Posted on: October 22, 2010 6:26 pm
Edited on: October 22, 2010 6:29 pm

Miller out til Jan; Heat looking at Stackhouse?

Posted by Royce Young

Things are getting tough for the Heat before they're even getting started. For shame for the NBA's new Mr. Bad Guy.

Mike Miller who outside of the Big 3 is considered maybe team's most important role-playing piece, will be out potentially close to half the season. Miller will be in a cast for at least four weeks and then he'll move to a split after that missing multiple months. Miller had a 45-minute surgery to repair a torn ligament and fracture in his thumb on his shooting hand.

So that's not good for the Heat. Miller was intended to be the Heat's top option off the bench and provide outside shooting and scoring to supplement the trio of stars. Now the Heat will turn to players like Eddie House and James Jones to pick up that slack.

But potentially the Heat are exploring options with another veteran scorer. Jerry Stackhouse didn't make the first cut when veterans flooded to Pat Riley's doorstep for a chance to latch on with the Heat, but Winderman reports there are legs to Stackhouse heading to South Beach.

Last season Stackhouse played for the Milwaukee Bucks, contributing fairly well to their unexpected playoff run. As of now, he's unemployed. He's 35 years old and a player that isn't anything more than a 15 or 20-minute a game role player.

The Heat have recently trimmed their roster to 16, meaning they still have one more cut to go before being legal for Tuesday's opener against Boston. But if they signed Stackhouse, two players would likely have to go. Here's where Kenny Hasbrouck calls Pat Riley and swears to him he can handle the load. Otherwise, he's probably the one getting the axe, along with one other (Patrick Beverley or Da'Sean Butler?)

It's been an interesting preseason for the league's most talked about team. Before this, there haven't been any major injuries, but things have run far from smoothly for the Heat. Adversity often raises its head in the NBA and the great teams always respond. Miller's not the biggest loss in the world but the Heat are a little less awesome than they were yesterday.
Posted on: October 22, 2010 12:40 am
Edited on: October 22, 2010 1:38 am

Stephen Curry injures ankle

Warriors guard injured in preseason game collision.
Posted by Matt Moore

UPDATE 12:50 a.m.: Warriors PR reports that it's a sprained right ankle and that he is listed as day-to-day . Great news for Warriors fans, especially with Curry set with so much hope for the future . We'll keep you updated on if any further tests are done on the ankle. (Via the San Francisco Chronicle )

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry was injured Thursday night when he collided with Steve Blake of the Lakers during the Lakers' preseason win over the Warriors in San Diego. Reports were conflicting about whether it was Curry's knee or ankle that was injured, but Warriors site Warriors World 's forums posted this photo showing the injured ankle . It's important to note that despite the headline of that page, there has been no confirmation that Curry broke his ankle, and what's more, Curry returned to the floor from the locker room to try and walk it off to no avail.

Curry was in significant pain from the injury. We'll update you on his status as soon as we hear anything. There's no reason to panic if you're a Warriors fan, but it bears keeping an eye on.

The Lakers rolled 121-99, with Steve Blake scoring 18 and 7 off the bench.

Related: Check out Ben Golliver's profile of Curry from this week .
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Posted on: October 21, 2010 11:14 am
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Report: Mike Miller out with thumb injury

Posted by Royce Young

Ira Winderman of the Sun Sentinel reports that Heat guard Mike Miller - who sustained an ankle sprain earlier this week - is out with a "potentially serious" thumb injury he suffered Wednesday.

Miller picked up the injury at practice and it's on his right hand which if you're in the Mike Miller Fan Club, you know that's his shooting hand.

Obviously there aren't a ton of details and it's up to your own wild imagination as to what "potentially serious" means, but if this is something that causes Miller to miss a number of games or affects his play, that's a major blow to the Heat.

Other than the Big 3, Miller (along with veteran Udonis Haslem) were supposed to kind of anchor the Heat's unit of role players. Miller is a marksman from outside and someone the Heat could rely on to stretch a defense when things are clogged. He's an ideal player for Dwyane Wade and LeBron James to kick to.

The Heat do have other options if Miller's out for an extended period of time though. James Jones and Eddie House both play a similar role as Miller, but just not to the quality.

But what we're already seeing is that this dream team isn't invincible. They aren't immune to injuries. We haven't even seen a real game yet and already LeBron, Wade, Miller and House have all had to work around injuries. And with Miller's "potentially serious" thumb issue, things may be getting complicated for the Heat before they even start.
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Posted on: October 20, 2010 1:27 pm

Childress out at least a week with broken finger

Posted by Royce Young

Well to be clear, broken fingertip .

The Suns new guy Josh Childress fractured the fingertip on the index finger of his right hand (his shooting hand) during Phoenix's Tuesday exhibitio against the Warriors, according to the team.

He will sit out a week, missing Phoenix's last two preseason games. He will then be re-evaluated before the season opener Oct. 27 against Memphis. It's actually still a question whether or not he'll be ready by the start of the season. 

There's potential he could be held out at least a week of the regular season but that really won't be set until he's re-evaluated.

The injury happened on a contested dunk midway through the fourth quarter of the game. Apparently, he clipped his finger pretty good on the rim. And broke his fingertip. Ouch.

Childress came out, but then returned to the game a couple minutes later and played the last five minutes. He missed the rest of the shots he took because, you know, he broke the fingertip on his shooting hand.

So far this preseason Childress has been pretty solid for Phoenix off the bench, scoring eight points a game  and shooting 57 percent.

