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Posted on: June 23, 2011 12:26 pm
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NBA Trade Rumor: OKC shopping Maynor for lottery?

Posted by Royce Young

There’s always a lot of smoke on draft day. For instance, that the Spurs might trade Tony Parker for a lottery pick. Which is why I wouldn’t get too hot and bothered at word that the Thunder are shopping Eric Maynor to move into the first 14 picks.

Via ESPN.com:

Is Thunder point guard Eric Maynor worth a lottery pick? Sources say the Thunder have been quietly gauging interest in Maynor during the past few days in an attempt to move up into the top half of the first round. They’ve spoken to the Kings (No. 7) and Bobcats (No. 9) in particular in the past few days.

Maynor was the 20th pick in the 2009 draft, which was one of the most loaded point guard drafts. With so few quality point guards on the board this year, would a team covet him more than Kemba Walker or Jimmer Fredette?

Who are the Thunder after? Like a lot of teams, it seems they are in hot pursuit of Lithuanian big man Jonas Valanciunas.

If you recall, there was a lot of talk that the Thunder were in heavy conversations with the Pacers involving Maynor last draft day. With Maynor being one of the premier backup point guards in the league and likely starter material, Sam Presti is probably trying to gauge a little value with Maynor.

How good do other teams think he is?

But if the Thunder could give away their backup point guard who sees 10-15 minutes a night for a lottery pick they’re very high on and then use the 24th pick on Reggie Jackson or another backup point guard, it makes a little sense. A lot of teams are high on Valanciunas, the Thunder being one of them, I guess.

Where it doesn’t make sense is that the Thunder already have a long-term center in Kendrick Perkins and already have an international project in Tibor Pleiss. Not to mention Byron Mullens and Cole Aldrich. I just don’t see where Valanciunas really fits in to the future of the roster. Unless it’s not Valanciunas they want. (Maybe it’s JIMMER?!?!)

It’s going to be tough to retain Maynor in the future anyway as he’s too good to afford but not good enough to pay. Maybe Presti is trying to get out in front of that issue and shuffle in a new backup to Westbrook.

I think this is more of a smoke rather than a fire deal, but something that will make tonight’s draft a bit more interesting for Thunder fans for sure.

Posted on: June 23, 2011 11:40 am
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Biyombo got a Green Room invite?

Posted by Royce Young

The invite list for the Green Room is already 14 long, but according to a tweet from Andy Katz of ESPN.com, add one more to the list.

Mystery man Bismack Biyombo is set to join the other projected lottery people in the Green Room for the draft tonight. The NBA invites players that it expects to be lottery picks to the Green Room. Biyombo either wasn't initially included or it just wasn't known, but the Congolese big man has been up and down the past few weeks with people trying to figure out where he'll land.

Right now, most projections have Biyombo going somewhere in the middle of the lottery, but a few mock drafts have him going as high as No. 4. Biyombo is an impressive athlete and potentially a game-changer on the defensive end. He's a raw talent but someone that a team looking for a big man will likely target.
Posted on: June 21, 2011 1:31 pm
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Wolves tried to get Andrew Bynum for No. 2 pick?

Posted by Royce Young

As Ken Berger reported, the Wolves aren't opposed to moving the No. 2 pick, but are looking for a deal that "blows them away," as a source told Berger.

Looks like the Wolves are trying to blow themselves away.

After reported deals involving JaVale McGee and Roy Hibbert came up cold for Minnesota, the Wolves turned to the Lakers to try and nab a top flight big man to play alongside Kevin Love.

According to SI.com, the Wolves offered a deal including the No. 2 pick for Andrew Bynum. That one will knock your socks off all right.

The Lakers have denied interest in moving either Bynum or Pau Gasol, with Lakers VP Jim Buss hinting Bynum is untouchable, but there has to be at least some level of temptation here for general manager Mitch Kupchak. Bynum is still just 23 years old (can you believe that?) and at 7-1, is one of the most imposing players in the league. He controls the paint, scores on the block and can own the glass. His issues have just been focus and health, but like I said, with him still being young, there's a lot of time for him yet.

Which is why Minnesota would try and go after him. But it's also why the Lakers likely aren't interested in dealing him. A prospect like Derrick Williams is intriguing because the next franchise scorer will have to find his way to L.A. at some point because Kobe's days won't last forever. However, dealing away a championship caliber center with an eye to the future doesn't sound like the Laker way. They prefer to stay in the now and try and win titles presently and worry about the future when the future arrives.

The Lakers won't have a problem finding a franchise face down the line whether it be in the draft or free agency. There's a lot of talk about them needing to get younger but two things about that:

1) The Mavericks proved that idea is really a bunch of junk. Youth can be overrated. Sometimes, the old guys will do just fine.

2) Again, it's not like Bynum is old. He's just two years older than Williams. We're not talking about some 33-year-old washed up big man with bad feet. Bynum has had his health concerns but when he's right, he's as dominant as any player in the league. Remember, the Lakers have won two titles with him in the middle.

