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Rodman: Bulls' big 3 beats Heat's 'no contest'

Former Chicago Bulls forward Dennis Rodman says that Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and himself could beat LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James in a game of 3-on-3. Posted by Ben Golliver

In a wide-ranging interview with Miami radio station WQAM and transcribed by Sports Radio Interviews, former Chicago Bulls forward Dennis Rodman argues that he and former teammates Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen could defeat the Miami Heat's big three of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in a game of three-on-three. After first letting the radio audience know that Bill Laimbeer "wasn't a [male private part]" and suggesting that popular television talk show host Oprah Winfrey should retire, Rodman said that an imagined match between the Bulls' core and the Heat's current star-studded lineup would be "no contest. That's not even a question." Rodman's statement should come as no surprise: former NBA players almost uniformly believe they are more talented than their modern-day counterparts, and Rodman has the ultimate ace in hole because he won three NBA titles with the Bulls and the newly-constructed Heat have yet to win anything.   With that said, it's difficult to argue that the Heat would be able to give the Bulls a real money in a three-on-three game. Jordan is clearly the best player out of the bunch, Pippen is the prototype for a LeBron-stopper given his strength, length and quickness, and Rodman would get so far inside Bosh's head the Heat forward might start openly weeping on the pavement. The Bulls would also be able to switch every pick on the perimeter, as Jordan, Pippen and Rodman are all talented, versatile defenders, while the Heat wouldn't have that luxury, as Bosh would have no chance against Pippen, much less Jordan. When you stop to think about it, it's comical that Bosh is even included in these hypothetical conversations concerning NBA Hall of Famers.  The only threesome that could give the Bulls a run for their money would be one with a talented, humongous center in the middle, someone like Shaquille O'Neal or Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who could overpower or play above Rodman on the block. You're simply not beating that team on the perimeter, it's impossible. Taking this further, I'm not sure whether James, Wade and Bosh could defeat the Boston Celtic's trio of Rajon Rondo, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett or the Los Angeles Lakers' trio of Kobe Bryant, Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol. Boston would have a distinct playmaking and intensity advantage while Los Angeles could match Miami's perimeter versatility and boasts added low-post length and skill in Gasol. Finally, though, there's no shame in not being able to stay with Chicago's legendary group for the Miami Heat. They've got larger, real-life problems anyway, as they look to extend their 12-game winning streak on Monday night against the Dallas Mavericks. The Mavericks are one of the league's hottest teams, having won nine of their last 10 games. 
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BCS pooh-poohs Cuban's football playoff plan

The executive director of the BCS responds to Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban's plan for a college football playoff. Posted by Ben Gollivermark-cuban Wednesday night, we noted that Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is hatching a plan to set up a college football playoff system that will supersede the Bowl Championship Series, which boile down to throwing a ton of money at the schools to entice them to participate in a bracket-style playoff.  On Thursday, the Associated Press reports that Bill Hancock, the executive director of the BCS, offered a typical, predictable pooh-pooh response.
Hancock responded to Cuban's comments in an e-mail to the AP on Thursday, saying, "Given how much support our current system has among university presidents, athletics directors, coaches and athletes, I don't think any amount of financial inducement will make people abandon" the BCS.

"College football is so popular today," he said, "because we have a great regular season and because we have an important bowl tradition that provides a meaningful experience for the students and fans — all of which would be at risk if this concept were implemented."

The commissioner of the Pac-10 conference, Larry Scott, argued that Cuban was taking the wrong approach by simply dangling dollars.
"The fact is that college football has never been more popular in its current format, and it's a mistake to assume the impediment to a playoff is money. We could get a lot more money tomorrow from lots of folks by moving to an expansive playoff; this is about a broader set of priorities benefiting schools and student-athletes."
Telling an eccentric billionaire that his money can't change a situation is a risky proposition. Surely, that will only infuriate Cuban more, and cause him to re-double his efforts.  Hopefully this ends with an HDNet reality show starring Cuban's nationwide college tour, where he meets with university presidents by day, strong arms college football coaches over happy hour cocktails, and then takes body shots with young coeds until six in the morning, all in the name of a more equitable football postseason.
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Report: Mark Cuban wants college football playoff

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is reportedly wants to make a college football playoff system a reality. Posted by Ben Golliver mark-cuban-mavs

