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Posted on: February 6, 2012 10:36 pm

Report Card: Jeremy Lin carries the Knicks

Posted by Royce Young

It's Linsanity in New York right now. (Getty Images)

It was a milestone kind of night in the NBA as the story was Kobe Bryant passing Shaquille O'Neal on the all-time scoring list, but a couple upsets, a couple overtime games and some big matchups were all part of a wild Monday night.

The New York Jeremy Lin's.

No Amar'e Stoudemire. No Carmelo Anthony, who went out with groin injury early in the first quarter. No problem for the Knicks against one of the West's good teams, the Utah Jazz. Behind a new career-high from Jeremy Lin who had 28 points and eight assists, also new career-high (but also eight turnovers, all in the second half), the Knicks were able to pull out an improbable win over a solid team. Jared Jeffries took five charges (!), Steve Novak randomly had 19 points and the Knicks got just enough from all over to win. This is maybe the type of game you can build on a bit. Backs against the wall and the role guys step up. Great win for the Knicks.

Philadelphia 76ers

Over the last seven days, the 76ers have taken down the Lakers Magic, Bulls and Hawks. I had them as a contender and the Sixers did a good job of making that call look pretty good. Lou Williams was terrific down the stretch against the Lakers Monday and the 76ers put away yet another good win. It's time to wake up about this team. These guys aren't just good. They're LEGIT.

Dwight Howard

Another tremendous game from Howard in a losing effort. It's a shame to see a guy go for 33 points and 14 rebounds in a losing effort, but the assertiveness from Howard was certainly nice to see. Howard took 21 shots, including 17 in the first half. Which moght then show you one of the issues the Magic tend to have -- getting the ball to Howard in key situations. It's not that he disappeared, he just wasn't near the offensive factor.

Kobe Bryant

Kobe passed Shaq on the all-time scoring list and did it in a very Kobe way. He needed 24 to pass Shaq and so he got 24 in the first half. The problem: Kobe finished with 28. He had just four points in the second half and shot 10-26 with five turnovers. A great night for Kobe in terms of history, but not a good night in terms of what transpired in his hometown Philly.

Utah Jazz

Yes, the Knicks winning is the story, but don't overlook the fact that the Jazz blew an easy opportunity to put another win on the board. No Stoudemire, no Melo and the Jazz let Novak, Lin and Shumpert beat them. That's not a good look for a team trying to battle for playoff positioning in the West.

New Jersey Nets

The Nets stink. They're bad. The Bulls probably could've beat them by 60 had Derrick Rose not left the game early with back spasms. The game was over very early as Chicago led 35-14 after a quarter and seemed to be ready to increase that every quarter. The final score, 108-87, doesn't really illustrate what a blowout this was.

Posted on: February 1, 2012 3:26 pm

Deron Williams considering picking up option

Posted by Royce Young

The clock is ticking on the Nets. Not just on their time in New Jersey as they prepare to move to Brooklyn, but also on Deron Williams. He's a free agent this summer and with the Nets not doing anything as of yet to convince him to stay, the Nets' gamble on Williams may turn out to be quite the swing and miss.

But Williams might add a little bit of time to that clock. He could, possibly, pick up his player option and therefore become a free agent in 2013.

"Yeah (picking up the option is something I'm considering). I don't know what I'm going to do," Williams told the New York Daily News. "At the end of the season, I'm going to figure out what's going on, I'm going to sit down with my agent and look at every option possible."

Not exactly a glowing endorsement, but it's something. The fact Williams would admit he's considering it, even though he almost won't do it, is a little glimmer of hope that he enjoys the organization and believes in their plan.

Before the season, Williams said he wouldn't be signing an extension with the Nets. He also said though that it was a 90 percent chance he'd stay with the Nets. But potential suitors are lining up for him, most notably his hometown Mavericks. He's going to have options and he's going to want to go somewhere he can win and win now. He's been in a rebuilding situation for full year now with the Nets and he's not used to be in a losing circumstance.

If the Nets don't start lining up plans to get Dwight Howard soon, or at least something that helps Williams, he won't only pass on exercising that options, he'll pass on signing a new deal at all this summer and pack his bags for another city.
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Stephen Jackson the key to getting Dwight Howard?

Dwight Howard wants to play with... Stephen Jackson? (Getty Images)
Posted by Royce Young

The Dwight Howard rumor mill might be reaching an all-time low. And this teaming up with other players thing is getting a little out of hand.

Because ESPN reports that Dwight Howard wants to play with... Stephen Jackson? Wha?
"If the Nets want to improve their chances, my understanding is that Stephen Jackson and Dwight Howard have talked several times about playing together. And [they] would love to do so with the Nets with Deron Williams at the point guard setting them up. If the Nets want to improve their chances of getting Howard, making a deal for Stephen Jackson as well ... should be on their menu."
You hear about Deron Williams and Howard wanting to pair up or maybe Rose with Howard or at a time Chris Paul with him, but Stephen Jackson definitely wasn't to be expected. I suppose they're friends and people like to work with friends, so I guess it makes sense.