Not a bad effort by David Kahn though reaching out for Bynum. Clearly the Wolves are trying to make something happen with No. 2. It's going to take the right team and the right situation to get someone to bite, but a shot at Bynum was worth it. Love, Bynum, Ricky Rubio, Michael Beasley, Wesley Johnson -- not a bad core at all.

Too bad it's not going to happen.
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Pacers offered Hibbert for No. 2?

Posted by Royce Young

Ken Berger of CBSSports.com wrote yesterday that if the Timberwolves were to trade the No. 2 overall pick, they'd have to be "blown away" by an offer. Well according to Yahoo! Sports, they got another offer. Does this one blow anyone away?

Reportedly, the Pacers offered big man Roy Hibbert and their No. 15 pick to Minnesota in exchange for the No. 2 pick, which would've been used on Derrick Williams. The Wolves were not blown away and turned that one down.

Wise move, David Kahn. Hibbert doesn't necessarily give you a real building block to success, especially when you consider you're giving up Williams, a pretty quality talent, in the process.

Interesting though that the Pacers offered Hibbert. The Indiana center made some huge strides in his game last season and at 7-3, is the kind of big man most teams crave. But he's inconsistent and sometimes fades out of games and gets in foul trouble. Not exactly worth the No. 2 pick.

But if the Pacers would've taken Williams, that tells me they're also interested in maybe moving Danny Granger. Williams and Granger are similar players playing similar positions. Keepign Granger might've stunted Williams' development which means Granger could've been dealt and some of the Pacers cap space opened up.

Really, that's a much more reasonable deal anyway. Hibbert, Granger and the No. 15 pick for Minnesota's No. 2 pick. Who says no there? The Pacers are probably giving up too much, but considering they want to clear cap space, that would get done in this deal. Now that deal might've blown them away.
Posted on: June 20, 2011 3:40 pm
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Your 'Insane Timberwolves Rumor' roundup

Posted by Matt Moore

Only with the Timberwolves would a No.2 overall pick be considered a burden. But that's the case as just as soon as the Wolves found their spot in the lottery, rumors of them trying to trade it sprang to life. And as Thursday's draft inches ever closer, they've gotten out of control. They're multiplying like Gremlins. Seriously, if you see one, don't feed it after midnight. Here's what we've got. These are rumors and should be viewed with skepticism, but they pass the "okay, that's not so absurd it's laughable"/"that can't possibly work under the current CBA" test. 

Pau Gasol for Kevin Love and the No.2.  Yeah, that's what you call a blockbuster deal. It sounds insane, until you think about it. The Wolves do want an established star. Gasol is buds with Rubio out of Spain. The Lakers have been frustrated with Gasol and Love would rebound and hit threes while not challenging Bryant. Then you think about it some more and it's still completely insane. Eric Pincus of Hoopsworld floated some substantiation of the idea touched on by ESPN in a chat session about Gasol being on the Wolves' radar. Respected cap analyst Larry Coon tweeted over the weekend that there "may be some fire" there. Coon also said Love and the No.2 is too much, and that Love has not been put on the table. The big thing here is that moving Gasol means risking the championship window which is assuredly still open as long as Gasol is still within range of his prime, which he is, though the distance is increasing. Plus Love's poor defense could be a big issue under Mike Brown. But there's a decent around of smoke around this one, even if the flames seem plastic.

Here's a fun one. The ESPN radio affiliate out of Minneapolis reported over the weekend that conversations had taken place between the Wolves and Bucks, sending the No.2 pick for Andrew Bogut and the No.10 pick. Darren Wolfson of local television confirmed the report and the Minneapolis Star-Tribune says it's possible, but Milwaukee isn't biting. If Milwaukee were chasing the deal, it would mean that something was seriously wrong with Bogut's wrist, which would probably kill the trade in a physical anyway. And with Darko Milicic on the books for four more years, the deal only gets more confusing.

Weirdly, the one established player who the Wolves could use who is on the block, and the one team that could use the No.2 as a building block in starting over is Monta Ellis and the Golden State Warriors. But while it makes a lot of sense, there's no one biting, so far. 

Thankfully a rumor that had Washington offering up JaVale McGee was shot down by the Washington Post. Trying to imagine McGee in the Minnesota winter trying to clown around with Ricky Rubio while Kevin Love cries at his locker was a little much to take in as a mental image. 

Posted on: June 18, 2011 1:49 pm

Green Room invites released

Posted by Royce Young

The NBA's Green Room invitees list is sort of the group of players the league thinks will be taken in the lottery. An official, OFFICIAL mock draft of sorts, if you will.

And the group of players invited to partake has been released (via Chad Ford):

Kyrie Irving
Derrick Williams
Enes Kanter
Brandon Knight
Kemba Walker
Jonas Valanciunas
Jan Vesely
Kawhi Leonard
Chris Singleton
Klay Thompson
Tristan Thompson
Jimmer Fredette
Marcus Morris
Alec Burks

The most interesting player not on the list? Bismack Biyombo who some have going as No. 4 or 5 in the draft. Biyombo is a bit of a mystery, though most mock drafts have him going somewhere in the lottery.

