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Posted on: September 23, 2010 4:36 pm
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Donnie Walsh kind of regrets the McGrady trade

Posted by Royce Young

While Carmelo Anthony prefers New York to any other destination, it looks like it will be difficult to get him there, at least this season. The Knicks are lacking what the Nuggets want and as Alan Hahn of Newsday reports, the Knicks aren't pursuing Anthony with near as much aggression as they did LeBron James.

The Nuggets have said they want three things: cap relief, a young talent and picks. The Knicks are good in two of those areas - cap relief (Eddy Curry) and young talent (Toney Douglas, Wilson Chandler, Anthony Randolph and Danilo Gallinari). What they lack is draft picks, because the one they had was sent to Houston in a trade last season for Tracy McGrady.

And that's something general manager Donnie Walsh questions himself over constantly.

"I'll second-guess myself forever on that," Walsh told the New York Daily News in talking about including a 2012 first-round pick in the McGrady trade. "I've always wondered about that. I didn't like it when we did it."

I have to say, Walsh's honesty there is refreshing. Not too often do GMs admit that they may have gotten something wrong. Typically, even if a move was horrible and never came close to working out, there's some kind of justification and explanation that tries to show how it made sense at the time. But Walsh doesn't walk down that path here. He says he thinks he may have blew it.

Because at the time, it kind of did make sense. The McGrady trade helped create the cap space needed for the Knicks to sign Ray Felton and Amar'e Stoudemire this offseason. And without those moves, New York might not looks as appealing to Anthony. But that's a maybe. What we know is that Houston owns the pick the Nuggets would want.

But Walsh is trying to atone. He told the NY Daily News that he's trying to acquire a first-round pick that he could potentially use in a deal for Carmelo. But he's going to have to give something up to get it. It's just the circle of life in NBA transactions. A revolving door of moves that can be second-guessed forever.

GMs have to make choices all the time and when they don't work out, there's no one to blame but themselves. Though in a lot of cases, they try and point the finger or at least give an excuse. Walsh made a trade last year that resulted in the Knicks clearing space for a run at LeBron James. They didn't get him, but instead landed Amar'e Stoudemire. But that trade could be what costs New York Carmelo Anthony. And it's what's keeping Donnie Walsh awake at night.
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Your daily Carmelo Anthony update

Posted by Royce Young

Are you getting tired of reading about Carmelo Anthony? I sure hope not, because I'm not tired of writing about him... yet. But every day there's a little news here, and a little news there. Over the past 24 hours or so, a few more rumors and reports have made their way out. Here's the latest:
  • According to the Denver Post, Houston is active in discussing a trade for Anthony, and are dangling shooting guard Kevin Martin. Adding in Martin makes Houston a contender because of the Rockets' assets, plus a trade exception they have that could allow them to give up a young asset over someone like Shane Battier.
  • However, Sam Amick of FanHouse reported that Houston's discussions have not included Martin to this point. Again, the Rockets have assets and a couple young players. But they'll have to throw in a good player, especially with New Jersey reportedly offering up a package that includes everything Denver might want. So if Houston wants to play, Martin will likely have to be involved.
  • Chad Ford and Marc Stein of ESPN reported that the Knicks head the list for Anthony still. But we already knew that. But the new news is that the Bulls are firmly planted as 1A on his list. Anthony's representation has reportedly ramped up pressure on the Nuggets to get a deal completed prior to training camp.
  • The Nuggets however are holding out hope that if they can get Anthony into camp, maybe he'll change his tune. That hope is pretty much a pipe dream at this point, but you can't blame them for clinging to their star. Reports say they aren't in any kind of rush and are willing to take time to get every offer they can.
  • By all indication, Anthony's preferred list is 1) New York; 1A) Chicago 2) New Jersey; 3) Houston. While that's Anthony's list, the rankings for who might actually land him are probably 1) New Jersey; 2) Chicago; 3) Houston and 4) New York.
That's pretty much it for now. Until someone files another report saying Carmelo still wants out, New York is tops on his list or that someone made someone an offer, we sit and wait. Just like Carmelo.
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Carmelo Roundup: Knicks lacking assets?

