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Posted on: October 29, 2010 3:35 pm
Edited on: October 30, 2010 12:21 am

Heat Stroke: Somebody paid $26,000 for two seats

Posted by Royce Young

To sit courtside, to be specific.

According to TMZ, a StubHub representative confirmed that someone purchased a pair of tickets at $12,942 each. That's like, a lot of money. For a comparison, the most anyone paid for courtside tickets last season was $2,250 each. And that was against the Lakers.

Everyone is kind of freaking out over the fact that the Heat haven't sold out their home opener against the Magic. The reality is, there are a couple hundred seats left that will most definitely get scooped up. I don't think people have to worry about the demand to see this group. Some casual fans may be still deciding if they want to head to the arena for the game tonight, but you can count on the Heat selling all 19,600 tickets they have available for tonight.

The face value for a courtside seat at a Heat game is about $450 per ticket. So at  $12,942, that's a 2,776 percent increase over face value. Somebody is pocketing about $12,500 per ticket if they bought them at face. That's INSANE.

For comparison, probably the biggest Super Bowl ever, a matchup of the New York Giants and the undefeated New England Patriots in 2008 saw a high ticket price on StubHub of $19,446. But that doesn't mean that ticket was sold. That was just the asking price. A prime ticket to this year's World Series Game 3 between the Giants and Rangers in Texas is being sold at the top dollar amount of $8,500.

And yet the home opener for the Miami Heat, one of 41, has a pair of tickets SOLD for nearly $13,000 each. We keep telling you people want to see this team. And some people REALLY want to see this team.
Posted on: October 27, 2010 2:50 pm
Edited on: October 27, 2010 3:14 pm

Heat Stroke: People watched Heat play

Posted by Royce Young

For those of you that gripe about too much Miami Heat coverage, I'm with you. It can become a little nauseating. But people care. People watch. People are paying very close attention.

For example, last night's opening game against the Boston Celtics? Oh, it only drew 7.4 million viewers making it the highest-rated basketball game in cable TV history. The game it topped? Lakers-Bulls from 1996. Yeah, people care about this Heat team.

For a regular-season basketball game, that number is fairly huge. The NBA grabbed every casual sports fan and had them watching last night. I suspect we're going to have a season pretty much full of numbers like that. And to dethrone a game that featured M.J.'s greatest Bulls team vs. Magic Johnson in his final season is just wild.

For shame the Heat didn't perform that well though. The game ended up being a pretty good one, but I'm sure after the first quarter, casual hoops fans were thinking, "This is it? This is what everyone made such a big deal about?" If the NBA had its way, the game would've been back and forth for a full 48 with LeBron, Wade and Bosh all playing a major role in the game. Instead, viewers saw a 4-16 performance from Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh went 3-11 for eight points and there were 14 combined turnovers between Wade and LeBron. It wasn't exactly pretty.

But still, this Heat team is going to be huge. Especially once there are actual storylines to go with the games. Once there's a level of importance to who the Heat are playing and it's something other than just the first look at them, we're all going to be incredibly intrigued. I have a feeling that 7.4 number may be topped once or twice as we go on this year.
Posted on: October 25, 2010 7:12 pm
Edited on: October 25, 2010 7:13 pm

Heat Stroke: If Heat lose to C's, drinks for free

Bar offers to pay tab if Heat lose. Put cart miles and miles before the confetti-covered horse. Posted by Matt Moore

Making your way with the Heat today takes everything you've got. Taking a break from all your worries, like Joel Anthony's shot. Wouldn't you like to get away? Sometimes you want to go...

Where the bartender pays your way... as long as the Heat win the day. You want to be where you can see Wade's hamstring looks the same. You want to go where you don't have to pay your way.

Okay, I'm done. So there's this bar in South Beach. And tomorrow, if the Heat lose to the Celtics? They'll pay your tab, up to $25 . So if the team that's been together four months, without their designated shooter, with two players having had injuries in preseason, lose to the defending Eastern Conference champions featuring four Hall of Famers and an all-world defense, you get your beers for free. Note to owners: Do not let hobos find out about this deal. It's a great promotional tactic, but if the Heat win, are they going to keep this up until the Heat lose? Have we mentioned they're in Boston tomorrow night? Because they're in Boston tomorrow night.

