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Reports: Miami Heat to work out Eddy Curry again

The Miami Heat will reportedly work out free agent center Eddy Curry. Posted by Ben Golliver. eddy-curry

Back in April, much to everyone's surprise, the Miami Heat reportedly considered signing free agent Eddy Curry.

The massive center -- who reportedly weighs well above 300 pounds and has dealt with financial problems off the court -- has played in just 10 games combined since the 2007-2008 season. He's a giant red flag in every sense of the word.

Nevertheless, on Sunday, HoopsWorld.com reported and the Sun-Sentinel confirmed that the Heat will give Curry another look in a workout this week.
A source familiar with the situation confirmed Sunday to the Sun Sentinel that veteran center Eddy Curry has been working with the Miami Heat in recent days, as the Heat look at free-agent options.

By league rules, teams cannot currently work out free agents who finished the season on an NBA roster. Workouts of those types of free agents cannot begin until July 1, when a lockout is expected to be imposed, shutting down all league activity. 
Given the expected turnover on their roster, the Heat, despite coming within two wins of the 2011 NBA title, are beggars when it comes to the center position and can't be choosers. They must explore all options -- including Curry -- as they look to address a frontline that was filled with aging vets last season.

Aside from Joel Anthony, who was solid once he took on the starting role in the postseason, the Heat have 36-year-old Zydrunas Ilgauskas and rookie Dexter Pittman on the roster for next season. Ilgauskas recently exercised his option to return next season but is closing in on retirement quickly. Pittman played just 11 minutes for Miami this season, although his role is sure to increase, at least to some degree, next season.  

Complicating matters is the uncertain nature of the NBA's labor situation. If Miami knew for sure that there will be a mid-level exception in the next Collective Bargaining Agreement, they could be reasonably certain of acquiring a solid center in free agency. Those details are up in the air, though, and with so much money committed to LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, the Heat are left to explore every possible veteran's minimum option in the even the league does move towards more of a hard cap system.

That's where Curry comes in. A cast-off and laughingstock for years now, it would be nice to see him add another chapter to his NBA career. More importantly, he would be a great new character in the South Beach sitcom/soap opera.
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Report: Eddy Curry doesn't get contract with Heat

Posted by Royce Young

Via Yahoo! Sports,
after working out several times with the Miami Heat, free agent center Eddy Curry will not be extended a contract.

Please do your best to hold all jokes for a later time.

The report said that Curry's workout didn't give Erik Spoelstra and Pat Riley enough confidence to justify cutting an existing player from the Heat's roster. Soak that one in, Eddy. If you didn't think your NBA career was a disaster already, the Heat didn't feel like they could cut one of their five big men that include Juwan Howard, Jamaal Magloire and Erick Dampier. That's an ouch.

As expected, Curry's weight of around 350 pounds and horrible conditioning are eventually what did him in.

Curry has played a total of 10 NBA games in the past three seasons. Ten. With the Knicks, he played three in 2009-10, seven in 2008-09. Every knows Curry has talent. He was taken as a lottery pick by the Bulls, showed promise there and landed a huge contract with the Knicks that turned out to be the dirty feather in Isiah Thomas' cap. He had his best season in New York averaging 19 points and seven rebounds a game in 2006-07. 

Several NBA teams, including Miami, are expected to monitor his progress over the summer and consider the possibility of bringing him to training camp next season. If he's going to get that invitation, he's going to have to stay away from the all-you-can-eat buffets, maybe eat a salad and try running more than three steps at a time.

So Eddy Curry with not be taking his fat to South Beach. See, I just said hold the jokes for a later time.
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Report: Miami Heat to sign Eddy Curry?

The Miami Heat are thinking about signing veteran center Eddy Curry. Posted by Ben Golliver. eddy-curry

April Fool's Day has come and gone, so this is no joke: The Miami Heat are reportedly considering signing veteran big man Eddy Curry, a constant punchline around the league because of his weight problems, for the playoff stretch run. 

