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Posted on: February 20, 2011 12:54 pm

NBA All-Star Game Chat Sunday 8 p.m. ET

Join us tonight for a livechat during the NBA All-Star Game. We'll talk about shoes, the parties from last night, the lockout that's going to ruin us all, Allen Iverson, and Gregg Popovich's outright hilarity. Join us at 8 p.m. EST as we close out NBA All-Star Weekend in style. 

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Chris Paul's embarrassing All-Star moment

Chris Paul misses layup to open Skills Competition performance. Fails miserably.

Posted by Matt Moore

Chris Paul was the favorite. He wasn't even voted into the Skills Challenge. He was just entered. But during a stretch where his team is struggling and the fans are starting to wonder about his play , even All-Star Weekend didn't afford him a break from the tough going. Paul took off for the Skills Challenge first round, and ... well ... take a look. 

Oh, Chris. 

Paul was, naturally, eliminated in the first round while Stephen Curry breezed to an easy victory over Russell Westbrook in the second round.  But for CP3, the concern is probably going to be greater Saturday night at the round of parties and tomorrow in the Western Conference All-Star locker rooms when everyone starts cracking up at a blown layup right off the bat. 

It's almost as if Paul wasn't giving his all, or something. 
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NBA Dunk Contest LiveChat

Chat with our guys Ben Golliver and Royce Young live in L.A. for the NBA Dunk Contest. 

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NBA All-Star Game snubs: No love for Love

Who were the biggest snubs for the All-Star game, after the reserves were announced ?
Posted by Royce Young and Matt Moore

As it is every year, some worthy candidates were left out of the All-Star game reserves list. But this year, those left out had more legitimate complaints than usual. Here then are three snubs from the Eastern and Western Conference. 

Eastern Conference

Honestly, the Eastern coaches got it all right. It's hard to really say there's a true snub in the East. Going through though, there certainly are a couple players that have a case. Especially since the whole team is made up of the Celtics and Heat

Josh Smith : Probably the biggest snub has to be Josh Smith. Problem is, who do you remove? Smith though is having probably his best season, averaging 16. 2 points and 8.8 rebounds per game. His defense is well documented but what he's shown off his is versatility this season. Because of injuries, Smith has played small forward, power forward and even some center.

As a key cog in the Hawks machine, Smith has figured out how to play perfectly next to Al Horford and Joe Johnson. There's always a lot of talk about other big threes throughout the league, but there's no reason not to include the trio in Atlanta. Smith has cut down on the dumb shots, is playing well inside and in transition, is maybe the most dynamic finisher out there. Plus, having him in the All-Star Game would be a treat. Can you picture a fast break of Smith, Derrick Rose and LeBron James? I can and it's pretty awesome. 

Andrew Bogut:  Seeing that the East only has one real center on the roster, Bogut makes a lot of sense. It's tough to move off Horford, but you certainly can make a case for Bogut replacing Paul Pierce or even Ray Allen, since the East is stacked with wings.

Bogut has been injured all season as he hasn't totally recovered from elbow surgery, but he's still averaging a double-double and is one of the best defenders in the league. Plus, Bogut deserves a ton of credit for fighting the way he has. Despite suffering a brutal injury last season, Bogut has battled inside and is putting up comparable numbers to last year even though he can't totally use his right arm entirely. That's impressive.

The Bucks record hurts (19-28) which is probably the biggest reason Bogut was snubbed. If the Bucks are a contender or even a current playoff team in the East, it's almost impossible to keep him off this roster. 

Raymond Felton: A month ago, Felton had a really good case to be on this team. But the last few weeks, he just hasn't played well. And that sort of things hurts because that's the period where coaches were casting their ballots.

However, it's hard to ignore the impact Felton has had on the New York offense. He's still averaging almost 18 points and nine assists a game, which is up there in point guard ranks. He's shooting the 3-ball really well and runs the pick-and-roll as beautifully as anyone. Having Amar'e Stoudemire obviously helps, but still, Felton has executed.

The West is carrying three point guards and the East only has two. So it makes sense to add Felton and take over Pierce or Allen, but it's a tough call to make just because of Felton's position. Fact is though, he's been a huge part in the Knicks first half resurgence which scores extra points with me.

Honorable Outrage Mention:
 Carlos Boozer, Luol Deng, Thaddeus Young

Western Conference

LaMarcus Aldridge:  Aldridge has the most legitimate gripe, yes, even more than Kevin Love. Aldridge has had the most team success, and averaged 25 points and 10 rebounds in January . He just dropped 40 on the team with the best record. Aldridge has played masterfully and hasn't had the questions about his defense like Griffin or Love have had. 

Aldridge has become the leader of the Blazers and has arguably the best combination of both size and skill (mid-range, post, perimeter) of any Western forward not named Dirk or Pau this season. He doesn't have the flashy dunks of Griffin, but he's got the wins, which I'm pretty sure the Blakeshow would trade for. And with the Blazers, somehow, someway, still in the playoffs, to exempt Aldridge is to cast a doubt as to whether team performance is only relevant if the player is a known name. 

Kevin Love:  A shocker that he didn't make it.  The NBA's leading rebounder is also averaging 21 points per game to go along with those 15.5 rebounds per game. 15.5. Which is just kind of ridiculous. 

The fact that Love's surrounded by a terrible team assembled by questionable management should not have kept him out. There has been some discussion that Love's stat-hounding ways have turned off coaches and scouts, which may have led to his exclusion. 

