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Posted on: October 29, 2010 2:54 pm

Rudy Fernandez files grievance over latest fine

Posted by Royce Young

Both Rudy Fernandez and his people haven't done a very excellent job of keeping their mouths shut lately. He wants (or wanted, at least) out of Portland and made that position pretty clear and pretty public. And as a result, the league stamped a $25,000 fine and then a $50,000 ticket.

I guess Fernandez accepted the first one, because with the lastest one, he's filed a grievance with the league, according to Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports.

The fine stemmed from comments Fernandez's unofficial agent, Gerard Darnes, who made on his behalf to a Portland radio station. Basically, Darnes said Rudy wanted out of his contract and to return to Spain. This was the second time Fernadez (or his representation) had gone public with his desire to leave the Blazers so the league upped the ante.

What's interesting is that Fernandez appears to be happy and doing well in Portland right now. His big complaint was his role and playing time, but in two games, he's playing an average of about 18 minutes a game and has produced relatively well in that time scoring eight then seven points in two games. He's has a good attitude and hasn't appeared frustrated in the slightest.

Rich Cho has made it pretty clear Fernandez won't be released and likely will not be dealt, so Fernandez is embracing really his only basketball option and that's to suck it up and play his best for Portland. I guess he gets that now. And therefore, he's kindly asking for his $50,000 back.
Posted on: October 27, 2010 12:36 am
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At The Buzzer: Portland 106, Phoenix 92

Blazers beat Portland behind new acquistions, Suns struggle without Amar'e.
Posted by Ben Golliver

Thanks to a rash of injuries for Portland and a rash of poor roster construction for Phoenix, Tuesday night's match-up between the two teams was a perimeter-dominated affair by necessity, with Brandon Roy and Jason Richardson traded baskets and a group of Portland guards trying to offset a hot shooting night for Steve Nash.

Portland came strong out of the gates, thanks to an extended season-opening player introduction that had the Rose Garden crowd hyped, but a red hot shooting third quarter (14-18 from the field, 4-4 from deep) for the Suns had Phoenix up six, 81-75, after three.

Blazers coach Nate McMillan experimented with a number of unorthodox lineup combinations, including a four guard lineup that featured rookie point guard Armon Johnson, Wesley Matthews, Brandon Roy and Rudy Fernandez, in an attempt to keep pace with Phoenix. Johnson, a physical lefty point guard, was a much-needed spark plug, as he attacked the basket and played physical defense in an unexpectedly long fourth-quarter run.

It was a sloppy night for both teams, with Nash committing nine turnovers by himself, but the Blazers pulled away late, corralling a number of offensive rebounds to extend possessions and building a double-digit lead with three fourth-quarter three-pointers from Nicolas Batum.

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Rudy Fernandez is fined again, this time $50,000

Posted by Royce Young

Sometimes, people just don't know when to shut up. And when a penalty of $25,000 isn't enough, that must mean you're probably a professional athlete losing another $50,000 isn't a big deal.

And that's what happened to Blazers' guard Rudy Fernandez late Monday as he was tagged with another fine making him a total of $75,000 lighter in the wallet.

Officially, Fernandez was fined the $50,000 for comments "detrimental to the league." Fernandez wasn't the one making them this time, but instead his representation Gerard Darnes who on Oct. 6 made some pretty clear comments about wanting Rudy out of Portland. Darnes was speaking to a Portland radio station about Fernandez and his situation, specifically addressing a newspaper article from The Oregonian they didn't like. During the conversation, Darnes said this:
"You cannot blame him for having the desire to be somewhere else. He has a contract, he's honoring the contract. He's here and playing. He has been very respectful to the fans. That's why he said that on Media Day also. He loves this community. Portland has treated him so well. He thanks the whole organization and the community. He's not saying, 'I don't want to practice.' He's practicing, playing, he's listening to the people cheer him ... Rudy wishes to go home. His personal situation got worse. This change of mind has been produced in four months. His personal situation has been getting worse. There are things that I cannot say publicly, personal situations, that have been getting worse."
When asked why Rudy wanted to go home, Darnes said, "There's friends, there's family, he's a shy guy. He's special." Special enough to pay $50,000 on your behalf, Gerard.

