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BREAKING: Dwyane Wade not seriously hurt at all

Miami star will not return to preseason game versus Pistons after straining hamstring.Posted by Matt Moore

Well the good news is that LeBron James is off to a hot start, scoring 12 points in the opening quarter. The bad news is that Dwyane Wade left just minutes into the first preseason game between the Miami Triad and the Detroit Pistons. Wade was treated on the bench before heading back to the locker room. He has been diagnosed with a strained right hamstring and won't return, via KB .

Wade has had a plethora of injuries throughout his career since winning the title, mostly on account of his fearless style. The injury of course is ridiculously minor, but since every single thing any of these players do is huge news, it's probably going to be analyzed. Wade's won't return in tonight's game and since it's preseason, expect him to miss a few more as the training staff is insanely cautious with him.

But hey, LeBron looks good!

To your right, you'll see a look at the healthy version of Dwyane Wade's hamstring. We've got all your Heat coverage, right here!

Rumors cannot be confirmed at this time that Wade faked the injury in order to catch "Glee." Here's some more information about hamstring injuries. Science!

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Kobe's knee at only 60% right now

Bryant tells reporter knee is only 60% just three weeks from the start of the season.
Posted by Matt Moore

We're not going to waste your time with recapping the first preseason game of the season. Long story short, lots of reserves, not much of starters, and Michael Beasley looked good. What was relevant came for six minutes and then afterwards. That six minutes was the total amount of time Kobe Bryant spent on the floor. More important was what he said afterword, as reported on Twitter by Mike Trudell of Lakers.com .
Kobe said his knee was "extremely, extremely painful during the NBA Finals." Said he feels better, but is at about "60%" tonight.
  60%. Yikes. We're three weeks from the start of the season and the defending Finals MVP, the best player on the defending champions is 60%. That's got to be concerning, until you realize that the Lakers could literallly lose all of their games for the first month, and then still probably make the playoffs. If any team defines "the switch" outside of Boston, it's LA. Bryant was frustrated and disappointed he couldn't play more tonight , especially with the fans chanting for him, but the knee just couldn't go. It's a testament to his dedication that he wanted to play that much in a preseason game... in Europe. But that's what we've seen from Bryant.

For now, we'll hold off concern, even though being just over 50% three weeks out has to put just a few flags up. This is an important season for the Lakers, obviously, but it may be the most important. It's Phil Jackson's final year, Bryant's knees won't last forever, Gasol's getting older, and the competition keeps getting tougher in the West and out. With Andrew Bynum out till December, it looks like we won't be seeing the Lakers full strength for quite some time. I'm sure their fans are fine with that as long as they're still sterling in May.
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How Carlos Boozer broke his hand

Posted by Royce Young

Most times, when you suffer a dumb injury, it's sort of protocol to make up a way cooler story as to how it happened. "How'd you break your arm? Oh, you were arm wrestling and it just snapped ?" You don't say, "Yeah, I was hanging a picture and while on my tippy-toes, I lost my balance and landed sideways on the coffee table."

