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Posted on: March 28, 2011 5:19 pm

Fisher hit with retroactive flagrant 2 foul

Posted by Royce Young

In the Lakers 112-104 win over their roomates, Derek Fisher collided with Chris Kaman late in the game on a screen by Kaman. It appeared that Fisher raised his elbow a bit which made contact with Kaman's head. Naturally, the Clipper big man didn't like it.

Kaman was hit with two technicals for his reaction to the play and Fisher one. But the NBA has retroactively punished Fisher with a flagrant 2 foul as well for the play.

Normally, a flagrant 2 results in automatic ejection and a suspension. Andrew Bynum just learned about that. But Fisher won't be getting suspension. Just the big foul.

Kobe, who stuck up for Bynum and said he liked his foul didn't do that for Fisher, but instead made fun of Kaman who seemed to want to take on Fisher in the tunnel or in the parking lot after the game.

"What’s he going to do, shoot him with one of his bow and arrows? Give me a break,” Kobe told ESPN LA. “Everybody talks tough in this league. Nobody is a fighter.”

This isn't the first time the Lakers and Clippers scuffled at the end of a game. If you recall, Blake Griffin and Lamar Odom had a little pushing match after Odom didn't appreciate Griffin crashing the offensive glass with just a few seconds remaining. It's not that these two teams are real rivals, but they don't like each other for the most part. Was Fisher's elbow intentional? Probably. But I'm sure Kaman earned it at some other point in the game.
Posted on: March 15, 2011 12:07 pm

Former Clipper players stepped up in crunch time

Posted by Royce Young

The story of former Clipper assistant and one time interim coach Kim Hughes was highlighted in the Journal Times today, and in that is the fact that after Hughes was diagnosed with prostrate cancer, the organization wouldn't pay for his treatment.

"I contacted the Clippers about medical coverage and they said the surgery wouldn't be covered," Hughes said in the story. "I said, ‘Are you kidding me?' And they said if they did it for one person, they'd have to do for everybody else."

Of course this spawned a good amount of "Oh the Clippers" type of comments, even though they might not be entirely fair. (I mean, the Clippers do have a point.) But it made me think: Shouldn't the Clippers be the kind of organization that does the exact opposite of what happened here and go above an beyond? With the type of reputation the franchise has for screwing things up and doing things the wrong way, wouldn't they see this as an opportunity to make a statement the other direction?

But then of course, here's where you remember that Donald Sterling owns the franchise and he cares not for going above and beyond or the "right way".

The story doesn't end there though. Good thing, because I was depressed. In fact, it ends with some inspiration.
When Dunleavy learned the Clippers wouldn't cover the cost of Hughes' surgery, he mentioned it to his players.

Several of them, including now Milwaukee Bucks forward Corey Maggette, Chris Kaman, Elton Brand and Marko Jaric, were taken aback by the news and decided to offer their assistance.

"Kim was one of our coaches and he's a really good friend of mine, too," Maggette said. "He was in a situation where the Clippers' medical coverage wouldn't cover his surgery. I thought it was a great opportunity to help someone in need, to do something that Christ would do.

"It shows your humanity, that you care for other people and not just yourself. Kim was in a life-and-death situation."

It was indeed a dicey time for Hughes. After a biopsy was taken, he learned his prostate cancer was much worse than he believed.

The cancer had quickly spread and was on the brink of moving to other areas of his body.
Players stepped up, in a big way. The organization wouldn't cover the treatment so a couple players raised their hand. So while you can point at the Clippers and make a joke or two, the moral of the story is, you can still step up when someone else doesn't. That's what Maggette, Kaman, Brand and Jaric did for Hughes.

And by all accounts, Hughes is recovering well. Which in the end, is really all that matters.
Posted on: February 1, 2011 10:44 am
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Chris Kaman appears to be on the block

Posted by Royce Young

The Los Angeles Clippers are in transition right now. They're moving away from the big dollar veterans and focusing more on low cost youngsters.

Chris Kaman, who was an All-Star last season, has been out with a bad left ankle for most of the season. He hasn't played since Dec. 5 and there's no timetable for his return. And really, I'm not sure the Clippers are rushing him by any means.

Coach Vinny Del Negro said Monday that if you want to ask about Kaman's availability, just call.

"It depends on what is out there, if there is someone we feel makes us a better team," Del Negro told the Los Angeles Daily News. "We're not in a position not to take a look at everything. It's nothing against Chris. He has tremendous skills. I love him and we need him. But if there is something that would help improve the L.A. Clippers, we would look at anything."