Yahoo! Sports reports that Heat president Pat Riley is driving the decision to pursue Curry, who weighs at least 350 pounds.
The Miami Heat are progressing toward signing center Eddy Curry for the playoffs, front office sources told Yahoo! Sports.
After Heat president Pat Riley watched Curry work out in Chicago in recent days, he’s made plans to bring the 7-footer to Miami early next week for another workout and a medical physical with the ultimate objective to sign him, sources said.

One league source listed the probability of Miami signing Curry at “better than 50-50.” The Heat would need to cut a player for the playoffs, with rookie Dexter Pittman as a likely candidate to be waived.
The Palm Beach Post reported Riley's reaction on Saturday.
For the record, Riley said through a spokesman that he worked Curry out in Chicago with “a half-dozen other players,” that it was for “a big picture look,” and that anything else is “purely speculation.”
Curry began the season on the Knicks but was dumped on the Minnesota Timberwolves to help facilitate the trade that brought Carmelo Anthony to New York. He was then bought out of the remainder of his contract by the Timberwolves. He hasn't appeared in a single game this season and has played just 10 games combined since the beginning of the 2008-2009 season. 

No question: the Heat are that desperate. They've struggled to get meaningful contributions from their aging front line all season and they recently received word that forward Udonis Haslem was still possibly a month away from returning from injury. 

Going super small and playing Chris Bosh at the center spot and LeBron James at the power forward works against weaker teams during the regular season, but it's not a viable playoff strategy. The Heat need a space eater and Curry is adept at devouring things. 

If you're looking for a reason to sell stock in the Miami Heat's playoff chances, this is a good one.
Posted on: March 2, 2011 4:00 pm

Eddy Curry, unemployed and hopeful for Heat

Eddy Curry's a free agent and he thinks he can help the Heat. No, this is not a joke. 
Posted by Matt Moore

Well, it took over a half decade and nearly $50 million but the Knicks are free of Eddy Curry, and Curry has a chance to start over. Maybe. I mean, it's technically a chance. And he's feeling pretty good about it. After being traded from New York to Minnesota, the Timberwolves bought out Curry this week and as a result, he's eligible to join another team, even one looking for an additional big man for the playoffs. 

Yeah, you know where this is going. 

Curry reportedly is telling those close to him that he expects to sign with the Miami Heat. I'm going to give you a minute to let that sink in. 

Now, the Heat need someone like the Theoretical Curry. 7-feet tall, huge, and we mean huge frame, some mobility, and a veteran. Erick Dampier is doing okay, but they could use some depth in case he gets injured, and Zydrunas Ilgauskas gets injured, and Joel Anthony gets injured, all at the same time, in some sort of freakish dougnut accident. So theoretically, it's a fine move. Unfortunately, when put in practice it becomes absolutely bizarre beyond all reasonable comprehension. Curry was diagnosed with a heart condition, is constantly overweight, and... can't play. He just can't play. And there's not a whole lot of reason for the Heat to sign someone who can't play, when they already have Jamaal Magloire who shouldn't play, but can play.

If the Heat do end up signing Curry for the playoff run, the avalanche of jokes may break the internet. 

But before we get too far down the mockery road here, there's something to keep in mind about Curry's experiences over the past several years. From Knicks blog, Knickerblogger: 

On January 25, 2009, Eddy Curry’s ex-girlfriend and baby daughter were found murdered in a Chicago apartment. Curry was granted a leave of absence from the team, disappeared for a couple of weeks, never really spoke publicly about what had happened. During what must have been the darkest moments of Eddy Curry’s life, we never saw him suffer, never witnessed the pain that surely consumed him. Unsympathetic as we were throughout his struggles on the court, why should he have trusted us with a piece of him that was so much more important? What had we done to earn that?

via Goodbye-ee Part 2: Moz and Curry | KnickerBlogger.Net.

It's so far beyond reasonable odds that it's barely even worth mentioning, but if Curry were to achieve any level of comeback, how amazing would that be?

