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Posted on: March 11, 2011 3:02 pm

Hornets to San Jose talk picks up again

Could the Hornets wind up in San Jose? Could the Warriors help the Kings stay in Sacramento? The complex web of NBA ownership and relocation continues. 
Posted by Matt Moore

While Kings fans wait with fearful baited breath for the likely upcoming announcement of the King's application for relocation, the Hornets have settled into peaceful quiet after the uproar of the NBA's acquisition of their ownership last fall.  But the San Jose Mercury News reports that it's possible that Larry Ellison, who has reportedly made multiple bids for both the Warriors and Hornets, who may make yet another push to purchase the Hornets, and in the event of doing so, relocate them to San Jose, California. From the Mercury News

But the prospect of Ellison buying a struggling franchise and moving it to HP Pavilion is real enough to have spawned interested conversation at very high levels.

And if things break a certain way over the next year or two, this theoretically could happen in a relative snap -- and a flood of Ellison money.

The NBA/San Jose advantages: Ellison's billions, the handful of teams in financial distress, and the existence of HP Pavilion, which is NBA-ready.

In January, Ellison, one of the richest men in the world, confirmed that he bid on the New Orleans Hornets, but the league chose to take the team over at that time and said it was seeking local ownership.

On Thursday, a spokeswoman for Ellison had no comment on the matter.

But it's probably safe to assume the NBA will wait until after this summer's labor negotiations, then put the Hornets back up for sale.

In that scenario, would anybody expect Ellison quietly to end his efforts to own a sports franchise after he was surprisingly outbid for the Warriors last July?
via Kawakami: Larry Ellison buying and moving New Orleans Hornets to San Jose plausible and possible - San Jose Mercury News.

Kawakami goes on to say that the league considers such a move hypothetical, but all the elements are there. A ready arena, aggressive ownership, and a franchise which if local ownership does not step up to acquire it, will be put on the open market. The other NBA owners who are in possession of the Hornets won't allow the NBA to throw good money after bad. And in that case, Ellison looks very attractive. 

Additionally intriguing is a scenario mentioned by Kawakami in which Warriors ownership votes against approving relocation for the Kings to Anaheim, in an attempt to set a precedent against relocation in order to protect their market from a prospective competitor in San Jose.  Along with the Lakers and Clippers ownership looking to protect their market against the Kings staking a claim in southern California, and a group of smaller market owners, that might set up the possibility for the Kings to be stranded in Sacramento, buying time for local officials to come up with a new arena plan. It's a complicated scenario of big and small market politics, but one that definitely seems plausible from where we're at. 

Could Ellison's interest in the Hornets be what keeps the Kings in Sacramento? This whole situation continues to get stranger and stranger by the second as NBA ownership finances take a bigger role on the public stage. 
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Lacob says team considered dealing Curry or Ellis

Posted by Royce Young

This isn't exactly new news, as Warriors owner Joe Lacob had talked previously about potentially trading Stephen Curry or Monta Ellis if the right deal presented itself. But in an interview with the San Jose Mercury News, Lacob again reiterated that point.

"We did consider it," Lacob said. "And poked around. Listened to some offers and in fact in some cases made some offers. Though not final offers, but poking around. We decided that we were not going to get value in return. Those players were just too good for what we were going to get in return. We feel much more comfortable keeping them part of our core positions going forward."

Lacob also said that the Warriors could have acquired Gerald Wallace from Charlotte, but passed on it because the team didn't see it as a good fit.

"We could've gotten Wallace -- he's not somebody we thought would make us better. I really believe that," Lacob said. "He just doesn't fit for us. He's good defensive player, rebounder, certain things that do fit, certain things that don't. I could argue, don't know whether Portland got better or worse."

I like Joe Lacob. He's invested in his team, cares about results and wants to do better for a great fanbase. But is it just me or does he run his mouth a lot? I thought Curry kind of said he wasn't psyched about Lacob dropping his name out there in trade talks? And Lacob even apologized for it, saying that Curry and Ellis would be Warriors "for a very long time."

So I don't really know what to believe with Lacob. I kind of get the feeling that he just likes talking. He likes talking to people about his franchise and what they could do. It's like a fan on sports talk radio, except he's the owner of the team and actually gets to make decisions so people value his comments.