Fernandez's first comments that he was fined for came back on Aug. 19, but thus far, he's doing his job in the preseason for the Blazers. He's played well and hasn't said anything himself publically since August.

Obviously Fernandez still desperately wants out. This might not be the last fine the NBA has to lay down on Team Fernandez. The amount Fernandez has shelled out isn't a massive amount to him yet, but you can be sure if it happens again, the NBA will up the ante again. And at that point, Fernandez might start getting the message.
Posted on: October 7, 2010 9:28 am

Shootaround 10.7.10: Thinkin' 'Bout Things

Bulls thinkin' 'bout Dampier, Wizards thinkin' 'bout a name change, and Kidd thinkin' 'bout playing till he's 40, all in today's Shootaround.
Posted by Matt Moore

Peja Stojakovic says health will determine if he plays past this season , the final year of his contract. He wants to get through just one year pain free. It's something we rarely consider with these players, treating injuries like they're some sort of outside clamp that prevents them from playing instead of actual pain the players are experiencing.

With Boozer on the shelf, the Bulls are taking a long look at Erick Dampier, according to Marc Stein of ESPN.com . The Bulls waived Chris Richard this week, which is surprising considering their lack of frontcourt depth and the job Richard did in limited minutes.

Marcin Gortat is not going to suddenly get quiet about the issue: he wants a bigger role, now. Unfortunately for him, the Magic are pretty much like "Deal with it, baldy ." Gortat signed a huge contract with the Mavericks last summer but the Magic matched it in restricted free agenc and here we are. For some reason the Magic think having a severely disgruntled Polish guy called "The Hammer" on their team is a good idea.

So this is pretty awesome. Ted Leonsis, the new Wizards owner, posted 101 things the Wizards have put in play to try and improve the fan experience at Wizards games. Some of the smallest details are covered, like how fresh the hot dog buns are. But hidden in there is the following: Changing the name back to the Bullets. Status? "Under consideration." Hold your breath, Bullets fans.

The Hawks exercised their option on Jeff Teague, which should surprise absolutely no one. Teague's locked up through next year, if there is a next year.

Kevin Garnett "went to a dark place " after last year's Finals, which is just classic over-the-top Garnett talk. He was pretty much a wreck after losing that series, leaving you to wonder how he deals with life in any sort of way whatsoever.

Rudy Ferandez' agent went absolutely psycho-hose-beast on local radio, basically pulling a "Leave Britney alone" speech for Fernandez. The kicker is when asked why Rudy wants to go home: "There's friends, there's family, he's a shy guy. He's special." And also a Fraggle, apparently.

Josh McRoberts had an outstanding line last night and the bandwagon is starting to Heat up. McRoberts has already filled into the starting PF spot for the Pacers, and with little competition, will probably hold onto it. A star is born? Maybe?

Jason Kidd wants to play until he's 40 , which is just ridiculous and yet completely believable on all fronts. Oddly, he's already a defensive liability, but the Mavs are thinking about moving him to shooting guard. Which could end up disastrous, but hey, you never know with Kidd. Dude's a survivor. He's going to make it. He's going to work harder. Keep on survivin'. What ?

This Nets-Knicks rivalry gets more entertaining every day .
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Shootaround 10.6.10: Get Pumped!