But Carlos Boozer went with the honest approach in explaining how he busted his hand:
It was just dark. My doorbell had rang and I tripped over a bag, tried to brace myself and it popped. I jumped back up, opened the door and my hand was still a little bit numb. “It was a gym bag. It was a big bag I had first thing over here at the hotel for training camp. I went back to my place, hadn’t unpacked the bag yet, came around the corner, running to get the door and fell over it. I’m 265, 5 percent body fat. I’m heavy, man. I guess I had to brace myself and my weight just collapsed the bone right there."
Because of the injury, Boozer will have surgery and will miss as many as 15 games. Matt Moore already told you what an effect that could have on his new team. But what about Boozer's pride? That's got to be hurting too. Though he has some company to make him feel better. He's not the first athlete to suffer a dumb injury and certainly won't be the last. A few other notable ones:
  • Sammy Sosa: Sprained a ligament in his back sneezing
  • Plaxico Burress: Shot himself
  • Ken Griffey Jr.: He's missed his fair share because of other things, but Junior once missed a game because his hand slipped putting on his protective cup and pinched one of his... you know
  • Joel Zumaya: Missed time because of an inflamed forearm and wrist because he was playing guitar hero
  • Gus Frerotte: Headbutted a wall after a touchdown and got a concussion
  • Slobodan Jankovic: After fouling out of a game in the Greek championship playoffs, Jankovic was so mad that he rammed his head against the concrete post supporting the basket. He fractured his neck, damaged his spinal cord and had to have spinal surgery.  The injury left him paralyzed from the waist down.
  • Kevin Johnson: After KJ hit a game-winner, he hugged teammate Charles Barkley but the hug resulted in a dislocated shoulder for Johnson
  • Bill Gramatica: The kicker tore his ACL enthusiatically celebrating a kick he made in the first quarter
It's always interesting when an athlete gets hurt in such a normal human way. We hear stories of slipping in the shower, falling off a ladder or tripping over a gym bag. They almost seem just as made up as the fictional one I mentioned above. Because these guys aren't supposed to be normal like us. They're not supposed to be able to step awkwardly off a curb or slam their hand in a car door. We forget that athletes have to live and do normal things just like us when they're not at work. Now some of those above are far more dumb or accidental than what happened to Boozer, but you get the point.

It's just bad luck for a guy that put 265 pounds of pressure on his hand and it gave way. There aren't any lessons to learn here other than for Carlos Boozer, maybe he should start picking up after himself a little better.
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The Andrew Bynum injury portfolio

Lakers center probably out till December, continues history of injury recovery struggles. Posted by Matt Moore

Hey there, reader. Listen, I some news to tell you. You should sit down. No, really, you should be sitting when you hear this news. I don't want your legs to give out (fittingly) when you hear this. The shock may be too much to bear. There, now. That's better. Okay, are you ready?

Andrew Bynum is pushing back his comeback date. I know, I know. It hit us all. News like that just comes out of nowhere and the surprise can be hard on the heart...

I'll stop now.

Like we gave you a heads up on in the Shootaround , Bynum spoke to reporters and pushed back his comeback to mid-December. This only days after saying November was the target . It's a typical development for Bynum, when you look back at his history.

Bynum was first injured in January of 2008, and was supposed to be out two months . Then he was not going to be back for the playoffs. Then he was . Then not so much . Then definitely not so much . Then he had more surgery .

Then he took a nap.
Then he was totally going to be back the next season. Totally. Well, okay, maybe not right on schedule . Then he had a birthday party , yay! Then he came back and looked like he was worth the hype. Then he signed a massive contract extension , making him one of the highest paid players on a team full of All-Stars and future Hall-of-Famers.

Then, he got hurt, again , this time with a torn MCL . He was supposed to be back in March from this one, then it got pushed to April . Then he finally came back in the 2009 playoffs, but could only play limited minutes. But hey, helped win them a title, so who cares? Celebrate!

Then he famously stopped working out with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, a move that was criticized at the time, but given Kareem's lack of toughness and prickly personality, probably wasn't a bad idea. Next, Bynum had to have his knee drained in the playoffs, but, and this should be stressed, he toughed it out and helped the Lakers win a back-to-back title. He dragged that leg around though he was playing on turned out to be a slight tear, played hard, and helped the Lakers' size overwhelm their opponents. This summer, he had another surgery after he delayed it so he could go on vacation.

So what are we looking at, here? Long story short, we've got a very young kid who's shown to a. be a very slow healer and b. have a very poor work ethic. Don't take my word for it, Ask Tex Winter . The first account is something Bynum could help or should be criticized for. You can't get your body to heal faster. But you can put it in the best position to heal and bounce back as strong as you need to, and that's where Bynum struggles. He famously sloughed off the Lakers' doctors for his own. Now, that's actually probably a good idea, considering that training staff doesn't have a great history with knee injuries. But when your other doctor manages to need multiple surgeries, and you have continuing issues with recovery? There are going to be questions.

