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Posted on: December 31, 2011 11:56 am

Will someone please take Bynum's keys?

By Matt Moore

This is getting ridicuous. 

TMZ reports that Andrew Bynum was pulled over in early December for "crossing a divider and driving on the wrong side of the road" while trying to pass a car. 

Oh, good grief.

This happened, in TMZ's words, "JUST DAYS BEFORE"  Bynum was pulled over and ticketed for having illegally tinted tail lights and no license plate... wait for it, and then after that pulled over going over 80 MPH in his Porsche.  This is after double-parking in a handicapped spot last July, and Bynum was ticketed for going 110 MPH in November of 2010. 

So to review.

Two speeding tickets.
Parked in a handicapped spot.
Illegally tinted tail lights. 
No license plate.
Drove on the wrong side of the road.

Look, if you want to say this has no impact on him as a basketball player, nor on his maturity as a teammate, that's fine. Maybe it doesn't. It certainly won't affect his play when he returns to the lineup Saturday against the Nuggets. But it's not exactly comforting to see Bynum repeatedly making the same mistakes. He's not getting into fights or criminal trouble. He's just committed a high number of unnecessarily violent fouls an has problems with driving regulations. 

But seriously, will the Lakers, Kobe, Mike Brown, someone get Bynum a driver? This is just absurd at this point.

No wonder Kobe Bryant takes a helicopter to games.  
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