Posted by Royce Young

To be somwhat brief: The New York Times is reporting that according to a Knicks official, Denver had informed them they don't have the necessary assets to get a deal done for Carmelo Anthony. However, as Ken Berger reported weeks ago, New York is still Anthony's top choice.

At this moment, that leaves the Knicks hoping that Anthony chooses to stay in Denver for a lame duck season and then sign with the Knicks in 2011. Chances of that though are looking pretty darn unlikely.

Another possibility is Anthony gets traded somewhere (which is almost guaranteed to happen) and decides not to sign an extension there. He could play a season in New Jersey or Houston and then sign with the Knicks the next offseason. But that's also pretty unlikely because what team wants to give up assets and young players just to rent Anthony for a year?

The NY Times reports that an interesting twist is how the Knicks assets are being used against them. The Houston Rockets are aggressively pursuing Anthony and one of the things they're dangling is a pick acquired from the Knicks in a three-way trade with Sacramento last season. How's that for a kick in the pants, New York?

One other interesting bit of information via Chris Broussard of ESPN: To this point, Carmelo hasn't indicated to anyone that he's willing to re-sign with New Jersey, even saying one executive told him that Anthony wouldn't re-sign with the Nets. So Broussard says all this Melo-to-NJ talk is only speculation.

As for the Bulls, word is they could actually hav Melo if they're willing to part with Joakim Noah. But at this point, reports say they aren't.

You should be somewhat caught up now. Until 10 minutes from now when the next thing trickles out. Hurry up and get traded, will you Carmelo?
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Pop Quiz: What players could be on the way down?

Posted by Royce Young

Fall is here, hear the yell, back to school, ring the bell ... The NBA season is right around the corner, and NBA training camp starts in just a few short weeks. To get you ready for the NBA season, we've put together 25 pop quizzes. Pencils ready? We continue our Pop Quizzes with this question...

Who are some players potentially set for a drop-off?

It doesn't take much to go from the top of the perch in the NBA to drop to the bottom. The food chain isn't friendly, especially to aging players.

Eventually, everyone has to come down to earth. Two seasons ago, it was Shaquille O'Neal. Last year, Elton Brand, once a walking double-double, had a terribly mediocre season. It just happens. It's the circle of NBA life. Some players can go out on top, but mosr will see their production dip and the slide starts. Who's facing that reality this year? Here are six candidates:

Yao Ming, Rockets - Yao is probably the most obvious choice for three reasons. 1) He's older. 2) He's coming off a significant injury. 3) His playing time is already being limited. Strikes one, two and three.

I think it's pretty much accepted that the great days of Yao Ming are probably passed. Every season but his rookie year, he's averaged over 30 minutes a game. Now with only 24 at his disposal, putting up anything near his career averages of 19.1 ppg and 9.3 rpg will be difficult. He can still have a stellar statistical year in terms of per 36 minutes and per 48 minutes, but as far as being one of the top two or three dominant big men in the league, he may have to settle for really, really tall role player.

Tony Parker, Spurs
- The better George Hill gets, the less valuable Tony Parker is to the Spurs. Is Parker set to fall off the face of the earth? Not likely. But is he looking at going from top three or four point guard in the West into being just a solid top 10 point man? I think there's certainly that possibility.

But this is a contract year for Parker. He has Hill chomping at his playing time and idiots like me saying he's potentially headed for a down year. The motivation is certainly there for him. He's not old (just 28) and doesn't have a ton of mileage on him. He did break his hand last year but that shouldn't be anything that affects him this year. Still, it's hard to deny that his numbers and percentages dipped across the board last year and as his team ages around him, he might have a hard time putting up the big stats like he has in years past.

