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Posted on: January 19, 2011 10:52 am
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Prokhorov in town, Nuggets OK meeting with Melo

Posted by Royce Young

The Nets were probably hoping to have Carmelo Anthony gift-wrapped and waiting for Mikhail Prokhorov when the Russian billionaire owner arrived in New Jersey today.

But that's not happening unless someone gets on the phone like right now and gets to work. What the Nets are planning for is that elusive meeting. Finally.

According to the New York Daily News, Denver has OK'd a meeting between the Nets and the Nuggets superstar and that could lead the way to a three-team deal that has been in various stages of negotiations for the past few weeks.

"If the meeting hasn't already taken place," as the Daily News puts it, then it's supposed to happen over the next few days. The Nets and Prokhorov's PR people had no comment on the time frame for the meeting.

During this "meeting," the Nets owner and other minority shareholders (like Jay Z), hope to persuade Anthony to commit long-term to the Nets.

According to the AP, even if Melo doesn't commit long-term, the Nets may go ahead with the trade, but scale it back somewhat. They would hope to bring in Melo and use the next few months to persuade him into staying. That was kind of Denver's plan too, but it doesn't appear to be working.

One other item of interest: If the Nets fail to get Anthony, the Nets won't just close shop. The Jazz's Andrei Kirilenko is a free agent this summer and knows Prokhorov well enough that the two have dinner in Russia when Kirilenko goes home every summer. According to the Daily News, Kirilenko is on the team's radar as a potential player and front-office official.

So while he's not exactly Carmelo Anthony, the Nets have a Plan B. Even if it's just Andrei Kirilenko.
Posted on: January 16, 2011 9:26 pm
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Report: Nuggets let Nets negotiate with Carmelo

The Denver Nuggets have reportedly granted the New Jersey Nets permission to speak to All-Star forward Carmelo Anthony about recent trade proposalscarmelo-anthony and signing a contract extension. Posted by Ben Golliver.

NBA.com reports that the Denver Nuggets have taken an important step towards trading All-Star forward Carmelo Anthony, giving permission to the New Jersey Nets to speak directly with Anthony about the trade and about signing a three-year contract extension. 
A league source said Sunday that the Denver Nuggets have granted the New Jersey Nets permission to speak directly with Carmelo Anthony about the proposed trade that would send Anthony to New Jersey, and about potentially signing the three-year extension that the Nets insist Anthony agree to before they agree to make the deal.
Under normal rules, direct contact with Anthony by Nets officials, up to and including majority owner Mikhail Prokhorov, would be tampering. But if Denver gives New Jersey permission to contact Anthony, the Nets can make their sales pitch to Anthony about their team without being subject to penalties.
This is an unusual move in the NBA, and it speaks to Anthony's unique strength in the long-running trade talks between the Nuggets and the Nets, which most recently included a three-team proposal that also involved the Detroit Pistons. Those talks slowed early last week when Anthony made statements to the effect that he didn't believe a trade was imminent.

The step is a very public sign from the Nuggets that they have not been able to convince Anthony to sign an extension that would keep him in Denver, which had long been assumed. It also appears to signal Anthony's continued reluctance to sign with New Jersey, as it has long been rumored that he wants to join the New York Knicks. Late last week, Anthony said in an interview that it would be his "ultimate dream" to return to play basketball in New York, the city in which he was born.

Now the heavy-duty sales pitch begins. Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov and GM Billy King are able to make their best case directly to Anthony without relying on media or agent intermediaries or worrying about being fined by the NBA league office for improper contact. And Yahoo! Sports reported Sunday that the Nets plan to meet Anthony "early in the week -- prior to Denver's next game on Wednesday." 

