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Posted on: January 26, 2012 8:14 pm
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Derrick Rose ticked at Pacers for celebration

Posted by Ben Golliver  

Derrick Rose is peeved at the Indiana Pacers(Getty Images)
Watch your back, Indiana Pacers. You're officially on Chicago Bullls point guard Derrick Rose's hit list.

The reigning NBA MVP broke from his usually humble, soft-spoken demeanor to let reporters know that he's holding a grudge against the Pacers for how they celebrated a Wednesday night victory at the United Center.

ESPNChicago.com reports that Rose said he can't wait to get his revenge.
"I'll never forget how they celebrated just from winning this game," Rose told reporters. "I can't wait to play them again."
Pacers coach Frank Vogel, meanwhile, explained that his team's post-game celebration was simply a product of their pent-up frustration at losing to the Bulls in the 2011 playoffs.
"They are just thrilled to get the win here," Indiana coach Frank Vogel said. "They were crushed that we didn't beat them last year in the playoffs."
This isn't any sort of reckless trash talk from Rose, but it is an instructive episode because it represents a full step of evolution. Not only are Rose and the Bulls playing like the league's best team, they have been playing like that long enough so that the target on their back is fully formed and their past vanquished victims are out for revenge night after night.

The next step, of course, is to have the rings that elevate that dynamic to the next level, but this is clearly progress from when the Bulls were still developing around Rose in 2009-2010 and then surprising people with the consistency of greatness in their play in 2010-2011.

A little more than a week ago, Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant told the world that only two NBA players have the competitive edge that he has: Chris Paul and Rose. Over the last 24 hours, we've gotten a great glimpse at what Bryant meant. Paul got into a battle of respect with Lakers big man Pau Gasol while Rose takes a Jordanesque turn here, using a perceived slight as fuel for the next competition.

It took a long, long time for NBA players to finally realize that they should do whatever it takes not to anger Jordan and Bryant, lest they feel wrath in return. Given that history, this won't be the last time we see comments like this from Rose. Until then, we all countdown until the fun part: March 5, the next time Indiana visits the Windy City.
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Report: Pacers will pursue Gordon in free agency

The Pacers have interest in Eric Gordon as a restricted free agent. (Getty Images)
By Matt Moore

When Eric Gordon reportedly rejected the Hornets' four-year extension offer, it had quite a few consequences. The Hornets will have to convince their best player to re-sign in restricted free agency or match what will be a huge offer from him, based off of what is obviously a complicated relationship with the often-injured but dynamic shooting guard, or else run the risk of him signing the qualifying offer and entering unrestricted free agency in 2013. And it means other teams will be circling like wolves around a wounded deer. 

One of those predators is the Indiana Pacers, according to multiple reports.

Both Yahoo Sports and the Indianapolis Star report that the Pacers will make huge runs at Gordon in restricted free agency. 

Hard to see how they get him, however. The Pacers, under the new CBA, can only offer Gordon a four-year deal, and for presumably less money than the Hornets offered. If Gordon were to sign the offer sheet, the Hornets would have every ability and inclination to match it. Even a front-loaded contract likely wouldn't make the Hornets blink with the cap room they have at their disposal. It would essentially take GM Dell Demps letting Gordon go due to an unwillingness to play for the Hornets. That decision would also probably seal the fate of the Hornets for the next three-plus seasons, and threaten everyone in the organization's job as ownership, whenever it gets settled, if it gets settled, would look to clean house.

So, no, that's probably not going to happen.

But it doesn't mean the Pacers shouldn't give it a shot. Gordon with that core would be pretty exceptional and it would give him the opportunity to contend for a title in the city he's from originally, where he was born and in the state he went to college. The Pacers won't be the last team to be linked to an interest in Gordon now that he'll enter restricted free agency, but they may be the best.

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NBA admits refs blew crucial kick ball no-call

Posted by Ben Golliver 

Everyone saw it happen except the three guys in the striped shirts, and now the NBA has admitted that its referees blew a crucial kick ball no-call that helped decide a Friday night game between the Indiana Pacers and the Golden State Warriors.

