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Posted on: September 28, 2010 5:16 pm
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Current four-team deal for Carmelo dies

Posted by Royce Young

The shelf life for trade talks that go public isn't very long. Eventually, they just dry up and die. And that was definitely the case for the current four-team Carmelo Anthony trade to the Nets. According to multiple outlets and confirmed by Ken Berger of CBSSports.com , the current deal is dead.

As Berger reported, the potential trade was hung up and stuck in a state of inertia while everyone sorted things out. But it became clear to the Nuggets that this was a deal that could cost them money, therefore, they started wanting more and more.

But here's where there could be some confusion: Yes, the four-team deal involving the Nets, Nuggets, Bobcats and Jazz is dead. But that doesn't mean a Carmelo-to-the-Nets deal is dead. Both Berger and Benjamin Hochman of the Denver Post have reported that talks are continuing, with Hochman adding that Melo won't be traded today. But something could go forward soon for sure.

The Nets still want Anthony and are willing to hang in there. But the Nuggets continue to push for more for their star (and why wouldn't they?), so the talks have been hung up on a number of snags. There's no doubt this could eventually be revived in another revised deal, but just because the current one is dead doesn't mean Carmelo can't still go to New Jersey. If the Nets want him and Carmelo agrees to signing an extension there, you can be sure they'll put together another package and find a few new teams to make this thing happen.

Berger reports the Nuggets are trying actively to find new places for Kenyon Martin and J.R. Smith, so they can offload almost $25 million in salary. Ken mentions this thing would likely have been done if the Bobcats hadn't waived Erick Dampier two weeks ago. Dampier had a non-guaranteed $13 million contract, which could've been a perfect exchange for Martin. Adding Dampier into the deal would've saved Denver in the neighborhood of $33 million when factoring in luxury tax savings.

At this point, it feels a little like Denver might be holding on to trying to play a little of the season with Anthony. But there's never been any indication Carmelo intends to stay in Denver past this season, so it's probably a pipe dream to convince him to stay. But the Nuggets still hold the cards and if they want, can have Carmelo for at least one more full season in Denver.
Posted on: September 28, 2010 2:31 pm
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MeloDrama: Houston out, Nets need two new teams

Posted by Royce Young
Most thought a deal for Carmelo Anthony would've been done by now. Not often do four-team deals hang in limbo like this without someone finally pressing the button or it completely falling apart.

And while yesterday the Nuggets leaped a big hurdle by getting Anthony to media day and training camp, there was a small twist.

He didn't partake in any of the promotional video, picture or radio shoots. All together now: hmmmmm. If you were looking for a sign that things were still alive in the trade department, I think you got one.

It's obvious that the trade discussions are still happening and as Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! reported the Nets are working on a new deal. Why the wait-out by the Nuggets? Because they're concerned about taking back more money than they're sending out.

A source told ESPN's Chris Broussard, "Stan Kroenke is not going to pay that much money to take a step backwards," the source said of the Nuggets' owner. "They'll have to find a way for Denver to take on less money for that deal to happen."

In the current proposed deal, the Nuggets would receive Andrei Kirilenko ($17.8 million), New Jersey rookie Derrick Favors ($4.1 million) and two future first-round draft picks for Carmelo, who makes right at $17.1 million. The Nuggets' payroll would increase by $4.8 million and since they are over the luxury tax, they'd pay another $4.8 million, meaning Denver would pay an extra $9.6 million this season to become a worse team. Yeah, that doesn't sound so awesome.

While Denver has not totally put the kibosh on the deal, the source told Broussard the financial complications make it "very unlikely" to happen within its current structure. That sort of explains Denver's hesitancy regarding the deal. Broussard also said that Bret Bearup, a longtime consultant to Kroenke and his son Josh, has wanted to trade Anthony for quite some time, but the money aspect of this deal has kept even him from signing off on the move.

Wojnarowski said the Nets are trying to find two new teams to get involved in the deal. Ken Berger of CBSSports.com said that the Nuggets have tried to grab Gerald Wallace but the Bobcats won't budge unless they get Anthony and Carmelo said he won't go there. Same issue with Philly and Andre Iguodala.

But Berger also notes that current deal isn't necessarily dead, but potentially is just being re-worked. On Sunday, a person connected to the talks told CBSSports.com that there was a "more than 50 percent chance" Anthony is traded in the next 24-48 hours.

