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Posted on: October 17, 2011 10:17 am
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Charles Oakley goes off on Knicks, Isiah

By Matt Moore

The list of things Charles Oakley is afraid of is pretty much death and giant spiders (everyone's afraid of giant spiders). Not on that list? The New York Knicks and their current organization. Oakley teed off over the weekend on all manner of Knicks personnel. And he started by replying to us, actually. 

We shared our post last week on Stoudemire's comments the players regarding starting a new league. Oakley replied: 
@EyeOnBasketball he need to win a playoff game first
via Twitter / @CharlesOakley34: @EyeOnBasketball he need t ....


(Stoudemire of course does have lots of playoff wins... but none in New York after their sweep by the Celtics this past spring.)

And Oak wasn't done. At the opening of his clothing collection at a store in New York, the former Knickerbocker unloaded on the Knicks, saying they have nothing but hype,  that Mike D'Antoni's system can't be successful, and criticizing upper management for not hiring Patrick Ewing or himself. He commented that instead they prefer to have Isiah Thomas around... who Oakley has some strong words for in particular. From the New York Post:
“Y’all should have tried to call me and talk to me, and maybe we could have gotten LeBron to New York. You went to Isiah [Thomas], and some of these other guys that don’t know the guy.”

Speaking of Thomas, Oakley did little to hide his feelings about the former team president.

“I don’t understand how he even got a job with management,” said Oakley, 47. “He had nothing to do with the Knicks, then he talked bad about the Knicks ... If I see him, he’d better turn around and go the other way.”
via Former Knicks star rips everyone from Amar’e to Isiah - NYPOST.com.

Let's see. Where does Oakley rank on the list of people I want saying they would confront me if they saw me? Ah, here we go:

2,664,868: Michael Myers
2,664,869: Charles Oakley
2,664,870: Bill Romanowski circa 1997

Good luck with that, Zeke. 

The Knicks are under no obligation to keep Oakley in the loop or even in good relations. But it doesn't look good for the organization to keep him at arm's length. But then again, if he's going to make comments like that, it's hard to see what kind of relationship they could have with him. Guy's not exactly known for not speaking his mind, you know?
Posted on: October 14, 2011 3:01 pm

Sounds like Stoudemire's blaming Robert Sarver

Posted by Royce Young

Everyone is frustrated with the lockout. And therefore, everyone's looking for somewhere to point their finger.

Amar'e Stoudemire spoke with Newsday and naturally, the lockout. He was asked about his former boss in Phoenix, Robert Sarver, who is famously tight with his money, or at least in terms of NBA spending. And Stoudemire, who saw some $61 million go in his pocket from Sarver, didn't hold back on his old chief.

As to who the hardline owners are, Stoudemire said, "Sarver, for sure" and added that the Suns' owner "probably the main guy who is pushing for this lockout."

That right there, is fightin' words.

For good measure, Stoudemire added: "It wouldn't have been a big deal if he had just re-signed some kid named Stoudemire. Then he'd be in good shape."

Obviously his meaning is that the Suns wouldn't be struggling to make profits, I suppose. Amar'e thinks so much of himself that he'd take the Suns out of the red and into the black. Not just in the win-loss column either.

But this is the way with lockouts. The longer it goes, the nastier it gets. And there's probably a good amount of truth to what Stoudemire is saying. Reportedly, Sarver and Cavs owner Dan Gilbert have to of the loudest voices pushing for a hard salary cap. It's natural that some owners are going to express their point of view louder than others. Like I don't think Clay Bennett has necessarily been involved a ton in the discussions. But you can bet Sarver, who's very conscious of his money and business, is going to get every last word in.

Which means I'm sure he'll have a response for Stoudemire.
Posted on: October 13, 2011 2:41 pm
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What players are losing the most in a lockout?

Posted by Royce Young

The whole strategy for owners in cancelling games is to make players miss paychecks. Maybe them miss out on collecting their large lump sums of money and ideally, you force them into taking a less than attractive deal.

That's the plan, at least.

The question is, how much will players be losing exactly by missing paychecks? We already know it's something like $80 million collectively per week, but who's taking the hit in their wallet the most? The Post Game did some crunching and here are your top 10 losers in this lockout.

10. Joe Johnson: $1,387,582.54 per paycheck
9. Amar'e Stoudemire: $1,401,361.92 per paycheck
8. Carmelo Anthony: $1,423,076.92 per paycheck
7. Pau Gasol: $1,439,550 per paycheck
6. Dirk Nowitzki: $1,468,682.54 per paycheck
5. Gilbert Arenas: $1,482,254.46 per paycheck
4. Kevin Garnett: $1,630,769.23 per paycheck
3. Tim Duncan $1,638,461.54 per paycheck
2. Rashard Lewis: $1,704,000 per paycheck
1. Kobe Bryant: $1,941,846.15 per paycheck

How did they arrive at those numbers. Here's the explanation:
Methodology: During the 1998-99 lockout, players lost pay based upon games missed. So, if a player missed one game due to the lockout, it would have cost him 1/82nd of his salary. However, since all players have slightly different schedules, we calculated pay on a paycheck basis.