Vince Carter, Magic - I know, I know. Putting Carter on this list isn't really fair because he pretty much already had his drop-off year. But even through a seemingly bad year, Carter still averaged 16.6 ppg while maintaining solid percentages. The 16.6 ppg is the lowest in his career, but he still was a quality contributor all season and at times, showed flashes of his old, explosive self.

Now he's 33 and has played over 850 games, battled through injuries and is on a team where he's not the lead man. He played the role well last year, but the better J.J. Redick gets, the less need for Carter there is. This is a contract year for Carter who would still like to keep going. But he might be splitting time at shooting guard with Redick and he'd probably be lucky to average anywhere near 16 points a game.

Amar'e Stoudemire, Knicks - Shield your eyes, Knicks fans. I know New York just dropped a heavy dollar amount on Stoudemire and already talking about a decline for him isn't something anyone wants to hear. But here's the reality: Steve Nash doesn't play for the Knicks. For his career, Stoudemire is assisted on about 60 percent of all his baskets. And who was the guy creating those scoring opportunities? Yeah, that guy.

So going from Nash to Raymond Felton might cause a decline in Stoudemire's typically sexy stat line. Does this mean he's not going to be good and help the Knicks improve? Absolutely not. But could his nickname of STAT potentially be outdated already? Definitely.

Mo Williams, Cavaliers - Mo Williams, pre-LeBron James: 14.2 ppg, 5.6 apg. Mo Williams, with LeBron James: 16.8 ppg, 4.7 apg, one All-Star appearance. Mo Williams, post-LeBron James: to be determined.

It's hard to deny the rise in profile for Williams after he joined LeBron in Cleveland in 2008. He went from underrated point guard in Milwaukee to LeBron's No. 2 man. But without The King, things will be more difficult for Williams. Open shots won't be as available and as the best scorer Cleveland currently has, he'll be the focal point for opposing defenses. Williams is going to have to carry Cleveland and that's something that he's not really equipped for. He's always been a good shooter, a good creator and a good scorer. His assists dipped with LeBron because Williams was able to play off the ball a lot with LeBron running point. Now Williams has to do it all for the Cavs.

Ray Allen, Celtics - At some point, time is going to start catching up to Ray Allen. He's avoided it the past few years, turning in some of the most efficient of his career. But he's got over 1,000 games and almost 38,000 minutes on the odometer. His 16.3 point per game average last season was the lowest since his rookie season and though his shooting percentages held pretty close to form, he took the fewest number of 3s per game in 10 years. To me, that says he's not getting as many open looks because when Allen's open, he fires.

Allen is going to have a quality season, because his perfect shooting touch won't allow otherwise. But in terms of sustaining his high level and gaudy numbers, this season might be the start of his journey down.
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Report: Nuggets listening to offers for Melo

Posted by Royce Young

With the Carmelo Anthony situation, any news is new news, even if it's somewhat old news. If that makes sense.

Ken Berger reported last week that Melo still wanted out, no deal appeared to be coming and even clued us in as to what teams might be players in this rapidly-turning-into-ridiculous situation.

While trade offers have likely been part of internal discussions about Melo weeks ago, now Sam Amick of FanHouse reports the Nuggets are fielding actual offers for Anthony. "Send it in," Amick reports league executives are saying. ESPN's Marc Stein and Ric Bucher also report Denver has softened on its trade stance and is willing to hear offers.

What are the Nuggets looking for? Young assets and talent, Amick says.

Denver is after top-tier young players, future first-round picks, young assets and options to save on salary cap savings. You know what deal fits into that realm? The one Ken Berger mentioned being discussed last week involving Andre Iguodala and Derrick Favors.

Other teams that fit the criteria Amick listed and have been linked to the Carmelo Sweepstakes? The Clippers, the Nets, the Bulls and the Timberwolves (hey, they have the assets). The Knicks have some of it, but are lacking in draft picks. The Rockets have the assets but not the top tier young player. The Magic are in the same boat.