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Melo Trade: Are the Knicks now contenders?

Posted by Royce Young

It happened.

Carmelo Anthony has been traded to the New York Knicks. Finally.

This trade finally happening is kind of like Chinese Democracy. We knew at some point it was coming but now that it is, it's kind of a letdown. Carmelo was going to be a Knickerbocker, it was just a question of what it would take to get him there.

Despite the New Jersey Nets best efforts, Melo was never going anywhere other than Manhattan. Through all the posturing, all the leveraging, all the nonsense, we finally have the resolution we knew was coming when Ken Berger reported that Melo wanted to be a Knick way back in September.

The cost of getting Melo might be that the Knicks front office has been doused in gasoline and one little spark will blow the whole thing up. The Knicks tried to say they were unified in the plan to acquire the superstar swingman, but by all accounts, James Dolan may have stepped on Donnie Walsh's face in bringing in Isiah Thomas to backdoor the deal. In fact, the deal has Isiah's stamp all over it -- overpaying as a result of knee-jerk reaction.

However, this is a deal the Knicks had to make. Whiffing on Melo simply wasn't an option. Maybe they gave up a bit much, but the Knicks are better today than they were yesterday and that's the whole point.

Whatever the case is, Carmelo will be donning the orange and blue in Madison Square Garden. Here's the framework of the deal, according to Ken Berger:
  • The Wolves will be sending Corey Brewer to the Knicks, while receiving Eddy Curry, Anthony Randolph and $3 million from New York.
The question left begging of course now is, was it worth it for New York to pounce sooner than later? The Knicks have Anthony to go with Amar'e Stoudemire, but with what they had to sacrifice to get the duo, can you really see the additions of Billups and Melo putting New York into the Eastern contender conversation? I mean, a starting five of Billups, Landry Fields, Melo, Stoudemire and (probably) Ronny Turiaf isn't all that bad, is it? Two superstars, a solid veteran point guard, a promising rookie role player and a dirty work center in Turiaf.

But remember: Carmelo Anthony isn't LeBron James. He isn't the kind of player that's automatically going to elevate the player of everyone around him. He's no doubt one of the most gifted scorers in the league and maybe the toughest player to defend in the world. In Mike D'Antoni's system, Anthony will fit better than most think, plus playing alongside Stoudemire gives the Knicks one of the absolute finest inside-out, one-two punches in the league. Still, I can't get on the contender bandwagon. Yet, that is.

We all tooted the same horn when the SuperHeat were formed. Yeah they have LeBron, Wade and Bosh. But if you're going to win, you've got to have the role players. You've got to have the depth. And that's what Pat Riley desperately built in grabbing Mike Miller, Eddie House, Erick Dampier and James Jones. It's a good-enough second unit to supplement the Heat's super trio.

The Knicks on the other hand are dropping four players, two of them young, promising talents in Chandler and Gallinari. Now the depth chart has Shelden Williams seeing big minutes with Toney Douglas, Brewer, Andy Rautins, Balkman and Shawne Williams. Not exactly a championship unit there. I guess on the positive side of things, they finally have that backup point guard they've been looking for. Too bad it's Anthony Carter though.

(An aside: I think Brewer could be an underrated steal for the Knicks. He's a good player that was just never in the right role in Minnesota. He was always pressured to be a scorer rather than playing a specific role tailored to his talents. Now in coming off the bench to spell Anthony and Fields, Brewer can try and assert himself as an athletic defensive stopper, while also finding a bunch of open outside looks in D'Antoni's system.)

I don't think there's any doubt that the Knicks have improved here. At 28-26, they're in the middle of the East. With Anthony and Billups joining Stoudemire, this team is going to battle the Magic for the four-seed the rest of the way. With 28 games remaining, it's not hard to see New York going something like 18-10 and finishing with something like 46 wins, while at the same time being a scary team to play in the postseason.