You hear that NBA? Anything. They'll look at anything.

Of course what makes Kaman that much more expendable is the rise of DeAndre Jordan. The athletic seven-footer has become a true presence in the middle, complementing Blake Griffin's game perfectly. Kaman, who is 28, is an offensive center that is looking for 12-15 shot attempts a game. Jordan is fine taking four, with all of them being dunks.

Problem for the Clippers is that Kaman's value isn't near as high as it was two months ago. He's injured so a team looking to add him for help down the stretch isn't sure about what he's going to give. And on top of that, before going down, Kaman wasn't playing all that well. On the season, he's averaging 10.5 points and 7.1 rebounds per game in just 10 games.

What does make Kaman harder to move is his contract. He has two years left on it but at $24 million. He is an All-Star level big man though so a contending team might be interested in bringing him in for a playoff push. Again, the injuries though limits his value to a degree though.

The Clippers would certainly be doing themseves a favor in moving Kaman and fully embracing the youth movement. There's some actual, legitimate excitement and momentum around the franchise right now and it's because of the young talent. Jordan and Griffin are a big part of that. Not to say Kaman doesn't have big time ability, but for the Clippers, it's just better to let the young guys have their minutes. The season's already likely a wash, so just dedicate it to letting your horses get better.

Plenty of teams would be interested in Kaman I'm sure. And like Del Negro said, just pick up the phone.

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Kaman confirms owner Sterling heckles Clippers

Los Angeles Clippers center Chris Kaman confirms that the team's owner Donald Sterling shouts at his players during games. Posted by Ben Golliverchris-kaman 

On Monday, we noted an explosive report that accused Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling of heckling his own players, and point guard Baron Davis in particular, during games from his courtside seats. Tuesday, the Los Angeles Times reported that Clippers center Chris Kaman confirmed that Sterling does shout at the players during games. Unlike Davis, who was painted as frustrated by the verbal harassment, Kaman sounds resigned to it.
"All kinds of stuff," Kaman said. "Some stuff like, 'Oh, dunk the ball.' He owns the team. What do you want me to say? He's my boss. He signs the check. He owns me.
"Not really, but you know what I'm saying. My rights to my basketball skills for five years."
While last season was Davis's first as a Clipper, Kaman has been a Clipper for his entire NBA career, eight seasons, and he was the team's first round draft pick in 2003. In that time period, the Clippers have had just one winning season, and they have won less than 30 games the last three years running. After all that losing, it's not a huge surprise that negative words, even from an owner, would eventually fall on deaf ears.
"He's an interesting guy," Kaman sad. "He likes to watch us play. He's very into it. Very into the decisions from what I understand. He's frustrated like anybody.
". . . The only thing I can say is that if it is negative at all, it's out of frustration. We're not trying to lose games. We're not trying to play bad. It's part of life. It's part of basketball."
Player A complains the the owner is heckling him. Player B says, essentially, "get used to it because that's who he is." Only the Los Angeles Clippers. While Davis's complaint makes his boss look terrible, Kaman's relative indifference may, ironically, make Sterling look even worse.
Posted on: December 10, 2010 8:32 pm
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Clippers: Kaman out 3+ weeks with ankle injury

The Los Angeles Clippers announced on Friday that center Chris Kaman will miss at least three weeks with an ankle injury. Posted by Ben Golliverchris-kaman Aside from the magical play of power forward Blake Griffin, it's been a tough start to the season for the 2010-2011 NBA season Los Angeles Clippers.  On Friday, the team announced more bad news: all star center Chris Kaman will miss at least three weeks due to an ankle injury. Here's the release from the team.
Los Angeles Clippers center Chris Kaman will miss a minimum of three weeks due to an aggravated bone bruise and deltoid ligament sprain of his left ankle. Kaman was examined by team physician Dr. Steven Shimoyama after undergoing an MRI on Dec. 6. He was then was re-evaluated on Dec. 9 by Dr. Richard D. Ferkel. Kaman will wear a protective boot when not participating in assigned rehabilitation.
Kaman originally suffered the injury when he rolled his ankle in a game against the New Orleans Hornets in early November. His prognosis at the time was that he would miss 2-3 weeks, but obviously it's become a bit more serious than that. In Kaman's absence, head coach Vinny Del Negro has turned to center DeAndre Jordan, physical big man Craig Smith, the washed up Brian Cook and has used end-of-the-bencher Jarron Collins sparingly as well. Clearly, Kaman cannot return soon enough. Kaman averaged 10.5 points, 7.1 rebounds, 1.7 assists and 1.2 blocks per game in the 10 games he appeared in this season prior to the injury. He was an NBA all star last season. The Clippers are currently in last place in the Pacific Division, with a record of 5-18.
Posted on: November 10, 2010 10:09 am

Kaman to miss 2-3 weeks with ankle injury

Posted by Royce Young

Another hit for the sliding Clippers. This time, it's starting center and All-Star Chris Kaman.

