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NBA Extension Buzz 1.25.12

By EOB Staff

The deadline for rookies from the 2008 draft class to receive extensions is Wednesday at 11:59 p.m.. We'll help keep track of those getting the big payday, and those left out in the cold for restricted free agency, below. 

Wednesday 10:40 p.m.
  • Yahoo Sports reports that New Orleans Hornets guard Eric Gordon will not receive a contract extension, instead heading on the path towards restricted free agency next summer. The Hornets reportedly made a 4-year offer to Gordon but the sides could not reach an agreement.
Wednesday 7:03 p.m.
Wednesday 7:03 p.m.

Wednesday 6:34 p.m.
Wednesday 3:50 p.m. 
Wednesday 12:50 p.m. 
  • Ken Berger of CBSSports.com reports that the Nuggets have signed Danilo Gallinari to a four-year, $42 million extension. That's great value for a player of Gallo's upside and ability. He's expanded his ball-handling abilities and is operating in a hybrid point-forward role at times in the pick and roll, attacking the rim and working the offense. Great value for a player that looks to be part of the Nuggets' contending core going forward. 
  • Fox26 TV in Houston reports that the Rockets will not be extending Hasheem Thabeet, Terrence Williams or Jonny Flynn, and Jordan Hill is still up in the air. No shockers here as none of those players have proven themselves to be legit NBA rotation players on a consistent basis. 
Wednesday 9:30 a.m.: 
  • The saga of Eric Gordon and the NBA-owned Hornets continues. Yahoo Sports reports that the league has finally given the Hornets permission to offer Gordon a four-year extension. This is clearly short of the five-year "designated player" extension. The Hornets want to hedge their bets a bet with whoever they land in the draft this season as well as Gordon's injury issues. Still, the league not granting permission until the day-of is really an absurd approach and again hinders the Hornets' ability to maximize efforts to lock up their solitary star player. 
  • Fox Sports Arizona reports that the Suns say they reached out to Robin Lopez' representatives, but that Lopez' agent preferred to see what Lopez could pull in in restricted free agency rather than take what is likely to be a lesser extension offer. No shocker. Lopez shows flashes but has yet to put together any sort of consistent ability and the safer approach is to wait and see if Lopez can boost his value in the next five months headed into free agency
  • A report surfaced Tuesday night that Kevin Love and the Wolves had agreed to a four-year, $60 million extension, but Love later tweeted that conversations were ongoing and reports indicate that the deal is not done. It's clear the Wolves will get this done today, the question will be for how much, and how much they're going to frustrate and anger their star player through this process. There's absolutely no reason the Wolves have not just offered love the max, five-year, designated-player offer. 
  • Roy Hibbert is unlikely to receive an extension, according to Ken Berger of CBSSports.com. It's more than a little shocking, especially considering Hibbert is coming off one of his most dominant performances of his career against the Lakers, backing down and scoring over Andrew Bynum, even. The Pacers tried to make a bid for Nene in free agency, but without him, if they were to lose Hibbert, their center position would be a massive question mark. Hibbert has been uneven through four seasons, but there's every reason to believe he'll continue to develop ino a top-ten center in the league. A player with his abilities on both sides of the ball should not be overlooked. 
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Knicks targeting Steve Nash this offseason?

Posted by Royce Young

There have been a whole lot of Steve Nash to New York rumors over the past few years with his former coach Mike D'Antoni running the show and former teammate Amar'e Stoudemire playing in the Big Apple.

Every time, that rumor has been squashed without anything all that substantial coming out of it. I'm sure the Knicks have called the Suns and made inquiries over the past couple seasons, but that happens all the time, all over the place.

This time though, there might be a little more steam behind it. Because it makes a whole lot of sense. According to the New York Post, the Knicks plan on targeting Nash this summer using their mid-level exception.
That’s why The Post has reported the Knicks plan to target Nash (along with Jameer Nelson and Raymond Felton) with this summer’s $5 million mid-level exception.
Shocking news: The Knicks, a team that need a point guard like Boris Diaw needs a donut, are planning on targeting available point guards. I know, I can't believe it either.

But the thought of Nash is what makes it more intriguing. Right now, Mike Bibby, Iman Shumpert and Toney Douglas are splitting duties with Baron Davis likely to take over the full-time role once he's healthy. And though Nash is 37, he is still Steve Nash and would be a terrific addition for the Knicks. Especially considering he could pull back a bit on having to do so much like he does in Phoenix.