But a contender? Not yet. That was the issue at hand all along for Walsh. Giving up too much for Melo just didn't make a lot of sense when you were essentially bidding against yourself. The cost might be some tension in the front office, plus a hefty price tag of young talent shipped out to the Rockies.

With a lot of the financial flexibility Walsh fought tooth and nail over the past few years now jeopadized because of the imminent $65 million extension for Melo, how do the Knicks fill out this roster? If the plan is to wait until 2012 to add Deron Williams or Chris Paul, did they really do themselves any favors by making this move now, instead of just remaining patient and making the play for Anthony over the summer?

The Knicks didn't want to take any chances and let their opportunity to land Melo slip through the cracks the way LeBron did. They wanted to pounce now, no matter what the cost was. Yes, they're better. Yes, they're dangerous. I know I'd be nervous if my favorite team were playing them in a seven-game series. Having two top 10 offensive players makes anyone good.

But are they actually a legitimate threat to unseat the Celtics or challenge the Bulls or Heat? Hardly. Just like they were yesterday before this deal was made, they're still a year or two away.

-- For more on our coverage of the Carmelo Anthony trade to New York, check out:

Ken Berger's report on the breaking deal

Matt Moore examines the danger of giving all that power to one player.

Ben Golliver hands out trade grades and winners & losers .
Posted on: February 15, 2011 10:32 am

Report: Knicks turned down Denver offer for Melo

Posted by Royce Young

According to the New York Daily News, a deal was on the table between the Knicks and Nuggets, but New York turned it down. The Knicks would've received Carmelo Anthony while they were sending Danilo Gallinari, Raymond Felton, Eddy Curry and at least one first-round pick.

Donnie Walsh and Mike D'Antoni both agreed that was too steep a price to pay. Also headed to New York in that deal was Chauncey Billups, but that really didn't sweeten the pot for New York.

The Knicks were wise to rebuff the Nuggets on that deal. Giving up Gallinari, Felton, a first-rounder and Curry's corpse is a bit much when they know they can get Melo anyway. I do think if you swapped Wilson Chandler in for Gallinari and took Felton and Billups out of the deal, this thing would get done. That appears to be more of a realistic trade that the Knicks would agree to. The Nuggets wouldn't be happy, but that's the way it is.

Also in the report is that the Nuggets are most interested in making a deal with either New York or Chicago. The Rockets and Mavericks are in the discussion, but those are long shots. And of course the Nuggets could call back the Nets, but that's probably going nowhere.

The Knicks are running a small risk here if they don't go ahead and reel in Carmelo. First, Anthony might decide he doesn't want to lose money in free agency. Ken Berger wrote yesterday, "Under the owners' proposal, Anthony would only be eligible for a four-year, $47 million deal with New York as an unrestricted free agent." That's almost $20 million. That's a lot.

And Marc Stein of ESPN tweeted that the Nuggets might try and keep Anthony because of the potential for a franchise tag rule in the new CBA.

So there's definitely cause for the Knicks to act sooner than later. There's a lot of posturing going on and it's hard to know what's going on, but I firmly believe Carmelo Anthony will be a New York Knick come Feb. 25. It's just going to take a better deal than this one.
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Knicks are moving on Melo, but is it smart?

Posted by Royce Young

Ken Berger of CBSSports.com has pulled in a bunch of new information about the potential of Carmelo Anthony to New York (or to somewhere) and it's not as easy as it might seem. The gist is though, the Nuggets appear more ready than ever to move Carmelo, but want to do it on their time, not his. 

The Nuggets are still hoping that Anthony will have a change of heart and a good start can convince him maybe Denver is the place to be. Of course as Ken points out, that could certainly backfire as the Nuggets are looking at opening the season without Kenyon Martin or Chris Andersen. A bad start could mean Carmelo actually starts saying he wants out now.

And according to Berger's report, the Knicks don't have a deal nearly as attractive to the Nuggets as what New Jersey would have. David Aldridge of NBA.com reports the Knicks story has "no legs" to it. And that's even with the Knicks really sweetening the pot.