Bynum has yet to hit an initial return date. There is a history of problematic recovery issues, on knees that have had multiple surgeries. To call him injury-prone at this point is an understatement.

The good news is that the Lakers can be patient with Bynum. They have enough talent and size on that roster that even if Bynum can only give them limited minutes for years, that's fine. The question is if after this championship dynasty is over and Kobe Bryant bids a fond farewell, if Bynum will then be in a position to deserve the extension he signed. Maybe this is the last bump in the road. Maybe he'll prove to be a dominant NBA center night in and night out this season. But if he does, he'll be slipping out of a well-established history of recovery issues. It's not fair, but it's what it is.
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Shootaround 10.4.10: Bynum pushes himself back

Posted by Royce Young
  • Andrew Bynum doesn't heal fast. He now says he's out until at least December. But Phil Jackson isn't so sure: "He's been saying that," Jackson said. "I don't know why he's talking about December. He can get weight-bearing activities started at the end of this month. Can you play in two weeks [after that]? Can you play in three weeks? Four weeks puts you at the end of November. So let's just let it happen and not talk about what the timing is."
  • Benjamin Hochman of The Denver Post: "It is known that Carmelo Anthony wants to be traded to a big market, in efforts to both win a title and maximize his marketability. Sources previously said he was interested in going to New Jersey, a franchise that will move to Brooklyn in a couple of years. Anthony, who has never gone public with his demands, was asked about his marketing prowess, and he said: 'As far as marketing, it comes from winning. If I ain't winning, then nobody wants me to market their product.' So he was asked: 'Then why would you want to play for the team that won 12 games last season?' Anthony then said: 'I never said I want to play for the Nets.'"
  • Tom Martin of The Dream Shake with a terrific post on Houston's window: "It's too hard to win a championship to get all bent out of shape when that wish doesn't come true. Be patient. Let the pieces fall into place, however long that may take. And for now, hope for a miracle, because if the Rockets get lucky - if they stay healthy and play up to their potential - then it may not take a transaction for all of the pieces to come together. Their luck may not lie in finding an outside source. That's not predictable, but it could happen. They might just have everything they need, right here. Maybe."
  • The first preseason games were yesterday with the Knicks and Nets both playing. Amar'e Stoudemire dropped 32 in his first appearance with New York as the Knicks beat Milano 125-113. New Jersey beats Maccabi Haifa 108-70 behind 14 points and nine rebounds off the bench for rookie Derrick Favors.
  • Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News on Favors' performance: "If you weren’t excited enough about Derrick Favors’ 14-point, nine-rebound performance tonight, this postgame quote should be all the convincing you need: 'I’d say it was an okay day,' Favors said, without a hint of arrogance, following the 108-70 victory over Maccabi Haifa. Okay? In his first professional game, Favors took eight shots and made six of them. His first shot was an alley-oop dunk. His second shot was a dunk. His third shot was a dunk. He attacked the rim with reckless efficiency, providing a spark and energy to an otherwise listless game. His most impressive dunk didn’t count: the 19-year-old jumped OVER a Maccabi Haifa player on the baseline but was called for a charge. 'It’s all good,' Favors said. If this trade for Carmelo Anthony fizzles completely, Favors will be the youngest player in team history. It’s not a bad way to build a wining franchise."
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With Boozer out eight weeks, Bulls start behind

Boozer forward not just out, but out at a bad time. Bulls may start in a hole to begin the season. Posted by Matt Moore

Carlos Boozer is out eight weeks with a broken hand , and while missing Boozer for any extended time is bad news for the Bulls, the timing is less ideal than some alternatives, even. Not only will Boozer miss the remainder of training camp while the team tries to integrate its schemes on both sides of the ball, but the schedule ensures that the Bulls will most likely be staring up at their Eastern Conference competitors when Boozer returns.