Similarly, the Wolves aren't just bad. They're terrible. But if you look at Love's contributions, you have to wonder how much more terrible they would be were he not there. Love can never be accused of taking a night off, and has the first 30 rebound night since Moses Malone. That's quite a long time. Either way, Love has to wonder what more he could have done to wound up on the All-Star squad. 

Zach Randolph: Randolph is the middle of the debate between Aldridge and Love. He averages 20 points and 13 rebounds, which are pretty ridiculous, especially when you factor for pace (23.3% Total Rebound Rate for Love, 21.4% for Randolph). Randolph's team has had more success than Love, though, and recently has surged above .500, closing in on the 8th spot in the West held by Aldridge, thanks mostly to Randolph's performance.

So he has both the rebounding eye-popping numbers of Love and the team success of Aldridge. Throw in the fact that he's a respected veteran who made it last year with similar numbers and it's hard to argue for his exclusion, even with greats like Duncan and phenoms like Griffin in play.

Honorable Outrage Mention: Lamar Odom, Monta Ellis, Steve Nash, Tony Parker
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NBA All-Star Game reserves announced

NBA All-Star reserves announced, All-Star rosters complete. Blake Griffin selected to NBA All-Star game as a rookie. Four Celtics make the team, East represented primarily by Boston and Miami.
Posted by Matt Moore and Royce Young

The NBA All-Star Game reserves were announced live this evening, and we'll break them all down for you. 

Eastern Conference:

Guard: Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen, Joe Johnson

Forward: Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Chris Bosh

Center: Al Horford

The Eastern Conference All-Star team is made up of only six teams. The Bulls have one, the Celtics four, the Heat three, the Magic one, the Knicks one and the Hawks two. 

Rondo has had a fantastic first half of the season, putting up near historic assist numbers. He's had a couple 20-assist nights and as the creator and distributor of one of the NBA's most efficient offenses, it's a well-deserved nod. He's had three triple-doubles and 19 double-doubles. In five seasons, this is two All-Star selections for Rondo. At 35, Allen is one of the oldest All-Stars. But he's certainly deserving. He's shooting over 45 percent from 3 and as one of the most deadly late game scorers in the NBA, he's feared in almost every situation. This is Allen's 10th selection. 

Nobody came on stronger over the last month than Johnson. In January Johnson averaged 26.0 points per game on 50 percent shooting from the field. He started slow because of an elbow issue but now that he's healthy, he's back to one of the best isolation scorers and knock down shooters in the league. Five straight All-Star Games for Johnson.

Quietly, Garnett is having an MVP caliber season. Because of his leadership and defense, Garnett has positioned his team as the team to beat in the East. He's always a threat for a double-double and this season has re-asserted his dominance on the interior. This makes 14 straight All-Star appearances for Garnett. Pierce makes it four Celtics on the roster and really, it's hard to say he didn't deserve it. Really, it just came down to which Celtic do you scrub? And it's just too hard to say it should've been Pierce. He's scoring at a ridiculously efficient rate this season and this is his ninth selection.

Bosh is appearing in his sixth All-Star Game. He's taken a lot of flak over his role and perceived toughness in Miami, but his importance can't be denied. Without him, the Heat just aren't the same offensive team. It's easy to forget what a good power forward he really is and he's still one of the very best. A second consecutive appearance for Horford. He's had 24 double-doubles and is quietly one of the premier big men in the league. He's top five in field goal percentage and rebounds and is maybe the most important player for the Hawks. 

Western Conference:

Guard:   Russell Westbrook, Manu Ginobili, Deron Williams

Forward: Tim Duncan, Dirk Nowitzki, Blake Griffin

Center:   Pau Gasol

Blake Griffin certainly makes an impression, doesn't he? Selected over LaMarcus Aldridge and Kevin Love (we'll get to them in a bit). A rookie selected to the All-Star game itself. Pretty incredible. From there, Deron Williams will likely raise a few eyebrows considering he hasn't had a season up to his standards, but it's not like he's struggled. It's clear that both coaches appreciate the tremendous crop of point guards we have playing in this league currently.  Westbrook making it will surely ease the fears of Thunder fans, and Duncan and Nowitzki were no-brainers based off both team success and individual legacy, even if our own Ken Berger felt Duncan wasn't up to snuff. 

Manu is a surprise selection, but as he's been mentioned in some's MVP conversations, perhaps he shouldn't be. Ginobili has managed to absolutely demolish teams down the stretch, and his play has been arguably the biggest reason for the Spurs having the best record in basketball. 

For the West, the fans got their man (Griffin), the coaches got their legacies (Duncan, Nowitzki), and L.A. is well represented, even without Lamar Odom sneaking in. Now we get to start figuring out who Blake Griffin is going to dunk on. 

Your complete All-Star Rosters (starters in bold):

Eastern Conference: 

Guard : Derrick Rose, Dwyane Wade, Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen, Joe Johnson

Forward: LeBron James, Amar'e Stoudemire Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Chris Bosh

Center: Dwight Howard Al Horford

Western Conference:

Guard:  Chris Paul, Kobe Bryant , Russell Westbrook, Manu Ginobili, Deron Williams

Forward:  Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony , Tim Duncan, Dirk Nowitzki, Blake Griffin

Center:  Yao Ming (injured), Pau Gasol
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