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Villanueva loses it in confrontation vs. Cavs

Confrontation between Charlie Villanueva and Ryan Hollins ends in double ejection, before Villanueva attempts to charge Cavaliers' bench, then break into locker room to continue altercation.
Posted by Matt Moore

Update: Villanueva after the game on why he went "bonkers": "You've got to be careful with the quiet ones, right?" The word you're looking for is "Yikes." 

Charlie Villanueva lost it on Monday night versus the Cavaliers after a confrontation with center Ryan Hollins. Hollins and Villanueva became entangled in your protypical tussle during a screen, resulting in Hollins shoving Villanueva in the face, and Hollins swinging at Hollins. The two were separated by teammates, and that's when things got weird. 

It was announced that Villanueva was ejected, and at that point, Charlie V. went nuts. He started to charge the Cavaliers' bench to get at Hollins, and had to be held back and pushed towards the back by an assistant coach, and Rodney Stuckey, who was hanging off the power forward trying to avoid a scary incident. The Cleveland Plain-Dealer cites a Pistons reporter who says Villanueva was saying he was "going to kill that dude (Hollins)." On his way out, Villanueva motioned for Hollins to meet him in the back.  The weirdness doesn't end there. 

Once back in the locker room area, Villanueva had to be restrained trying to get into the Cavaliers' locker room, presumably to get to Hollins, who was also ejected. 

If I may, that story is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S. 

During the ejections, the Pistons P.A. announcer took the time to remind the fans not to throw anything and to stay in their seats. Gee, I wonder why

Considering the fact that Villanueva didn't react this way when Kevin Garnett may or may not have called him a cancer patient, you have to wonder what Hollins said to Charlie V. 

Here's footage of the incident: 

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Lakers are pretty proud of fighting with Mavs

Lakers are pretty happy with their fights and ejections in blowout win over Mavericks
Posted by Matt Moore

As we brought you Thursday night, the Lakers and Mavs had an ugly little set of tussles resulting in multiple ejections, starting with Jason Terry shoving Steve Blake and followed by Matt Barnes shoving down a Mavericks assistant. 

Turns out the Lakers are pretty proud of themselves for standing up to 6-2 Jason Terry and an assistant coach. From the Los Angeles Times
"I think we all reacted well," said Pau Gasol, who had 20 points -- a correction from the original stats, which had him with 19 -- as well as seven rebounds. "The bench kept its cool, and the guys on the floor did what they had to do. Basically, they just stood up to what was in front of them. They werent trying to create anything.:"It was good to see our guys handled it pretty well."

The way that Barnes intervened in Blakes incident -- and Brown drew his ejection after a play in which Gasol was knocked down by Ian Mahinmi -- was a positive sign, in the mind of Kobe Bryant.

"It brings us closer together," he said. "Its as simple as that. We cant go for that, man."
via Lakers 110, Mavericks 82: Wild night at Staples - PE.com - Professional Sports.

In reality, the Lakers did need to stand up for Blake. Terry did shove Blake unprovoked and it's important to send messages. But it's that constant talk of message sending that shows a lot about the Lakers' identity when it comes to toughness. 

The Lakers have had their toughness questioned since 2008 when the Celtics bullied them in a dominating six-game set. Since then, despite two titles, including one over those same Celtics, questions have remained about the Lakers' toughness. Most of this stems from Pau Gasol being a traditional "soft Euro" which usually just means he's really good at basketball. The addition of Ron Artest was seen as a move to improve the toughness of the team, and Barnes was brought on in the same vein. This of course ignores the fact that basketball is a game of who can put the ball in the hoop the most, not who's the biggest and baddest, but playoff basketball preaches that you need that level of aggression.

The Lakers seem to have found it. If Andrew Bynum's massive frame wasn't enough to dissuade teams from wanting to mix it up physically, the Lakers have shown they are willing to engage. 

Literally everything is going L.A.'s way right now. 
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Pierce sets record as Garnett tussles with Bogut

Posted by Matt Moore

Truth stays true. At least, it did Wednesday night for the Celtics. Paul Pierce knocked down his 20,00th career point at the line against the Bucks, helping the Celtics to hold off the Bucks in overtime 105-102 . It was a brilliant game for both squads at times, and sloppy as all get-out at others. 31 turnovers between the two clubs. But still, great intensity, and twice when the Bucks seemed to be down for the count inside of a minute, they pulled back to pressure the club.

The difference? Rajon Rondo. An amazing stretch of play for Rondo with the only downside being a missed J to end regulation. Rondo was simply dominating in whipping passes. The Bucks tried hedging hard on pick and rolls, tried doubling, tried closing the baseline, forcing him baseline, bringing the weakside defender, staying home, nothing worked. But it was an emotional moment from, naturally, Cancer Man Kevin Garnett to get them going, as he started a mini-tussle with Bogut before, naturally, walking away when things got heated. Video via Jose3030 :

And that's really what kick-started the comeback for the Celtics as they surged ahead. But heady, consistent play, getting to the line helped the Bucks claw back into it. The Bucks managed to force overtime, but in the extra period, Rondo took over, getting easy buckets for Pierce and eventually pulling it out after Carlos Delfino turned the ball over on the inbounds pass down 3. This after Delfino nailed a monster three from the corner. It was that kind of a night for Delfino.

Pierce becomes the third Celtic to reach 20,000 points alongside John Havlicek and Larry Bird. Not bad company. True company, even.

Boston finished to a 107 efficiency to Milwaukee's 104. Two good defenses being overcome by good offense.

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