Lacob has been extremely vocal as the owner of the team, deciding to take a very front seat approach. It's different than previous owner Chris Cohan who seemed to hang in the shadows and make curious decisions without explanation.

But Lacob might want to think about some of his statements about personell, because players don't like being talked about simply as property. I thought Lacob had figured that out already.
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Warriors owner apologizes to Curry for trade talk

Golden State Warriors owner Joe Lacob reportedly apologized to guard Stephen Curry for bringing up his name in trade talks. Posted by Ben Golliver.stephen-curry

Earlier this week, we noted a report that Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry was "shocked" to hear that his team's new owner, Joe Lacob, had brought up the idea of trading either him or guard Monta Ellis on a radio program. 

At the time, we wrote that calling out players in public is almost always a disaster and that Lacob would likely regret making such a statement once he took some time to fully think through the implications it might have on a young player's psyche. 

On Friday, Yahoo! Sports reports that Lacob did indeed re-think his stance and apologized to Curry for his statements.
Curry said he received an apologetic text message from Lacob the morning after the Mercury News interview. Warriors general manager Larry Riley also called Curry, his father and his agent to calm the situation. In an interview with Bay Area radio station KNBR this week, Lacob said both Curry and Ellis would be Warriors “for a very long time.”
“He was making sure I was certain that he liked my game, liked me here, liked how I fit with the system,” Curry said of Lacob. “He could have easily let me read and interpret it for myself.”
This is the proper, class move from Lacob. He made a fairly bone-headed mistake as a first-time owner and he made it right before things got too emotional. The situation never should have happened, but at least it was resolved well. Curry sounds fairly happy with how things turned out too.
“I think optimistically about everything,” he said. “I like it here. I like my teammates and everything about the Warriors organization. I can’t picture being anywhere else, especially this early in my career.”
Now that the entire process has played out, I'm left to return to my first reaction. Stephen Curry is really freaking good and he's on his rookie deal. How exactly did Lacob plan to trade him and get fair value? 

In the end, this one goes down as a bizarre, nonsensical series of events, but at least it won't linger as a personal affront.
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Posted on: January 24, 2011 4:46 pm
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Warriors G Stephen Curry shocked by trade talk

Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry responds to owner Joe Lacob saying that he could be traded. Posted by Ben Golliver. stephen-curry

Joe Lacob is the newly-minted owner of the Golden State Warriors, so we should probably forgive him for being a bit too honest in his recent talk of shaking up his roster. In comments made to MercuryNews.com last week, Lacob said that no one on his team is untouchable and that he would consider breaking up the Stephen Curry / Monta Ellis backcourt if presented with a good trade offer.
"I really like those guys as individuals, and I like them as players," Lacob said. "But I have to be honest, it depends. If we got offered a great situation, would I break it up? Yes."
The owner called Ellis "our core, franchise player," and agreed that Curry has not played to the standards of last season.
"Does that mean that Curry would be traded, or more likely to be traded than Ellis? Not necessarily," Lacob said. "It really depends. "... This is all dependent on what you're going to get in return."
Well, that is certainly an unusual way to conduct business in the NBA. 

Curry has been hampered by ankle injuries throughout the season and, it cannot be forgotten, is still really freaking good. He's on a rookie deal, his scoring numbers are up, he's improved his assist/turnover ratio, he's one of the best shooters in the league, he brings no ego or baggage to the table, he wants to win and plays hard every night, he puts in the hours to make himself better and he's helped Ellis take a step forward in his career development this season. He has shortcomings defensively, but so does the rest of the team, as Golden State is ranked No. 26 in defensive efficiency

This is a guy that you want to keep happy and that you want to keep long-term. He's a franchise piece and executives from all the teams out there without a quality starting point guard are likely reading Lacob's statements and wondering whether he's lost his marbles or is in over his head.

To his credit, Curry responded in the best way possible: producing on the court and remaining as professional as possible. Here are his thoughts, via the Oakland Tribune.
"It's a bit of a shock, because you feel like you're doing everything else you were supposed to be doing," Curry said Sunday. "Especially since I've never been in a situation where me changing teams or being traded would be an option, it's kind of like a weird thing to think about. But they've been straightforward about what they see in us and it's all been positive for me, so I don't have any problem brushing that off."
If you call 66 points, 11 assists and nine rebounds over two games brushing it off, then Curry indeed dusted the rumors off his shoulder. He led a fourth-quarter comeback in Friday's win over Sacramento. He almost did again Saturday against the Clippers in Los Angeles with backcourt mate Monta Ellis limited by a sore ankle.

