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Posted on: December 28, 2010 10:10 am
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Shootaround 12.28.10: Tweaked

Rose having a tough time in the mid-range, Dirk and Horford to get scans, Bynum still brimming, and Steve Francis bids ... whatever the Chinese word for goodbye is to China. All this and more in today's Shootaround. 
Posted by Matt Moore

Derrick Rose is having a hard time in the midrange game, mostly because he doesn't trust his jumper yet, even though it's improved. He's especially improved in 3-point shooting, but continues to try floaters from mid-range. 

Dirk Nowitzki will have an MRI this morning on his injured knee. So try not to scare your Maverick fan friends too much this morning.  They're going to be a little jumpy.

Al Horford will also have an MRI on his hand this morning. We'll keep you updated on both of their statuses. 

Andrew Bynum is still "brimming with potential" apparently. At this point I think it's better to say he's brimming with disappointment. Or, "brimming with doctor's appointments."

And just like that... Steve Francis was gone. From China.

Fan sensation Jeremy Lin will likely spend some time in the D-League. 

The sixth-man who was traded for Kareem Abdul-Jabbar now is a restaurant mogul

One thing of vital importance to the Celtics? Transition defense, because it's feast or famine for them.

The Rockets and Bobcats are both in talks with Houston about acquiring the Yao Ming salary dump. 

Nets blog Nets Are Scorching asks the question: "LeBron James: Evil or Stupid?"

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Nowitzki out Tuesday with 'mildly sprained' knee

Dallas Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki will undergo an MRI on his "sore right knee" on Tuesday. Posted by Ben Golliverdirk-nowitzki-knee
Update (Tuesday, 10:54 AM): The Dallas Mavericks have informed the media that Nowitzki underwent his MRI and it revealed a "sprained right knee." He will not play Tuesday night and is listed as day-to-day. As noted in the wire report, Dallas Mavericks forward and MVP candidate Dirk Nowitzki left Monday night's game against the Oklahoma City Thunder with a knee injury during the second quarter, and did not return.
Nowitzki scored 13 points before leaving with 9:10 left in the second with what the Mavericks said was a sore right knee. Shawn Marion led the effort to replace him, scoring 20 points off the bench.
After the game, Nowitzki thanked his fans on Twitter and wrote, "I will be ok. Got an MRI [tomorrow morning]." Dallas's television play-by-play announcer chimed in on Twitter to say that the MRI is "precautionary" and that Mavericks coach Dwane Casey said the injury "doesn't sound serious" during his post-game remarks. DallasNews.com reports that Nowitzki was X-rayed in Oklahoma City and they showed "no structural damage" but that Nowitzki could miss some time. 
Nowitzki thought maybe it was a strain to one of the muscles behind the knee. We've seen Nowitzki make remarkable recoveries from his many ankle twists and sprains. This is a little different with the knee. It wouldn't be surprising at all if he missed some time.
Nowitzki has played in all of Dallas's games so far this season and has missed just two games total since the start of the 2008-2009 season.  With the win in Oklahoma City, the Mavericks improved to 24-5 on the season. They next play on Tuesday night at home against the Toronto Raptors.
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Who advances if the NBA playoffs started today?

CBSSports.com's NBA experts take a look at which teams would advance to the second round if the NBA playoffs started today. Posted by Ben Golliver 2010 comes to a close later this week, and the flipping of the calendar pages ahead to 2011 has the NBA intelligentsia looking ahead to the playoffs.  In that vein, my NBA Facts & Rumors brother Royce Young and CBSSports.com's Adam Aizer and Greg Urbano debate an intriguing question: If the playoffs started today, which teams would advance out of the first round? First, let's look at the Eastern Conference. The match-ups would be as follows: Celtics-Bucks, Heat-Pacers, Bulls-Hawks and Magic-Knicks. Check out the full Eastern Conference breakdown on video. In the Western Conference, the match-ups would feature Spurs-Blazers, Mavericks-Nuggets, Lakers-Hornets and Jazz-Thunder. Here's the video of the full Western Conference breakdown.
My snap take: Boston, Miami, San Antonio, Dallas and the Los Angeles Lakers would all be strong favorites. The Utah/Oklahoma City and Orlando/New York series would battle for most entertaining, while Chicago/Atlanta is relatively even, but would probably swing to the Bulls. In the end, I like the five favorites listed, plus the Thunder, Magic and Bulls.
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Video: NBA teams try and say Happy Holidays