Jackson though hasn't been happy with the Bucks as they won't extend his contract. Jackson is on an expiring deal paying him $10 million this season. Said Jackson, "Everybody knows the situation. My situation is going to get better soon. Until then, I'm going to support these guys and continue to collect my check." Doesn't exactly sound like the happiest man in the world with his situation.

As Howard Beck of the NY Times tweeted: "Possibly relevant: They have the same agent." Yep, that could potentially be a major part of this. And it could give an idea where this rumbling is coming from.

But you can be sure that the Nets will have an eye toward Jackson if that really means an edge to get Dwight Howard. That franchise has basically sold its soul to build around a Williams-Howard combo. So if Howard said he had to have Leonardo DiCaprio as his power forward, I can guarantee Billy King would be getting on the phone to see what he could do.
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Report: Jailed ex-NBA star now 'Moses of Rikers'

Former NBA player Jayson Williams is reportedly a hero in prison. (Getty Images)
Posted by Ben Golliver 

From professional basketball player to prison prophet. 

Former NBA All-Star Jayson Williams, who spent a 9-year NBA career with the Philadelphia 76ers and New Jersey Nets, has had a rough go of it after retirement. He was convicted and jailed after accidentally shooting a limousine driver at his home and then wound up at the notorious Riker's Island prison after getting arrested again on a DWI charge in 2010.

The New York Post reports that, despite all the trouble, Williams is a popular man in prison according to one of his former fellow inmates, Christopher Hughes. 
“People treat him like a star,” said Hughes, who was released from Rikers last week after serving time for reckless assault. “Every single person shakes his hand. He is like Moses, the Moses of Rikers.”

He described how Williams, 43, attends church and leads Bible-study classes every day.

“Jayson would sign people’s Bibles,” Hughes told us. “I would ask him why, and he’d say, ‘Fake it till you make it.’ I thought he was saying, ‘If I can get them in the door through this signature, then at least I got them in the room to see Christ.’ ”

Williams is reportedly writing a book, according to the paper.

Not to be flip, but this is an eerie case of life imitating art. Who could forget when former Los Angeles Lakers forward Rick Fox played Jackson Vahue, a disgraced basketball player turned convict, on "Oz," an HBO prison drama?

There is one important difference. Vahue turned to drugs once imprisoned while Williams, from this account, is making the most of his stint in the clink. It was beyond comprehensible that Williams found himself re-arrested after what should have been clearly a life-altering experience in the limo driver shooting, but it's never too late to see the error in one's ways.

Indeed, Vahue re-appeared on "Oz" as a parolee who returned to the prison to counsel the younger inmates. With any luck, Williams' life and book -- reportedly titled "Humbled" -- wind up coming full circle to find a similarly happy ending.
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Damion James (foot) has season-ending surgery

Posted by Ben Golliver
Damion James is done for the season. (Getty Images)

Cancel the title parade.

New Jersey Nets forward Damion James is done for the season after undergoing surgery to replace a screw in his right foot's fifth metatarsal, according to the team.

James began the season as a starting forward but has been out of action since a Jan. 4 game against the Boston Celtics

Nets coach Avery Johnson has compensated for the absence by starting promising rookie MarShon Brooks in James' place.

James, 24, is in his second year with the Nets after being selected by the Atlanta Hawks out of the University of Texas in the first round of the 2010 NBA Draft.

The New York Post reports that the Nets are unlikely to pick up the third year option on James' contract. The deadline to formally make that decision in Wednesday.

James played seven games this season, averaging 4.9 points and 4.7 rebounds in 24.7 minutes per game.
Through Monday's action, the Nets were 5-13 on the season.  They are 4-7 since James went down.
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Deron Williams' list: Nets, Knicks, Mavs, Lakers?

Posted by Ben Golliver deron-williams-nets

The New Jersey Nets are 4-11 and going nowhere fast, so there's no choice but to open the floodgates to reports of All-Star point guard Deron Williams' future.

ESPN.com reports that Williams, who can opt out of his contract and become a free agent this summer, has a list of four teams in mind.
Deron Williams' first choice is to stay with the Nets and to build something special in Brooklyn, but if it doesn't work out with his current team, his short list of desirable destinations includes the Mavericks, the Knicks and the Lakers, according to sources close to the situation.

Williams has publicly stated his desire to re-sign with the Nets, and New Jersey, which views him as a building block for next season's move to Brooklyn, has refused to entertain potential trades involving Williams. Yet both sides know their future together is tied to Dwight Howard.

If the Nets are able to obtain Howard, either through a trade before the March 15 deadline or in free agency this summer, Williams will re-sign. If Howard goes elsewhere, Williams is likely to leave New Jersey, according to the sources.
Ken Berger of CBSSports.com has reported that the Mavericks are a major player in the D-Will sweepstakes.
Let's take a quick. look at Williams' four preferred destinations, ranking each on a scale of 1-10 for how badly they need Williams (one being not at all, 10 being desperately).

