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Carlos Boozer to make Bulls debut Wednesday?

Chicago Bulls power forward Carlos Boozer could make his 2010-2011 season debut on Wednesday after recovering from a fractured hand. Posted by Ben Golliver carlos-boozer Back in early October, Chicago Bulls power forward Carlos Boozer, the team's marquee addition during free agency, fractured his right hand, requiring surgery.  At the time, there were some whispers that Boozer's injury may have come amid questionable circumstances, but the Bulls didn't pursue the matter, opting to wait for Boozer's return to health. That's looking like a smart decision, as the Bulls have gotten off to a solid start in Boozer's absence, sitting atop the Central Division at 9-6. The Chicago Tribune reports that Boozer practiced Monday and that his return to game action could come as soon as Wednesday, when the Bulls face the Orlando Magic.  New town, new team, healing hand. That likely adds up to a gradual return to form for Boozer, a 20-10 machine, but once he is integrated into Chicago's lineup, watch out.  The Bulls already lead the league in rebound rate and their overall defensive efficiency is top six. Boozer's offensive versatility -- he can bang down low, get to the free throw line, and step out to hit a face-up jumper -- will make life much easier for point guard Derrick Rose, and should help improve Chicago's offensive efficiency, currently ranked No. 18 in the league.  The question to watch over the next two months in the Eastern Conference is which team rises to take on the mantle of the third seed, after favorites Boston Celtics and Orlando Magic. With Boozer back, you've got to like Chicago's chances.
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Shootaround 11.17.10: Lakers need some backup

Posted by Royce Young
  • With Theo Ratliff out 4-6 weeks and Andrew Bynum on the shelf still, the Lakers might be in the market for a short-term backup: “We have to have some support there interim until Andrew comes back,” Coach Phil Jackson said Tuesday. The Lakers will talk to the representative for free-agent Erick Dampier , though it might not be a good match for either side. Dampier will want more than a short-term contract, and the Lakers are looking for a little more mobility in the post."
  • Wilson Chandler wants to stay with the Knicks: "I'd love to be here," Chandler told FanHouse . "Just the city and just being close to the people in the organization. I just love being here. ... I think the future looks great (for the Knicks)."
  • Alan Hahn of Newsday: "Carmelo Anthony is making two franchises miserable right now. The Nuggets don't know whether their star will be back after this season and the Knicks are barely surviving without him. And before a lifeless crowd here at Pepsi Center, Anthony and the Nuggets barely held off the Knicks, 120-118, Tuesday night. The defeat extended the Knicks' losing streak to six games. Shooting was once again a major issue, especially from three-point range, where the Knicks were 9-for-31. It certainly wasn't a performance that would motivate Anthony to think he could be the missing piece to a championship team."
  • Blazersedge: "Sean Marks played six minutes and hit a mid-range jumper. I look forward to the day, reportedly coming soon, that Joel Pryzbilla's name appears on this line in place of Marks'. Paging you video fiends: a highlight reel of Marks running in circles while playing defense in the halfcourt would be pretty re-watchable."
  • By the Horns on a big performance by Derrick Rose: "Derrick Rose. Wow. When Rose got benched because of his fourth foul with 5:31 left in the third quarter, the Bulls were leading 60-58. By the time coach Tom Thibodeu subbed him back in to start the fourth, Chicago had fallen behind 71-63 and the Rockets seemed to have all the momentum on their side. Honestly, the Bulls couldn’t have looked any more discombobulated. Then Rose got ’em “combobulated” again."
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Wizards PG John Wall sprains foot against Bulls