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Posted on: October 20, 2010 9:44 am
Edited on: October 20, 2010 11:48 am

Shootaround 10.20.10: Knocked and slapped

Knicks knocking at the Melo door again, Childress knocked out with a bad digit, and Evan Turner slapped in the face, all in today's shootaround.
Posted by Matt Moore

We'll have more this morning on a report from ESPN NY's Chris Sheridan that the Knicks are back in the Melo chase . One thought off the bat. They can trade for a player the Nuggets want more, but unless they land a draft pick they're still toast. The McGrady trade keeps stubbing Donnie Walsh's toe.

Knickerblogger is concerned that Raymond Felton may not be much of an improvement over Chris Duhon. Last night was a particularly strong showing from Felton, and he looked very much like the kind of point guard the Knicks have needed for years.

A breakdown of the postions in Rick Adelman's system. The focus on the big in the pinch post is going to be why Brad Miller will be so comfy there.

Lots of coaches with health concerns this week. Doc Rivers had a test come back negative for cancer , which is great news. Doug Collins missed last night's Sixers game while dealing with lingering effects of a concussion .

Josh Childress fractured a finger last night and out at least a week but it won't be too long. It's ridiculous that these guys play at this level with broken fingers.

Ted Leonsis thinks Josh Howard is a respected leader . There's lots of mockery this morning about that, but people forget that despite his off-court issues, he's thought of well by teammates, and that guys like Stephen Jackson are perennial captains for their teams.

Jerry West thinks maybe he should have drafted Amar'e Stoudemire instead of Drew Gooden. In other news, I should have had oatmeal this morning instead of eating rusty nuts and bolts from a '75 Chevy.

Al Harrington says he'll be ready for opening night . No word on whether his defense is making a similar commitment.

Marcus Thornton's in a slump, which shouldn't surprise people . Shootres in their second year take a step back sometimes, and the fact that he's got a new coach and a new offensive system probably complicates things as well.

And here's Evan Turner getting slapped with baby powder. So that happened.

Posted on: October 19, 2010 2:38 am
Edited on: October 19, 2010 2:40 am

Heat injury woes continue, Miller sprains ankle

Heat guard rolls ankle, then sprains it, as injury woes continue for star-studded team.Posted by Matt Moore

The Heat have been talked about in regards to winning 72 games . At this point they might settle for just being healthy enough for half that. The Heat injury woes continued tonight as Mike Miller, back after being banged up for a few games, sprained his ankle in the second half, after rolling it in the first half, of the Heat's loss to the Bobcats Monday night. That's right. He rolled it, then he sprained it. Those of you who have hurt your ankles before, I'll let you wince for a moment.

Miller is a big part of this team, and as a shooter, it's not like he can work around that kind of an injury. Injuries affect stroke, no matter how minor, and with the season now just a week away, Miller's going to have to recover pretty quick to be ready for the season opener. The issue there is you don't want to exacerbate it, even with the first game against Eastern powerhouse Boston. Miami needs Miller, but it needs him for the long haul.

Miller was taking the place of already injured Dwyane Wade, who also partially will miss the rest of the preseason while his custody case drags on through tabloid hell. At this point the Heat have to just want the preseason to go away. Well, you know, them and every other veteran on the planet.

Posted on: October 14, 2010 5:32 pm
Edited on: October 14, 2010 5:45 pm

Tyreke Evans rolls both ankles

Posted by Matt Moore

Last year's rookie of the year usually is tweaking his opponent's ankles. But lately he's having some trouble with his own. Evans tweaked his ankle badly enough in Team USA practice to miss the team's trip to the FIBA world championships. Then in last night's game versus the Lakers, he rolled not one, but two ankles. From the Sacramento Bee :
"I turned this one on a fast break on (Lakers guard) Steve Blake, and I twisted it," Evans said, pointing to his right ankle. "On the next one, I came down on (Lakers center) Theo Ratliff and twisted it. The left one hurts more."
Evans said it's just something he deals with his style of basketball, but three injuries inside three months is still enough to make you twist in your seat a touch. It's basketball. Ankles get rolled. It happens. But the only thing that could stop Evans on what looks like a meteoric rise to superstardom is injury, and particularly injuries to the legs that let him get to the rack so easy. Let's hope this is a blip and nothing to look back on and go "Oh."
Posted on: October 12, 2010 11:10 pm

Dalembert out 4-6 weeks with abductor strain

Posted by Royce Young

First, I definitely had to Google "abductor strain." (It's a strain of the muscle that's between the groin and the hip.) And that's what Kings' center Samuel Dalembert has, as confirmed by an MRI and announced by the team late Tuesday. The timetable for Dalembert's return is 4-6 weeks.

Two things come out of this: 1) It's a pretty big blow to a team that was really counting on Dalembert for inside help. Granted, he'll only miss a handful of regular season games, but muscle injuries like this aren't anything to rush back from. It can linger and be aggravated again any time throughout the year. And 2) This could be a big opportunity for DeMarcus Cousins.

Dalembert was locked in as the opening night starter for Sacramento at center, despite Cousins' outstanding preseason play. Now, however, Cousins will get serious playing time. The Kings could decide to move Jason Thompson to the 5 if they aren't comfortable starting Cousins yet, but regardless, the rookie should see a lot of floor time.

This hurts the Kings though because Dalembert is such an influential force defensively and on the glass. For a team that struggled on the interior last season, especially on the defensive end in both protecting the rim and rebounding, Dalembert was seen as the perfect remedy. And as so often happens, now he's hurt.

He'll be back by mid-November so it's not devastating, plus there will be more time for DMC. So it's not all bad news bears. But it's definitely not how you want to start the season.
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