Well, as long as we're not getting ahead of ourselves, Miami.

Posted on: October 22, 2010 11:15 am

Heat Stroke:LeBron empathizes with fans, kind of

LeBron James empathizes with fans' anger, then wipes out any good will acquired by insinuating they should "get over it," then denies on Twitter. Good times.
Posted by Matt Moore

It had to happen sometime. Eventually, LeBron James was going to have to address Cleveland's fans and their visceral reaction to his departure for Southern skies. He was going to have to comment on them and how they feel about him now. Which is to say, he was going to have to comment on the fact that they hate his guts beyond belief. So he did. It did not go well. Here's what James told the ESPN Heat Index's Brian Windhorst about the fans in Cleveland:

"If I was a fan and I was on the outside looking in, I could be upset a little bit if one of my favorite players left," James said. "Or if I felt like he betrayed us or whatever the case may be. But you have to get over it . (Note: Emphasis ours. -Ed.) "
So that definitely comes across as telling Cleveland fans to get over him abandoning them for another team on national television, adding insult to injury, and crushing both their best-contending team and a significant portion of their economy (estimates of up to $250 million per year). Which, you know, probably won't go over well. James, though, was quick to jump on Twitter and backtrack from that sentiment immediately.

So he was just talking about what he would do? I'm confused. Because that quote looks really hard to get around the fact that it sounds like he's talking about Cleveland fans. James went on to explain the gap between the people rooting for laundry, and those that have to wear it.
"Sports are very emotional and fans are very emotional," James said. "At times they really believe you may be related to them you and you sleep in their house. When you do something wrong and you leave their house they can become very emotional. I've understood that over the years. But at the same time, you have to understand you have to do what is best yourself."
James is sounding pretty hurt by all this hatred lately. As I've said before, anger is not really his bag . But for all those that think he didn't care about Cleveland or its fans at all, they should rethink that sentiment. He did make connections there. It was hard for him to leave. He saw an opportunity, and he took it. Maybe it wasn't the "right" thing to do but it was what he felt was right for him, and it's his job, his career, his life. Those of us who are only criticizing him out of our own misguided sense of morality probably should "get over it."

But Cleveland? Nah. They have earned the right to stay mad for as long as they want. That's their right as fans.
Posted on: October 19, 2010 12:57 pm

Heat Stroke:TNT doesn't travel...except for Heat

Popular studio show goes on the road to cover LeBron as media frenzy continues. Posted by Matt Moore

"Inside the NBA " is arguably the best... no, sorry, it is the best NBA studio show on television. And it's not even close and we all know it. The combination of personality, style, analysis, and discussion that the show puts together is unmatched and it is quite literally must-see TV for any huge NBA fan. And it's almost always held in the comfy confines of the TNT studios, except for All-Star weekend and the Conference Finals.

But then, this is no ordinary season.

TNT has announced that it's taking its show on the road for... you guessed it, two Heat games this year. The crew will be in Boston for the season opener October 26th (only a week you guys!) as Miami faces the Celtics, and they'll travel to Cleveland on December 2nd for the near-riot when LeBron James returns to Cleveland. You can expect a lot of Charles Barkley bad-mouthing LeBron during both of these shows while Kenny Smith probably takes a more eloquent approach at criticism and Ernie laughs slightly uncomfortably.

Of course, for all the talk of how the Miami Triad team-up was bad for the sport, or in poor consideration, or whatever, the fact remains that TNT will still be there, making money off of the public attention garners even as he's hated, as this team continues to crossover into unforseen depths of media focus. It's a cash cow, even if some are slashing at the udders while they milk.
Posted on: October 18, 2010 12:27 pm

Heat Stroke: Beat LA already question mark?

Posted by Royce Young

The new Miami Heat tend to get ahead of themselves a bit. When they introduced the new members of the team, they threw a championship sized party. And immediately, the team didn't start talking about winning a championship. They started talking about winning championships, plural.

And it appears that kind of braggadocious mentality has sort of rubbed off on their fanbase. Example the first, via Ira Winderman: They are chanting "Beat L-A!" at open scrimmages. Um, too soon?