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is a fixer. Unless you've been living buried in the ground like Saddam Hussein for the last 10 years or something, you've heard one of his wacky/irreverent/thoughtful theories about how to fix systems or products or services or the NBA. That's what he does, and he's a billionaire, so he gets a pass when his schemes get overly grandiose or self-serving. Progress is important, and fixers create progress. The latest problem that Cuban is preparing to tackle, according to DallasNews.com, is NCAA college football's Bowl Championship Series system. The BCS, as far as I can tell, is a meaninglessly complicated racket that works to ensure major conference schools face off in major bowl games for major dollars. It's annoying to approximately 97% of the world's population because it doesn't make any sense, it's not transparent, it doesn't exactly scream fair and it often appears both inconsistent and biased from year to year. 
Mark Cuban is just like everybody else in the world - he doesn't like the fact that college football doesn't have a playoff system. The difference, with bowl season starting on Saturday, is that Cuban is influential enough and has enough connections that he can float his ideas on a grander stage than most folks.
Before Wednesday's game, he talked openly about how he'd like to pitch a playoff system to select college presidents in BCS conferences. But he admits it's a long, long way from becoming reality. "I'm actively pursuing it, but it's in only in the exploratory stage,'' he said. Cuban has been reading the book "Death to the BCS'' and it has gotten him thinking about how a lucrative playoff system could change colleges, and perhaps even lower tuitions that have skyrocketed in recent years.
Say this for Cuban: he clearly isn't afraid to swim into the deep water, to set his sights on unimaginably difficult problems.  Will anything come of Cuban's effort? Probably not. Many have tried to kick some sense into the BCS, to no avail. But Cuban scores points here for his understanding of the everyman's dilemma. 
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The Game Changer: Chicago keeps clamping down

Posted by Royce Young

Each game is made up of elements which help formulate the outcome. Monday through Friday, we'll bring you the elements from the night before's games in our own specialized version of the game recaps. It's not everything that happened, but it's an insight into what lead to the results you'll see in the box scores. This is the Game Changer.


Let's go over a few stats from the Pacers-Bulls game. Indiana's field goal percentage: 35.7. Indiana's turnovers: 15. Indiana's points by quarter: 18, 23, 17, 15. Indiana's total points: 73.

The lesson here we're learning is, it's not easy to score on the Chicago Bulls.

The Bulls have won six straight and during that stretch are only allowing 88.0 points per game, and that's including an overtime win over the Rockets where Chicago gave up 116. In the last five wins, the Bulls are just allowing 82.4 points a game. Consider this: In games that ended in regulation, the Bulls have only allowed 100 points four times in their 23 games. And people didn't think Tom Thibodeau could transform the Bulls.

What makes the Bulls so incredible on the defensive end is their ability to help defend everywhere. Nothing ever goes uncontested. If the other team is taking a shot, you can count on a hand being in their face. The Bulls rotate as well as anyone, stuff the lane and force opponents to try and beat them with jumpshots. It's the classic Boston Celtic defense that Thibodeau became known for. And it's making the Bulls one of the premier teams in the East.

Since Carlos Boozer has joined the team after his injury, the Bulls are 6-1 with the one loss being to the Celtics in Boozers first game. Chicago is placing itself in the elite tier in the East and priming itself as a contender to the Magic, Heat and Celtics.


Zach Randolph gets the gold star as he Grizzly big man went for 25 points and 20 rebounds in a winning effort over the Blazers.

Dwyane Wade
gets a mention with 32 points on only 13 shots. Plus he added five rebounds just for fun.

Carlos Boozer continues to come around as he had 22 points and 18 rebounds for the Bulls in their domination of the Pacers.

Deron Williams and the Jazz cruised past the Warriors as Williams had 30 points on 8-16 shooting and 10 assists.


The Heat made it nine straight with a cruising 96-84 over the Hornets Monday night. And once again, Miami impressed. New Orleans was just overwhelmed by the Heat. Miami went on an 18-2 run late and completely took over the game. It just didn't seem like the Hornets could do anything to fix the Heat's run. Once Miami flipped the switch, it just felt like the game was over.

Here's what's most impressive about the Heat's winning streak. Every single game has come by double-digits. The last team to do that? LeBron's 2008-09 Cavs. In fact, the Heat are now just one off the record shared by five teams.

