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Posted on: January 10, 2011 9:21 am

Shootaround 1.10.11: Melo Melo Melo

Posted by Royce Young
  • Carmelo Anthony scored a season-low eight points and was booed by his home fans Sunday. Chris Dempsey of The Denver Post: "Carmelo Anthony strolled into the Pepsi Center about an hour and 15 minutes before the game that could turn out to be his last -- or very close to his last -- in a Nuggets uniform. And there seemed to be a component of 'senioritis' to his game on a snowy Sunday night against New Orleans. On the bench, he was carefree. He bobbed his head to the music over the loudspeakers, and frolicked through a first half that was generally bad for his team. And on the court, the man who makes his living putting up shots and scoring in bunches took just two shots in the first half. The Nuggets lost this game 96-87 in front of 16,283 fans. But more than a game, for the first time it appeared the Nuggets lost the interest of their star as well. And when that became the perception, many in the crowd turned on the player, who they felt was thumbing his nose at them. Anthony was booed loudly in the fourth quarter when he entered the game on a substitution."
  • Did you know LeBron had a big game last night? Jason Quick of The Oregonian: "Blame it on Nike. Blame it on the Trail Blazers' defense. Or just blame it on greatness. For whatever reason, whenever LeBron James steps into the Rose Garden, he suddenly adds shooting prowess to his already vast array of talents. James, whose status as the world's greatest basketball player is debated perhaps only because of his suspect outside shooting, put on yet another shooting display at the Rose Garden on Sunday, scoring 44 points in leading Miami to a come-from-behind 107-100 overtime victory over the stunned Blazers. It was all part of the Blazers' game plan: Go under screens and prevent James from penetrating, in a sense daring James to shoot. And shoot he did, making 17 of 26, including 3 of 5 from three-point range, one starting the Heat's comeback from a 91-84 deficit with 1:39 left, and the final two in overtime, piercing daggers to a Blazers team that thought it had its ninth consecutive home win wrapped up in regulation."
  • Paul Coro of The Arizona Republic: "That was the drabbest the Suns' locker room has been after a victory in some time. Appropriately, nobody was giddy about getting the first win of 2011 against Cleveland at home. There was not much of a good feeling about having to scrap to hand the NBA's worst team its 16th consecutive road loss."
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Anderson Varejao out for the season

Anderson Varejao is out for the season with torn ligament which will require surgery. Loss is more costly for Cavaliers than just on-court production.
Posted by Matt Moore

The Cavaliers season went from bad to worse as the Cavaliers have announced that forward-center Anderson Varejao is out for the season with a torn ligament in his leg. The injury will require surgery, ending Varejao's season according to the Cleveland Plain-Dealer

Equally as damaging as losing Varejao's on court abilities as he leads the team in rebounds and blocks, is Varejao's value as a trade asset. Varejao is younger than Mo Williams or Antawn Jamison, but is a proven veteran that can contribute, has a large but reasonable contract that is movable, and to top it all off, is a big man who can contribute immediately. For a Cavaliers team loaded with LeBron James' trade exception, picks, and in need of moving salary, Varejao represented a significant asset for them to pursue options with at the deadline. 

Without Varejao, J.J. Hickson is likely to see an increase in minutes, though Hickson and coach Byron Scott haven't exactly been bosom buddies this season.  Leon Power was announced out earlier this week in need of knee surgery to repair a tear. So basically, the Cavaliers are having a very Cleveland week. 