One contender for Anthony that might be able to be crossed off is Houston, Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated reports. He said he's hearing the Rockets are out of the Carmelo sweepstakes, but does note that the longer this goes, there's a chance they could get involved again.
Posted on: September 27, 2010 3:36 pm
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MeloDrama Update: Melo talks, says little

Superstar talks to media amid trade talk, says he never asked to be traded. No one believes him.
Posted by Matt Moore

Carmelo Anthony showed up at media day, and spoke with the media. It was short, it wasn't very sweet, and it was exactly what you'd expect. He took a handulf of questions, proclaimed "I'm a Nugget" and vehemently denied he ever asked for a trade.

There were several reporters in attendance, tweeting his statements to the press, including Chris Tomasson , Chris Dempsey , and others, and the theme was very evident. The meat comes courtesy of the Denver Post :

"I'm here today. Whatever the future holds, it holds," Anthony said this morning at the Nuggets' annual media day. "I'm leaving my options open right now.

"At the end of the season, I'll sit down with my team, I'll sit down with the Nuggets, and we'll talk about it. This has been a long summer. I'm just excited to get back to the court.

"I've never said I wanted to be traded. I never once said anything about trade talk."

Okay, then.

So Melo is following the company line, even as KB points out the most relevant line . "Whatever the future holds, it holds."

George Karl actually referenced the Kobe Bryant trade demand before the start of the 2007-2008 season, saying he'd call Phil Jackson to talk with him about that. But of course, that seems odd since Carmelo didn't ask for a trade... yeah. Awkward. This thing doesn't feel close to over, but the Nuggets may have been able to ratchet down the pressure a bit knowing Melo's in town and ready to work.

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Carmelo Anthony is at Nuggets media day

Posted by Royce Young

Well, Carmelo Anthony is back in Denver, for now.

J.R. Smith tweeted a picture of Anthony in the locker room early Monday afternoon with the title, "He back!" Again, for now, at least.

All the questions wondering if Anthony would hold out from answering questions about his future appear to be answered. Unless of course he boards himself up in the Nuggets' locker room. How he'll handle the barrage of trade questions is yet to be seen but I'm sure he's got a plan and it'll go something like, "I'm a Denver Nugget right now and that's my focus. I'll let the other stuff happen as it may. But right now, I'm focused on training camp with these guys." In other words, no comment.

According to a bunch of reports, this is the first time Anthony has checked in with the Nuggets this summer. He was out of touch basically for three months and today will be the first time he is formally introduced and talks with Denver general manager Masai Ujiri.

This doesn't mean something's not going to happen. Ken Berger of CBSSports.com reports there's an unofficial deadline on the deal right now and the deal to the Nets is "picking up steam."

But still, it's a small victory for the Nuggets. Anthony is at least with the team, something they hoped for. They had hoped he would show up, get around some friendly faces like George Karl and Chauncey Billups and maybe start feeling sentimental about his team. At the very least, he's in town. For now.
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MeloDrama Update: Media day looms

As the Carmelo Anthony situation continues to unfold (or not, depending on your view), we'll keep you up to date on the developments with our MeloDrama Updates. Buckle up, kids. The Hello-Melo Train is leaving the station.
Posted by Matt Moore