With less than 10 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter of a tied game, Warriors guard Monta Ellis attempted a cross over move on Pacers guard George Hill outside the 3-point arc. Ellis' right-to-left dribble move resulted in the ball bouncing off Hill's right foot, which was raised off the ground. The ball ricocheted into Hill's arms and he took off the other direction, finishing a lay-up while being fouled by Warriors guard Stephen Curry, who tried in vain to foul him to prevent the lay-up. Hill made his free throw, Curry missed a potential game-tying 3-pointer at the buzzer and the Pacers escaped with a 94-91 road victory at Oracle Arena.

The NBA announced on Saturday that the refereeing crew of Mike Callahan, Courtney Kirkland and Tony Brown should have whistled Hill for a kick ball violation, which would have returned possession to the Warriors with the score tied and roughly five seconds remaining on the clock. 

Here's the league's official explanation. 
With 5.4 seconds remaining in the Indiana-Golden State game on Jan. 20, Pacers guard George Hill intentionally kicked the ball away from Warriors guard Monta Ellis during his cross over dribble. According to rule no. 10, Section IV.b, kicking the ball or striking it with any part of the leg is a violation when it is an intentional act. The officials missed the kicked ball violation which should have resulted in a deadball situation and Golden State inbounding the ball on the sideline nearest the spot of the violation.
Warriors coach Mark Jackson and his team were furious, and he vigorously argued the call with officials after the ensuing play.

With the win, the Pacers improved to 10-4. The Warriors fell to 5-10.

The NBA also recently admitted that their referees blew a late no-call on a traveling violation by Miami Heat All-Star forward LeBron James.

Here's vide of the obvious blown call via YouTube user NBA.

Hat tip: IAmAGM.com
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Video: Pacers mascot breaks backboard at HS game

Posted by Royce Young

Basketball is king in Indiana so with New Palestine taking on Triton Central Friday night, the stakes were high. So high in fact, that Boomer, the Indiana Pacers mascot made an appearance.

Boomer was there to put on a show and that's what he did. He pulled out his trampoline and settled in to bring down the house with a dunk to get the atmosphere rocking. And bring down the house he did. By completely shattering the backboard.

However, this was high school and not the NBA or college, so a backup backboard wasn't available. So the game had to be stopped and relocated to an auxilary gym. Got to think Larry Bird and the Pacers are going to be buying someone a new backboard this weekend. All Boomer had to say about though was "Oooops."

Oooops indeed.

Via Deadspin
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Hibbert wants to stay with Pacers

Roy Hibbert wants to return to the Pacers next year, but isn't holding his breath for a extension. (Getty Images)
By Matt Moore

Roy Hibbert's having a career year so far, averaging 14 and 10, with nearly two blocks per game, shooting 53 percent and racking up a 20.7 PER. In a league short on legit centers, that makes him as valuable as can be. But Hibbert, who enters the critical restricted-free-agency-coming-off-a
-rookie-deal this summer, doesn't think he's getting an extension offer before next week's deadline. That said, Hibbert doesn't think he'll be leaving Indiana in free agency. Not if he has anything to say about it. 

From the Indianapolis Star:  
"My personal gut feeling is that we'll do something in the summer, because the max guys are the ones that get extensions right away," Hibbert said. "I'm just going to follow my agent's lead."

Hibbert, who is having his best season, will become a restricted free agent, which means the Pacers can match any offer made to him this summer if the deadline passes.

Hibbert, however, said no one should dwell on his becoming a free agent.

He prefers to remain a Pacer.

"I have every intention of staying," Hibbert said. "Indiana is my home."
via Hibbert eager to stay | The Indianapolis Star | indystar.com.