No doubt there's already been a little sniping back and forth between the two evident top dogs in the league. Kobe Bryant briefly talked about the Heat, mentioning is first thought besides "How the expletive did that happen?" was, "I've got to get my knee healthy." Ron Artest left LeBron off his top two players list. Artest also talked about how losing weight will help him defend Kevin Durant, but he worries about defending LeBron in a seven-game series.

So both teams are kind of getting ahead of themselves a bit. But "Beat LA?" at an open scrimmage in October? Yeah, that's sort of skipping the forward, the introduction, the plot and the climax of a book and reading the last chapter.

Granted, this is one open practice. And fans like to have fun and chant things. I don't blame them. But what if this persists into the regular season? What if when the Heat are blowing out the Raptors in December, Heat fans start up with it? Couldn't that give some extra fodder to teams like the Magic, Celtics and Bulls, all teams that feel they're a hurdle for the Heat to jump?

Thinking NBA Finals in October isn't a big deal. It's every team's goal. Right down to the Clippers, the Nets and the Wizards. Everyone wants to hoist the trophy. But talking about it, chanting about it and being downright brash about it in October, before your team has even played a game? If the Heat and their fans want to be the NBA's villains, they're off to a nice start.
Posted on: October 15, 2010 5:48 pm

Heat Stroke: Wade out until it counts

Posted by Royce Young

If you're excited to catch the Miami Heat trio playing together, you're going to have to wait until the games actually matter. Ira Winderman of the Sun Sentinel reports that the Heat will take things slow as Erik Spoelstra said, "That'll be tough," in regards to Wade playing in one of the final preseason games. "We don't want to rush it. We'll be patient."

Coachspeak translator: Yeah, we're waiting until the regular season.

Obviously why risk anything with Wade now while things don't count. There's no reason to hurry, no reason to try and get him back before he's completely ready. HOWEVAH, there is the thing that the new Heat starting five have only played a total of three minutes together thus far. And with the defensive-minded and always well-schemed Celtics first up in the regular season, it's not hard to picture some potential offensive issues for the Heat off the bat.

It makes one wonder (or at least me wonder) if Spoelstra intends on letting his guys freelance against the Celtics or if he's going to implement a gameplan and offensive scheme that has really been tested live yet. Currently, I guess you could say the new Heat incarnation is still in beta testing. Nobody knows what kind of kinks there may be or what sort of technical issues loom ahead.

So when the site goes live Oct. 26 in Boston, we can't expect to see a finished product. Doesn't mean there will be long-term effects, because come on, it's just preseason, but if you're digging for meaning in the fact Dwyane Wade has missed most of the preseason - which I am - then there it is.
Posted on: October 14, 2010 5:42 pm
Edited on: October 14, 2010 7:35 pm

Heat Stroke: Kobe's initial reaction

 Posted by Royce Young

Via Mike Bresnahan of the L.A. Times on Twitter, Kobe Bryant said today that he really doesn't like talk about LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade's new adventure in Miami.

But he did share his initial reaction upon hearing LeBron and Bosh would join Wade.

"How did Pat Riley pull that [expletive] off?"

How did Pat Riley pull that expletive off indeed, Kobe. It's something a lot of people thought initially post "Decision." In fact, I think a lot of people are wondering it still now. But in reality, it probably had very little to do with Pat Riley and whole lot more with the three main players involved. I'm sure if the three of them were dying to play together in Minnesota, David Kahn would make it happen. Well, that's probably stretching it, but you get my point.

Kobe shared another thought about the Miami Triad, saying simply, "I've got to get my knee healthy." If I understand Kobe here - and I think that I do - he's implying that his team, the Lakers, might meet LeBron and Bosh's new team, the Heat, at some future time. The NBA Finals perhaps?

Though not to cause a panic that that might not happen, but Kobe may not exactly have that knee healthy. He's previously said it was at about 60 percent and he's kind of sort of playing like it. So far in preseason, Kobe is shooting just 14.3 percent from the floor. That's 4-28 from the field and he's 0-10 from 3. So if he intends on seeing LeBron and Friends at a later date, he needs to work on that knee a little more.

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