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Posted on: March 3, 2011 9:32 am
Edited on: March 3, 2011 9:33 am

Shootaround 3.3.11: Could Be's

Leon Powe could be a Grizzly, Raymond Felton could be a sidekick, Andris Biedrins could be a volcano, and Dwight Howard could be an MVP, all in today's Shootaround. 
Posted by Matt Moore

Leon Powe visited Memphis Wednesday which could help towards the Grizzlies signing him. With Hasheem Thabeet shipped off to Memphis, the Grizzlies need a frontcourt reserve like Powe, even if only for limited minutes. 

The Kings owners, the Maloofs, met with mayor Kevin Johnson on Wednesday. Typical political talk afterwards and no real progress. 

Hassan Whiteside's season is over and he'll have surgery on Friday. Because, you know, the Kings need bad luck right now. 

In case you missed it, Ken Berger talks to Chris Paul about his knee, New York, and the Hornets' struggles. 

George Karl thinks having Raymond Felton and Ty Lawson at once is a good problem to have

Doc Rivers has no problem with the "super teams." Probably because he helped form the first one in Boston in 2007 that set off this whole thing. 

Donnie Walsh is committed to Chauncey Billups for the long-term. Which is odd because Chauncey Billups' long-term isn't that long. 

Andris Biedrins blew up at his coach when Smart told him he was starting Ekpe Udoh, and almost didn't come out to play. Easy solution for you, there, Andris. Play better. 

There's a lot of concern about DeMarcus Cousins having hit the rookie wall

Dwight Howard says most MVP's are picked before the season starts. If he keeps playing the way he has lately, that's going to change. 
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Posted on: March 2, 2011 9:14 am

Shootaround 3.2.11: Say the right thing

Rashard Lewis deals with the inebriated, Corey Brewer is popular, and Dwight Howard says all the right things in today's Shootaround.
Posted by Matt Moore

Rashard Lewis deals with drunk people. Hilarity ensues. 

Dwight Howard delivers the requisite lines about not wanting to play with All-Stars and how Orlando is the most attractive place for him right now. Which also probably happen to be true, which is nice. 

The Celtics' Doc Rivers and Danny Ainge are personally lobbying for Corey Brewer who has all the options in the world. 

T.J. Ford is stuck in Indiana and not happy about it. What is with that place and unhappy point guards who can't get bought out (for the price they want)?

Mike Bibby wound up giving up about $6 million in his buyout which is pretty big. 

For the first time in a very long time, Eddy Curry is not employed by an NBA team. 

Hornets fans' concern for Chris Paul continues to grow

Brandon Roy is trying to understand his new role in the league

The Blazers signed center Jarron Collins. Which says a lot in and of itself. 

Tyson Chandler tweaked his ankle, which wouldn't be a big deal if he hadn't had a lot of problems with them in the past two seasons. 
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Posted on: March 1, 2011 10:12 am

Shootaround 3.1.11: Plans, plans, plans

Nets have big plans for Big Howard, small markets are "the relative boonies," and Evan Turner gets a shooting coach.
Posted by Matt Moore

The Nets plan to pursue Dwight Howard. Good thing no one else has that plan for 2012. 

Tony Parker is out 2-4 weeks with a calf strain. It's the first major injury for the Spurs this season, which goes a long way towards explaining why they're at the top of the West. 

The Clippers are bringing in veterans who "know how to win." This is a classic case of putting the cart before the horse. 

Al Jefferson will not back down to Kevin Garnett. He'll lose to him, sure, but not back down.

The Sixers have hired a shooting coach for Evan Turner. 

George Karl is relieved at having everything over, and you can sense it in how he's coaching this Nuggets team.

A writer contends that the "relative boonies" deserve no sympathy in the NBA. 

The fans are already chanting Deron Williams' name in Jersey. 

If you missed it, Ben Golliver takes a long look at the Gerald Wallace trade. 