The Nuggets see the writing on the wall. Chauncey Billups is older and in a contract year. Kenyon Martin the same. J.R. Smith is reportedly being shopped. The Denver Nuggets as we know them will be gone soon, and it's looking like it will start by blowing up the top. So Denver's taking the approach to accept the situation and instead of trying to remain at the top with an equal parts trade, the Nuggets are willing to take back picks, assets and young talent. In other words, they're prepared to rebuild.

This means progress for a trade. And with training coming in, oh, a week, it looks like Masai Ujiri is trying to get serious about trading his star. So if you've got a deal, give the Nuggets a call. Serious offers only, please.
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Shootaround 9.20: TV killed the basketball star

Posted by Royce Young
  • The NY Daily News on Melo the reality star: "For the past week, Melo has been promoting the show and partying in NYC and elsewhere, telling the Daily News that he’s more focused on fashion week than basketball. One night he was hanging with R&B singer Chris Brown, another night he was checking out the Jay-Z/Eminem concert. You can’t knock the man for enjoying his offseason, but you can assume he won’t be in a Denver uniform for much longer, if at all.  Now that the promotional tour is over - and now that we’ve realized Anthony’s level of commitment to his wife’s work - there is one question the Nets should be asking themselves: How badly do you want this player?"
  • Dan Gilbert told the Detroit Free Press he doesn't have regrets about his letter: "I just expressed what the Cleveland people were feeling. Unless you're from Cleveland and experienced what they have experienced since 1964, it's hard for the rest of the country to grasp."
  • Ira Winderman says he can see Miami eating Patrick Beverley's contract: "From the start, I have viewed the Heat’s payment to Beverley as a thank you for agreeing to spend last season in Europe when the Heat was into the luxury tax (and therefore would have had to take a one-season hit for Beverley with the money it now will pay him over two seasons). With Butler, the Heat seems to be going to great lengths with a player who still has a long way to go in his rehab. Butler could be something special. Based on summer league, even in such a small sample, I’m not sure the same can be said for Beverley."
  • Alan Hahn of Newsday on the youth of the Knicks: "But the 2010-11 team will mark the youngest group the franchise has assembled to open a season in 30 years and fifth-youngest in franchise history. According to research compiled by the Elias Sports Bureau, you have to go back to Red Holzman's second stint as coach in the early 1980s, when the 1980-81 team, comprised of phenoms such as third-year star Michael Ray Richardson, supersophs Bill Cartwright and Sly Williams and three rookies, including Mike Woodson, averaged 24.5794 years of age."
  • Jeff McDonald of the San Antonio News-Express with a pretty terrific James Anderson profile: "On March 14, 2007, nearly all the 700 some-odd souls who call this flyspeck town straddling the Arkansas-Louisiana border home gathered in a small park near the high school football stadium. There, over plates of hot dogs and potato salad, they honored one of their most distinguished citizens. Junction City's inaugural James Anderson Day was equal parts church picnic and civic celebration. Unofficially, it would not be the last."
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Team USA fights off tough Russians, 89-79

Posted by Royce Young

After a bogus whistle blew up a U.S. fast break in the second quarter with Russia hanging tight, some might have started to have flashbacks to the controversial gold medal game that took place 38 years ago to the day.

But Kevin Durant and company weren't going to let a repeat of the 1972 Olympic Games happen as Team USA advances to the semifinals with a 89-79 win over Russia. Durant led the way with 33 points on 11-19 shooting with Thunder teammate Russell Westbrook keying a big third quarter with 12 points and three steals off the bench.

Late in the second quarter though, things weren't going well for Team USA. Russia was hitting shots, outrebounding the Americans and held a 35-30 lead. But just the way it was planned, Durant took over igniting a 12-0 that helped the U.S. go ahead 42-35 and secure a lead they would never lose.