New Jersey's pitch will likely include: using Anthony as the centerpiece of a team that will have cap space to attract additional top-end talent in the future, pairing him with promising big man Brook Lopez, moving the team to Brooklyn in the near future to achieve Anthony's goal of playing in front of a hometown crowd, and utilizing Prokhorov's vast fortune and international connections to turn Anthony into a truly global star. Also, rapper Jay-Z is a co-owner. He's pretty cool and appeals to everyone, including NBA All-Stars.

The Nets will also need to convince Anthony that he should be willing to endure a potentially tough stretch during the balance of the season, as the Nets have the second worst record in the Eastern Conference at 10-30, sport a roster that's short on talent and long on question marks, and will be sending a bunch of young talent and draft assets to the Nuggets in a deal that would land Anthony. Even if they landed Anthony tomorrow, it would be an uphill battle during the second half of the season to make the playoffs, even in the weaker Eastern Conference. Also, the Nets will also need to ensure Anthony is happy with new coach Avery Johnson, who is known for a demanding style.

These direct talks don't necessarily mean that a deal will get done, but it's a promising sign given that they come more than a month before the trade deadline. This development shows a professional commitment from all sides that hints that a trade will, eventually, take place.
Posted on: December 14, 2010 1:25 pm
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Nets may become New Yorkers

Patent documents indicate Nets could be considering name change to "New Yorkers."  Posted by Matt Moore

Mikhail Prokhorov has never been huge on the name of the Nets. There's been talk since he acquired the team last year that he would consider changing the name. Now, Nets Daily has uncovered some interesting developments that may indicate the Nets are already leaning in a new direction. From SBNation's Nets Daily:

On September 30, two lawyers associated with a large Philadelphia law firm sought trademark protection for the name, "Brooklyn New Yorkers", three logos featuring either a basketball or a basketball player and the Brooklyn Bridge and even a slogan, "We Come to Play". 
Theres no indication in the US Patent and Trademark Office files that the Nets are associated with the lawyers. A spokesperson for the team declined comment Monday when asked by NetsDaily about the trademark applications. A spokesperson for Mikhail Prohorovs Onexim Group told NetsDaily recently that the applications are "not ours".  The attorney of record on three of the five applications has not responded to a request for information. 
Separately, the URL, brooklynnewyorkers.com, has also been registered in recent months. The URL was registered through a proxy domain register.  The owner is not identified.
via Who Are "Brooklyn New Yorkers"? - NetsDaily.

So Onexim says they weren't behind the move, which doesn't mean they weren't behind the move. Check the link for some of the logos patented. Here's a spoiler: they're pretty terrible.

So is the name New Yorkers, really. "New Yorkers" is too obvious, too lacking in style, so substantive it drowns in itself. Electing to make this the face of the franchise represents a colossal waste of an opportunity. Hopefully this either isn't their option, or is only one of many. 

I know the name isn't brilliant or cool, and is kind of dorky, but it should be noted that the name has been a part of basketball since 1968. Disrupting that would be a slight insult to the history of the league. And it's a might bit better than "the New Yorkers."
Posted on: December 10, 2010 11:24 am
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Mark Cuban sticks Prokhorov with public prod

Mavericks owner tweaks/jabs/haymakers Prokhorov to press before Mavs trounce Nets.
Posted by Matt Moore

It's hard to tell whether Mark Cuban wakes up and just decides to do these things or if they just strike him at the moment. It's definitely within Cuban's makeup to plot out bombastic statements while sipping his freshly harvested Columbian coffee out of diamond-encased mugs, but it also wouldn't shock anyone to learn that he just kind of spits this stuff out like Bobcat Goldthwaite on a bender.

Regardles of the premeditated or spontaneous nature of his particular comments, Cuban has done it again, lobbing up something for the press to slam all over themselves. This time it was in pregame comments regarding Mikhail Prokhorov to media before the Mavericks whipped the billionaire's Nets 102-89 . And the language, was, ahem ... not exactly PG.

From the New York Daily News :
And he started with a haymaker. "He's a p---y," Cuban quipped Thursday when asked about Prokhorov.
via Mark Cuban needles Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov before Mavericks pound Nets in Dallas, 102-89 .

