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Posted on: November 9, 2010 2:24 pm
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Wizards owner previews his John Wall Dougie dance

Wizards owner Ted Leonsis does The Dougie dance like Washington point guard John Wall. Posted by Ben Golliver
First, Washington Wizards point guard John Wall did "The Dougie" dance during pre-game introductions at the team's home opener, and the internet exploded with excitement.  Then, shrewd Wizards owner Ted Leonsis promised on his blog that he would Dougie if the team sold out a home game. Today, via the Washington Post, comes this video of Leonsis previewing that promise.  "It kind of went viral," Leonsis said of his blog post. "I guess I have to live up to that promise, so if we do sell out a game -- we haven't come close yet -- but if we do sell out a game I will live up to my commitment and do the 'Dougie." As Leonsis said the word "Dougie" he began sliding his hands through his hair, creeping everyone out. Have a look, courtesy of D.C. radio station WTOP. John Wall remains the Dougie King of D.C. But he's got a pretty cool boss.
Posted on: November 4, 2010 3:59 pm
Edited on: August 14, 2011 8:29 pm

Wizards owner will "Dougie" if team sells out

Washington Wizards owner Ted Leonsis promises to dance the "Dougie" if the Wizards sell out a home game. Posted by Ben Golliver In the unlikely event that you missed it earlier this week , Wizards rookie point guard John Wall made headlines by dancing the "Dougie" during pre-game introductions before Washington's home opener against the Philadelphia 76ersjohn-wall-dougie Wall has drawn plenty of applause for his nimble feet and genuine smile, not to mention his outstanding early season play, but he has his share of detractors too , including radio host Colin Cowherd, who somehow concluded that Wall will never win an NBA title because the dance proves he loves the spotlight too much. Huh. As for Wall's boss, Wizards owner Ted Leonsis, who recently purchased the Wizards from the Pollin family? Leonsis has Wall's back completely.  So much so that he is attempting to capitalize on the good buzz surrounding Wall's boogie down by promising to get in on the action. Writing on his blog, Ted's Take , Leonsis salutes Wall's play and says he will "Dougie" if the Wizards can sell out a home game.
History is being made at Verizon Center again. A rebuild is taking shape. A wonderful star is in the making. So far - so good.
We need your help. We play this Saturday night. We need and want you to be in attendance. The team plays better in front of a sold out building. Come support the team. Click here. Off of soap box now. When we have a total paid sellout this season, I will do the “Dougie” - I promise.
Now this is a Mark Cuban-esque 21st century NBA owner at his best. In one simple blog post, Leonsis sells tickets, connects directly with fans and potential fans, hypes up his team, and provides cover for his young superstar in the face of some unnecessary criticism. In a league where so many ownership groups are anonymous and/or out-of-touch, Leonsis is the opposite, bringing creative, fan-friendly ideas like Midnight Madness and 3-D video introductions to the table in just his first few months of ownership.  After a 2009-2010 season that was a public relations disaster for the Wizards, Leonsis is instilling the right energy when and where it is needed most.
Posted on: September 29, 2010 7:22 pm

The owners are not kidding about a hard cap

Washington owner reveals onwership desire for a hard cap in labor negotiations, no one is pleased.
Posted by Matt Moore

The NBA labor talks had been pretty cordial so far . Both sides had made some noise in the other's direction, but things looked like they might be headed towards progress. That's great news for those of us wanting to avoid a lockout and get back to the business of watching basketball. And then, Ted Leonsis decided to get all loose-lipped.

Leonsis spoke to a group of Washington businessmen Tuesday and accidentally, or perhaps "accidentally" let slip a significant aspect of the NBA owners' approach to the labor talks. In short, they really do want a hard cap, and they intend to get it. Buckle up.

"In a salary cap era -- and soon a hard salary cap in the NBA like it's in the NHL -- if everyone can pay the same amount to the same amount of players, its the small nuanced differences that matter," he said.
Whoops. NBA commissioner David Stern was quick to bring the hammer down to try and contain the damage today in a statement to reporters.

"We're negotiating and that was one of our negotiating points," Stern told the Associated Press, "but collective bargaining is a negotiating process, and that was not something that Ted was authorized to say and he will be dealt with for that lapse in judgment."

Geez. Hope Ted doesn't own any horse stables. The NBAPA obviously did take notice of the little slip of the tongue, and commented the following on Twitter.

Wiz owner Leonsis likes NHL-style hard salary cap. Must like lockouts, too. http://tiny.cc/jikrx @dwadeofficial @kingjames @carmeloanthony
Yikes. Message received, loud and clear, NBAPA.

This is a pretty big tip of the hand by the owners, and an attempt to gain public favor for a hard cap represents a pretty big violation of unspoken rules for the negotiations. This is all beside the fact that a hard cap? It's going to be total war for the owners to get. There's no middle ground here. The NBA currently has that middle ground, with a salary cap exceedable by various exceptions. A hard cap is an all-or-nothing element of the negotiations, and it represents a total victory for the owners. It's also the last line in the sand for the players, who in no way will want to play under something which restricts their salaries to that degree.

Leonsis either intended to reveal the ownership's desire for a hard cap, in a calculated effort to get the issue into public discussion, or really did slip, in which case he's not nearly the braniac we thought he was. This complicates the negotiations in general and enflames both sides.

Like I said, buckle up, kiddos. This is going to be a a long, hard lockout.

Posted on: July 20, 2010 1:31 pm
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New Wiz owner promises "hundreds of changes"

Posted by Royce Young

Via the DC Sports Bog comes some information Wizards fans are likely to be interested in. New owner Ted Leonsis not only has some incredible luck as evidenced by his landing franchise changers in both John Wall and Alex Ovechkin (Leonsis also owns the Capitals) , but is also taking a proactive approach to reinventing the Wizards fan experience.

His first order of business: urinal cup holders.

"So they go to the bathroom and they put their beer [cups] in their mouth," Leonsis told 106.7 The Fan's Mike Wise Show. "Isn't that great? See that image in your mind's eye. We've literally been putting little ledges over the urinals so that people can put their cups, right? We know that sounds [funny], the ketchup sounds funny, building a little cup holder over the urinals, but we're gonna do hundreds of those kind of things, so the experience is great and it improves and fans know we listen to them. "

Absolutely brilliant. This is a man that knows the heart of the fan. But Leonsis's overall approach is just to improve everything . What a novel idea. He continued explaining his plan:

"And if we're doing all that and the team is improving, we'll end up with Magic. That's what we did with the Caps. The team got better and the level of services got better, and all that came together at the same time, and now we have one of the best teams in the league and we're sold out every game....

"I'm gonna re-do everything," he continued. "I think we want to change the lighting; that's something we're looking into so it's more traditional, like the Garden and L.A. You will see hundreds of visible signs of change."

He was asked for a few more examples of visible change and he said fans told the ownership they'd like more respect to the game as in turning down the music and defense chants. I for one love that. The NBA is already a fairly manufactured entertainment environment, but the artificial "Deee-fense" chants and loud rock music shouldn't be part of it.

"We're gonna try to do as many things as we can to reactivate the van base, because this is a basketball-mad city," Leonsis said in the interview. "The place loves basketball. And if we give them a good product and we service our [customers], I think we'll sell out these games, just the way we sell out every Caps game."

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