Dallas Mavericks (6): The NBA's oldest team needs an injection of youth and top-flight star talent. Franchise forward Dirk Nowitzki had dealt with a nagging knee injury this year and his production has taken a hit. The ageless Jason Kidd is less than a year removed from a championship, but he's 38 years old and in the final year of his contract. The Mavericks could potentially have laods of salary coming off their books this summer and the best players they have under contract going forward are Nowitzki, Shawn Marion, Rodrigue Beaubois and, potentially, Lamar Odom. Williams is the kind of veteran point guard who can get the most out of the mixed-and-matched parts Mavericks owner Mark Cuban always seems to assemble. Given the 2011 rings that are already in hand, landing Williams would amount to a coup rather than a franchise-defining turn of events. If he goes elsewhere, there won't be crying in the streets. 

Los Angeles Lakers (9): Like the Mavericks, the Lakers are aging and need a longer-term answer at the point guard position. But there's an added urgency, as Lakers guard Kobe Bryant approaches the twilight of his career and continues his quest for six rings to match Michael Jordan. Bryant needs a point guard who can create his own offense and make Bryant's life easier. That point guard should have been Chris Paul, but we all know NBA commissioner David Stern stepped in on that one. Williams could be that guy, too. Williams and Bryant were both members of the 2008 Olympics Gold Medal-winning team and they share a desire to win immediately.

New York Knicks (10): The Knicks are underperforming to start the 2011-2012 season, starting 6-8, and should make a push before all is said and done. But the notion that one of the league's most stacked frontcourts could make up for arguably the league's most barren backcourt isn't panning out, and it's incredibly difficult to imagine this team winning a playoff series without a major infusion of talent. After being subjected to Toney Douglas and Mike Bibby, Knicks fans are frothing at the mere mention of Williams' name. Swap Williams into the mix for one of New York's Big 3 of Carmelo Anthony, Amar'e Stoudemire and Tyson Chandler and more wins are sure to result. 

New Jersey Nets (167,000): New Jersey is essentially unwatchable with Williams on the roster so their desperation to retain him really can't be quantified. The Nets mortgaged their entire franchise in trading a package of Derrick Favors, Devin Harris and picks to acquire Williams from the Nets at the 2011 trade deadline, and they've struggled to surround him with anything except mediocre (and worse) talent. Somehow landing Dwight Howard is the longshot panacea for their team's treadmill of terrible, but good luck with that one. The Williams affair almost certainly ends badly for New Jersey.

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Nets GM King: No extension for Brook Lopez?

Posted by Ben Golliver brook-lopez

It's been a tough start to the 2011-2012 season for New Jersey Nets center Brook Lopez.

Swirling rumors that he would be packaged in a trade for Orlando Magic All-Star center Dwight Howard, a foot injury that is expected to sideline him for six weeks and now word that the Nets do not currently have plans to offer him a contract extension.

ESPNNY.com reports that Nets GM Billy King said Wednesday that the Nets won't move to lock up Lopez in advance of a January 25th contract extension deadline.
"I'm sure I'll have a conversation with his agent [Arn Tellem]," King told reporters before Wednesday night's game against the Golden State Warriors. "But I don't know if we'll do anything with him at this point. I think you just have to wait. They may throw a number at you that makes sense."

"The injury has had an impact on it," King said.
Lopez, 23, is regarded as one of the more promising young big men in the NBA, but the timing of his injury couldn't be worse. He's coming off a season in which he averaged 20.4 points but left much to be desired by only pulling down 6.0 rebounds per game. Lopez stated publicly that he would hit the glass harder but, given the type of major investment talented 7-footers require in the NBA, it's not a huge surprise that New Jersey prefers to wait before cutting the check now that their evaluation time has been eliminated by the injury.

If Lopez does not agree to an extension, he would become a restricted free agent this summer. Keeping their options open with Lopez also allows the Nets to maximize their flexibility and continue their pursuit of high-profile free agents next summer, in an ongoing effort to convince All-Star guard Deron Williams to stick around. 

Through Wednesday, the Netes are 4-11 on the season.
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Paul (hamstring) day to day, MRI results negative

Posted by Eye on Basketball staff

Los Angeles Clippers guard Chris Paul is listed as day to day with a hamstring injury after an MRI Sunday revealed no major results. Officially the injury is being called a strained hamstring.

Paul suffered the injury during the fourth quarter of Saturday's 102-94 win over the Los Angeles Lakers.

The injury comes at a particularly inopportune time, with the Clippers embarking on a back-to-back-to-back with games Monday afternoon at New Jersey, Tuesday night at Utah before returning home Wednesday against the Mavericks.

The Clipppers started the season with four point guards: Paul, Chauncey Billups, Mo Williams and Eric Bledsoe. They may be down to only Billups by next week. Williams (foot) sat out Saturday's game and Bledsoe (knee) is still 2-3 weeks away from returning.

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