtics as the Eastern Conference's No. 3 seed.

Here's a look at the sequence, which will surely become blooper reel fodder for years to come, courtesy of YouTube user Hiimyfriend

Posted on: October 29, 2010 10:32 pm

Doc Rivers comments on the Wafer-West fight

Posted by Royce Young

Boston head coach Doc Rivers confirmed what we already pretty much knew: There was a fight during practice between Delonte West and Von Wafer. And as Rivers said, "That's all you need to know." (Video via ESPNBoston.com )

Rivers admitted that these type of dust-ups tend to happen, but more than likely the fact that it was West makes it a little bigger news. In sports, teammates scuffle. I don't deny that it happens sometimes. But for a guy like Delonte West, who is serving a 10-game suspension for having a trunk full of guns, you'd think he'd be careful. (Also, here's Wafer talking about incident .)

But I guess when you're who you are, you stay that way. It's funny though because Shaq has talked at length about how this Celtic locker room is the most together he's ever been a part of. He talks about how loose and fun it is. It probably is, but I guess that's in spite of the awkwardness between West and Wafer.

According to multiple reports, the Celtics won't be releasing West over this issue and I assume it will get resolved and people will move on. However, this isn't something that Doc Rivers is likely pumped about starting his season with.
Posted on: October 29, 2010 2:18 pm
Edited on: August 14, 2011 8:16 pm

Delonte West punched a teammate at practice

According to a report, Delonte West punched Boston Celtics teammate Von Wafer after the team's practice. Posted by Ben Golliverdelonte-west Alex Kennedy of Hoopsworld.com is reporting that Boston Celtics guard Delonte West, who has been involved in spats with teammates previously this season, may have punched fellow Celtic guard Von Wafter after practice Friday.
During a three-on-three game with Avery Bradley, Luke Harangody, Semih Erden and assistant coach Tyronn Lue, West began fouling Wafer each time the reserve guard touched the ball. West was increasingly physical to the point that Wafer exited to the locker room midway through the game. As he walked away, West barked obscenities and taunted Wafer. After Wafer had showered and sat down at his locker, West approached from behind and threw a punch. Wafer didn't see the punch coming but quickly got off of the ground and connected on two punches of his own. He then wrestled West to the ground before being separated by the team's veterans. 
Kennedy also quotes sources saying that Boston Celtics management and director of basketball operations Danny Ainge will weigh their options with regard to West, who is signed to a non-guaranteed contract. More details as they emerge.

: Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports reports on Twitter that "Delonte West has been livid with Von Wafer for days" prior to Friday's reported altercation and that "West believed Wafer was responsible for published anonymous quote saying it was 'obvious' when West hadn't taken his medicine, source says."

Update 2:
WEEI says West might be released after the fight. Also, Wafer updated his Twitter to say, "i love my team #wefamily." Update 3: Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated reports on Twitter that Boston is "not expected to release West, sources say."  Update 4: The Boston Herald quotes Ainge confirming that an altercation took place and calling the incident "unacceptable." The paper also notes that Ainge "denied there would be any repercussions," such as releasing West, a possibility that had been floated earlier today. 
Posted on: October 8, 2010 3:15 pm

The new technical rules are being enforced

Posted by Royce Young

The NBA said it was serious about implementing new technical foul rules. There's now a "respect for the game" clause and the whistle will be much shorter for player.

And we're already getting a good look at it in just a handful of preseason games. So far, they're definitely serious.

There's Grant Hill and Reggie Evans getting tossed for patting each other on the backsides. There's a lot of players like D.J. Augustin who got hit with one for a mild protest during Wednesday's game against the Thunder. And then there's last night's affair where three Celtics were nailed with the big whistle.

Paul Pierce, Von Wafer and Nate Robinson were all assesed technical fouls in last night's win over the Nets. Pierce got tabbed when he took exception by throwing a fist in the air after teammate Rajon Rondo went hard to the floor with no whistle. According to the Boston Globe, official Steve Javie tried to stop Pierce, but it was too late.

“I didn’t realize,’’ Pierce told the paper. “Steve Javie was like, ‘That’s the new rule.’ I was like, ‘Dang.’ But I mean, it’s something that a lot of players are going to get early technicals, but they’ll make the adjustment." 