"If anything," Curry said, "it was the result of me reminding myself. I'm my biggest critic. I just play the game and don't worry about expectations except the ones I put on myself."
Calling out players in public is almost always a recipe for disaster, even when we're talking about a choirboy like Curry. Surely when Lacob has some time to reflect on his statements and the impact they would have on a young guy like Curry, he might realize that he could have found a better approach publicly. 

NBA stars have memories like elephants, and team and player have many negotiating sessions ahead of them. Goodwill in public is a highly underrated commodity in this league. 
Posted on: January 21, 2011 2:21 pm

Now the Warriors are going for Carmelo?

Posted by Royce Young

As soon as Mikhail Prokhorov let the words out of his mouth, Masai Ujiri's phone probably started ringing. And ringing. And ringing.

Once it became clear that the New Jersey Nets were pulling out of the Carmelo Anthony chase, the world opened up to 29 other teams that might be in search of a new piece to the puzzle. Not necessarily in terms of just Anthony, but maybe they could become a partner in a potential three-way deal.

But some out there are definitely interested in the services of Melo. He's a star with star power and scoring power. No matter what the statistical inclined people say, Melo is a very, very good basketball player. And people want it.

So on top of the Knicks, Rockets and Mavericks, add in a new team that might be interested in playing the Melo game. The Golden State Warriors.

"We've had discussions with Denver," owner Joe Lacob to the Mercury News. "And I think it's possible. But unfortunately, he clearly wants to be one place geographically."

Ah, so Lacob isn't actually completely serious about it, because unlike some, he realizes that the whole extension thing is the catch in this whole thing. But Lacob said he thinks the Warriors can offer a package that would top any other out there. He said the team wouldn't be shy about breaking up Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry if the right deal presented itself.

"We think we have better assets to go after someone like him, that caliber, than most of the teams out there that are being talked about," Lacob said.

The Warriors new ownership group clearly has visions of running this franchise in a different way than Chris Cohan. Lacob isn't shy about saying what he wants. He talked about the team needing post help, about not understanding some of Keith Smart's rotations and how they feel the need to be aggressive and active in trade discussions.

"We're willing to do anything to improve this team -- I told you," Lacob said.

We hear you, Joe. But talking is one thing. Warriors fans have heard a lot of that. Melo obviously isn't in the cards for Golden State but it sounds like the team is willing to take a chance to make a splash. That's progress, I think.

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Shootaround 1.21.11: The next big thing

Gerald Wallace may be drafted into playing big, unfortunately, Kobe's got his hands all over the L.A. sidwalk, literally, and the Magic are interested in Troy Murphy, reportedly. All this and more in today's Shootaround. 
Posted by Matt Moore

Kobe Bryant will have his handprints put in cement outside that big Chinese theater in L.A. during All-Star weekend. We're pretty sure he's going to try and put his hands into cement harder than any of those other stars. He'll work harder at putting his hands into cement than anyone.

Is Blake Griffin your favorite new show?

The Magic are interested in Troy Murphy who is debatably on the block, should he become available in a buyout. San Antonio and Dallas are also interested, reportedly.  It makes a lot of sense for the Magic, right? Power forward who can rebound and knock down mid-range shots fits in pretty well there, with their desperate need for depth down low.  I mean, yes, Brandon Bass will probably break his hotel lamp, but he probably does that when the room service eggs aren't salted, either. 

Greg Oden talks. We're pretty sure the subject of injury comes up at some point. 

Joe Lacob isn't exactly sure what Keith Smart is doing with his rotations sometimes. Joe Lacob is just like you and me!

Kobe Bryant reflects on everything free agency.

Chuck Hayes is back, and all that stands between the Rockets and big man annihilation.

The worst statistical lineup for the Knicks? The one that starts. 

Russell Westbrook knows the names of a bunch of Oklahoma towns. The great people of Poteau, OK are heartbroken to be left out. 

