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Posted on: August 14, 2011 3:55 pm
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Report: Warriors sack top business executives

Posted by Ben Golliverlacob

Mama, there go those men to the unemployment line.

MercuryNews.com reports that the Golden State Warriors are taking another major step in an organizational overhaul under new owner Joe Lacob by replacing a number of top-level executives on the team's business operations side. 
In recent days, Lacob has, in his words, “relieved” most of the team’s existing VP- and senior-VP-level business-side executives. Basically, including team president Robert Rowell, most of the senior business side executives Lacob and Peter Guber inherited in November are now out. 

The only exceptions: The top staffers in the sales department. Lacob said that he is now searching specifically for a team president (until one is hired, Lacob is acting as president) and a VP for marketing.

“In the end, all senior positions are or are being replaced except for our sales area,” Lacob said.
It's been a very active year for the Warriors, who replaced coach Keith Smart with Mark Jackson, sacked Rowell, brought on Jerry West to serve as a basketball operations consultant and hired agent Bob Myers to serve as the team's assistant GM.

As with any internal matter, it's difficult to assess the decision-making and logic behind moves like these. However, the timing makes sense. That Lacob didn't completely clear house as soon as he took over was smart, as that impulse could have sunk the organization's ability to operate on and off the court last season.

Taking care of the basketball operations side first also makes sense. An NBA organization can survive with an average or slightly below average business side; without a strong basketball operations department, though, the organization's revenue-generating potential will never be reached. The sharpest accountant or the best budget-trimmer in the world is only going to be the lipstick on a pig for a perennial lottery team.

Now, with a year to have learned the ropes, a basketball operations department assembled in his mold and a lockout to buy him some time, it makes sense that Lacob and company would choose this summer to undertake a retooling or streamlining of the business side of his organization. 
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Golden State Warriors to buy D-League's Wizards

The Golden State Warriors have reportedly purchased a stake in the Dakota Wizards, a D-League team. Posted by Ben Golliver. joe-lacob

Bismarck, North Dakota, is a long, long way from the Golden Gate Bridge. The Golden State Warriors, under new owners Joe Lacob and Peter Gruber, have just shortened the distance considerably.

RidiculousUpside.com reports that the Warriors have "bought into" the Dakota Wizards of the NBA Developmental League, giving Golden State the opportunity to run the Wizards as their exclusive affiliate.
The Golden State Warriors have bought into the NBA Development League's Dakota Wizards, according to a source with knowledge of the situation, making the two teams one-to-one affiliates for the upcoming season. The D-League team has called an 11 a.m. press conference on Tuesday in Bismarck, ND, to announce the new affiliation.

The Warriors are far from local, but considering the Wizards advertised 2011-12 season tickets in Monday's press release, there's a very good chance that the team will remain in Bismarck for at least the upcoming season.
With each passing month, Warriors ownership continues to put its money where its mouth is. Upon taking over the team last summer, Lacob and Gruber pledged to make the financial commitments necessary to turn the Warriors into a first-rate NBA team.

In the past month alone, the Warriors have shelled out big dollars for big name coach Mark Jackson, brought on NBA legend Jerry West as a consultant, and spent millions of dollars to buy a second round draft pick with which they selected project Jeremy Tyler. Now, they have invested in their own D-League team. That, my friends, is real commitment and smart ownership.

Of course, the Warriors are no stranger to the D-League. They've regularly sent players down for seasoning and have effectively used the D-League to find players who wound up sticking on their roster. Guys like Reggie Williams and Anthony Tolliver. Not to mention: When you draft players like Jeremy Lin, owning your own D-League team can really come in handy.

According to RidiculousUpside.com, the Warriors join the New Jersey Nets, New York Knicks and Los Angeles Lakers as teams that have bought all or part of a D-League affiliate in order to establish a direct affiliation during this offseason. Boom time for the D-League, apparently.
Posted on: June 11, 2011 3:56 pm

Warriors push back on Monta Ellis trade talks

Golden State Warriors owner Joe Lacob and coach Mark Jackson push back against Monta Ellis trade rumors. Posted by Ben Golliver. monta-ellis

The cat is out of the bag.

CBSSports.com's Ken Berger reported that the Golden State Warriors are interested in moving guard Monta Ellis, engaging in trade talks with multiple teams.