Posted by Royce Young
  • A website has compiled a big list of team slogans for all the major sports and it's pretty obvious the NBA has some pretty terrible ones. "Get Pumped!" and "CommITment Engergizes" just aren't doing much for me. Check out the whole list. It's fascinating.
  • Linda Robertson of The Miami Herald: "The announcement was ominous: Dwyane Wade, strained right hamstring. Will not return. That is, the linchpin and soul of the new Miami Heat would not return for Tuesday's preseason opener against the Detroit Pistons. When he will return is unknown. Hamstrings are the recalcitrant divas of the muscle set, and often require extra coddling, stroking and pleading to attain cooperation. Wade could very well be good as new in a couple of weeks, but the sight of him limping off the AmericanAirlines Arena court barely three minutes into the game elicited a murmur from the festive crowd. Panic? No. Concern? Yes. Here, on the first night of the anticipated odyssey to an NBA championship, the Heat and its fans got a glimpse of the dreaded disaster scenario. What if one of the Big Three goes down with an injury? What if Wade, LeBron James or Chris Bosh winds up on the bench wearing a suit and tie?"
  • The Cavaliers played a preseason game last night too. Remember them? Bob Finnan of the News-Herald: "Their chance for a championship might have dimmed, but basketball is not dead at Quicken Loans Arena. The Cavaliers kicked off their new era of basketball without LeBron James on Tuesday in an 87-72 victory over the Charlotte Bobcats in the preseason opener for both teams. 'It's home,' Cavs forward Jamario Moon said. 'It's never strange to go home. We were anxious to get in here and show people basketball is still alive in Cleveland.'"
  • Everyone was focused on what was going on in Miami last night, but did you know DeMarcus Cousins was awesome in his debut? Cousins put up 16 points and 16 rebounds in the Kings' win.
  • Truth About It on John Wall's debut: "Why, beyond statistics, Wall was worth drafting first overall. I hear DeMarcus Cousins had a nice night. And perhaps something he did sparked some energy in his team at some point. But overall, without the consistency and the label PG next to his name in the stat book, Cousins doesn’t come close to doing what Wall is able to do with his energy, effort, and passion for the game that’s absolutely contagious to his teammates."
Posted on: September 28, 2010 12:12 am
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Rudy Fernandez still wants to return to Europe

Posted by Royce Young

Before Portland's media day even started, there was a question of Rudy Fernandez would leave his hotel room and show up.

Eventually he came out of hiding and made an appearance at media day where of course he was asked about the highlights he put in his hair. Oh, and that other thing. The wanting-to-be-traded thing. Fernandez's response? He still wants out.

Fernandez said he "prefers the European style" and wants to return to Europe to play professionally there. "I don't feel good in NBA," Fernandez said.

The Blazers have been pretty clear that they want to keep Fernandez. General manager Rich Cho has given no indication of releasing Fernandez though there are definitely reports of Cho trying to trade him. Nate McMillan has said he wants Rudy on the team and intends to try and find court time for him if he's there.

But that doesn't appear to be changing Fernandez's mind. Over the summer, he made his position clear many times, so much so that the league fined him $25,000 for all his talk. Then right before camp started he wrote on his blog that he was excited for a new season and looked forward to playing. Yet when he actually arrives in his city he can't decide if he wants to leave the hotel and when he does, he still asks out.

With how vocal Rudy has been, it's hard to imagine him actually landing on the court for Portland. Cho is surely still shopping him but Fernandez is too much of an asset to give up for peanuts. But with Fernandez making his wishes so clear, things get a little more complicated. And as if they didn't already have enough to worry about.

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Shootaround 9.22.10: New jerseys for everybody!