Washington Wizards point guard John Wall sprained his left foot against the Chicago Bulls. Posted by Ben Golliverjohn-wall
The much-anticipated regular season debut match-up between two No. 1 overall draft pick point guards -- Chicago's Derrick Rose and Washington's John Wall ended prematurely on Saturday night, when Wall suffered what the Wizards called a "sprained left foot" during the third quarter. Here's a description of the circumstances surrounding the injury via the Washington Post.
Midway through the third quarter, John Wall buried a three-pointer from the left corner but began to grimace as he ran down the court. He started reaching for his left foot, but couldn't stop for long, since the Chicago Bulls were setting up on offense. Wall noticed Luol Deng cutting toward the basket and slid in front of him to take a charge and suddenly the Wizards' night became more challenging.
Deng plowed over Wall, Wall fell backward and into the right knee of teammate Yi Jianlian. Yi collapsed to the ground and grabbed his knee. His blank expression didn't reveal the severity of the injury, but his inability to move certainly did. After being assisted off the ground, Yi was helped to the locker room by teammates Hamady Ndiaye and Kevin Seraphin. Jianlian suffered a bone bruise on the play and did not return.
Wall continued to play through the pain, but his night was over shortly thereafter, leaving his teammates to trudge along in his absence. 
Rose, who started slow, won the statistical match-up, finishing with 24 points, four rebounds, eight assists, two steals and a block in 36 minutes. Wall finished with 16 points, two rebounds, six assists, one steal and one block in 30 minutes. Oh, by the way, Rose's team won the game, too: The Bulls downed the Wizards 103-96 in the United Center.
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Friday 5 With KB: KG the Jerk, Heat fail, and BRI

Posted by Matt Moore

1. Kevin Garnett is not exactly the most popular guy in the world right now. Garnett seems to be the kind of guy who is loved by his friends and close circle and is abrasive to everyone else. Do you have any thoughts on his evolving legacy from lovable lunatic lose to hated psychotic champion?

Ken Berger: I think your evaluation of KG is spot on. He is like the crazy uncle that everyone is wary of and constantly nervous about what he might say or do next. But he's family, so you tolerate him. You know, the old, "He's a jerk, but he's our jerk." At this point, Garnett could care less what people think about him or what his legacy is. He's perfectly content to continue yapping and thumping his chest and winning another championship. And I don't see anything wrong with that, as long as he doesn't care that he'll never be named man of the year or Mr. Congeniality. To me, the funniest aspect of this whole episode recently was Joakim Noah calling Garnett ugly. Hey, Jo, I don't think GQ is putting you on the cover any time soon.

2. Not exactly a banner week for the Heat. Scale of 1 to 5. How much should fans  (if there are any) be pushing the panic button?

KB: I'd say 3.5. On one hand, some of this could have and should have been expected, given that basketball is a team game and you can't just plug talent into the equation like in baseball and automatically win 70 percent of your games and waltz to the championship. I know that you know that in basketball, how the pieces fit together are every bit as important -- if not more so -- than the talent itself. Eventually, the talent will shine through, and LeBron and Wade will become as deadly a combination as we thought they'd be. But there are several areas of concern that need to be watched closely: The misuse of LeBron's and Wade's best attributes when they are on the floor with a point guard, meaning neither one has the ball in his hands for too many possessions. This can (and should) be solved when Mike Miller comes back. Instead of a point guard, you put Miller on the floor with LeBron and Wade acting as interchangeable wings who take turns initiating the offense. In my mind, LeBron fits this role best. Two, the lack of size is becoming a major issue. Erick Dampier, please pick up the white courtesy phone. Three, Erik Spoelstra struck a chord when he lectured the team at halftime Thursday night about ego. It has been a real wakeup call for these three free-agent darlings who came together so effortlessly. Winning in May and June is going to prove a lot more difficult than winning in July.

3. In the Post-Ups you alluded to the improving situation in New Orleans. Now that the team looks like it's ready to compete in the playoffs again (though it's still early), is it time to start looking for what can get them to the next level, and what is that?

KB: I think it's a positive sign that the Hornets are trying to get someone CP3 would consider to be a top-tier running mate. But they're a little stuck in that regard, and here's why: Peja Stojakovic and his $14.3 million expiring contract could be easily deal to a team trying to get off a lot of future money, and if one of those pieces coming back is an elite 3-point shooter, New Orleans is better in the short run. But they future money they'd have to take back in such a deal would hamper their ability to make moves next summer -- or whenever the lockout ends and under whatever new rules exist. The most valuable asset on the NBA market right now is cap flexibility heading into the uncertainty of a new CBA, especially for low-revenue markets. So the Hornets can't allow themselves to be tempted by the prospect of getting better in the short term at the expense of hampering their flexibility heading into a new deal. 