Hibbert started off hot last year, too, before fading, then settling in by season's end when the Pacers made their playoff run. So there's reason to be skeptical. But the truth is that all the signs are there. Hibbert is coachable, talented, tall, has a good hook shot, gives good effort, by all accounts a likeable guy, and has solid numbers in terms of projections. In a league where every young player is challenged and questioned with his ability to put it all together, especially if he doesn't play for a large market, Hibbert gives every indication that his struggles in the past have been nothing more than acceptable growing pains.

Indiana would do well to keep their paws on him. Talented, even capable starting centers don't grow on tall trees in this league.
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Pacers C Jeff Foster to miss 2 weeks (back)

Posted by Ben Golliver jeff-foster-ind

The Indiana Pacers received some discouraging injury news on Tuesday.

Veteran reserve big man Jeff Foster will miss 2 weeks after undergoing a procedure on his ailing back, according to The Sports Network.
Indiana Pacers forward/center Jeff Foster will undergo a back procedure and will miss the next two weeks, the team announced Tuesday. Foster, 35, has been hampered by a balky back for parts of the past three seasons. He appeared in just 16 games in 2009-10 and 56 games in 2010-11 as a result.
Foster sat out the first six games of the 2011-2012 season before suiting up to make five appearances. On the year, he's averaging 3.0 points and 4.6 rebounds in 14.6 minutes per game.

Without Foster, Indiana coach Frank Vogel has used a frontcourt rotation that includes center Roy Hibbert and forwards David West and Tyler Hansbrough. Reserve big man Lou Amundson, acquired in trade from the Golden State Warriors, has also seen time.

Foster is in the final year of a contract that is paying him $3 million for the 2011-2012 season. 

The Pacers are currently 9-3 on the season.

Hat tip: HoopsHype.com
Posted on: January 9, 2012 5:49 pm

Granger out; Hibbert, Hill questionable

Posted by Royce Young

The Pacers go on the road for a fairly significant Eastern Conference matchup against the 76ers tonight but will be without starting small forward and leading scorer Danny Granger.

Granger has been ruled out because of food poisoning.

The Pacers could also be without center Roy Hibbert (ankle) and backup point guard George Hill (back). The Indy Star reports that Hibbert will play though.
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The Baseline Awards 1.9.12

By Matt Moore

Welcome to the Baseline Awards, a weekly feature that goes over the biggest stories of the past week and hands out awards. Because awards are fun!

Eastern Conference Player of the Week: Best Overall performance by Eastern Player

Chris Bosh

Carmelo Antony is the easy choice here, but with the Knicks' struggles this week, and the Heat's overall success, Bosh gets the run. Bosh averaged 21 points and 7 rebounds over 4 games with the Heat this week, but more importantly, he was the rock for the Heat with Dwyane Wade and LeBron James missing time with injuries. Bosh has been more aggressive on both ends of the floor this season. He's allowing just .788 points per possession defensively this season and has been more aggressive in all phases of the game. It's still not a true "Big 3" but Bosh is changing his reputation this year. 

Western Conference Player of the Week: Best Overall performance by Western Player

Kobe Bryant

Welcome to the new Kobe. Bryant averaged 33.0 points per game this week with scoring totals of 37, 30, and 39 before Sunday night's 26-point performance against the Grizzlies. And yet the Grizzlies game may have been his best performance. He worked in the flow of the offense instead of breaking off in perimeter ISO. He played out of the post to get his array of moves going and created space against quality defenders, and he tallied nine assists. More than the numbers, though, he took his shots when he could create them and down the stretch, when faced with an open jumper at the top of the key versus a closing defender or reposting Andrew Bynum, he gave the big man the ball and let him draw the foul. A phenomenal performance from Bryant, outside of his game against Portland. 

Struggler of the Week: Player with worst performance qualified for expectations

Danny Granger

Granger had the worst percentage of any player over the past week, shooting just 24.5 percent from the field. He nabbed just 3.3 rebounds and dished just over one assist a game. Those are numbers you show to your kids at night to scare them into being good NBA players. Granger's clearly affected by the ankle injury he's struggled through, but right now a Pacers offense that needs him to carry his share of the load is missing him. Granger, for his part, isn't worried about it, and says it's a bunch of layups rattling halfway down and out. 

