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Posted on: January 17, 2011 4:11 pm
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Sixers' Lou Williams freestyle raps

Philadelphia 76ers guard Lou Williams has released a rap freestyle. Posted by Ben Golliver. lou-williams


Who could forget Jewelz, Allen Iverson's rapping moniker, and the giant mess it caused back in 2000 when A.I. recorded a song called "40 Bars" that included language that made NBA commisioner David Stern blush?

More than a decade later, and history is repeating itself: a 76ers guard has released a profanity-laced rap song.  Philadelphia's Lou Williams raps for roughly 20 bars in his "Imma Boss" freestyle that's posted on his YouTube account, although the profanities have been bleeped out to protect innocent ears. 

Williams' subject matter is familiar. His topics include: visiting his old neighborhood, driving in his old car, seeing his old girlfriend, sleeping with his old girlfriend, reflecting on his playing time and former lack of playing time and how he has received a lot more attention now that he is playing rather than sitting on the bench, listing the size of his NBA game checks, how rich he is, how young he was when he first became rich, how he isn't interested in settling down to start a family (instead preferring to play the field), how he makes more money than his rivals, how the money his rivals make is laughable to him, and how inauthentic his rivals are.

Here are the transcribed lyrics (as close as possible).

I be ridin in my old hood, but i'm in my old whip /
picking up my old *****, heard that was your new ***** /
you be bringing cash out, my money never use it /
because you gonna keep her fly, that ***** I abuse it /
I came to Philly not asking for no favors /
ain't accepting handouts, no sugars from my neighbors /
remember me bench riding, I get that tick now /
now these bandwagon ****** on my **** now /
thank God, all these games I done played /
$60k a game, all this money I done made /
I made my first million before I ever got laid /
I was only seventeen ain't that some **** now look at me, look at me /
if you see me, be like, "Ew, Lou Will /
I be looking at em, Ew, cheap thrill /
I take what I can get because if they could they will /
I just **** em, I don't love 'em, I leave 'em oh well /
***** I'm a boss, I get cake, you making money? give me a break /
you just a lame, you ****** hating /
ya homeys they rhyme but it's because they fake

Here's the video.

Williams has a natural delivery and certainly doesn't lack confidence. The reviews posted on YouTube are split. One commenter noted, "Keep playing ball ... it ain't meant to happen" while another noted that, "you rap better than Allen Iverson."

Williams' Sixers teammate, guard Evan Turner, wrote on Twitter, "Shoutout to my boy Lou Williams for killin that 'Imma Boss' freestyle." I'm not sure if an endorsement from Turner helps or hurts one's street credibility, but I digress.

Another YouTube user reflected, "I'd be makin' tracks too if my team kept losin'." Entering Monday, Williams and the Sixers were 16-23, on pace to make the playoffs as the Eastern Conference's No. 8 seed.
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Rumor: Andre Iguodala to the Cleveland Cavs?

Philadelphia 76ers forward Andre Iguodala has been linked to the Cleveland Cavaliers in a trade rumor. Posted by Ben Golliverandre-iguodala

For the better part of the first five weeks of the season, Philadelphia 76ers forward Andre Iguodala has been linked to trade rumors, and for good reason. Iguodala's situation in Philly is past-cliche at this point: semi-star makes more than $10 million a year, his team still loses, it makes more sense for both parties to part ways rather than continue in expensive mediocrity.  While Iguodala has been publicly mum, word started to slip out back in October that he was open to a change of venue. On Sunday, comes word that the Cleveland Cavaliers may be a player in the Iguodala trade market, according to MorningJournal.com.
League sources indicate the Philadelphia 76ers are attempting to trade guard/forward Andre Iguodala.
There is no active dialogue between the Sixers and Cavs right now, but a source said it was one to keep your eye on ... He would fit nicely into the Cavs’ $14.5 million trade exception.
That trade exception, of course, was created by the departure of LeBron James to the Miami Heat this summer. That departure left the Cavs without a credible shot-creator and point-scorer on the wing, and without much reason for fans to continue to purchase tickets. Iguodala would fix those problems, and his price tag would like be worth it to Cavs owner Dan Gilbert, who is desperate for relevancy after getting humiliated (and humiliating himself) this past summer. The trade exception would be a nice flexibility play for the Sixers, but the price for Iguodala would likely be much higher. A draft pick and a young prospect, at the very least.  One hold up to any Iguodala trade, however, is the uncertain development of Evan Turner. If Turner, the 2010 NBA Draft's No. 2 overall selection, can show he is a legit NBA player by the trade deadline, then moving Iguodala becomes significantly easier. If he's still the nerdtastic and inconsistent player he's shown himself to be so far, parting with Iguodala would set Philadelphia on an even more serious downward spiral.
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Shootaround 11.15.10: Suns scorch Lakers