So it doesn't look like a deal is as close as it might seem. But let's still ask the question: Should the Knicks be making this kind of effort? In the proposed talks, New York would be losing Anthony Randolph, Danilo Gallinari, a first-round pick they acquired from someone and Eddy Curry's valuable contract. But they would get Carmelo Anthony. Is that a good deal for the Knicks?

In a lot of ways, yes. Anthony is a huge star, will bring a ton of attention to the Knicks and paired with Amar'e Stoudemire, they'll have a nice team. Carmelo is a player capable of winning some on his own but adding in a talented guy like Stoudemire just means that this team could be pretty solid.

But if New York trades away Gallinari and Randolph, plus the assets that could potentially improve the team more down the line, what's left? They'd have Carmelo, Amar'e, Ray Felton and...? I'm drawing a blank. Unless players like Wilson Chandler, Timofey Mozgov and Toney Douglas have abilities hidden within that they're waiting to break out, aren't we just kind of looking at a situation similar to what the Cavs faced all those years with LeBron? Granted, Stoudemire is better than any castmate LeBron had, but Carmelo isn't the same caliber player LeBron is.

The Knicks obviously are dying for Carmelo. And since they know he wants to be there, they're willing to do what it takes. Randolph is a talented player, but unproven. Understandable sending him. The first-round pick, no big deal. Curry's contract is a nice asset, but you've got to give up good stuff to get back good stuff. Gallinari is where it's easy to get a little hung up. He's not a superstar, but he screams Excellent Role Player.

Plus, when you read some accounts of Anthony's game, are we really so sure he's the superstar player we think he is? For instance, Jeremy Wagner of Roundball Mining Company had a nice takedown of Anthony's game in which Zach Lowe of SI's The Point Forward expanded on. The conclusion appears to be that yes, Carmelo Anthony is a good player. A bedrock superstar though, he is not.

The Knicks aren't necessarily selling the farm to acquire Anthony. But Gallinari is a high price to pay because he's New York's most valuable trade piece. Tough call.

If the Knicks were willing to risk it and wait, maybe the Nuggets would take less at the trade deadline. Or there's potential Anthony doesn't go anywhere and just becomes a free agent next summer and can choose wherever he wants to go. Then nobody would have to give up anything to get him. Denver is practicing patience with Anthony, hoping they can convince him to hang around. Maybe the Knicks should hope he does too.
Posted on: September 30, 2010 9:41 am

Shootaround 9.30: D-Howard makes children's music

Posted by Royce Young
  • Dwight Howard has a children's CD coming out. The album is called "Shoot for the Stars" and some of the tracks on it include: "Whoop There It Is," "U Can't Touch This," "Banana Boat" and "ABC." I smell Grammy.
  • The trade rumors aren't bothering AK-47: "First of all, there's not much I can do," Kirilenko told the Deseret News. "Secondary, I don't really care what the people (are) thinking. My job is to play basketball, and it's as simple as that ... I don't really care about rumors," Kirilenko added. "I spoke with (Jazz general manager) Kevin (O'Connor) and Jerry (Sloan), and they said, 'Look, we don't have any intentions' ... So, I'd rather believe them than the rumors."
  • Tom Moore of PhillyBurbs.com: "At Doug Collins' request, Reggie Miller delivered a message to the 76ers on the second day of training camp Wednesday. As the NBA's all-time leader in made 3-pointers (2,560) and one of the best clutch shooters in league history before retiring in 2005, Miller would seem to have plenty of cache with today's players because of his on-court accomplishments. And he more than held their attention as he talked and demonstrated what he was saying, according to those in the gym at the time."
  • Jeff Pearlman of SI writes that he wants his kids to watch Eddy Curry so they won't be like him: "That's why, as Curry collects $11.3 million for sitting on the bench this season, I'll tell my kids all about him. "See that guy," I'll say. "The one in street clothes eating the hoagie. His name is Eddy Curry. He's young, he was wealthy, he's gifted -- and he's invisible."
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