While he admits that his team has engaged in trade talks this summer, new Warriors owner Joe Lacob pushed back against the rumors in an interview with the San Jose Mercury-News.
"There’s a tremendous amount of speculation in the press, and I can’t believe where all this is coming from… because the stories are completely fabricated, by you or whoever. I don’t know who’s fabricating them. 

"They’re fabrications, complete and utter. All these teams that supposedly have talked to us. It’s not true. It’s just not true.

"I’m not saying we haven’t had any discussions, we have. But it’s nothing like what’s being reported."
Lacob went on to say: "We all really like Monta Ellis a lot. We think he's a great player." He then acknowledged that whether there was a player that was a better fit is an open question and predicted that Ellis wouldn't be traded.

Meanwhile, GoldenStateofMind.com reports that Mark Jackson, hired to coach the Warriors this week, gave a similar message.
"The trades that have been discussed, I do not want to trade Monta Ellis - I want Monta Ellis to be in a Warriors uniform. Now if you told me we're trading Monta Ellis for Dwight Howard, I would hug Monta Ellis, tell him how much I appreciate him, and then make the deal. And I'm sure Monta Ellis would do the same thing: if you were trading me for Magic Johnson, make the trade."
Let's unpack these quotes. 

The owner is shocked that the media would speculate when he openly admits to trade talks including his near All-Star caliber player. Okay... Welcome to the NBA.

Both the owner and the coach like the player's game and want the player to stay ... unless he could bring back a better player or a better fit in trade. 

The Warriors did what they needed to do here: Show a public support of Ellis in the midst of the rumors. He's on your roster and he's your guy until the trade is approved by the league office. There's always a chance he isn't traded, and you don't want him to feel burned by the process. 

Despite that, they didn't do much to dispel the idea that he will be gone next year. Both Jacob and Jackson made it clear that Ellis is eminently tradeable. Indirectly, they poured even more fuel on the fire by publicly aknowledging that his fit is questionable when pressed about his future. A trade makes too much sense not to happen. This one feels like it just comes down to settling on the right price.
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Mark Jackson promises culture change in Warriors

Posted by Matt Moore

DALLAS -- Mama, there goes that regime change.

Mark Jackson took over duties as head coach of the Golden State Warriors Tuesday and immediately made it clear that the most important element of his planned changes for the team lies in their culture.

"The culture's got to change," Jackson said,"and I'm excited about changing the culture."

The Warriors for years have been the prototypical "fast and loose" team. Marked by exciting transition basketball that inevitably leads to weaknesses on the defensive end. The Warriors were sixth in pace last season, and 26th in defensive efficiency. The two are considered to be strongly related. Jackson, though, said that there will not be a move away from transition basketball with him as head coach.

"Absolutely not," Jackson said. "We will push the basketball. We will look for opportunities in transition. But we will not just push it just to be pushing."

Jackson tied in that culture change with the idea that folds into the offensive approach, something which has not been in effect in previous years with an "any look will do" scheme during the Don Nelson years. The rookie head coach said players will have to perfrom defensively.

"You're not going to have a license to shoot when you're not getting it done on the other end. They will be held accountable, and there will be a price to pay. I'm of the mindset that the only way to win in this league and to win big is play defensively."

Jackson enters a team that has a big draft coming up and will be looking to make moves to change the personnel to a more defensive approach. But with only a few weeks between his hiring and the draft, will Jackson have an impact on the draft at all?

With all that said, Jackson clearly feels that this team isn't just set to challenge in the future, but to win now.

"When you look at their talent level, this is a team that is certainly capable of making the playoffs and making a run."

You can put it in bold letters," Jackson said in his trademark speaking style, "I fully expect for the Golden State Warriors to be a playoff team next year. If I did not expect that, I would not have taken the job. And I won't minimize it by just being a playoff team. We're looking to turn the Bay Area upside-down."
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Golden State Warriors hire Mark Jackson as coach

The Golden State Warriors have announced the hiring of Mark Jackson as their next head coach. Posted by Ben Golliver. mark-jackson

In a press release issued on Monday, the Golden State Warriors announced the hiring of television analyst and former point guard Mark Jackson as their next head coach.
“After an extensive search and a great deal of consideration, we have come to the conclusion that Mark Jackson is the best coach for this team,” Warriors general manager Larry Riley said. “He will bring a youthful and fresh approach to our team, and the fact that he enjoyed a stellar playing career, where he served most of that time as the leader of some very successful teams, will prove invaluable in the long run. We were looking for a coach with leadership ability and a strong personality and believe Mark possesses those qualities. He’s very well respected in NBA circles, is a consummate professional and his knowledge and background will be an incredible asset for our team and organization.”