The Phoenix Suns get red hot from outside, Ken Berger checks in with the latest CBA negotiation updates, Evan Turner dorks out again, the Randy Foye / Brandon Roy 2006 draft night trade gets a second look, and a whole lot more. 

Posted by Ben Golliver
  • CBSSports.com's Ken Berger with the latest on the NBA's collective bargaining negotiations: "Commissioner David Stern and deputy commissioner Adam Silver will match wits with union chief Billy Hunter and president Derek Fisher of the Lakers on Thursday, Fisher told CBSSports.com. Fisher, who will be in Minneapolis on an off-day during the Lakers' road trip through the Midwest, will participate via conference call."
  • Denver forward Gary Forbes has been the subject of lots of Twitter jokes because his name sounds more like an investment advisor's rather than an NBA player's, but he's been a nice early spark for the Nuggets. Nuggets.com offers a nice profile, and discusses his battle with Type 1 diabetes.   
  • This video won't help Philadelphia 76ers rookie Evan Turner's cause against his critics, who hammer on his nerdiness. Turner sits in a dark room and discusses his basketball cards. "Did you collect cards as a kid?," Turner is asked. "I sure did," Turner replies. "I collected a lot of them." Steve Urkel status. Told that one of his rookie cards is worth $120, Turner replies, "That's a cool thing. I just hope the value doesn't drop." Get excited, Philly!
  • ESPN Radio "personality" Colin Cowherd, who has been immensely critical of Washington Wizards point guard John Wall for his pre-game dancing and supposed lack of leadership qualities, "has sold his life story to CBS for a sitcom deal," reports HollywoodReporter.com.
  • Way back during the 2006 NBA draft, the Portland Trail Blazers thought they got a steal when they traded Randy Foye to Minnesota for Brandon Roy. Moves like this by general manager Kevin Pritchard earned the term "Pritchslap" in Portland. But StarTribune.com notes that Minnesota was willing to do the deal, in part, because of concerns over Roy's knee. "One of the reasons the Wolves traded Roy for Foye and cash is their doctors deemed Roy's knees too much of a risk. Now, Roy is struggling with his health -- his left knee, in particular -- and he suggested recently that his most athletic days are behind him." Roy did more in his first four years in the league than Foye will do in his entire career, but his recent injury struggles are casting the trade in a new light. 
  • ESPN.com reports that second-year New Orleans guard Marcus Thornton, who was recently placed on the inactive list because the Hornets have brought in so many other guards, may be on the trading block. "The Hornets aren't eager to part with the 23-year-old, but word is they are prepared to do so if a suitable offer materializes. One problem, though, is that Thornton on his own can't bring much back in return since he's making only $762,195 this season. The flip side: Thornton will undoubtedly appeal to several teams because he produced like a starter as a rook and costs so little."
  • In other New Orleans Hornets end of the bench news, forward Joe Alexander got waived, reports Nola.com. “Joe was in a tough spot,” [Hornets coach Monty] Williams said. “He didn’t get a chance to play as much, and I just felt like he was going to need to go somewhere else and play so he could further his career.
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Friday return for Iguodala after Achilles injury