Posted by Royce Young

I think the video production departments for NBA teams will look for any excuse to put players in a video doing something silly. That's why the holiday season is a perfect opportunity to get these really tall people to sing badly, put on silly hats and do weird dances. Nothing says Merry Christmas like J.J. Barea not knowing any of the words to "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer."

A good number of teams have put out a "Happy Holidays!" video. Here's four of the best (I'm not sure if "best" is actually the right word) ones out there:

Chicago Bulls

The Bulls sang (or spoke) the "12 Days of Christmas" with a hilarious basketball twist. Instead of four calling birds, Carlos Boozer gives us "four pick and rolls." And of course Joakim Noah finishes with "a basketball in a pear tree." The first time, funny. Second time, still kind of funny. Third not, not so funny. Eighth time, moving on.

Detroit Pistons

The Pistons put a spin on "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" doing the whole change-the-words-to-basketball-stuf
f thing. You can tell that it took Chris Wilcox more than one take to get "With tales of hot dogs and other good eats," just right. I also like how awkward Jason Maxiell does his line, especially with the through-the-nose laughing at the end.

Dallas Mavericks

The Mavericks are the best in the league at making funny/creative videos with their players. It helps to have Dirk Nowitzki because anything he does is pretty much awesome. He should host Saturday Night Live or something. But their rendition of "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer" is no exception. It's of course excellent, with Dirk stealing the show (why is he wrapped in lights?).

Denver Nuggets

The Nuggets tried the funny costume routine with a bad rap added in. If you're not paying attention, you'd have no idea this had anything to do with Christmas. It's like they tried to do a "Super Bowl Shuffle" but add in The Birdman's neck tattoo and mohawk, plus some oversized clocks and big glass on Chauncey Billups. Success, I guess.
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NBA Drive: Orlando's moves and on renting Melo

Posted by Royce Young

On this week's edition of NBA Drive, CBSSports.com's Ken Berger talks about Orlando's big moves, has some news on Carmelo Anthony (of course) and even rants a bit.

On the Magic's move, Berger says that it will take some time for Orlando to integrate in the new pieces, but mentions how this is really a victory for Washington in moving on from Gilbert Arenas' contract.

As for what's happening with Anthony, the Nuggets have placed negotiations on hold for the time being with Carmelo dealing with a death in the family. But Berger also talks in depth about how Dallas has entered in to the Melo talks and is potentially looking to "rent" Anthony.

That means the team wouldn't have to give up as much and would only happen if the Nuggets can't find a suitable deal with the Nets. It's not a likely scenario, but as Berger notes, Mark Cuban isn't afraid of taking risks so he might not be opposed to renting Carmelo for a championship run.

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Nowitzki passes Bird for 25th on NBA scoring list

Dallas Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki has passed Boston Celtics forward Larry Bird on the NBA's all time scoring list. Posted by Ben Golliverdirk-nowitzki