It's a bit of a surprise that Chris Singleton received an invite, but the Florida State forward has shot up most mock drafts in the past few weeks with really strong workouts. He was considered a late first round pick a month ago, but has positioned himself as almost a sure fire lottery guy.

Also of note: Marcus, not Markieff Morris was invited to the Green Room. But you can be sure that Markieff will be with his brother. Both are certain first round picks, but most have Marcus going a little higher.
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Posted on: June 17, 2011 3:32 pm
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Biyombo says he'll lead the league in rebounding

Posted by Royce Young

Sort of the great mystery in this year's draft class is the 6-9 forward from the Congo, Bismack Biyombo. His workouts have been so-so, but the talent is clearly there, which makes him one of the most intriguing prospects in the draft.

The natural current comparison is to that of the Thunder's Serge Ibaka, but many see Biyombo as an enforcer around the rim that will impact games like Ben Wallace did during the Pistons' title run.

Currently, our mock draft experts see Biyombo going somewhere between as high as No. 4 overall to the Cavs, to the last lottery pick at 14 to the Rockets.

Wherever he goes, most see Biyombo as a raw NBA talent that should be able to impact games defensively immeditately. It's just a matter of whether or not he's got any offensive upside.

Biyombo though, has set the bar high for himself. Very high. Via NBA.com:

So, do you believe you will lead the NBA in blocks?

"I do."

Will you lead the NBA in blocks?


Can you lead the NBA in rebounding?

"Yes, I will."

You will lead the NBA in rebounding?

"Yes. Of course. Hundred percent.

"I don't care how tough people are over there. I don't care how strong they play over there. I know that I'm strong, too. I know that I'm tough, too. I never let people just beat me easy. They're going after me and I'm going to go after them."

Biyombo said he really loves the way Kevin Love rebounds and has studied his style closely. They have a similar frame as they aren't giants, but Biyombo has an edge in athleticism.

But will he lead the NBA in blocks? In rebounding? I hadn't heard, but is Dwight Howard retiring or something? Hard not to like the confidence of the young man though. Why not believe that you'll have that sort of impact in the league? What's the point of even competing if you don't think you can come in and be great?

Biyombo might need a little time, but he's got his mind set to leading the league in blocks and rebounds. Are you listening, lottery teams?

Posted on: June 14, 2011 11:20 pm
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Official early entrants list for 2011 NBA Draft

Posted by Royce Young

Tuesday was the final day for early entrants to withdraw their name from the 2011 NBA Draft. And of the list, the only real notable is Lucas Nogueira, who was a projected first-round pick, meaning Davis Bertans and Nikola Mirotic -- two players most felt would withdraw -- elected to stay in.

Here's the complete list of college players who are entering early:

Alec Burks (Colorado)
DeAngelo Casto (Washington State)
Roscoe Davis  (Midland JC, TX)
Mamadou Diarra (Chaminade, HI)
Jeremy Green (Stanford)
Jordan Hamilton (Texas)
Tobias Harris (Tennessee)
Tyler Honeycutt (UCLA)
Scotty Hopson (Tennessee)
Kyrie Irving (Duke)
Reggie Jackson (Boston College)
Terrence Jennings (Louisville)
Cory Joseph (Texas)

Enes Kanter (Kentucky)
Ryan Kelley (Colorado)
Dan Kelm (Viterbo, WI)
Brandon Knight (Kentucky)
Malcolm Lee (UCLA)
Kawhi Leonard (San Diego State)
Travis Leslie (Georgia)
DeAndre Liggins (Kentucky)
Shelvin Mack (Butler)
Keishawn Mayes (Campbell)
Darius Morris (Michigan)
Marcus Morris (Kansas)
Markieff Morris (Kansas)
Willie Reed (St. Louis)
Jereme Richmond (Illinois)

Carleton Scott (Notre Dame)
Josh Selby (Kansas)
Iman Shumpert (Georgia Tech)
Chris Singleton (Florida State)
Greg Smith (Fresno State)
Isaiah Thomas (Washington)
Trey Thompkins (Georgia)
Klay Thompson (Washington State)
Tristan Thompson (Texas)
Nikola Vucevic (Southern California)
Kemba Walker (Connecticut)
Antoine Watson (Florida International)
Derrick Williams (Arizona)
Jordan Williams (Maryland)

And here are the international early entrants:

Davis Bertans (Union Olimpija, Slovenia)
Bismack Biyombo (Fuenlabrada, Spain)
Nikola Mirotic (Real Madrid, Spain)
Donatas Motiejunas (Benetton Treviso, Italy)
Jonas Valanciunas (Lietuvos Rytas, Lithuania)
Jan Vesely (Partizan, Serbia)

The NBA Draft is June 23 in New Jersey.

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