4. You also wrote in the Post-Ups that Kevin Love is garnering offers. Why is it that the Wolves are so reticent to trade him if they won't play the man?

KB: Ah, this is a question that goes straight to the heart of the most mysterious figure in the NBA, David Kahn. I'm told in recent days that Love isn't the only player who wants out of Minnesota. Corey Brewer does, too -- but Brewer isn't making any noise publicly, or even privately. Love is doing both. Right now, the Wolves like Love's talent but are disenchanted with his attitude. I think if the right deal came along, they'd move him. Because that locker room is too fragile right now to risk keeping a malcontent on board. Maybe Kahn can trade Love for a few more point guards.

5. BRI up 3 to 3.5%, record ratings across the board. Selling the NBA store for $300 million. The league is booming. Are owners really going to walk away from the most prosperous time in recent history to prove a point? Really?
KB: Yes sir-ee-bob. A hearty contingent of owners see this as a once-in-a -lifetime opportunity to change the economics of the sport in their favor. They also know the vast majority of people will side with them, because of their inherent biases against "greedy millionaire players." This is silly, of course, but it's just the way things are. There are a couple of reasons to be encouraged: 1) sources tell me numerous owners were impressed with the players' presentation of their proposal at a recent CBA meeting, realizing that the union was offering some creative ideas as how to make the business better for everyone; and 2) there's still a lot of time. The next key time-marker in this battle is All-Star weekend, when both sides concede significant progress will need to have been made. But as in all negotiations, the real progress doesn't happen until the 11th hour. Will there be a lockout? Yes, in my opinion. Are the owners and players short-sighted enough to let it wipe out an entire season, or even as much of the season as the '98-'99 lockout did? I don't think so. Both sides realize there's too much at stake.
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Game Changer 11.12.10: Unblemished no more

The Lakers finally lose, the Celtics down the Heat in front of a bunch of stars, Paul Pierce talks trash to LeBron James on Twitter and Chris Bosh is in some non-lofty company when it comes to his rebounding numbers. Posted by Ben Golliver

Each game is made up of elements which help formulate the outcome. Monday through Friday, we'll bring you the elements from the night before's games in our own specialized version of the game recaps. It's not everything that happened, but it's an insight into what lead to the results you'll see in the box scores. This is the Game Changer. 


By Royce Young.

Sometimes, when the Nuggets are really clicking, that offense is absolutely terrifying. Not in a "Oh wow, they're really good!" way. Like a lock-the-doors-and-take-cover way.
Heading in to the fourth quarter Thursday, Denver trailed the Lakers by eight and at one point, were 14 down. But the Nuggs started the fourth on a 16-0 run then later added another 11-0 spurt to essentially put the Lakers away.

But that offense wouldn't have done the Nuggets any good without the stops. For instance, Denver scored 35 points in the second quarter. However, they allowed L.A. 38. And coming off a game where the Nuggets allowed Indiana 54 points in a quarter, defense had to become a priority in order to knock off the unbeaten champs.

Denver held the Lakers to 19 points in the fourth mainly by forcing Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol into a combined 3-11 from the field. Bryant was just 2-8 and Gasol only had three shots. The Nuggets funneled the offense through Shannon Brown and Matt Barnes, essentially daring them to step up. Brown and the Laker bench has certainly done that, but they weren't able to do so in this one.

Instead, it was the Nugget bench that came up large. Ty Lawson put in 17 points and five assists in 23 minutes. J.R. Smith added 13 in 26 minutes. Between them and what the starters provided, Denver had the scoring angle covered.

A lot of this game can be summed up between the two stars. Kobe finished with 32 points but was just 11-32 from the field and started 2-10. Carmelo Anthony netted 32 but was 14-25 from the floor. Efficiency wins.