Here's the latest around the web as what is considered D-Day for the Nuggets approaches.
  • Our own Ken Berger reports that Anthony may not be in attendance today for Media Day. That's a scenario described by a source as one that will set the Nuggets into "disaster mode." Marc Stein folllows with word that even if Melo is in attendance, he may not talk to the media . That would allow him to send a message to the Nuggets without getting fined, which would happen in force if he were to "hold out" from training camp. The league responds quickly and strongly when players go that route. KB says he predicts Melo will arrive for media day as long as he's a Nugget. He's been careful to avoid things that could damage his public image.
  • Talks with Golden State are "going nowhere " according to Marc Stein. Woj reports that the four-team discussed last Friday has gained some momentum . A lot of this may be various pieces waiting to see if anyone breaks and offers more. For example, New Jersey waiting for Charlotte to break and offer Augustin, or Denver hoping someone else comes in with a huge offer. Everyone wants to "win" the trade naturally, which is what makes these things more complicated than sometimes they need to be.
  • NBA FanHouse's Sam Amick reports that former Nets talked to Carmelo over the weekend and said that Newark is a long ways away from New York, essentially warning him off of Jersey . Jason Kidd was among those that conveyed that message, which just seems cruel, if honest. Amick says that New York is just giddy about this development.
  • This whole thing has to be excruciating for teams trying to drag Anthony out of Denver due to Denver's considerable leverage. They've got the new CBA working against Melo, their rights to him, and a lack of albatross contracts that they have to ditch. They clear considerable space this summer with Kenyon Martin coming off the books. In short, their biggest concern is how this could impact ticket sales and set back their progress. But then again, if they trade Melo, they're likely looking at a rebuilding process regardless. That might include Chauncey Billups.
  • The looming man behind the curtain, William Wesley, who Ken Berger reported was behind these talks in the first place, has also visited with Jay-Z in New Jersey according to KB. That's a pretty clear indication of the split going on. Then again, Wesley was eventually removed from the discussion of LeBron James, and you have to wonder if he'll be similarly cut out because Melo wants to wait for New York or Chicago, via free agency or trade. There's also a lot of talk about Chris Paul eventually being involved in forming a new Big 3 wherever Melo goes, with Amar'e Stoudemire being swapped out for Brook Lopez if he winds up in Brooklyn.
We'll keep you updated as the Melo-drama continues. Somebody get the man a pink wig.

Posted on: September 27, 2010 11:55 am

What about Chauncey Billups?

Posted by Royce Young

Chauncey Billups is 34 years old. He's entering his 14th season in the league. He's won two NBA titles, a gold medal in the World Championships and has been Finals MVP. He only knows winning. And he only wants to play for a winner.

As Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! pointed out, Billups prefers to win over staying in his hometown. "I want to be playing for something," Billups said in Turkey.

And if the de-construction of the Nuggets happens soon and Carmelo Anthony is moved, Billups might be left walking to the front office, hat in hand, and asking for a way out as well.

Wojnarowski also mention in a report he filed Sunday that everyone on the Nuggets' roster is on the block, sans Ty Lawson and Billups. And while Denver might not be willing to deal Billups now, if a complete rebuilding project is underway, Billups doesn't sound like he's wanting to hang around for that.

J.R. Smith was tossed around in a few trade rumors earlier this summer and a player like Kenyon Martin is an attractive trade piece. Productive player, big contract and one that's up after this season.

Some of the deals proposed to Denver thus far give them a chance to stay competitive while also rebuilding. The original mega-four-team deal that brought the Nuggets Derrick Favors and Andrei Kirilenko wouldn't put Denver in complete rebuilding mode. They probably wouldn't be quite as good, but with Nene, Kenyon Martin, Chris Andersen, Lawson, Smith and Billups, a nice roster is still intact.

But start trading off pieces and acquiring expiring contracts and assets and some of the older players might not be willing to hang in for that. Billups has two years left on his current contract, but that doesn't mean he'll be in Denver for two more years. For one, 2011-12 is non-guaranteed.

If Carmelo can be convinced to stay Billups would likely finish his career in Denver. It's where he was born, where he grew up, where he went to school and somewhere he really likes playing now. But hometown loyalty only runs so far for an aging veteran.

Granted, he might be stuck there this year, but come next season when he's a valuable expiring deal? Billups would likely ship out looking for one last hurrah instead of guiding a batch of restructuring youngsters in the Rockies.
Posted on: September 26, 2010 7:46 pm
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Melo update: Nuggets exploring, Sixers involved?

Posted by Royce Young

It's Sunday, September 26th. Do you know what the latest on Carmelo Anthony is? Here are some cliff notes: the Nuggets are talking to some teams and stuff. Well, there's more detail to it than just that.

Ken Berger of CBSSports.com reported over a week ago the 76ers were involved in the Carmelo trade talks and were even offering Andre Iguodala as bait. Late Sunday, more reports of the same started coming out with multiple outlets reporting that the Sixers and Nuggets have been in talks regarding exchanging the stars. Nothing serious by any means, but at least some discussion.