A bad season gets worse. Expect a massive fire sale before the deadline as any hope of contention ended long ago and now hopes of moving forward with this core has also been derailed. 
Posted on: January 3, 2011 9:29 am

Shootaround: 1.3.11: A cake for a king

Posted by Royce Young
  • Can the Spurs win 70? Don't ask Gregg Popovich: “No,” Popovich told a member of the visiting media when asked if the milestone has crossed his mind. “Are you still drunk from (New Year's Eve)? Now if we lose three in a row you're going to say, ‘Is it time to panic, do you think?' ... Come on.”
  • Eddie Sefko of The Dallas Morning News: "Fate can have a crazy, cruel side. When in a nasty mood, it sends wicked twists. Caron Butler won't let karma break him, even though his knee buckled in front of his family, friends and a couple of hundred kids he bought tickets for at the Bradley Center on Saturday night. Don't weep for Butler. He wouldn't want it that way. Yes, he's gone, probably for a significant portion of the season, maybe all of it. And he becomes a free agent on July 1. The timing of this injury was horrible for the Mavericks and disastrous for Butler and his family. He was on his way to a nice season and would have been an in-demand free agent. Now? Who knows?"
  • However, the Wizards are defending better. Michael Lee of The Washington Post: "The Wizards weren't necessarily looking to turn around the season when they dealt away the former face of the franchise, Gilbert Arenas, to Orlando for Rashard Lewis on Dec. 18; the primary goal was to better clear the slate in order to rebuild around John Wall. So while the team's 2-6 record since making the trade is still unsettling, the dramatic changes on the defensive end have been startling. In the past eight games, the Wizards (8-24) have allowed just one opponent to reach triple digits after their foes scored at least 100 points in 16 of the first 24 games. The Wizards are surrendering just 91 points per game since the trade, compared with giving up 105.8 before."
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Report: The Cavs have asked about Andray Blatche

Posted by Royce Young

After reportedly becoming available recently, one team already inquiring about Andray Blatche is the Cleveland Cavaliers, according to the News Herald.

No telling what Cleveland could be offering back, but I'd assume it would be expiring contracts (Jamario Moon, Anthony Parker?) and some picks. Nothing of major value I'd guess.

But why go after Blatche if you're Cleveland? What exactly does he give your franchise in the process of recovering from post-LeBron syndrome? Blatche is a potentially talented power forward with an inside-outside game, but he's also a character issue and someone I'm not sure the Cavs want to try and build around long term. Cleveland is looking to start over with its roster and to make that first building block Andray Blatche isn't the wisest move.

Then again, the Cavs are desperate for talent. They've lost 16 of 17 and have slipped into the "worst team in the league" discussion. There's just not much on the roster to be remotely excited about. Mo Williams, Anderson Varejao and Antwan Jamison are quality players, but they aren't good enough to make up for a seriously awful bench.

If Cleveland did acquire Blatche it would probably suggest that Varejao would be moved in the future for a high pick and or young asset. Varejao has been rumored to be on the block for a while and having a guy like Blatche would make Varejao available to be moved. Especially with J.J. Hickson on the roster. No way Cleveland could keep all three.

But this is just an inquiry. GM Chris Grant probably just picked up the phone, called Ernie Grunfeld and said, "So Blatche is available huh? You take Anthony Parker and a second rounder for him?"

It's hard to blame the Cavs who are desperate for answers right now to at least ask about a basketball player with talent. Honestly, it might just be a little PR ploy to show fans that they're still trying. Who knows. But Blatche wouldn't fix anything in Cleveland, unless he straightened up. It'd likely just make things worse.
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Varejao to miss 2 games with broken cheekbone

Cleveland Cavaliers forward Anderson Varejao suffered a broken cheekbone and is expected to miss two games. Posted by Ben Golliver. anderson-varejao

The Cleveland Cavaliers are terrible, and their 2011 is off to an even worse start, as their best player, forward Anderson Varejao, is expected to miss at least two games with a broken cheekbone.

The Cleveland Plain-Dealer reports that the injury suffered during Wednesday night's loss to the Charlotte Bobcats
Wednesday, he finally suffered a blow that he can’t play through: a fractured cheek. It came from an inadvertent swipe from Charlotte and former Cavs center DeSagana Diop, and it didn’t even force Varejao out of the game. His face swelled up on the flight home, however. Varejao will miss not only today’s game at Chicago but also will be out Sunday’s home game against Dallas.
“He never says anything about [injuries],” said Cavaliers coach Byron Scott, who didn’t know Varejao was injured during the game. “Every now and then, he’ll come and say, ‘Coach, this is hurting.’ He’ll have a list of things that are bothering him. But then he’ll get on the floor, and he just goes at it.”
News-Herald.com notes that Varejao will be fitted with a protective mask before he is allowed to return to the court and could miss longer than the two weekend games. 