So that's fun. But wait, he wasn't through!
"(Prokhorov) doesn't come to games," Cuban said. "Who the hell knows?"
Ah, Mark. Where would be without your boundless wisdom? In all seriousness, Cuban was joking from all accounts. He tends to toss haymakers about coaches, the league, and players, but very rarely about other owners. It's a brotherhood. Or something. But there could be some hint of jealousy in the unprovoked jabs, since Prokhorov is the new hot playboy on the owners block.

Just have to say, though, tweaking the guy who may or may not have Russian mafia ties is not exactly something I'd recommend as a policy initiative. Then again, i can't afford Cuban's security detail.

Posted on: November 30, 2010 3:45 pm
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Nets strike sponsorship deal with Zippo lighters

The New Jersey Nets have struck a sponsorship deal with Zippo lighters. Posted by Ben Golliver nets-owner Hey, New Jersey Nets fans! If Travis Outlaw's attempts to play defense or Terrence Williams' inability to show up for practice on time have ever driven you to the mezzanine for a smoke break, I have some good news for you. Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov now has you halfway covered, thanks to a new sponsorship deal between the team and Zippo lighters.  The New York Times reports that the Nets' new deal with Zippo is aimed at NBA fans both at home and abroad.
The Nets and Zippo will announce a sponsorship that includes court-side advertising. The one-year deal is believed to be worth “low six figures,” according to an industry source. The sponsorship will also include advertising on local radio broadcasts and ads on the Nets’ English and Russian-language Web sites.
Zippo would love to sell a few more lighters in New Jersey, of course, but they are really interested in reaching hard-smoking fans in Russia. Thanks to the Nets’ new owner, Mikhail Prokhorov, more Nets games are being broadcast in Russia. That gives American companies a chance to reach Russian consumers without having to advertise in Russia, where cigarette smoking is far more widespread. 
To complete the in-game experience, the Nets will begin shooting packs of Marlboro lights into the stands out of bazooka guns and will encourage the team's cheerleaders to twirl giant cigars during their timeout routines.  Only kidding, of course, but this feels like it has slippery slope potential for an international man of mystery like Prokhorov, who has proven to be no stranger to bending the rules. Courtside signs for lighters today, Stoli vodka keg stands for the kids tomorrow. 
Posted on: November 25, 2010 10:07 am

Shootaround 11.25.10: Gobble-gobble

We're thankful for you, Mo's a hero, and Mikhail Prokhorov is scarier than an overcooked turkey, all in today's Shootaround.
Posted by Matt Moore

First-off, a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. We here at CBSSports.com NBA Facts and Rumors want to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving and let you know how grateful we are for your readership. We've loved our first four months doing this, and we're excited for the next, well, forever. Thanks for your continued support. Enjoy your tryptophan-inspired comas, everyone.

The Cavs are likely thankful for Mo Williams this morning, who nailed the game winner for the Cavs over the Bucks last night. Don't believe me? Watch!

Mike D'Antoni is taking the right approach to handling the Knicks after they won their fifth straight to get back to .500: "I told them we have good news and bad news," D'Antoni said late last night after sweeping a home-and-home against Larry Brown's Bobcats. "The good news is we have a five-game winning streak. The bad news is we're .500. Let's be real."

Brandon Roy may play Friday , despite his knees being bone-dry like that turkey you're prepping.

A look at Brian Windhorst , who has covered LeBron since high school, and now covers him for ESPN in Miami, and the growing dissonance between the two now that the world is remarkably different. Regardelss of your feelings on LeBron, I ask that you be civil in the comments. Writing doesn't pay nearly as well as you think, and making that move was the logical career step for Windhorst, who is honestly one of the better scribes in the league.

The Player's Union may be targeting the elimination of the age restriction this summer. College coaches refer to this as "a return to oligarchy."