And we give you the rundown on all the top buyout targets. 
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Posted on: February 28, 2011 9:11 am

Shootaround 2.28.11: Silence

Posted by Royce Young
  • Is David Stern trying to keep the Maloofs quiet? Ailene Voisin of The Sacramento Bee writes: "Stern has urged them to remain mum on the topic and their local handlers have advised them to stay away from Arco because they are famously accessible and accommodating to members of the media. Nonetheless, after being advised against doing so by some of their handlers, Joe, Gavin and George Maloof will be at the game. (I was told earlier that Stern threatened with a fine, but the Kings say this isn't the case.)"
  • Joseph Goodman of The Miami Herald: "The crowd began chanting 'New York [stinks]!' with four minutes to play. Around the same time, LeBron James got in the face of director Spike Lee during a hotly debated play. And that was only the start of a fantastic finish. The sellout crowd left mostly unhappy, although there were enough Knicks fans present on Sunday night to make themselves known. The Heat blew a six-point lead in the final three minutes on a pair of costly turnovers by LeBron James and Chris Bosh. The Heat is 12-15 against teams with winning records and 2-2 against the Knicks this season."
  • It looks like the Lakers are rounding into form. 
  • Berry Tramel of The Oklahoman: "You've seen this before. Thunder-Lakers. Tough, physical game. Intensity abundant. Baskets scarce. Excitement galore. Lakers win in the end. Now you know why the Thunder needs Kendrick Perkins. Not to start playing good defense. That, the Thunder can do and did Sunday in a 90-87 loss downtown. The Thunder needs Perkins so it can start playing great defense. Come spring, come the playoffs, come another Laker post-season series, that's how you win. You don't beat LA 105-101. You beat the Lakers 87-84. Or they'll beat you 90-87."
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Posted on: February 22, 2011 9:08 am

Shootaround 2.22.11: What's that? Melo, traded?

Posted by Royce Young
  • Dave Krieger of The Denver Post: "Everybody will declare victory because that's what everybody does after a trade, but all we know for sure is the end of the interminable Carmelo Anthony drama was a victory for Anthony, who got everything he wanted. Anthony not only forced the Nuggets to trade him where he wanted to go, he also got the three-year, $65 million contract extension he wanted before a looming labor dispute changes the rules. As excited as NBA officials may be about the resurrection of the Knicks in the league's biggest market, they cannot ignore the dire straits in which smaller-market teams find themselves as the old labor agreement expires. Denver joins an unfortunate club that already included Cleveland and Toronto. Three of the game's biggest stars -- Anthony, LeBron James and Chris Bosh -- abandoned these markets for brighter lights in the last eight months."
  • Mark Kiszla of The Denver Post: "There is relief in Denver, but no joy. In a thankless task that has consumed every waking minute of every day since being hired, new Nuggets vice president of basketball operations Masai Ujiri made the best of a lousy situation, getting a haul of young talent and a No. 1 draft choice from the Knicks. Like every one who loves basketball in Denver, his emotions were rubbed raw by the deal."
  • Woody Paige of The Denver Post: "The deal and the ordeal are done. The Melodrama that seems to have taken longer than the siege of Ilium by the Greeks finally was finished Monday night. Carmelo Anthony is going from Our Dusty Old Cowtown to New York City. Melo Leaves Hicks in Sticks for Knicks. Good for Anthony. Good for Denver. Good deal, goodbye, good luck, good riddance. What now for the Nuggets? Who knows? They received quantity of unknown quality. They didn't get as much as most of us would have wished -- four first-round draft picks -- but they got more than the worst most of us feared: nothing."
  • Marc Berman of the New York Post on the impact the deal has on Donnie Walsh: "The Carmelo Anthony blockbuster -- spearheaded by Knicks owner James Dolan with Isiah Thomas in his ear -- does not bode well for team president Donnie Walsh. Two sources told The Post that, as negotiations for Anthony heated up in Los Angeles with Dolan, Walsh bolted for Indiana to see his family during All-Star Weekend. One source said Walsh packed up and left because he was irritated and felt it was a waste of time being in New York since trade negotiations were taking place in Los Angeles without him, and with Thomas advising Dolan. Another league source said Thomas wanted to make the deal more than Walsh did."
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Posted on: February 17, 2011 7:58 am
Edited on: February 17, 2011 7:59 am

Shootaround 2.17.11: Lakers go tumbling

Michael Jordan a player-owner? That plus Lakers reeling, Celtics laughing, and the status of ownership in sports, in today's Shootaround. 
Posted by Matt Moore

A nice look at Mike D'Antoni in another role watching basketball: as a father

Owners are people who were smart in business who are sports fans, so they think they're smart at sports

Speaking of owners, Cuban says that owning a team right now is a "vanity" venture. Which sounds about right given the tough economic conditions and the state of profit across sports. 