The Cavaliers have no replacement for his energy, hustle and rebounding ability, but will go with a smaller lineup featuring a big man rotation of Antawn Jamison, Leon Powe and J.J. Hickson in Varejao's absence.
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LeBron James returns to Cleveland: fan reaction

LeBron James returns to Cleveland to face the Cavaliers as a member of the Miami Heat for the first time. Here's what Cleveland fans have to say about it. Posted by Ben Golliver
CBSSports.com traveled to Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland for the Miami Heat's first trip to face the Cavaliers since star forward LeBron James signed with the Heat instead of the Cavaliers during the free agency period this summer. Obviously, The Decision created a lot of mixed emotions for Cleveland fans, including a lot of negative opinions. "A lot of anxiety going on around here, a lot of tension, you can almost cut it with a knife. It feels like everyone is going to a big wake," one fan said. "LeBron is a donkey," said another fan, who was accompanied by a man wearing a donkey mask. "You get what we're trying to say." "He's just not championship material. He's proven it seven years running," chimed in another gentleman. A young male fan offered this troubling prediction for tonight's outcome: "Cleveland by 40. LeBron tears his ACL." Opinion wasn't completely negative, however. "Welcome home LBJ, we still love you," said one female fan. Others were simple dismissive. "It's all about Z. I'm not focusing on LeBron," said a female fan, referring to Zydrunas Ilgauskas, the former Cavaliers center who joined James in Miami, but remains extremely popular in Cleveland. "LeBron, I don't care nothing about him," added an older gentleman, wearing a wig that resembled Cavaliers forward Anderson Varejao's hair. Here's the Cavaliers fan reaction to LeBron James return to Cleveland video
Posted on: October 22, 2010 9:21 am

Shootaround 10.22.10: Engaged

Sasha Vujacic gets engaged to Maria Sharapova, the Bulls need to get engaged with one another off the floor, Mike Miller is disengaged for several weeks, and Dwight Howard is engaged on the microphone, all in today's Shootaround.
Posted by Matt Moore

Remember that thumb injury for Mike Miller we shared with you yesterday? Yeah. So, Brian Windhorst is reporting that it's going to be "several weeks" on that . The new Era d' Heat is starting off swimmingly. All they need is an outbreak of cholera and a bus accident.

May the Fates bless you in your travels, Darius Miles. Miles was cut from the Bobcats yesterday , in what could be the nail in the coffin on his "career." Pay attention, Blake Griffin. This is what happens to Clippers.

Sam Amico of NBA.com and FSN Ohio says the Blazers, Rockets, and Spurs, but especially Blazers, are also interested in Anderson Varejao. We continue to be perplexed as to why .

Martell Webster will have an MRI on his back and miss the Wolves' preseason finale. The Wolves will just have to turn to the other 700 wings they picked up in the offseason.

Dwight Howard told the Orlando Sentinel that a lot of NBA stars get the kinds of Tweets LeBron freaked out about . “All of us get those kinds of Tweets,” Howard said. “People just feel that they can say whatever they want to say to us, and I don’t respond. People are going to talk when they’re hiding behind a computer or a cell phone. What’s the purpose of letting that affect what we do?” Anyone else get the impression Howard's got a serious beef with everything LeBron does? He's one of the few guys to call out James on things. He's more vocal than Boston. Oh, and Heat play Orlando in a preseason game tonight.