Berger has filed his latest report updating the Carmelo situation and here's the gist:
  • In terms of the Melo to Philly talks, Anthony hasn't softened on wanting to go to Philadephia. So while there may be talk, don't look for that to Heat up. At least right now.
  • The four-team deal sending Carmelo to New Jersey is still alive, Berger says. And another team could possibly be added to the mix. But it's possibly on life support. The Nets are willing to wait, but the other teams involved - the Jazz and Bobcats - don't want this trade talk to cause a big distraction in their training camp this week. So if things don't start moving, they may balk.
  • The Nuggets have used this extra time to solicit more offers from other teams, but according to Berger, nothing better has presented itself yet. As of now, it appears the deal with the Nets is the best offer and by the account of a number of other executives, the best one the Nuggets can hope to get.
  • To copy and paste from Ken: "The Nets are said to have “exhausted” the options available to the Nuggets in the current structure of the trade, with one possibility having Harris going to Denver instead of Charlotte.
  • What's better for Denver? Devin Harris or Andrei Kirilenko? As Berger mentions, it comes down to which player has more potential trade value. Kirilenko who has a $17.8 million expiring deal is pretty lucrative compared to Harris who is owed $27 million over the next three years. But at the same time, Harris is an All-Star caliber point guard and if he's dealt somewhere that wants him, they've got him for three years. So Denver would be choosing between a large expiring deal or an actual trade asset in Harris. What gets them more?
  • Denver may be stalling for a whole other reason too. Not just to continue to hear from other teams, but in order to hopefully get Anthony in camp and around familiar, friendly faces. To this point, Anthony still hasn't had a sit-down with new GM Masai Ujiri. The Nuggets are hoping that if they can get Carmelo into media day and training camp tomorrow, that maybe talking with George Karl and Chauncey Billups will ease some of his desires to pack up and leave. But that's likely a longshot.
Maybe that's what the Nuggets have been stalling for. They haven't even been able to hear from Anthony and maybe they at least want their shot at keeping him tomorrow. If Carmelo doesn't show or he doesn't like what he hears, then the wheels may be set in motion, big time. That's all speculation on my part because this thing could go through while I'm typing this involving five teams we haven't even talked about yet. That's just how it is.
Posted on: September 25, 2010 10:14 pm
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More Carmelo info? More Carmelo info

Posted by Royce Young

A few things of note from the past few hours of my Internet Carmelo Anthony stalking:
  • Ken Berger of CBSSports.com reports the Carmelo deal is in a holding pattern. One executive not involved in the trade told Berger, ""With every day that passes, the bigger deals fall apart." But that doesn't mean this is falling apart. Another source told Berger that the feet-dragging from Denver was simply "part of getting a deal done."
  • Berger reports multiple executives watching the Carmelo situation believe the reason behind making the four-team trade talk public was an effort to solicit better offers from other teams. But the list is already short. Still, Melo prefers New York with Chicago, Houston, New Jersey and even the Clippers on the list. But the only places that Melo has reportedly been ready to sign is New York and Chicago. Part of the reason we've been hung up here is because of a potential hesitance for Anthony to re-sign with the Nets.
  • A completely random team that's tried to jump into the trade talk? The Cavs. Berger reports Denver has targeting Anderson Varejao as an acceptable replacement for Anthony and that Cleveland has at least inquired. Brian Windhorst of the Plain Dealer reports a similar thing, saying that like most teams, the Cavs have at least placed a phone call or two. The thing the Cavs have in their back pocket though is a $14.5 million trade exception. That's something that makes them a player in pretty much any deal.
  • According to Marc J. Spears of Yahoo!, Kobe Bryant has given Carmelo some advice: Don't leave just to leave. Reportedly, Melo asked Kobe for some thoughts since Bryant was in a similar position in 2007 with the Lakers. Bryant asked to be traded but ended up staying in LA and I think the team has done alright since then. “We’ll see if he signs a reasonable extension and if he’s 100 percent happy that it’s where he wants to go,” Bryant told Yahoo! Sports Saturday. “If not, don’t make a move just to get out of the situation. …Make sure it’s a move that you’re very happy in and you’re comfortable with.”
  • Reportedly, Carmelo wants a promise from any team he signs with that he gets to be the head coach and handle all personell moves for his new team. OK, I made that one up. Just seeing if you were still paying attention to all this stuff.
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