Robinson was nailed under similar cirumstances and Wafer picked up what's already his second technical for a small protest. 

The new rules say this:

"Players making aggressive gestures, such as air punches, anywhere on the court. Demonstrative disagreement, such as when a player incredulously raises his hands, or smacks his own arm to demonstrate how he was fouled. Running directly at an official to complain about a call. Excessive inquiries about a call, even in a civilized tone.

"In addition, referees have been instructed to consider calling technicals on players who use body language to question or demonstrate displeasure, or say things like, 'Come on!' They can also consider technicals for players who 'take the long path to the official,' walking across the court to make their case."

The league tried a crackdown similar to this in 2006, but it didn't last long after players just couldn't adjust. And thus far, though it is just a few games into preseason, it looks like players are having a difficult time again. Basketball is a high speed game played with a lot of emotion. And sometimes, like in Pierce's case, you react without even really thinking. It's easier said than done to keep those emotions in check.

Posted on: September 27, 2010 9:36 am
Edited on: September 27, 2010 9:36 am

Shootaround 9.27.10: Taking and Giving

Jazz will take back Fesenko, Conley has to take charge, Dampier will take his time, and Shaq giving quotes as usual, all in today's Shootaround.
Posted by Matt Moore

It's Fesenko time! ESPN.com's Marc Stein reported via Twitter last night that Kyrylo Fesenko had elected to turn down an offer from the Rockets and return to the Jazz for a one-year, $1-million deal. NBA FanHouse's Sam Sam Amick confirmed that same report . Funny thing is, the Salt Lake City Tribune reports that while Fesenko's made up his mind, discussions haven't begun with Utah to finalize. So we're in the 90% range but not a done deal. If you're wondering why you care, take a look around the Western Conference to see how big the West is. Every center matters.

The Commercial Appeal 's Ron Tillery has a look at five things to watch during Grizzlies training camp, and Mike Conley is the big one. The Grizzlies have eliminated all competition for the point guard job in an effort to give him the confidence to be the player they need him to be. Which isn't really the player he's been for the duration of his career.

Guyism has an awesome run-down of the new technical foul violations , as demonstrated by Rasheed Wallace. Here's a question: How's the league going to make up for the loss of revenue with 'Sheed retiring? That's a lot of fine money going out the door. Could it be that's the reason for the expanded tech rules? Conspiracy! (Note: Not a real conspiracy.)

Sam Amick at FanHouse has another interesting story, as he spoke with Erick Dampier and found out Damp has expanded his list of prospective teams , with Portland, Toronto, and Milwaukee joining the list of teams he's considering. Portland's an interesting option, considering they have Greg Oden, Marcus Camby, and Joel Przybilla on roster, even with the injuries to the first two. Would be quite a statement if Portland brought in Dampier.

NIUBall.com, which covers the Chinese leagues, reports via HoopChina.com that either Von Wafer, Rafer Alston, or both could be headed to China . You realize Rafer Alston was starting for a Finals team a year and a half ago? Geez, talk about a plummet.

Among the many, many quotes that Shaq gave ESPN Boston , he says that this is the first time in his career he doesn't have to hold anyone's hand, nor have anyone hold his. Which is kind of ridiculous considering the level to which Dwyane Wade shouldered the load in Miami, having already made the playoffs. And I think it's hard to argue he had to hold James' hand. And he actually damaged Amar'e Stoudemire's confidence to a large degree. But hey, whatever makes the big guy feel good about himself. Also, apparently Glen "Big Baby" Davis is considered a "great player" by O'Neal. ... 'Kay.

Kwame Brown was injured in a pickup game and will be out 4-6 weeks. The Bobcats are going to be insanely short on centers. Bloggers will be insanely long on jokes about this situation.

Primoz Brezec is playing in Russia this season, according to ... himself . Again, see shot #1 here for why that's relevant.

Don't get Brook Lopez started on comic books .... you'll be there for a while.

Disney is now sponsoring Amway Arena , where the Magic now play. ESPN is owned by Disney. Maybe now you'll see Orlando getting the kind of attention respect that Boston and Cleveland have enjoyed from ESPN for... "BREAKING NEWS! The Miami Heat have gone to dinner together! We take you there live!"

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