Early on, it looked like the Lakers were perfectly content to play at the Nuggets leisure. Whatever pace Denver wanted, it got. The Nuggets controlled tempo and the Lakers didn't put up much of a fight in stopping the game from going into a shootout. Not that the Lakers can't hold serve in that situation, but the Nuggets are a powerful offensive team when things get rolling. And they did Thursday.

The Lakers weren't headed for an undefeated season. Some thought they might be able to challenge the record 15-0 start. A tall order for sure, even for a team as stout as the Lakers. But I don't think 8-1 is all bad. Though that 33-19 fourth quarter for the Nuggets has to have the Lakers thinking they very well should still be unblemished.


Ray Allen: 35 points, one rebound, zero assists on 13-23 shooting and 7-9 from downtown in 41 minutes in a Boston Celtics road win over the Miami Heat.

Honorable mention to...

Carmelo Anthony: 32 points, 13 rebounds, two assists, two blocks on 14-25 shooting in 41 minutes in a Denver Nuggets home win over the Los Angeles Lakers.
LeBron James: 35 points, 10 rebounds, nine assists, three setals on 9-21 shooting in 44 minutes in a Miami Heat home loss to the Boston Celtics. Luol Deng: 26 points, 11 rebounds, six assists, one steal and two blocks on 9-19 shooting in 40 minutes in a Chicago Bulls home win over the Golden State Warriors.     


By Royce Young.

It was the game that no one was watching. Heck, I'm not 100 percent sure even Warrior or Bulls fans were tuned in with Miami and Boston going for Round 2 on TNT.

But here's what you missed:

  • A swarming, relentless defensive performance by the Bulls, holding the Warriors to 90 points, including just 38 at the half.
  • A terrific game from Derrick Rose who 22 points and 13 assists.
  • Chicago's starters all scoring at least 14 points.
  • And really, a game that stayed interesting despite being a blowout after three quarters.

Credit the Warriors, who really kept playing all the way through. This was the fourth in five nights for Golden State and the Warriors were just in over their heads against a rested Bulls club. Plus, it was obvious early on how meaningful David Lee is to them. He was out of this one because Wilson Chandler broke a piece of his face on Lee's arm, requiring Lee to get a number of stitches.

But Brandan Wright started for Lee and was entirely unproductive against the Bulls' front line. Dorell Wright led Golden State in rebounds with eight, if that tells you something.

Regardless though, the Warriors are still 6-3 and actually looking like a decently solid team. The Bulls reclaimed the Central Division in the East with the win, moving to 4-3. It was a great game or anything necessarily skipping Heat-Celtics over, but the game was played and stuff happened. But you probably didn't see it. Hence why I'm here telling you about it.




A "Big Four" of musicians -- Chris Brown, Bow Wow, Lil Wayne and Drake -- take in the action between Boston's Big Four (Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo) and Miami's Big 2.5 (LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh).




According to Basketball-Reference.com , 5'3" point guard Muggsy Bogues averaged 4.1 rebounds in 35.7 minutes during the 1993-1994 season. So far this season, Miami Heat power forward Chris Bosh is averaging 5.1 rebounds in 33.3 minutes per game.

Follow F&R on Twitter at @CBSSportsNBA and check out our RSS feed . This has been your daily edition of the Game Changer.
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There goes Joakim Noah talking about KG

Posted by Royce Young

It was only a matter of time before it happened. Honestly, I can't believe it took this long.

Joakim Noah isn't shy with his words and he isn't shy about talking about who he likes and doesn't. It's completely refreshing in an era where guys play with each other in AAU and come in to the league buddies. Noah isn't about any of that. He's about business on the basketball court and he's not holding anything back off it. So when it came to Kevin Garnett, Noah had some thoughts.

“Kevin Garnett will not — will not — get a Christmas gift from me,” Noah said with a tinge of humor Wednesday on “The Waddle & Silvy Show” on ESPN 1000. “I don’t like him….”

“He’s a very mean guy,” Noah said Wednesday. “Where’s the love? None at all. Ugly, too….”