On top of that, all nine the Heat have held their opponent under 100 points. Against the Hornets, Miami gave up just 30 after the half and only nine points in the fourth quarter. Nine points for the Hornets in the last 12 minutes. That's just... insane.

Not to take anything away from the Heat's dominance, but what the crap is wrong with the Hornets and Chris Paul ? CP3 has completely disappeared down the stretch in games. He's not asserting himself into the offense and is completely drifting. As Paul goes, so does David West , Emeka Okafor and everyone else. Paul is fizzling late and it's killing the Hornets.

For more analysis on the Heat and Hornets, click here.


No, he didn't jump over it. That hasn't happened, yet. But with the shot clock bearing down on him, LeBron got creative as he was forced deep on the baseline. He had a horrible angle on the rim, so naturally, LeBron improvised and shot the ball over the backboard. And of course, it went in.


The Mavericks winning streak is over at 12. Matt Moore with some thoughts:
Milwaukee badly needed the win, their third in a row, and needed to get their offense going. With both Jennings and Andrew Bogut scoring 20-plus and the Bucks dropping in a 114 efficiency mark, it's at least a step forward for the worst offense in the NBA. The loss will also do nothing to dispel the notion that Dallas still lacks the defensive acumen to compete in the playoffs. In truth, Dallas had the fifth best defense in the NBA coming into tonight. Just one of those nights, across the board, and an end to the win streak. During the streak, Dallas outscored its opponents by an average of just under nine points per game.


You've probably heard all about how serious David Lee's elbow injury was. And if you're like me, when you heard, "He could've lost his arm!" you thought, "I'm sure it was bad, but really? Because of a tooth?" But when you see what it actually looks like, it might make you think otherwise. Marcus Thompson of the Bay Area News Group took a picture of it. Yeah, I'd say David Lee had a pretty significant injury.

Lee injured the elbow when Wilson Chandler's face basically assaulted his elbow. Chander ended up breaking off a tooth in the collison and Lee had to have surgery because of an infection that followed. Lee's been wearing a pad to cover the, uh, cut, but obviously it's not a comfortable thing to play through.


The Grizzlies have quietly won three straight to get back to within striking distance of .500. The wins aren't the most impressive (Clippers, Suns, Blazers), but Memphis is at least playing better. The defensive domination over the Blazers Monday night is something for the Grizz to feel good about and with two more winnable games before heading to San Antonio, Memphis could stretch this out a little further.
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Dallas win streak Buck-shot at 12

Bucks take down Mavericks to end their win streak.  Posted by Matt Moore

There will be no joy in Dirkville, mighty Nowitzki has bricked out. 

The Mavericks lost for the first time in 13 games, this time to the Bucks as they failed to capitalize on a game the Bucks just about handed them. This after the Bucks ripped it away from Dallas to begin with. Dallas led by nine at the half, before the Bucks took the lead, up nine with three minutes to go. But a furious run by the Mavericks featuring a brilliant one-touch pass from Dirk in transition to Jason Terry for a corner three cut the lead down to two. 

Brandon Jennings rushed a step-back two with eleven seconds left on the shot clock which gave Dallas a chance. But Nowitzki couldn't convert in a rare clutch miss for the early-season MVP candidate , and the Bucks hung on 103-99

Boston now has the longest winning streak in the league at 10 wins in a row. 

Milwaukee badly needed the win, their third in a row, and needed to get their offense going. With both Jennings and Andrew Bogut scoring 20-plus and the Bucks dropping in a 114 efficiency mark, it's at least a step forward for the worst offense in the NBA. The loss will also do nothing to dispel the notion that Dallas still lacks the defensive acumen to compete in the playoffs. In truth, Dallas had the fifth best defense in the NBA coming into tonight. Just one of those nights, across the board, and an end to the win streak. During the streak, Dallas outscored its opponents by an average of just under nine points per game.
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Mark Cuban sticks Prokhorov with public prod

Mavericks owner tweaks/jabs/haymakers Prokhorov to press before Mavs trounce Nets.
Posted by Matt Moore

It's hard to tell whether Mark Cuban wakes up and just decides to do these things or if they just strike him at the moment. It's definitely within Cuban's makeup to plot out bombastic statements while sipping his freshly harvested Columbian coffee out of diamond-encased mugs, but it also wouldn't shock anyone to learn that he just kind of spits this stuff out like Bobcat Goldthwaite on a bender.