“We are tremendously excited about the addition of Mark Jackson as our new head coach,” Warriors owner Joe Lacob said. “He epitomized leadership as a player in this league for 17 seasons, and we think that characteristic – and many other positive traits – will translate very well into his coaching duties with our young team. He was a leader and a winner both on and off the floor in this league, and we’re convinced that he is the right person to guide this team into the future and help us achieve the success that we are striving for as an organization.”
Jackson, a first-time head coach at 46 years of age, will assume his new duties as soon as the NBA Finals conclude. Yahoo! Sports reports the following contract details: "three years guaranteed, with team option for the fourth. He'll make $6 million-plus [total], league sources say." Jackson takes over for former coach Keith Smart, who was not retained following the 2010-2011 NBA season.

As noted last week, new Warriors owners Joe Lacob and Peter Gruber seemed intent on putting their own stamp on the franchise, and Jackson is certainly a big-name and fairly splashy hire. He should instantly command the respect of his players given his high profile, connections around the league and general basketball intelligence.

The Warriors were said to be seeking a more defensive-oriented approach, and Jackson played for two physical, intimidating teams in the Indiana Pacers and New York Knicks of the 1990s. As with any first-time head coach, it remains to be seen whether Jackson's leadership and toughness on the court transfer to the bench.

Jackson was floated as a finalist for the position last week. Other names the Warriors reportedly considered included Dallas Mavericks assistant coach Dwane Casey, Boston Celtics assistant coach Lawrence Frank and Los Angeles Lakers assistant coach Brian Shaw.

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Mark Jackson in front for Warriors job?

Posted by Royce Young

The Warriors seem to be closing in on a narrowed list of candidates for their head coaching position. Ken Berger of CBSSports.com tweeted Monday that Mavs assistant Dwane Casey would be meeting with owner Joe Lacob once The Finals are over.

Another candidate that's said to be leading, though, is ESPN analyst Mark Jackson, according to NBA.com.

"Jackson is in the lead, according to a league source, having interviewed twice, the second time with owner Joe Lacob," the report says. "Lacob has also conducted interviews with Spurs assistant coach Mike Budenholzer and was believed to have conducted the Malone interview Sunday.

"Those two trail Jackson at the moment. But former Lakers assistant and Oakland native Brian Shaw and Celtics assistant Lawrence Frank aren't out of the mix. Shaw has yet to get a first interview set up by Golden State."

Right now, Detroit, Golden State and Toronto still have openings to be filled, and I think a lot will start to fall in place once The Finals wrap up. Casey seems to be in the mix for all three, and he's said previously that his attention is entirely on Dallas right now.

Jackson, though, has pushed hard for multiple coaching positions, but with no prior experience it's hard to say what kind of fit he'd be with the Warriors. He seems to favor defense because that's the sort of team he typically played on, so if that were so, it would be a bit of a culture change for the Warriors. Which is something Lacob has said in the past he favors, as he'd prefer that Golden State adopt more of a defensive-minded approach rather than run and gun.

Berger said that Jackson, Casey, Michael Malone and Mike Budenholzer are on a list that have or will meet with Lacob.

Posted on: May 30, 2011 4:01 pm

Mark Jackson is a finalist for Warriors coach?

Mark Jackson is reportedly a finalist to be head coach of the Golden State Warriors. Posted by Ben Golliver. mark-jackson

The King of Corny Catchphrases could have a new title in the near future: Golden State Warriors caoch.

CSNBayArea.com reports that Mark Jackson, the NBA television commentator notorious for screeching "Hand Down, Man Down" and "Mama, there goes that man" is reportedly a finalist to replace Warriors coach Keith Smart, who was let go in April.
Dwane Casey, Lawrence Frank and Brian Shaw are now said to be on the Warriors' short list. Put Mark Jackson on that list, too. He appears to be a finalist.

Jackson -- the former New York Knick, Indiana Pacer and current analyst for ESPN and ABC -- is very much being considered for the Golden State job. In fact, Jackson has had two conversations with the Warriors, including one with owner Joe Lacob, according two NBA sources.