With Tyrus Thomas out, the Bobcats will probably turn to Gerald Wallace at the four again, as he used to. Which is going to make him a very unhappy camper. Wallace played that position for years despite his insistence that he's a three, and the results were pretty clear. As in, he wound up having multiple injuries including a concussion trying to play bigger. This could get ugly.
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Monta's maturity gives Warriors owners goosebumps

New Golden State Warriors owners Joe Lacob and Peter Guber are thrilled with guard Monta Ellis's newfound maturity. Posted by Ben Gollivermonta-ellis

New Golden State Warriors Joe Lacob and Peter Guber are understandably elated that their ownership takeover has finally been completed and in an extensive interview with Fanhouse.com they gush over just about everything related to their new team. As they should be, given Golden State's hot 7-4 start that has them in second place in the Pacific Division, trailing only the defending NBA champion Los Angeles Lakers. Perhaps the most interesting section of the interview comes in the discussion of guard Monta Ellis, who, as we noted last week, is off to a pretty electric, not to mention efficient, start to the 2010-2011 NBA season. Sam Amick, writer for Fanhouse, says he has seen a change in Ellis's personality this season, with Ellis becoming much more mature, and Lacob responds... 
When you just said this, and I'm serious about this too, I was just getting goose bumps. What you just said really impacts me. I've gotten to know Monta over a short period of time, better than almost any player except for David (Lee), and he's not what I expected either. He has always been one of my favorite players. He is obviously an immense talent. He's one of the fastest players in the NBA. He's so fun to watch when he's on. But you know, he was immature.
You can make an argument that he's a black hole type of player -- there's been that element in the past and there are other players who are like that. (But) he has been an incredible surprise. Whatever the reason being, maybe it's his own maturity, maybe it's getting married, maybe having a child, maybe it's David in the locker room, maybe it's he and (second-year point guard) Steph (Curry) finally connecting in the offseason, maybe it's getting rid of some bad eggs in there (the locker room), maybe it's new ownership. Whatever it is -- and maybe it's a combination of all those things -- this guy is unbelievable.  He has matured so quickly and changed. He is a team player out there. He is a great scorer, but he doesn't force it all the time. He's looking for the other guys, trying to get a lot of assists some nights when he doesn't have his shot. He has bought into a team atmosphere, team play. This is the most important story. I don't think anyone is writing this story to the level they should at this point. It's something very magical happening here. When a guy like that, with that kind of talent, buys into the team thing, it's huge.
It's always nice to see the light turn on for score-only NBA players, as the game has so much more to offer to talented offensive threats than just their own numbers. Second-year point guard Stephen Curry has been a revelation this year too, and Ellis is wise to realize how much easier a multi-talented guard like Curry can make his life. Golden State, so long a fringe NBA oddity, is emerging as the mainstream feel good story of the season. And Ellis, so long a question mark, is turning himself into an exclamation point.
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New Warriors owner installs son in front office

New Warriors owner installs recent college graduate son as Director of Basketball Operations. Posted by Matt Moore

For years, the Golden State Warriors have been a relative joke due to the state of their front office. An owner who didn't seem interested in winning, who let Don Nelson have far too much run of the place, and Nelson himself randomly and obtrusively acting in pursuit of some mythical plan's completion. But with the new owners, Joe Lacob and Peter Guber, there's been a lot of positive feelings about the future of the franchise. Before they even took over, they ousted Nellie, installed Keith Smart, and subsequently the team has looked about a billion times better on the floor.

Today at an introductory luncheon for the community and media, though, an interesting item was revealed . Lacob has installed his son, Kirk Lacob, as Director of Basketball Operations. Well, okay, that's not exactly the ideal choice for such a big position, but it happens. After all, Josh Kroenke just took over as owner of the Denver Nuggets. I'm sure Kirk has tons of experience. Let's see he graduated from Stanford in...


On the junior Lacob's LinkedIn Profile (archived image found here ), found by Warriors blog Golden State of Mind , the younger Lacob lists internships at a textbook sales company , founding the Stanford Club Basketball team , and working as an intern with the Celtics.

My first job out of college was a dry cleaner's. Geez.

It's a concerning development for someone of his age and inexperience. Then again, in the same luncheon, the Contra Costa Times reported that the new ownership group say Robert Rowell, current GM, would be sticking around , though his capacity is unclear at this moment. And with Smart on board, there's significant help in the front office. Plus, you have to consider how many former players with no front office history are installed in significant roles immediately after their playing days are over. And at the top of course is the Daddy-O, so maybe this isn't a big deal.

It just looks really, really weird.
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