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Stephen Colbert takes on Linsanity

Posted by Royce Young

Linsanity might've reached the mountain top. The Taiwanese animation treatment was one thing, but getting the opening segment on The Colbert Report? That's another.

Posted on: February 13, 2012 3:01 pm

Create your own Lin Words

Posted by Royce Young

Maybe you're already tired of the Jeremy Lin puns. Linsanity, Lincredible, Super Lintendo, Linderella. Grab a word than starts with "in" and you're all set. But fear not, headline writers everywhere. Some Linterprising entrepreneur has done the work for you. Introducing the Lin Word Generator.

A quick click-through and I got these:
  • Lincumbent
  • Lingulf
  • Lindulgent
  • Linferno
  • Linfluenza
  • Linsulin (what?)
  • Lin Your Face
  • Linvader
  • Linternship
  • Lindestructible
Next step? Jeremy Lin Mad Libs? Mad Lins? I hope this story never stops.
Posted on: February 13, 2012 2:08 pm

Video: Jeremy Lin gets Taiwainese animated

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A lot of times, the way you know a story has hit the big time is when it gets the Taiwanese animation treatment. It's the new Mom Rule. Instead of using whether or not your mom knows about a story to gauge if it's big, just wait and see if it gets Taiwanese animated.

But you can be sure NWA, the outfit that makes these ridiculous things, has been waiting their whole life for this one. Jeremy Lin, of Taiwanese decent, getting Taiwanese animated. Mind, blown.
Posted on: February 13, 2012 1:32 pm

Linsanity? MSG stock hits all-time high

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Jeremy Lin has done a lot of things. First, he's led the Knicks to an improbable five-game win streak. Second, he's scored more points in his first four starts than Shaquille O'Neal, Michael Jordan or Allen Iverson. Third, he's created a Tebow-esque NBA phenomenon with everyone losing their minds such as writing about a couch where he sleeps.

But fourth, he's given a major boost to not just the Knicks, but MSG's stock. Via the Wall Street Journal:
We have virtually no compunction about taking unsightly victory laps whenever we chance to hazard a decent guess on where the markets going. So allow us this quick trot around the MarketBeat velodrome, with Madison Square Garden’s shares up 4.1% early, schooling the broader S&P which is up a mere 0.5%. The stock hit an all-time high of $31.34 early Monday.

On Friday, we wondered aloud about whether the sports, entertainment and media company could get a bounce from the unheralded arrival of Jeremy Lin as the New York Knicks’ newly minted star point guard.

While it’s tough to prove, we think Lin’s 38-point performance against the Lakers Friday night, and his gutsy 20-point effort versus Minnesota Saturday — including hitting a free throw with less than 5 seconds left to lift the Knicks to their fifth straight win — might have something to do with it.

Newsday also reported that Nielsen ratings on the MSG Network jumped 36 percent. Linsanity is real, you guys. 

The WSJ report says it probably won't be a long-term boost for the shares because merchandise sales aren't typically a big driver for earning results for MSG. It's more about the eyeballs watching their network. There's a current dispute between MSG and Time Warner that's keeping Knicks games off a lot of TVs in the New York area, but some analysts thing that the Lin Mania could restart discussions. Why? Because there's money to be made.

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New Jeremy Lin rap song 'Nick of Time'

Posted by Royce Young

You know what Linsanity was missing? A second song. There's already "Linning," which isn't the best thing in the world, but a song with words about Jeremy Lin. But now there's "Nick of Time" by rapper MC Jin, a rapper born in Miami who lived in New York and now based in Hong Kong.

It has a religious theme to it, which is part of Lin's story. He's a player of faith and the song certainly reflects that.

So Lin has two songs in a week. How much longer do we have to wait on the movie? Geez, Hollywood. You're slipping.
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The couch made famous by Jeremy Lin

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Before he became Jeremy Lin of Linsanity, Linning Time and all of that fun stuff, he was Jeremy Lin, the guy on a non-guaranteed deal that had to sleep on his teammate's couch.

Lin said that he's continued sleeping on teammate Landry Fields' couch because it's obviously been working. Who knows if he'll keep doing it, but regardless, Fields tweeted out the now famous sleeping spot of Linsanity:

I like how Fields put all the throw pillows on it before he snapped a picture. I think it would've been better though if it was what it looked like after Lin slept on it. Pillows on the floor, sheet laid out and stuff.