Posted by Royce Young
  • All 30 teams are getting new jerseys: "The NBA will truck in several stars to deliver its lighter and quicker-drying uniforms in a look that Adidas says will help players run faster, jump higher and stay fresher starting in the 2010-11 season . Dwight Howard, Brook Lopez, Jordan Farmar, Wilson Chandler and Toney Douglas will deliver the limited-edition jerseys from an armored truck parked outside of NBA Store in Manhattan at 11 a.m. ET. The NBA Revolution 30 uniforms are 30% lighter and dry twice as fast, says Travis Blasingame, Adidas' global director of basketball apparel, in an interview with USA TODAY. "
  • Would you deal Joakim Noah for Carmelo Anthony? Henry Abbott of TrueHoop looks: "Those with knowledge of the talks say the Bulls would love to have Anthony. But the Nuggets want the conversation to begin with Joakim Noah. Word is that a package of Noah and Deng would get the deal done. If that's the case, the Bulls are a turning point in their franchise history, with a tough decision to make."
  • Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle: "Daryl Morey's attempts to swing a deal for Carmelo Anthony and to sign Erick Dampier should offer a pretty strong rebuttal to those that flooded the blog with the argument that the move to trade Trevor Ariza for Courtney Lee was just for cost-savings. The Rockets saved $10 million in salary and luxury tax with that move. If they sign Dampier, that would cost $4 million in tax and salary. A deal for Anthony would likely use a chunk of the trade exception, costing about $3.4 million in tax and salary if for Renaldo Balkman or $7.9 million if for Chris Andersen. If the Rockets get their way, they will be spending close to what they would have been spending had they just kept Ariza and stood pat, or more than they were going to spend before the trade. That deal, however, could be a key to a deal for Anthony because that would be how the Rockets can offer the cost-savings the Nuggets demand."
  • Both the NBA Elite and NBA 2K11 demos are out. I'm not much of a gamer, but it's kind of hard to really tell what the better game is. It's amazing though how detailed these games have become.
  • Piston Powered asks if Chauncey Billups' nickname is well-deserved: "Billups is certainly a player I wouldn’t mind having the ball in the waning moments of a close game. He’s a good decision maker, adept at drawing contact, he’s not scared of the taking the shot and he doesn’t turn it over much. But when he was on the Pistons, the general assumption became, “Billups has to get the ball late in close games.” Statistics show that the Pistons had other options on their team — Prince and Hamilton — who were much better bets than Billups to knock down that game winner if it was needed. I love everything about Billups’ game. But Mr. Big Shot is a myth."
Posted on: September 16, 2010 9:09 am

Shootaround 9.16.10: Hack a Shaq

Posted by Royce Young
  • Shaquille O'Neal has been accused of computer hacking and throwing evidence in a lake, according to Radar Online . One of Shaq's former employees named Shawn Darling is the one making the accusations. It's a pretty long and messed up situation, but here's the gist: "At the time, Shaq was having an affair with hip-hop singer Alexis Miller who ended up accusing him of harassment and stalking. Shaq later settled with Miller. The lawsuit alleges, "O'Neal told Darling that Alexis Miller had obtained a restraining order and that O'Neal said could not remember what he sent to Miller by way of text messaging and E-mail." According to the suit, Shaq asked Darling to retrieve every email and text message that he sent Miller-as well as all of Shaq's phone records-- so that he could be aware of what he was dealing with."
  • It's the basketball equivalent of a pitch count. Yao Ming will be limited to 24 minutes a night says Jonathan Feigan of the Houston Chronicle: "Yao’s playing time will not average 24 minutes; it will end there. If he plays 22 minutes in one game, he will not play 26 the next. For that matter, if he plays two minutes one game, he will not play 26 the next. When Yao reaches his 24 minutes, he will be through for that game."
  • George Karl to the Denver Post: "To me, my job is to, anytime I talk to Melo . . . it's to convince him that we won 53 games last year and I think we're very capable of being a lot better than we were last year," Karl told reporters. "Some of the bombs that hit our team injury-wise and my situation, I think we kind of need to stay together, in my opinion. It's pretty easy: Stay together and figure it out. Right now, I don't think Melo is going to be calling me for advice. Fortunately, it's not my job to probably call him to talk about that situation. My job is to talk about basketball."
  • Should Bill Laimbeer coach the Pistons? Patrick Hayes of Piston Powered says no: "I care about legacy. Being a head coach in Detroit would be bad for Laimbeer’s legacy, because he would get fired. I don’t know how long he’d last. And given the right roster (i.e. not the current roster), he might even find a mix of players he could have success with. But there’s a good chance that things wouldn’t end well (see: Trammell, Alan). What I dislike is the assumption that just because Laimbeer was a tough player who is beloved by fans that he’d naturally make a good coach. Even with titles in the WNBA, he hasn’t proven enough as a coach, motivator or understander of the modern player to deserve that assumption." And it appears there's a rebuttal from Bill Laimbeer's daughter in the comments as well.
  • David Kahn, writing a letter to fans. In it, he tries to explain the reason to give Darko $20 million: "Telling Darko how important he could be to our future while offering him a contract that represents a major paycut was a delicate dance.  Darko understood this, too, and thus was willing to allow us some financial protection in the final year of his deal if things didn’t work out.  But let me be clear:  we think they will work out."
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