The U.S. did a splendid job of taking care of the ball, turning it over only eight times and only three times in the second half. That kind of ball security was necessary too, as Russia was playing smart upset-style basketball. Running quality halfcourt sets, hitting shots and defending at a high level. If the U.S. had gotten sloppy, this could have been a different result.

Westbrook was part of a big third quarter that saw the U.S. take complete control of the game. Westbrook had gambled some in the first half on defense, but in the third came up with three steals, all leading to run-out dunks. He was flying all over the court, stealing passes, firing up teammates and scoring at the rim. Westbrook was a major part in this win, and his main contribution was energy.

Lamar Odom was quietly outstanding on the block, scoring six points and grabbing 12 rebounds. He was called upon to defend Russia's large front line and he did a pretty terrific job of it. Despite the size differential, Russia only held a four rebound edge against the U.S. and only had nine offensive rebounds.

A lot of Knicks fans had their eyes on summer signee Timofey Mozgov of Russia. The 7'1 center was solid, scoring 13 on 6-9 shooting. But it was pretty clear that unless Mozgov caught the ball near the rim, he wasn't scoring. Odom was able to push him away from the block and limit scoring touches for the big Russian. It's easy to get excited about Mozgov because he has nice hands, great size and has played well in Turkey, but as Frank Isola of the NY Daily News pointed out, Hamed Haddadi also averaged 20 points per game in the Worlds. So maybe chill that exciting just a little.

Russia is a well-coached unit that focuses on controlling the game. And Team USA did a good job of playing to its own strengths and not letting Russia dictate tempo of the game. This was a dangerous game for the Americans because Russia was had a game plan going in and they were hitting shots early on. Commentator Fran Fraschilla compared it to an 8-seed versus a 1-seed in the NCAA tournament and he was right - it definitely had that feel.

It was a test that the U.S. passed. The Russians took their best shot and Team USA remained focused, came out with energy and the star players carried the load. Durant held up to the pressure of having to shoulder some weight, putting up big numbers, scoring in key moments and also, by playing a ton. Durant didn't check out of the game until there was 47 seconds left in the third.

As the tournament rolls into the semifinals, the Americans are going to face some adversity. There will be more situations where Durant will be called upon to score, Odom will have to rebound, Derrick Rose will have to create and Eric Gordon will have to hit shots. Today, the U.S. did all of the above. And heading into the toughest part of the tourney, that's what it will take if Team USA wants to come home happy.

Team USA gets the winner of Argentina and Lithuania in the semifinals Saturday.
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Report: Carmelo prefers Bulls and Knicks

Posted by Royce Young

A few weeks ago, Ken Berger clued the basketball world in to the fact that Carmelo Anthony wants to play in New York. We've heard a bunch of teams mentioned, but Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports reports that there's a top two on Anthony's wishlist: the aforementioned Knicks and the Chicago Bulls.

Those are just Anthony's preferences, and in the end, it really just comes down to where Denver sends him. So really, he could be traded to the Toronto Raptors if that's who the Nuggets negotiate a deal with. But the Bulls certainly have attractive trade pieces.

There's Luol Deng who could replace Anthony at small forward, plus young players like Taj Gibson, James Johnson and Omer Asik. We mentioned a few weeks ago that the Bulls reportedly have already offered a package that included Deng and Gibson, but obviously nothing has come of that yet.

Spears mentioned in his story that the Knicks would prefer Anthony wait until next summer to make his move. Anthony could opt out and with Eddy Curry's contract coming off the books, the Knicks could sign Carmelo outright.

Anthony has not yet met with new general manager Masai Ujiri about staying with Denver, but once that meeting is done, a decision shouldn't take long as to what to do with Carmelo. If Denver isn't going to be able to keep Carmelo, it would likely prefer to move him before training camp, or at least the beginning of the season.

And while Anthony is supposedly making his preferences clear, in the end it doesn't mean much to the Nuggets. They are in a position where they can negotiate with who they want and try and get what they want. But if they start waiting, those options and that leverage starts to deteriorate .
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