Kaman rolled his ankle against the Hornets Tuesday and is expected to miss two to three weeks because of the injury. Kaman underwent X-rays, which showed no structural damage.

Kaman told the L.A. Times after the game, "We just ran one of our plays we only run a couple of times a game, and Rasual [Butler] threw the ball up there a little bit, trying to lead me to the basket," Kaman said. "I think Chris Paul tried to come on the weak side to try to steal it and put his foot right where my foot was supposed to go. Basically, I just rolled my ankle right over right then and it was pretty painful for a second, and then it kind of let up. I've rolled my ankle about 10, 12 times in the past eight years. I knew it was going to be a good one."

DeAndre Jordan will likely start in Kaman's spot with potentially Blake Griffin seeing a little time at center.

Kaman's averaging 12.7 points and 8.6 rebounds per game this season which is down from last season and a little disappointing considering what Griffin is adding next to him. Kaman's shot has been off and he's been forcing things much more. He's taking more shots, missing more shots and having trouble getting settled in to the flow of the game.

The Clippers are already slipping away from any preseason aspirations and Kaman's injury will just about seal the deal on it. But without Kaman in the lineup, there's an opportunity there for Jordan to develop a little while also letting Griffin get more time in multiple block positions.
Posted on: November 3, 2010 2:40 pm
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The Pistons are interested in Josh Smith?

Posted by Royce Young

A report came out earlier in the week saying because of Al Horford's extension, the Hawks might not be able to keep Josh Smith and therefore, might be open to trading him.

And according to Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press, the Pistons might just be interested. (If not in Smith, then potentially Chris Kaman too.) Ellis says that once the Pistons sale goes official, they will strongly consider a Richard Hamilton for Josh Smith swap.

(Record scratch.)

Wait, what? Hamilton for Smith... straight up? I'm not saying Richard Hamilton isn't a fine basketball player - because he is - but we're talking about Josh Smith here. Sure, Hamilton has a contract that's somewhat attractive ($12.5 million expiring in 2013) but it's not like it's the best thing ever. Hamilton is 32, has been in the league 11 years and his averages are taking a big dip (he's putting up 10.7 ppg this year). Smith, is a rare talent that's just 24 years old and potentially hasn't scraped his ceiling yet.

So yeah Joe Dumars, I guess I can understand why you'd "seriously consider" trading Richard Hamilton for Josh Smith. Here are a few more good trade ideas Dumars is seriously considering:
  • Season 4 of "Sister Sister" for Season 4 of "The Wire"
  • The 2004 NBA title for a fully-loaded baked potato
If Dumars is able to pull something like that off, I will absolutely retract all of these lame jokes and give it up to him. But as of right now, someone saying they'd "seriously consider" trading Hamilton for Josh Smith is kind of like me saying I'll trade you this $5 for your $20. Doesn't really compute.
Posted on: October 18, 2010 5:33 pm
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Reggie Evans, gender scholar

Toronto Raptors forward Reggie Evans has strong opinions on gender issues. Posted by Ben Golliver Beneath Toronto Raptors power forward Reggie Evans's burly and bearded exterior hides an enlightened scholar on gender issues. Asked how the Raptors are coping now that former teammate and all star Chris Bosh left to team up with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade in Miami, Evans told Holly MacKenzie of The Score that he does not dwell on the past because moping is not part of the male existence.
"Only girls sit around and mope. I’m speaking from a man’s perspective. Like if they come on the floor be moping and stuff, that’s what girls do. I’d look at them like a girl, doing what girls do, sitting around moping because of what happened yesterday, or last week that happened. Like my two girls, I have two girls, when I told them no, what they do? Put their heads down and mope. You know what I’m saying."
It is believed Evans acquired such a detailed understanding of the male and female mentalities through decades of careful observation and the occasional surgical procedure, like this famous one he performed on Los Angeles Clippers center Chris Kaman. All jokes aside, Evans's attitude is on point, if a bit crude in delivery. The Raptors are clearly searching for a new identity in Bosh's absence and a forward-thinking approach, rather than the bitterness and pettiness spewed by GM Bryan Colangelo this fall, is the right way to go.
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