Panic in the streets of L.A.. Mike Bresnahan nails the current state of the Lakers. Basically, if they win the championship, forget this loss. If they don't, this was a sign of trouble. You just never know with this team. 

No, for real, who gets Jordan's number wrong?

It would appear that Willie Green has finally usurped Marco Belinelli's starting spot. Just six minutes for "Belly" in Wednesday's loss to the Blazers. 

Chris Paul is seriously struggling, to the point where it's time to start looking at when he's going to be "back.

Carl Landry hopes he's not traded at the deadline

Oh, now that's just mean

SI examines the implications of Michael Jordan: owner-player
Posted on: February 16, 2011 9:41 am

Shootaround 2.16.11: A Knicks-Hawks rivalry?

Are the Knicks and Hawks developing a rivalry? That plus Redd returns, revenue sharing, and it's good the Clippers suck.
Posted by Matt Moore

David Stern did an interview with Bloomberg TV, and a Thunder blogger breaks down his thoughts on the labor issues bit by little bit. 

Caron Butler isn't stressing the trade deadline, and thinks he'll even be re-signed this summer. 

Michael Redd is returning to practice Monday. Just in time for the trade deadline! Whee!

Is the Lakers' TV deal going to be the tipping point in revenue sharing talks

Rudy Gay suffered a strained shoulder in the Grizzlies' win over the Sixers Tuesday night. 

Are the Clippers' recent struggles actually a good thing, preventing them from making a short-term move?

Isiah Thomas endorses the prospective new Pistons owner. 

We may have ourselves a Knicks-Hawks rivalry quietly budding

Who could the Magic move at the deadline?

NBA players reflect on the best players they knew who never made it.

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Posted on: February 15, 2011 9:12 am

Shootaround 2.15.11: Thabeet might move on

Posted by Royce Young
  • Trade rumors aren't bothering Andre Iguodala: "I learned that when you don't control something, you don't put much thought into it," Iguodala told on Monday. "We've been playing well, so it hasn't come up. If we start playing bad again, it'll come up again. I'll deal with it when I deal with it."
  • Brian Colangelo: "I certainly don't want to be accused of negotiating through the media, so I won't. I just hope people realize how much I care for the organization I'm working for and the city I have chosen to live in. I will also add that despite our current record, the franchise is in a pretty favorable position. I do hope I'm here to complete the task."
  • Ron Green Jr. of The Charlotte Observer: "Asked to explain the almost unexplainable hold the Charlotte Bobcats have over the Los Angeles Lakers -- their 109-89 victory against the two-time NBA champions Monday night was Charlotte's eighth win in 10 games against the Lakers -- Gerald Wallace broke it down in basketball terms. He talked about size and quickness and clamping down on Kobe Bryant. Then Wallace let his mind wander. 'Every team has their one escape route. I guess the Lakers is ours,' Wallace said. 'Hopefully we can make it to the finals and meet them. Our odds would be pretty good then.'"
  • Chris Bosh is returning to Toronto tomorrow and Doug Smith of the Toronto Star has how LeBron can help: "LeBron James knows it’s coming because he’s been through it and if there comes a moment when Chris Bosh needs a teammate to lean on, he’s got one. James may not yet be aware of the venom that can spew from some Raptors fans who feel jilted by one of the best players in franchise history, and it’s not clear how much help he can be to his Miami Heat teammate this week. 'If he wants some advice, then he can ask me. He’s seen what I went through Dec. 2 (in Cleveland) so he should be prepared,' James said after joining a handful of Miami teammates -- Bosh not among them -- at an optional workout at Conseco Fieldhouse here Monday. 'First of all, it will not be as bad as it was for me,' James said. 'But he can expect boos, he can expect a little hatred from them, the fans giving it to him. As teammates, we’ll be there for him and we’ll make sure we’re in tune with our game plan, trying to get that win for him.'"
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