A piece on Shannon Brown and how he worked hard to get to where his contract required him to.

Obvious alert: Dwyane Wade says this is harder than he expected .

The touching story of why Kevin Durant wears No. 35.

Wait ... Mikhail Prokhorov said what?!

Indy Cornrows thinks the improved defense down low is due to Troy Murphy no longer being around. Scapegoat!

Posted on: October 13, 2010 8:12 am
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Shootaround 10.13.10: KG will cut you off

Posted by Ben Golliver

  • Paul Flannery of WEEI.com with a monster Doc Rivers quote  about Kevin Garnett."Kevin is great. Kevin tries to help every big in here. If that big doesn't listen to him one time, he'll never speak to him again. Literally one time. That has happened a couple of times. Those two guys that he did that to are no longer here and that may be one of the reasons. That's Kevin, when you talk about the Celtic Way, whatever that is, just say Kevin Garnett, and you're pretty much there."
  • Panic briefly struck in Miami Tuesday night, as LeBron James suffered leg cramps during the Heat's exhibition game against CSKA Moscow. James left the court in the third quarter and will be held out of Miami's Wednesday night game, according to ESPN.com's Brian Windhorst .
  • Conor Orr of the Star-Ledger reports  that Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov, often referred to as "the most interesting man in the world", is up on his nicknames. "And there was Nets shooting guard Terrence Williams, who went up to his team's new owner - one of the 40 richest men in the world, with a net worth of nearly $14 billion - and introduced himself, receiving a most familiar greeting in return."Hi, I'm Terrence Williams," he said."Hello, T-Will," Mikhail Prokhorov replied."
  • CJ Hempfield from BulletsForever on Wizards center JaVale McGee during last night's Wizards/Hawks preseason game: "One disturbing trend is that JaVale McGee often appears to be flying in the opposite direction of the flight of the ball on rebound attempts."
  • IndyStar.com's Mike Wells writes that Pacers lottery pick Paul George is struggling from the field because his head is spinning. "Coach Jim O'Brien said George is taking shots within the system, but George is having to soak in as much information as he can, affecting his focus while shooting."When your mind is occupied with where you're supposed to be prior to getting the ball, how to set your man up for a screen down, it can be a little overwhelming," O'Brien said. "There's so much going on in his mind that it prevents him from playing in a natural flow. When you're not playing with a natural flow, you're not going to shoot the basketball as well as you normally would."
  • The Warriors like what they see from guard Monta Ellis defensively against big guards like Tyreke Evanswrites Rusty Simmons . "You have to have toughness, and I think (Ellis) has shown the ability to fight," head coach Keith Smart said. "There are going to be some guys who are just too powerful, but he is going to be able to compete against top guards in the league. We have to be creative enough to find ways to do it on the nights when he can't do it one-on-one."
Posted on: July 6, 2010 10:47 am

Your Morning Shootaround 7.6.10

What's going on in the NBA world...

Dwyane Wade cancelled his press conference for this morning in Miami. No reason was given. Let's not try and get ahead of ourselves, but whichever way you lean in the whole thing, it's curious.

Mikhail Prokhorov told advisers he thinks Chris Bosh will join Dwyane Wade in Miami. He's still hopeful to land LeBron James. Most interesting to me from the notes was Prokhorov's statement about Bosh and Wade's agent Henry Thomas not being aware of the global business implications. If this was leaked intentionally, that provides a whole new context to these statements.

The Magic signed Chris Duhon to a four year deal , which should help with almost none of their needs.

LeBron James is giving indications he plans on announcing his decision on his next team via his own website . Which will, inevitably, crash when he does announce it. I like this plan, already.

Allen Iverson wants to return to the NBA. This should end well. And by "well," I mean "in a turnover."

The Cavs and Suns have started talks about a Leandro Barbosa for Delonte West and Jamario Moon swap.

We'll have more on these stories and more throughout the day.
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