My question is, and I posed this in my thing ripping the Knicks point guard situation, why not go hard after Nash now? Yeah, I suppose you could just wait until the offseason and sign him without giving up anything in return, but that just means the Knicks have to hope and pray Baron Davis gives them something. Otherwise, it's just another mediocre season at MSG and wait until next year when Nash is a year older.

I understand waiting on Nelson or Felton. But Nash does genuinely seem like a terrific fit. The problem is that the Knicks have gutted themselves getting Carmelo Anthony that there isn't much left to deal for Nash. Nash has said he won't request a deal, but if at the deadline the Suns decide they want to deal him and Nash says, "I'll only go to New York," and the Knicks come calling offering up Shumpert, Landry Field and Douglas plus a spare part pick, maybe that's enough to make Phoenix bite. Maybe the Suns decide they'd like to get back three rookie deal players in exchange for Nash. Or maybe the Suns would rather preserve cap space and be players in the 2012 market.

Or maybe Nash just wants to stay with the Suns. I guess that could happen too.

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Derrick Rose out vs. Suns

By Matt Moore

Derrick Rose will miss his second straight game with what he describes as turf toe, according to ESPN Chicago. The star also missed the Bulls' Monday loss to the Grizzlies. Rose has been wearing a boot to alleviate the pain in his foot. Interestingly, Tom Thibodeau has described the injury not as turf toe, but a sprain. 

John Lucas or C.J. Watson will start in Rose's place. Lucas had 28 points in his debut a week ago, but struggled against the Grizzlies, while Watson played well for two quarters against Memphis before Mike Conley ate his lunch in the fourth. The Bulls have endured a long and intense schedule of games, part of the reason for the Bulls to be cautious as to not exhaust the reigning MVP.  

You can see our picks for tonight on Facebook.  
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Report Card: Nash doing his Nash thing

Posted by Royce Young

Ricky Rubio

OK, so it was against the Wizards. But they have John Wall, remember? And Ricky Rubio torched them. Off the bench for the Wolves, Rubio piled up 13 points, 14 assists and six rebounds while being a +29. It's not so much that he's dazzling and making us say "Oooh" every time he passes it anymore. He's just a dang good point guard and he makes the Wolves a much better team.

Steve Nash

Nash dished out 17 assists, but 10 came in the first quarter. While people like me fawn over Rubio, you can't forget that Nash is still the best setup man in basketball. Chris Paul is a better point guard, but nobody puts a pass right on the money for a good shot quite like Nash. The Suns have been pretty up and down, but have won two straight games to get back 4-4. And when Nash has it going, that's a team that beat a whole lot of teams.

Oklahoma City Thunder

The Thunder are the first team this season to sweep their back-to-back-to-back with an easy rout of the Spurs. Kevin Durant flirted with a triple-double (21-10-7) and OKC's bench piled up 53 points. But as coach Scott Brooks said after the game, he wanted to keep it in perspective. The Spurs, who are old, were playing without Manu Ginobili and in their fourth in five nights which meant a lot of their veterans didn't play. Impressive win, but against a wounded opponent.

Raymond Felton

Since calling out Russell Westbrook, Felton has been pretty average. He's gone 7-30 from the field in his last three games, including 1-9 Sunday against the Cavs that featured five turnovers. Felton's Blazers are 2-1 in that time, so that's no so bad and he's dished out 19 assists, but he isn't exactly looking quite as hot as he did after beating Westbrook.

Marc Gasol

Matching up against his brother Pau and Andrew Bynum, Mark wasn't good. He didn't make a shot in nine tries and scored only two points in 44 minutes. He grabbed 11 rebounds, had four steals and three blocks, but without Zach Randolph, Memphis isn't going to beat many teams getting nothing offensively from Gasol in 44 minutes.

Washington Wizards

I think we might just need to remake the "F" for each night into a little Wizard logo. Because this is becoming a nightly thing. It's almost a surprise if Washington is competitive. I don't think they've necessarily quit on Flip Saunders, but something isn't working for them. They're terrible, John Wall isn't making a move forward and the other players around him aren't helping much. The Wolves are a decent team but getting blasted by 21 at home while only scoring 73 points. Come on.
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Steve Nash: I won't request trade from Suns

Posted by Ben Golliversteve-nash

Man, it sure is a tragedy watching two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash wasting away on the also-ran Phoenix Suns. That has been the international consensus from everyone for the last year or so -- everyone except Nash and the Suns, apparently.

