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Report: Rose signs new Adidas deal, $200M-plus

Derrick Rose signed a shoe deal for the GDP of a small country. (Getty Images)
By Matt Moore 

CSN Chicago reported Saturday night and Yahoo confirmed that Derrick Rose has reached a new endorsement deal with Adidas for over $200 million after incentives. Yahoo says the deal is for $185 million over 13 years, with incentives that push it over, while CSN tops it at $260 million over 14

Even on the low end, that's over $14 million per year for 13 years.

Not bad for the Chicago-native.

Rose has become Adidas' signature property along with Dwight Howard. With Rose capitalizing on the MVP season last year, this deal puts him in the next tier of athletes financially. Maybe most surprising about the deal is that Rose's personality isn't infectious. While he manages to come off as humble by saying he deserves MVP consideration even before he won it and saying some un-humble things, he's lacking in charisma and his interviews, to be honest, are like watching road construction. There's some noise, and afterwards you have a result, but mostly it's just a grind.

But Rose is so good (too fast, too strong?) that it doesn't matter. And for a kid that came from his circumstances to now no longer have to worry about money for himself or his future kids or his kids' kids or their kids, that's a pretty great story.

Rose's Adidas line of adiZero is currently on version 2.5.
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LeBron James will open fancy pants new store

Posted by Matt Moore

Business is business, and it doesn't stop for anything, not even the Finals. LeBron James has never been considered to be a guy with impeccable timing, and this week was no different. Even after winning Game 1 of the Finals in the biggest series of his career, he was still aiming for that goal of being a "global icon" his people have talked about for years. After Game 1, USA Today reported a press announcement was released detailing James' investment in a new luxury apparrel and design store.
The Miami Heat superstar is partially bankrolling a planned luxury lifestyle concept store called "Unknwn" that's slated to open in Miami this fall.

James' brand took a beating after he jilted the Cleveland Cavaliers and his home-state fans in Ohio last summer on his ESPN special, The Decision. But everybody loves a winner.

With James now three victories away from his first NBA title, the Nike endorser is expanding his business portfolio via a financial stake in a planned retail store owned by Chris Julian and other investors.
via LeBron James invests in luxury retail store dubbed 'Unknwn' - Game On!: Covering the Latest Sports News.

The details of the release: 

On the heels of a stunning Game 1 victory over the Dallas Mavericks Tuesday night and on the brink of a possible first championship, NBA MVP, business mogul and fashion icon LeBron James has announced that he will launch a new, modern luxury concept store in Miami for fall 2011. The store, which will open with a mix of apparel, footwear, printed materials and lifestyle accouterments, with featured brands to include A.P.C., Original Fake and Nike Tier 0 product, will be called Unknwn.
James has always chosen to ride the line of fashion, style, celebrity, and athleticism. He wants to be everything to everyone. But this was again poor timing. The Heat need the focus to be on basketball. Want proof? Try Game 2. This didn't distract them, but it didn't help, either. 

But as The Basketball Jones points out, this seems like a solid business model going forward. Like I said, business. 

(HT: TBJ via PBT)
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Steve Nash leaves Nike for Chinese shoe company

Steve Nash signs up with a Chinese shoe company, ending a 15-year arrangement with Nike. 
Posted by Matt Moore

Chinese shoe companies has progressively signed more and more players to endorsement deals. It's an opportunity for a player to capitalize on the global market in a very simple and effective way, and the money's not bad either. Kevin Garnett signed with ANTA, Baron Davis is with Li-Ning. Peak recently nabbed Jason Kidd and Ron Artest. And now a Chinese company has a two-time MVP to add to its roster. 

Steve Nash has made a significant push the past few years in expanding his global presence and today that continued as he left Nike after 15 years for Luyou. What's Luyou? Well here's a look at their previous work.

The move echoes the mass integration of NBA players in the Chinese market. The NBA is becoming more global as an entity, and the players are moving to be a part of that globalization. The question will be how the domestic market responds to these developments. 
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