Regardles of the premeditated or spontaneous nature of his particular comments, Cuban has done it again, lobbing up something for the press to slam all over themselves. This time it was in pregame comments regarding Mikhail Prokhorov to media before the Mavericks whipped the billionaire's Nets 102-89 . And the language, was, ahem ... not exactly PG.

From the New York Daily News :
And he started with a haymaker. "He's a p---y," Cuban quipped Thursday when asked about Prokhorov.
via Mark Cuban needles Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov before Mavericks pound Nets in Dallas, 102-89 .

So that's fun. But wait, he wasn't through!
"(Prokhorov) doesn't come to games," Cuban said. "Who the hell knows?"
Ah, Mark. Where would be without your boundless wisdom? In all seriousness, Cuban was joking from all accounts. He tends to toss haymakers about coaches, the league, and players, but very rarely about other owners. It's a brotherhood. Or something. But there could be some hint of jealousy in the unprovoked jabs, since Prokhorov is the new hot playboy on the owners block.

Just have to say, though, tweaking the guy who may or may not have Russian mafia ties is not exactly something I'd recommend as a policy initiative. Then again, i can't afford Cuban's security detail.

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NBA Drive: Who's the best team in the league?

Who's the best team in the league? We answer that while Ken Berger discusses Georg Karl, Carmelo Anthony, and the situation in New Orleans in our weekly NBA Drive.
Posted by Matt Moore

So who's the best team in the league? We tried to break it down with Lauren Shehadi. Also, Ken Berger discusses the Hornets situation, George Karl, and the latest on Carmelo Anthony in our NBA video update.

"With a team like this, you have to look at how many leaders they have. They're stacked with guys who know how to win."

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3-Up, 3-Down: Falling all over

Three rising and three falling teams this week as the Rockets are getting it together and the Hornets are falling apart.  Posted by Matt Moore

3-Up, 3-Down for this week in our Power Rankings :


Boston Celtics (3): The Celtics are doing all of this without Rajon Rondo at 100% . That's insane. They're simply crushing opponents. Their ability to coast through games and still win while getting up for big games is considerable.  Against the Bulls, the Celtics just went out and obliterated a tough team inside by going over them. Particularly, Kevin Garnett is assassinating people all over the floor. Last season he was limited largely to the pick and pop 18 footer. This season he's got the drop step-hook, the face-up baseline jumper, and a few driving dunks in his bag. That makes such a huge difference for this team.

Miami Heat (4): Six spot jump for the Heat who may  have hit the low point and started to climb back up. It's not just that they've been beating inferior competition, it's that they've been pounding them. Furthermore, Wade and James seem to be getting on the same page, while Mike Miller inches closer and closer to returning. Some big games come up for this team in the next week with Utah and New Orleans on the docket for a chance at redemption for the Heat. They need these wins not only to keep their momentum going, but to prove that they're able to beat, you know, good teams. 

Houston Rockets (17): Slowly but surely the Rockets continue to climb their way out of the bizarre hole they built for themselves. They've gone from the worst defense in the league to the 8th worst defense in the league. Progress! The most bizarre thing is that their performance is largely independent of opponent. They lost to good teams and bad, and they've beaten good teams (LA) and bad (Memphis) in the past week. Still in a hole, but starting to climb out. 


Los Angeles Lakers (9): A four-spot drop for the Lakeshow this week after a four-game losing streak stretched from last week to this one. But a win over the dreadful Kings and a post-rankings win over the Wizards are just what the Yellow and Purple needed to get things going again. This team is tired, largely because of a lack of depth. Andrew Bynum may be back in a week, which would also help. Of course, me getting a pot of gold from a rainbow would help too, and both have about the same chance of happening, given Bynum's injury recovery history.

New Orleans Hornets (10):
If everything went right for the Hornets in the first eight games, everything has gone wrong in the last 8. David West isn't dominating but getting the ball a ton, Chris Paul is too passive, the defense has fallen off, and Jarrett Jack was not a magical improvement, but instead has been a curse so far. With all the off-court turmoil, this team needs a reassuring run to staunch the bleeding.

Oklahoma City Thunder (12):
Yeah, we don't get it either. The team has simply been inconsistent. Time to bring it up. Coach of the Year curse?

Check out the rest of the Power Rankings here .
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