ESPN.com reports that the 37-year-old Nash, who has had his name in trade rumors for years, refuses to request a trade from the Suns. 
"One, it's not my style. Maybe I'm old school, but I feel like that's not my place to give up on my team, give up on my teammates. I signed a contract and made a commitment.

"And two, I don't feel it's like choosing a restaurant. It's got to be a situation that works for two teams. And I don't know how simple that is. But before we even get to that part of it, I just feel that I owe it to my teammates to stay committed to them. I feel that I owe it to the fans and the organization to fight."

Nash is adamant: He will not go to his bosses and ask to be traded. The Suns likewise haven't budged: They insist they will not trade Nash unless he comes to them and says he can't bear another day detached from relevance.  

The Suns are just 2-4 on the young season and are almost certainly headed for the NBA Draft Lottery. Nash's numbers through six games -- 11.5 points, 8.7 assists -- are way down, although he's been dealing with a bruised rib. It's been more than a decade since his numbers have been at those levels and he's currently shooting a career-low 42.2 percent from the field.

Certainly, there's the school of thought that says it's in the best interests of basketball for Nash to hook on to a contending team, a veteran, savvy, playoff-tested point guard who can potentially push a team over the top before he hits free agency next summer. 

On the flipside, there's a noble beauty that comes with playing the tragic hero, and the desire to want out of a situation can only come within. One of the league's most respected and trusted floor generals, Nash is calling these shots too.  

It's also possible that Nash has now passed the "checkout" point of his Suns tenure. At some point over the last few years, as owner Robert Sarver turned over the roster time and again and allowed All-Star forward Amar'e Stoudemire to leave for New York, there must have been a moment when Nash seriously contemplated leaving the desert. That flight reflex would be natural and human. At his age and with the end of his contract approaching, though, it doesn't take a psychologist (amateur or otherwise) to realize that the pressure to stick it out and leave Phoenix and its fanbase with his head held high, knowing he gave them every possible chance to turn his talent into wins, has increased dramatically. 

The only problem with that: his clock is still ticking and he's passed the 1,000 games mark. If there's going to be a meaningful post-Suns chapter in Nash's NBA career, it needs to begin sooner rather than later. Here's hoping that team and player -- who are both reportedly too steadfast and respectful to make the first move -- realize what's at stake over the next two months and get a deal done prior to the deadline.

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Steve Nash playing with bruised rib

By Matt Moore

Steve Nash is nursing a bruised rib he sustained against the New Orleans Hornets, which has affected his mobility and shot-making, according to the Arizona Republic.

Nash injured the rib in a collision with point guard Greivis Vasquez last week, and it's impacted him in just about every phase of the game. Nash is playing through it, but admits:
"It's like I'm holding my breath a lot," Nash said. "I'm tired a lot. I'm bracing. It's not fun.

"It's definitely affected my shot and mobility."
via Suns' Steve Nash nursing a bruised rib.

Shot-makng in particular has suffered, not just for Nash, but the entire Suns team, the Republic notes, as the Suns are shooting just 40.7 percent from the field. For an offense-mostly team, that's just not going to cut it.

The problems extend far from there, though. Marcin Gortat has been fine, but will never be a focal point of an offense. Grant Hill has too many miles on him to carry the load, and no other Sun has or can step up. It's really all on Nash, and the burden is literally too much for him.

The Suns are in freefall right now, and Nash can't grab on to anything to pull them back up because he has one hand on an injured rib.
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3-on-2 Fast Break: First impressions

3-on-2 asks the EOB crew to compare two quick items for debate. This week's topic? First impressions. You can follow EOB on Twittergerald-wallace-2011 at @EyeonBasketball.

1. Which team has been most impressive in the first week of the season and why? 

Matt Moore: We knew how good the Thunder were going to be, and it took a huge near-miracle shot from Durant to assure victory on Thursday. We knew the Heat could be this good, we're just not certain they'll keep this pace. But how about the Portland Trail Blazers? They've been impressive on both sides of the ball and beat a very good Denver team that had been as impressive before Thursday. The Blazers are hitting on all cylinders and Thursday night Raymond Felton started to get involved. Jamal Crawford has been surprisingly efficient. LaMarcus Aldridge is still LMA, and Gerald Wallace has been a demon on defense. The Blazers have made a statement early. 