On Tuesday night, Dallas Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki scored 17 points in a 105-99 road win over the Orlando Magic. In the process, Nowitzki moved into 25th place on the NBA's all time scoring list. At night's end, Nowitzki had 21,798 points, passing Boston Celtics Hall of Fame forward Larry Bird (21,791).  If Nowitzki continues on his current scoring pace this season, he would finish the year with more than 23,000 points, moving him past Clyde Drexler (22,195) and Gary Payton (21,813) into 23rd place. Both Adrian Dantley (23,177) and Elgin Baylor (23,149) are also possibly within reach this year.  Given that Nowitzki is just 32 years old and his scoring production has remained relatively level for the past five seasons, there is a very, very good chance that he will end his career in the top 10 of the league's all time scoring list. To do so, he'd need to reach roughly 27,000 points, which equates to a little more than 2 years (after this season) at his current pace, or 3-4 seasons at a reduced rate. Given his history as an extremely durable player, no lingering injury concerns prevent Nowitzki from playing until he is 35 or 36, and his current contract runs for three years after this season. Nowitzki's current career scoring average of 23.0 points per game is better than half of the 24 guys currently above him on the list. Moses Malone, Elvin Hayes, Hakeem Olajuwon, John Havlicek, Alex English, Reggie Miller, Patrick Ewing, Charles Barkley, Robert Parish, Kevin Garnett, Drexler, and Payton all averaged less than 23.0 points per game. The only other active players in the top 25 currently are Celtics center Shaquille O'Neal (5th place), Los Angeles Lakers forward Kobe Bryant (11th place) and Celtics forward Kevin Garnett (22nd place). Bird had been one of only five players in the top 25 all time to achieve the mark in a career that lasted less than 1,000 games. The others: Jerry West (932 in 15th place), Allen Iverson (914, in 17th place), Dantley (955, in 20th place) and Baylor (846, in 21st place). NBA.com reports on Twitter that Bird sent Nowitzki a congratulatory text message after the game. 
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Contenders ready to rent Carmelo Anthony?

Multiple contending teams are reportedly considering trading for Denver Nuggets all star forward Carmelo Anthony without securing a contractcarmelo-anthony extension first. Posted by Ben Golliver
When it comes to the Carmelo Anthony trade discussions, it's pretty clear where everyone stands. Anthony wants an extension and a one-way ticket to the New York Knicks. Denver wants the maximum number of assets and the maximum financial relief in return for Anthony. New York and New Jersey both want Anthony, with the Nets wanting him by any means necessary.  But there are reportedly other teams who want in on the action, much like there were outsiders vying for the services of LeBron James and Chris Bosh last summer. Given Anthony's situation, however, these outsiders have an in they didn't have with outright free agents: they can work a deal with the Nuggets without securing a contract extension for Anthony, thereby assuming the risk that Anthony walks in the summer and ensuring that Denver gets something in return. Ken Berger of CBSSports.com reports that the Dallas Mavericks are ready to join in on the Carmelo Anthony trade talks, and an extension isn't a prerequisite for discussions.
The Dallas Mavericks are plotting an aggressive push to acquire Carmelo Anthony, even if they don’t get assurances that the three-time All-Star would agree to a contract extension as part of the trade, league sources told CBSSports.com.  
Despite his team’s emergence as one of the powers of the Western Conference -- and, as Dallas proved Monday night in Miami, the whole league -- owner Mark Cuban is said to be not only willing to take a chance on Anthony, but eager to steal him from the Nets, who are owned by his billionaire rival, Mikhail Prokhorov. In a deal that would provide Denver with little more than future savings, the Mavs are planning what one rival executive described as a “hard” push.  
Berger also mentions the Houston Rockets and Orlando Magic as possible players in a rental scenario. Meanwhile, The Denver Post also reported Tuesday morning that at least two contenders are interested in trading for Anthony without agreeing to a contract extension first.
While the New Jersey Nets remain the most likely destination for Nuggets' star Carmelo Anthony, NBA sources said today a couple of contending teams have expressed interest in "renting" Anthony for the rest of the season. Those teams appear willing to trade for Melo knowing they might not be able to sign him to a long-term contract.
The sources would not identify the teams willing to possibly rent Anthony, but Dallas could be one team making an inquiry. Mavericks owner Mark Cuban told 103.3 FM in Dallas earlier this season: "It just depends on who the guy is and what we'd have to give up — (but) we'll play rent-a-player, no question about it."
This would be a risky proposition, but it could pay off for a gambler like Cuban. Let's face it: superstars are so rarely available that franchises have to explore every possible option of adding them. And if a franchise isn't confident enough to believe that it can keep a superstar happy once it's landed him, it probably isn't a real contender anyway. This news serves as a leverage play for the Nuggets. as it applies pressure to Anthony to play nice during trade talks with the Knicks and/or Nets. That's especially true if Anthony is having reservations about committing to the Nets, whose package so far has made the most sense for Denver. One can imagine a last-minute trade deadline ultimatum from Denver to Anthony: either sign the extension with New Jersey or we'll trade you to Team X.  In the end, such a move would likely leave all parties unhappy. Anthony wouldn't be where he wants to be, and thus would have no incentive to stick around. Denver would command a much smaller price for Anthony without an extension than Anthony with an extension. And the team receiving Anthony would have four or five months to go all out selling him on the future, before summer free agency blows the door wide open and makes their lives miserable. While a trade under these circumstances would be a fragile marriage, it's still a solid card for the Nuggets to hold onto as the trade deadline approaches. If it does come to this, however, a relatively diplomatic (to date) negotiating process could get a bit uglier.
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Mavs control glass to beat Heat as Marion excels