DOMINATOR AWARD: Most dominant performance

Andrew Bynum

Bynum averaged 16 rebounds per 36 minutes of play this week, and that only begins to describe his impact since returning from suspension. Bynum is unstoppable right now. It's not just the tip-ins after tip-ins, it's how he's altering shots, finishing lobs, creating space, working in the block. Bynum is Godzilla right now. Dwight Hward was still better overall (one more point in twelve fewer shots) but Bynum is unquestionably the second best center in the league right now. 

The Puzzling Enigma Award: Strangest week from player or team

Atlanta Hawks

Beat the Heat in Miami, with Wade and James playing by eight. Lose to Chicgo by two. Lose to the Heat, at home, on national television, without James or Wade, in double overtime, then have the Bobcats take you to overtime the very next night... and then on the third game of a back-to-back-to-back, beat the same Bulls team by 15. 


The Hawks are that sibling that shows up for random family functions. Sometimes they bring toys for the kids. Sometimes they drunkenly stumble into the cake table. Sometimes they're not there at all. Sometimes they're solid as a rock. There's just no way of knowing what you're going to get form them on any given night. They're winning, and yet you can't watch them consistently and believe they're going anywhere. It's perplexing. I need to lie down. 

The Horde Award: Team you should fear

Portland Trail Blazers

No one is playing better overall ball right now. In a sluggish contest against Cleveland on a back to back Sunday, the Cavaliers had done a lot of things right and the Blazers couldn't throw the ball in the ocean. So what did they do? They came out after halftime and crushed them. This just three days after their biggest win of the season over the Lakers at home. 

And so much of it is Gerald Wallace. He is consistently the best player on the floor for Portland, and that's on a team with LaMarcus Aldridge. He's doing everything and doing it right. The Blazers are a buzzsaw right now. 

Cub Scout Troop Award: Team you should not fear

The Wizards are so easy it's painful. They're bad in every single phase of the game. Is it hot in here or it just Flip Saunders' seat? Wocka-wocka-wocka!

The McGavin Award: Best shooter

Paul George is hitting 73 percent from three-point range over the past five games. 

That's insane. 

George went away for the lockout and came back as one of the best catch-and-shoot assassins in the league. He's been a huge part of the Pacers' success. His length allows him to create separation any time he rises to fire and his release is Sundance-Kid-esque at this point. He pops over the screen and the nanosecond the ball hits his hands it's going toward his shooting motion. 

Searching For Bobby Fischer Award for Stratagem: 

Erik Spoelestra

Managed to keep winning without Wade and for a game without James against a playoff team. Has not only had the team adjust to the zone that gave them problems against Boston, but crushed teams who pulled it out. Has everyone motivated and on the same page and kept a low profile. It's easy to cast off the Heat's success as just talent, but if you watch the games, you'll know Spo is doing a hell of a job. 

Awkward Water Cooler Conversation Award for Coaching Struggle: 

Scott Skies

Bogut's been out, so that's obviously a problem. But for the second year in a row, the Bucks have come stumbling out of the gate. There's going to continue to be concerns that Skiles has lost this team as has happened in his other stops until they put together a string of good games, and that means on both sides of the ball. They have to find some offense somehow, someway. 

Blog of the Week:

Sactown Royalty

The Kings have a lot of moving parts and a lot of complicated issues on both sides of the ball. For a team that's been so bad for so long, you won't find a better place for analysis than SR, headed by SBNation's Tom Ziller. 

Awards Watch:

MVP Five to Consider (no particular order):
LeBron James
Derrick Rose
Kobe Bryant
Dwight Howard
Gerald Wallace

ROY Five to Consider:
Ricky Rubio
Kyrie Irving
Markieff Morris
Kawhi Leonard
MarShon Brooks

6th Man of the Year Five to Consider:
James Harden
Al Harrington
Jason Terry 
Lou Williams
Jamal Crawford

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