Philadelphia 76ers forward Andre Iguodala is expected to return to the court on Friday after suffering from an Achilles injury. Posted by Ben Golliverandre-iguodala Last Friday, we noted that Philadelphia 76ers forward Andre Iguodala strained his right Achilles and underwent an MRI. It appears as if the injury will only keep him out for roughly a week. The Sixers report on Twitter that Iguodala did not practice on Tuesday due to "right Achilles tendonitis," but that he will travel with the team on its upcoming road trip, which includes games at Oklahoma City, Dallas and San Antonio.  The team also noted that Sixers head coach Doug Collins told the media on Tuesday that "the target game for Iguodala's return is Friday" at the Dallas Mavericks.   In Iguodala's absence, the Sixers defeated the New York Knicks on Sunday, and rookie wing Evan Turner, the No. 2 overall pick in the 2010 NBA Draft, had a nice night, finishing with 14 points and 10 rebounds in his first start.
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Andre Iguodala strains Achilles, will undergo MRI

Philadelphia 76ers forward Andre Iguodala strained his right Achilles tendon on Friday and will reportedly undergo an MRI. Posted by Ben Golliverandre-iguodala

Philly.com reports that 76ers forward Andre Iguodala suffered a right Achilles injury that forced him to leave Philadelphia's Frriday night game against the Cleveland Cavaliers.
Sixers coach Doug Collins changed his second-half starting lineup, going with Jrue Holiday, Evan Turner, Andres Nocioni, Elton Brand, and Tony Battie. Collins benched starting center Spencer Hawes and was without swingman Andre Iguodala, who suffered a strained right Achilles tendon on the final play of the first half.
Sixers beat writer Kate Fagan reports on Twitter that Iguodala will under an MRI on Saturday on the Achilles tendon.  In Iguodala's absence, the Sixers dropped Friday night's game, 123-116, to the Cleveland Cavaliers. The loss dropped Philly to 1-5 on the season and they are currently in the Atlantic Division cellar, four games behind the divison-leading Celtics less than two weeks into the season. Through five games, Iguodala is averaging 14.8 points, 5.6 rebounds and 6.2 assists in a team-high 38.8 minutes per game. Should he miss time due to the injury, look for reserve guard Evan Turner, who Philly selected with the No. 2 pick in the 2010 NBA draft, to pick up the playing time slack.  Iguodala made headlines recently for some early rumblings that he might be looking to bail out of a sinking Sixers ship, although he has not yet submitted a trade request to management. Fagan also reports that Philadelphia's other starting forward, Andre Nocioni, will also undero an MRI on Saturday, on his ailing right ankle.
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Report: Andre Iguodala hasn't made trade request

Philadelphia 76ers forward Andre Iguodala reportedly hasn't requested a trade. Posted by Ben Golliverandre-iguodala Kate Fagan of Philly.com reports that Philadelphia 76ers star forward Andre Iguodala, a member of the 2010 Team USA World Championship team, has not requested a trade.  Fagan writes that an ESPN broadcaster alluded to a trade request -- either now or later in the season if the Sixers struggled -- during a television broadcast on Wednesday, when the Sixers hosted the Miami Heat.
That statement, along with some circulating second and third-hand rumors, created a small amount of buzz that Iguodala wants out of Philly.
That is untrue. Iguodala has not requested a trade, nor has he told management he'd like to be traded if the Sixers aren't winning by midseason. Iguodala has not approached management with any trade request. According to a source, the "news" came from a statement Iguodala made -- saying he'd like to play for a winning team -- that was then taken out of context and morphed into the logical next step: well, if Philly isn't winning, then Iguodala wants out.
Iguodala's case in Philadelphia is an interesting one right now because presumably rookie Evan Turner is the franchise's face of the future. Turner and Iguodala aren't incompatible by any means, but, fast forwarding a few years, could the Sixers make better use of his salary slot to complement Turner? It seems likely. But if you're Philadelphia and you're not in love with the Iguodala/Turner pairing, you're still in no rush to move Iguodala, even if he's unhappy. At age 26, Iguodala is just entering his prime and his trade value will therefore remain as-is into the foreseeable future. For that reason, and the fact that Iguodala's contract runs into 2013-2014 (player option on the final year), any trade talk seems extremely premature. As for Iguodala's statement that he wants to play for a winner? That's all good. With the young pieces Philly has assembled around Iguodala, contending for a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference isn't out of the question. So, Iggy, don't talk about playing for a winner, be about it. 
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At The Buzzer: Heat 97, Sixers 87