Royce Young: Oklahoma City. The Thunder are the only team with four wins, and they aren't wins over nobody. Orlando, an improved Minnesota squad on the road, at Memphis and a buzzer-beating victory over the defending champion Mavericks. And not just that, but those four wins both were sets of back-to-backs.

The Thunder had to overcome a lot of noise after the Memphis game to remain focused on their task. Outside distractions like supposed altercations and supposed feuds can be difficult to move past, but the Thunder have handled their business in the first week. They've put away four wins in five days. And against some pretty good teams. That's impressive.

Ben Golliver: Miami Heat. The Big 3 and company have dumptrucked Dallas, blown out Boston and come back against Charlotte after appearing a bit bored during the first half. In each game, the Heat had flashes of superhuman play that can't be match by anyone in the NBA, Oklahoma City included. LeBron James is the key: his improved mid-range game, attack mentality and restraint from hoisting long balls takes Miami a giant leap towards becoming the team everyone has wanted them to be since the Summer of 2010. A self-assured Chris Bosh helps too.

2. Which team has been most disappointing in the first week of the season and why?

MM:  How about the Suns? The Suns weren't going to be good, but they weren't supposed to be this bad. Steve Nash looks trapped on an island of misfit toys and this is not how his career should end. Marcin Gortat is fine, good even, but the rest of the team can't hit a shot and still can't defend. It's looking very bad early for the Suns. 

RY: Dallas. The Mavericks are going to be fine. I don't know if they're going to be fine in the sense they'll compete in the playoffs for a repeat, but they're going to be fine in terms of getting back to the playoffs. Thursday's game in Oklahoma City showed that those wheels are turning again finally after a pretty major champagne hangover. 

But still, an 0-3 start with two blowouts is not how you want to see a defending champ come out of the gate. There was a real complacent look to the Mavs early on. They were missing a bit of that drive. Totally understandable, but at some point you've got to snap out of it.

BG: Sacramento Kings. No one expected the Kings to be world-beaters this year and their season opening win was about as exciting as life gets for the Cowbellers. The disappointment is more about Tyreke Evans. What is going on here? Evans has barely produced in the boxscore aside from his scoring, which is way down from his career averages through three games. A 4-point, 5-turnover effort against the Portland Trail Blazers was particularly bewildering. Is he out of shape? Checked out? Out of sync? Struggling to deal with new teammates? Simply off to a slow start? Evans seemed like a prime candidate to bounce back from an injury-plagued sophomore season and get back to his sterling Rookie of the Year performance in 2009-2010. Instead, the nosedive continues.
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Suns sign Michael Redd

Posted by Royce Young

If there was ever a place for Michael Redd to go -- a player that's dealt with major knee injuries -- it's Phoenix.

The Suns announced the 32-year-old Redd has signed a deal to play in Phoenix this season. Terms were not released, but you'd have to assume it's a one-year veteran minimum deal given Redd's injury history.

“Michael Redd has a proven pedigree as a first-rate NBA scorer,” said Suns President of Basketball Operations Lon Babby in a release.  “He will work with our renowned training staff to get into basketball shape.  When he is ready to play, Michael will be a welcome addition to our team.”

You see? Even Babby knows it's all about the training staff.

The Suns trainers have gained quite the reputation for extending Steve Nash's career well into his 30s as well as revitalizing Grant Hill from a number of big injuries. Redd, once an All-Star and Olympian, has battled knee issues for years after blowing out his ACL and MCL in 2008-09.

Redd played in a total of 61 games over the last three seasons after tearing the ACL and MCL in his left knee on two separate occasions in both 2008-09 and 2009-10.  He returned to play the final 10 games of the 2010-11 season, averaging 4.4 points in 13.4 minutes with Milwaukee.

Before that, Redd was a prolific scorer and shooter for the Bucks. He averaged 26.7 points per game in 2006-07 and had six straight years averaging 20 or better.

If Redd is able to regain even a little bit of his old form, he's a nice pickup for Phoenix. It's a low risk, high reward move. If the Suns training staff can wave their wand or do whatever they do and help Redd recover some of his ability, he could have a couple of decent seasons left. He's played for 11 years and at 32, shouldn't be done quite yet.
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