“I had his poster in my room,” Noah said. “I used to wear his jersey. And the truth is my rookie year, I was in admiration of this guy, and he kind of shut me down.

“And he was very mean to me my rookie year. And he’s only mean to the young guys and the [European players], for some reason. I don’t know why, but that’s who he doesn’t like. He’s not nice. I talk a lot of trash out there, but c’mon, be a little sensitive. Be sweet.”

You hear that KG? Just be sweet man.

But here's what Noah called Garnett: Mean and ugly. Not a great combination. And I'm sure after the pounding Garnett has taken the past few weeks, he's not going to get any sweeter for Noah next time they meet.

Via ESPN Chicago
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At the Buzzer: Bulls, Nuggets go to the wire

The Chicago Bulls defeated the Denver Nuggets, 94-92, in Chicago on Monday night. Posted by Ben Golliver derrick-rose It was a bit of a grinder in Chicago on Monday night, as the Denver Nuggets limped into the United Center without power forward Kenyon Martin for a date with the Bulls, who were short-handed themselves thanks to the absence of power forward Carlos Boozer. Chicago prevailed thanks to a balanced attack, which saw all five Bulls starters tally double-figures. Despite the balance, none of the Bulls main weapons was particularly efficient, with forward Luol Deng shooting 6-18, guard Derrick Rose shooting 7-21 and big man Joakin Noah shooting 4-11. The Nuggets received a big night from all star forward Carmelo Anthony, who put up 32 points, eight rebounds, one assist, four steals and two blocks, but it was basically a one-man show. Denver looked out of sync to close the game and struggled to hang out to the ball all night, committing 18 turnovers. Chicago got the late-game breaks, starting with a sensational steal by Bulls guard Keith Bogans which led to a runout, as Bogans found Deng with an over-the-shoulder pass that Deng flushed to put Chicago up 88-84 with two minutes to go. Rose, who struggled with his shot throughout the game, hit a big pull-up with a little more than a minute remaining and came up with a few possession-saving defensive plays down the stretch.  In the game's closing seconds, Chicago made an interesting strategic move, electing to foul Anthony even though they held a 3-point lead. Melo hit both free throws, but Bulls forward Kyle Korver held serve, making both of his on the ensuing Bulls possession. On Denver's final possession, guard Arron Afflalo missed a corner 3-point attempt long off a neatly-designed inbounds play. That was the ballgame.    Protecting home court against a Western Conference playoff team, as they did last week against the Portland Trail Blazers, makes tonight's win a big one for Chicago, who still look like the odds-on favorites to win the Central Division despite some inconsistent early season play.  With the win, the Bulls improves to 3-3 on the year. With the loss, the Nuggets fall to 4-3.
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Report: Bulls hold on Beverley for trade purposes

Posted by Royce Young

After he was cut by the Miami Heat to make room for Jerry Stackhouse, most thought guard Patrick Beverley would find a new NBA home soon. In fact, even Beverley thought the same thing tweeting about good news he was going to have.

Well, that good never came and the team expected to sign him, didn't. Why? Because the Chicago Bulls are keeping the roster flexible to explore future trades, reports ESPN.com.

Reportedly, a trade sending forward James Johnson to Charlotte has popped up as an option, but the talks haven't become serious yet. What would the Bulls be seeking in return? No telling at this point, but as of now, their plans don't involve Beverley.

As is the case always in the NBA, nothing is done until it's totally done. So Beverley could still find his way into a Chicago uniform in the near future. The Bulls scheduled Beverley for a physical but nothing materialized. Chicago's options also include bringing back John Lucas III or Kyle Weaver, players that both worked out for the Bulls.

Chicago needs point guard depth right now. C.J. Watson has done a decent job backing up Derrick Rose, but his natural place is more of a combo guard. Most teams carry three point guards, but right now, the Bulls truly only have one plus a shooting guard pretending to be a point man.

Currently, the Bulls have 13 players on the active roster so any trade they're looking at will likely be a two-for-one type of a deal, so it's certainly something to keep an eye on.
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