The Miami Heat notched their first win of the 2010-2011 NBA season, defeating the 76ers in Philadelphia. Posted by Ben Golliverlebron-james One night after getting taken apart by the Boston Celtics, the Miami Heat restored order on Wednesday, knocking off the Philadelphia 76ers at the Wells Fargo Center, 97-87. The Sixers mounted a mini-comeback in the game's closing minutes, so the final score was a little deceptive. The Heat led by 26 points at one point, and won with relative ease. Miami came out of the gate a bit out-of-sync offensively, no one more so than LeBron James, who finished with nine (!) turnovers. Miami's depth proved to be too much for a young, hard-working Philadelphia team. The Heat bench made a strong offensive push during the second quarter and locked things up by winning the third quarter 31-13, preventing the 76ers from generating many quality looks.  Philadelphia 76er rookie Evan Turner, the No. 2 overall pick in the 2010 NBA Draft, came off the bench to play 31 minutes, and he acquitted himself nicely in his professional debut. Turner intercepted a James pass in his first game action and went toe-to-toe with the Heat superstars throughout the night, finishing with 16 points, seven rebounds and four assists. Turner's 16 points led all Sixers scorers. Dwyane Wade carried most of the offensive load for Miami, with 30 points, and bench shooter James Jones chipped in 20 points, including six 3-pointers. Jones's outside shooting was a major catalyst for Miami's run in the second quarter.  The statistic of the night goes to Heat forward Chris Bosh, who finished +25 on the evening despite doing almost nothing besides kicking out passes from the post. All jokes aside, Bosh finished with 15 points and seven rebounds, but he wasn't a game-changer. James finished with 16 points, six rebounds, seven assists, two steals and a block to go along with the nine turnovers. But a win is a win for these Heat, and the so-called "Big Three" were all smiles during the fourth quarter. Check out the full CBSSports.com recap.
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Shootaround 10.20.10: Knocked and slapped

Knicks knocking at the Melo door again, Childress knocked out with a bad digit, and Evan Turner slapped in the face, all in today's shootaround.
Posted by Matt Moore

We'll have more this morning on a report from ESPN NY's Chris Sheridan that the Knicks are back in the Melo chase . One thought off the bat. They can trade for a player the Nuggets want more, but unless they land a draft pick they're still toast. The McGrady trade keeps stubbing Donnie Walsh's toe.

Knickerblogger is concerned that Raymond Felton may not be much of an improvement over Chris Duhon. Last night was a particularly strong showing from Felton, and he looked very much like the kind of point guard the Knicks have needed for years.

A breakdown of the postions in Rick Adelman's system. The focus on the big in the pinch post is going to be why Brad Miller will be so comfy there.

Lots of coaches with health concerns this week. Doc Rivers had a test come back negative for cancer , which is great news. Doug Collins missed last night's Sixers game while dealing with lingering effects of a concussion .

Josh Childress fractured a finger last night and out at least a week but it won't be too long. It's ridiculous that these guys play at this level with broken fingers.

Ted Leonsis thinks Josh Howard is a respected leader . There's lots of mockery this morning about that, but people forget that despite his off-court issues, he's thought of well by teammates, and that guys like Stephen Jackson are perennial captains for their teams.

Jerry West thinks maybe he should have drafted Amar'e Stoudemire instead of Drew Gooden. In other news, I should have had oatmeal this morning instead of eating rusty nuts and bolts from a '75 Chevy.

Al Harrington says he'll be ready for opening night . No word on whether his defense is making a similar commitment.

Marcus Thornton's in a slump, which shouldn't surprise people . Shootres in their second year take a step back sometimes, and the fact that he's got a new coach and a new offensive system probably complicates things as well.

And here's Evan Turner getting slapped with baby powder. So that happened.

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