That is significant because Lacob was not in on the Warriors' first set of discussions with candidates.
New Warriors owners Joe Lacob and Peter Gruber seem intent on putting their own stamp on the franchise, and Jackson would certainly be a big-name and fairly splashy hire. The team is also said to be seeking a more defensive-oriented approach, and Jackson played for two physical, intimidating teams in the Indiana Pacers and New York Knicks of the 1990s.

With no head coaching experience, it's difficult to gauge Jackson's style or coaching philosophy. However, he's just 46 years old, seven years removed from his playing days and boasts an All-Star game plus a Finals appearance on his resume. In other words, he should be able to command the respect of -- and connect with -- today's players with ease.

It's been more than a month since Smart was let go and the NBA Draft is less than a month away and the Warriors hold the No. 11 pick. Golden State was reportedly interested in Mike Brown, but he was snatched up by the Los Angeles Lakers. Whether it's Jackson or someone else, the clock is ticking.
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NBA rumor updates: Carmelo, Warkentien, Lakers

CBSSports.com's Ken Berger provides the latest updates on Carmelo Anthony trade rumors, whether the Los Angeles Lakers will make a move, why the New York Knicks hired former Denver Nuggets executive Mark Warkentien and who is in the mix to be the next head coach of the Indiana Pacers. Posted by Ben Golliver.

In a pair of CBSSports.com videos this week, NBA writer Ken Berger broke down the latest on some of the major trade rumors and personnel changes around the NBA with host Lauren Shehadi. 

Always first on the docket: Denver Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony, who now has just three weeks to be moved prior to the trade deadline. "Sources are telling me that there is some indecision within the Knicks organization, some disagreement, even, as to how hard they should push for a trade bringing Carmelo to New York," Berger reports. "Those against the move view Anthony strictly as a scorer and the Knicks have plenty of scoring. They think he would be a good option as a free agent but not if major assets have to be given up in a trade when the team has so many other pressing needs."

Speaking of the Knicks, Berger investigates why the team hired a former NBA GM with ties to Anthony as a consultant. "What exactly is the Knicks' motivation for hiring former Nuggets GM Mark Warkentien as a consultant? Sources that have known Warkentien and Knicks President Donnie Walsh for years say this is a Walsh-driven move and bodes well for his future with the organization. Walsh has a contract extension that he's discussing and an option that has to be picked up by April. Several rival executives, however, are telling me this looks more like an effort on the part of ownership to appease CAA, who represents both Warkentien and, guess who, Carmelo Anthony."

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Lakers are in the midst of their yearly mid-season turmoil. Berger suggests that the Lakers pretty much have their hands tied when it comes to swinging a deal prior to the deadline. "The Lakers are not happy with how they are playing right now and would like to do a minor deal to kind of tweak things," Berger reports. "The problem they have: they are pretty much locked in with their core players, many of whom are over 30 and have money coming to them for several years down the road. They don't really have any attractive trade pieces that teams would be willing to give them a complementary player. Like, for example, the Wizard and Kirk Hinrich. The Lakers have long been high on Hinrich but they don't have anything the Wizards would want. A team like that would want expiring contracts and cost savings and the Lakers just don't have that. L.A. is going to have to figure this out from within. I just don't see anything more than a minor deal presenting itself between now and the deadline."

You can watch the video below.

In this week's NBA Drive, Berger also laid out the latest on the Indiana Pacers, who fired coach Jim O'Brien last week and could be in for a management shuffle this summer, as all their key pieces have contracts that expire at the end of this season. "Owner Herb Simon came out this week and backed Larry Bird, said he wants him back next season," Berger said. "So that should be a strong indication that Larry and general manager David Morway will be back. Their contracts are both up. With the vote of confidence from Herb Simon, who, by all indications, is happy with the direction if not the results. I think as long as Larry wants to be back, he will be."

Berger continued, saying the Pacers will also be re-assessing their coaching position this off-season. "The first order of business will be hiring a new coach, who may very well be interim coach Frank Vogel. There's some other interesting names on the Pacers list though. Former Cavs coach Mike Brown, former Pacer Mark Jackson, and Jazz assistant Tyrone Corbin. Those three names are going to be in the mix, as well as a darkhorse, Hawks assistant Lester Conner, a little-known name around the league, but he was on the Pacers bench last season, and I think he's going to get some consideration."

You can watch this week's edition of NBA Drive with Lauren Shehadi, featuring a guest appearance from NBA Blogger Matt Moore, below.

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