The Bulls' chemistry isn't really so much where it needs to be , via the Chicago Tribune talking to Derrick Rose: ""I wouldn't say it's all the way there," Derrick Rose said. "But being on the court with the guys, I definitely know what their strengths are, where to give them the ball in certain situations, just the way they play."At practices, our second team beat (the starters) four or five days in a row. That competing will make us better and help the team gel quickly." It's interesting to hear that, but part of that is probably the disconnect with the departures of players who were closer last year. Something to watch as the Bulls go forward.

So here's the Flex offense . No, seriously, here's the Flex offense.

Sasha Vujacic is now engaged to Maria Sharapova, in case you needed further proof the universe is cruel and unfair.

Ron Artest has been given a "Year in Sanity" award by Salon.com. So if the apocalypse shows up soon, don't say we didn't warn you.

Hear Dwight Howard. Hear Dwight Howard sing. Hear Dwight Howard sing "All-Star" by Smashmouth .
Posted on: October 21, 2010 2:33 am

Nuggets interested in... Anderson Varejao?! What?

Floppy-haired Cavs forward on list of players Denver covets... for some reason.  Posted by Matt Moore

When KB dropped the verse Wedneday night that the Nuggets have a list of veteran bigs they want in return for any deal involving Carmelo Anthony, there were the usual suspects. 

Joakim Noah: Top flight center. Charming possibility of a beehive. Great rebounder. Young, talented, and tenacious. Makes sense. 

Andrei Kirilenko: Super-attractive wife. Excellent versatile skill set. Able to play multiple positions. Valuable contract. Makes sense. 

Andre Iguodala: The superstar role-player. Able to play the 2, 3, or 4. Great rebounder, passer, and auxiliary scorer. Easy to get under his skin by calling him easy nickname of "Iggy." Slaps rookies in the face with powder. Makes sense. 

Gerald Wallace: Plays so hard every night, every play that he has given himself a concussion and collapsed a lung. Terrific all-around athlete that can do nearly anything you ask of him. Sweet headband. Makes sense. 

Anderson Varejao: Wait, what?

Don't get me wrong. i'm not ignorant in the ways of defensive plus-minus, nor am I oblivious to the stout mechanics of Flopsy's defensive prowess. And hey, if you need a clean-up score, Varejao is your guy. Stick that guy next to 2005-era Tim Duncan and watch the offensive putbacks roll in. Coast to coast like butter and toast. 

But Varejao is far from a complete player, and we've yet to see him outside of being the rather fourth-option level sidekick to the MVP. We're kind of lacking a good sample set on how he'd do where his, say, the second or third offensive option. Varejao's jumper improved last season (jumped to a 50% shooter from less than 10 feet from 35%). But he's still got no range, lacks a true post-set and is, in general, Anderson Varejao. 

What's more confusing is that Anderson signed a new deal in the summer of 2009, with roughly $33 million guaranteed. That's a big, long term, expensive contract entering into a new CBA for a team that would be for all intents and purposes blowing it up and starting over. If you look at what the Nuggets should do in such a move, Varejao is pretty much the polar opposite of that idea. Even if, in the only plausible scenario that involves Cleveland in a deal, there is a third team acquiring Anthony who would send some fictional young superstar to Denver, you'd still be left with a significant financial restriction. 

For the Cavs? Giddy up. If the Cavs do somehow manage to talk Masai Ujiri into taking Varejao's contract, their rebuilding project would be even further along than they thought. Moving Mo Williams and Antawn Jamison then becomes much easier in terms of accepting a quarter-on-the-dollar type deal. The assets they would then acquire, in combination with cap space, a dreadful team guaranteed for the lottery, the Heat's high 20's pick to use in combination with remaining assets on draft day, and the massive trade exception they received from the great James robbery, would put them in line for a massive transformation in only a few precious months versus a long-term project that may take years to complete. 

New York tried everything it could to ruin Cleveland by taking James away this past summer, only to watch Miami do the dirty work and leave them outside the party. Ironically, it could wind up being Cleveland that helps them get the next best available thing. The only question is how long that will take. 

For now, as KB writes, we'll have to wait and see. 
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