With an unofficial return date of November 28th, Boozer could miss up to fifteen games in that window if he's out the full eight weeks. Of those fifteen, nine of those games are against playoff teams from last season . Among the six non-playoff teams? They've got an improved Kings squad, and a much-improved Knicks team that may challenge for the playoffs. Detroit, Golden State, Washington, and Houston make up the remainder, and it's not like Houston's looking far behind this year. They've got four back-to-backs in that span, but the real problem? The real problem is the circus.

The Bulls are gone for a long stretch each November thanks to the circus occupying the United Center. It's a rough road stretch, and one that pretty much sprung the Bulls like a bad spring wound too tight last season. You're looking at Boozer missing the entire two weeks of that trip. If he were to try and come back six weeks in, he'd be coming in right at the start of that trip, including this murderer's row: at Houston, at San Antonio(back-to-back), at Dallas, at the Lakers, at Phoenix (back-to-back). Yikes.

While Boozer's out, the Bulls essentially become last season's team with better shooting guard play. Taj Gibson will take the majority of the time at power-forward, which he played admirably at last season. But the offensive gap in the post between him and Boozer is so high, that almost slices the Bulls in half. Then you've got to factor in time for Boozer to get back into rhythm with the offense and for the team to adjust.

The Bulls wanted to contend immediately in the East, with Boozer talking about winning a championship with this team. If they're going to get where they want to be, they're either going to need an absolutely hellacious run by Boozer's backup, or a stunning streak when he gets back. From where we're at on the eve of his injury, the Bulls look like they'll be climbing out of a hole immediately to start what was supposed to be their emerging season.

Them's the breaks, unfortunately. Tom Thibodeau's got his work cut out for him, right off the bat. Derrick Rose, you want to win the MVP ? Now would be a great time to hit that level. Like, now.

Update: K.C. Johnson of Chicago Breaking Sports reports that Boozer will need surgery and will defintely not return until after the circus trip.
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The incredible shrinking Brand

Sixers forward has slimmed down considerably.
Posted by Matt Moore

Elton Brand has becom the kind of albatross contract teams dread having. At times not even cracking the starting lineup last season, Brand has plummeted into irrelevance since signing as a free agent in Philadelphia. Elton Brand used to be a monster, a franchise cornerstone. Now he's just a big contract for an older, out of shape player unable to contribute to the level he needs to.

Or... maybe not?

NBA.com's John Schuhmann reports that Brand has shown up for camp at 254 pounds, a significant weight loss that should increase his mobility. New head coach Doug Collins gave Brand a goal of 255 when they met this summer, and Brand has met that goal. It's a huge step for a player whose mobility has been severely limited by his balooning size the past few seasons. Brand suffered an achilles injury in 2007 and never has really recovered, despite signing as a free agent in Philly in 2008, shunning the Clippers who drafted him.

Brand, next to Marreese Speights, could give the Sixers a huge boost if he can contribute with even a slight improvement this season. Additionally, the better he plays, the easier it might be for them to move him which would help in their rebuilding process.

A resurgent Elton Brand? Too much to hope for? Hey, that's what training camp's for.

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Kevin Love has MRI on knee

Posted by Royce Young

Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love has left training camp in Mankato to return to Minneapolis for an MRI on his right knee.

Love was experiencing discomfort and swelling in the knee on Monday night, and the Timberwolves sent him back home Tuesday for an examination. Coach Kurt Rambis says he isn’t sure how serious the injury is, and he’s also unaware how Love was hurt.

Love averaged 14 points and 11 rebounds for the Timberwolves last season, but that came in just 28 minutes a game. Per minute, he's one of the most productive players in the league. He also bumped his stock with a couple strong performances for Team USA in Turkey during the World Championships.

Hopefully it's nothing serious for Love because with Al Jefferson moving to Utah, finally Love was going to have a chance to get the starting power forward position all to himself. Michael Beasley appears to be slated to start at small forward, meaning that Love might finally get some of the court time he deserves.

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