Fields tweeted with it, "Ladies and gentlemen, the one and only couch made famous by @JLin7! Let the bidding begin..." I think Spike Lee might offer $5 million for it, but that's only if Lin keeps sleeping on it in his house. Can't break up routine when it's working, you know?

(Posts about where Jeremy Lin sleeps? Yep, we've all gone completely Linsane. Or at least I have.)
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Jeremy Lin's 'ChinkBalla88' Xanga page from 2004

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Becoming a superstar in professional sports is almost like running for president. Everything you've ever done seems to become part of the story and you get vetted. Especially if it was put on the Internet.

Lin has risen from an undrafted D-Leaguer cut by two NBA teams to maybe the story of the season in the NBA, but he was once a goofy teenager that had a Xanga page in 2004 under the profile "ChinkBalla88." That's right
Lin was 16 in 2004, so keep that in mind as you have a chuckle at Lin sampling some headband styles from that time. (Captions are Lin's.)

“this is what a regular headband looks like on a sexy guy.”

“ghetto and gangster, but sad! The only tournament that i could play in ended up being a disaster. But its ok, cuz now, alex and i are gb-ing!”

“this is what Marquis Daniels on the dallas mavs looks like with a sideways ghetto headband.”

“there’s Josh Howard on the dallas mavs. he wears his headband jewish style…very very loosely.”

“there’s brian grant from the miami Heat…girl style!”

“this is Derek Fisher on the los angeles Lakers with the headband covering the ears.”

So to recap, Jeremy Lin roasted Derek Fisher in 2004, and then roasted him again on the court in 2012. Linsane, you guys.

Via Hypervocal
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Report Card 2.9.12: Linsanity strikes again

Jeremy Lin led the Knicks to their third straight win in his second start. (Getty Images)

By Matt Moore 

Each night, Eye on Basketball brings you what you need to know about the games of the NBA. From great performances to terrible clock management the report card evaluates and eviscerates the good, the bad, and the ugly from the night that was.

Complete Linsanity He did it. Again. In NBA history, there have been four players to post 20+points and 8+ assists in their first two career starts. Jeremy Lin became the fifth Wednesday night, with 23 points, 10 assists, 4 rebounds, 1 block, 1 steal, just two turnovers and 9-14 shooting. Once again an opponent opted to go over the screen, to dare him to drive and/or pass off the pick and roll, and once again Lin destroyed a team. The dream continues. An amazing ride. Also, this happened, which is Landry Fields and Lin's new handshake, in which they open a book flip through it, put on glasses, and then slip on pocket protectors:

Orlando Magic Orlando did not stomp the Heat. But they did throw them up against the lockers, shook their lunch money out, and bloodied their clothes a bit. The Magic essentially had a two step process. Challenge the Heat at mid-range in face-up and passinsg situations defensively, and hit a metric ton of threes. It's nothing we haven't seen from Orlando before, just against a very good team. The occasional lapse to let the Heat back in it, even as good as Miami is, keeps them from an A, but a very solid performance for Orlando and a huge win.
Memphis Grizzlies The Grizzlies beat the Wolves by just five (though it was really a seven-point lead before a needless foul and so-what three), when they were without Kevin Love. Scoring just 85 points isn't going to get it done. Memphis passes with a win over a quality team with or without Love, but fails to show anything that suggest they have resolved their myriad problems.
Los Angeles Clippers The Cavaliers were without their best player in Kyrie Irving and still ran the Clippers out throughout the game. Not the comforting start to the post-Billups era you would hope for, particularly letting Ramon Sessions have his way to the tune of 24 and 13.
New Orleans Hornets What do you want to go with, here? Scoring just 67 points? 14 points in the first period, causing an awkard situation when the crowd didn't get to sit down for five-plus minutes to start the game waiting for the first bucket? Such a wide range of sad failure for the Hornets. Anthony Davis, Hornets fans. Anthony Davis.

Jeremy Lin (23 points, 10 assists, Linsanity)
Tony Parker (37 points and 8 assists, validating All-Star reserve status if selected)
Dwight Howard (25 points and 24 boards in win over Heat)
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