Mavericks' control glass despite eight-shot possession to tame Heat.
Posted by Matt Moore

The Miami Heat held a 16-10 advantage on the offensive glass in their loss to the Dallas Mavericks 98-96 Monday night . The Mavericks secured two huge offensive rebounds down the stretch, both leading to clutch three-pointers from Jason Terry. The real gap between the Mavericks and Heat was rebounding. The Mavs' work on the glass was what won them a huge game against the Triad. How can that be with an advantage on the offensive glass?

Because seven of the Heat's 16 offensive rebounds came on one play. No kidding. From the AP via the Dallas Morning News :

The Miami Heat pulled off something not seen every day in the NBA: A possession with eight shots.

And yes, eight was enough.

It all started with 2:47 left in the first half against the Mavericks on Monday night, when Dirk Nowitzki missed a 3-pointer and Mike Miller got the defensive rebound for Miami.

Chris Bosh missed a jumper, Miller got the rebound to extend the possession ... and the Heat were just getting started.

Mario Chalmers missed a 3-pointer, Dwyane Wade misfired on a 3, Miller then couldn't connect on yet another try from beyond the arc, Wade missed a layup, Bosh missed another jumper, Miller came up short again on a 3 - before Chalmers, finally, connected on a 3 with 1:53 left.

via How about boxing out? Heat pull off eight-shot possession against Mavericks |The Dallas Morning News .

So in reality, outside of one bonkers play in the first half, the Mavericks did control the offensive glass 10-9, and held an overall advantage on the boards 48-37 versus 48-44. It speaks to a concern many have, about the ability of Miami to rebound in key situations. The truth is, Miami's been solid on the boards. They're currently eleventh in offensive rebounding differential and fifth in total rebounding percentage .

So what got it done for the Mavs, who are ranked 25th in offensive rebound rate and 18th in opponent offensive rebound rate allowed ? Shawn Marion.

Marion finished with only 7 points on 2-7 shooting, but had 13 rebounds, five offensive, with four in the fourth quarter. Marion's numbers are all down, except in per-minute figures and PER. Watching him, though, Marion alongside Tyson Chandler have given Dallas a tougher, physical face that can also work inside the offensively versatile system designed by Rick Carlisle. Marion is tied for the second best defensive rating among Mavericks rotation players. What's more, Synergy Sports has Marion allowing a 39% FG percentage which is pretty solid.

In short ... he's exactly the kind of player the Heat could use. Too bad they shipped him out for Jermaine O'Neal over a year ago.

The Mavericks meanwhile continue to find hybrid ways of winning games. And Monday night, it was Marion on the glass, with some JET fire from the outside.
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