Players are only paid during the regular season and receive checks bi-weekly for work that occurs the previous two weeks. The 2011-12 NBA season was supposed to have started on Nov. 1 and end on April 18. During the course of the season, that can be divided into 13 bi-weekly paychecks. The numbers were calculated by equally dividing each player's 2011-12 salary 13 times to find what they earn every two weeks during the season.

It shouldn't surprise you that Kobe is losing the most per paycheck in a lockout as he's the highest paid player in the league And the crazy thing about Kobe losing nearly $2 million per paycheck missed during the lockout is that he can recover that by playing one little exhibition game in Italy.

But it's always strange to see Rashard Lewis' name atop any of these type of lists. Yeah, I know he signed a massively ridiculous six-year $118 million deal a few years ago, but the fact he's second on this list blows the mind.

I know it's not big news to know that NBA players are going to lose a lot of money by missing paychecks, but it kind of stunned me just how much when broken down like this. I mean, think about two months missed for someone like Dirk. That's a whole lot of cash. Everyone says the players that will end up folding are the mid-level guys that make substantially less. I'm sure they will. But if I'm Tim Duncan or Kevin Garnett, I'm not exactly excited about losing $1.5 million or so every couple weeks.
Posted on: October 13, 2011 10:25 am

Amar'e would rather have Melo because he's clutch

By Matt Moore

During the various rounds of media that Amar'e Stoudemire has done this week promoting his new shoe, Stoudemire was asked about who he'd want on his team, Carmelo Anthony or LeBron James. Stoudemire of course replied Melo, because that's his teammate and to say anything else would not only be rude and insulting, but incredibly stupid. But it's not what Stoudemire replied that will raise an eyebrow. It's his reasoning for why. From the New York Post
“Carmelo is a clutch player,’’ Stoudemire said. “Carmelo is definitely known for making those last-second shots. Comes down to the last few minutes of a game, you want to have Carmelo on your team. LeBron is a great facillitator and ultimate team player.’’

James, after his Finals flop, is certainly starting to lose his rep as a clutch late-game shooter. Stoudemire has no love lost for James, as he spurned the Knicks days after Stoudemire agreed to terms. Also, Stoudemire had interest in Miami but Dwyane Wade and James preferred teaming up with Chris Bosh over Stoudemire.
via Amar'e: I'd take Melo over King James.

Let's start with the clutch part. Anthony is by many accounts most clutch player in the NBA. For years, he's been at the top of the field goal percentage and points in the clutch categories. Last year was a minor step back for him, but that was mostly because of what his role became on the Knicks with so few alternatives. But Stoudemire's comments about James ring with a certain amount of truth. He is a great facillitator. But the subtext is that James is more of "the guy behind the guy" rather than "the guy." And the fact that he's tried to be "the guy" is the source of a lot of his problems. You can recognize that James does nearly everything exceptionally well, but that he's not the go-to scoring option, at least he hasn't been yet. Or at least he wasn't in the Finals, since he was in the Eastern Conference Finals. It's complicated. But Stoudemire's defense of Melo is simultaneously a criticism of LeBron, and does show an attitude split between the Knicks and the Heat. The Knicks, for as much of a run-and-gun squad as they are, have a certain edge to them Miami does not. Watching that rivalry will develop will be fascinating consdering the friendship between the main players. 

Back in July of 2010, you know, old school, back when there was an NBA, we wrote up the comparisons between Stoudemire and Chris Bosh and found that the Heat may not have made the best choice.  That certainly played out over the course of the season as Bosh struggled though his playoff performances redeemed him some what. The common thought is that Stoudemire could never have been the defensive player Bosh was for the Heat, but there's no real way to judge that. Stoudemire has never been a part of a defensive system that strong... or strong at all, really. How he does with Mike Woodson will tell us more about that than anything, as well as the same about Melo.
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Stoudemire chimes in on an independent league

By Matt Moore

The players truly believe that they are the league. Not the franchises, logos, stadiums, coaches, management, or the game itself. And no, not the fans, though they do believe the fans are vital, obviously. No, they think the National Basketball Association is made up of players and it is the players who are the product. That's where the belief that they are entitled to more than 50 percent of the BRI comes from. And it's not bad logic, truth be told. It's debatable, but a sound starting place.

To that end, there have been discussions that, basically, if the owners are going to take away their league, the players will just start another. And lookee here, Amar'e Stoudemire's right on time promoting his new shoe (and throwing teammates under the deoderant bus, apparently) to chime in with where he sees things going if the lockout isn't resolved. From the New York Post: 
Amar'e Stoudemire said last night if the NBA lockout wipes out the season, he believes the players will form their own league instead of trying to catch on in Europe.

"If we dont go to Europe, we're going to start our own league, thats how I see it," the Knicks forward said. "It's very serious. It's a matter of us strategically coming up with a plan, a blueprint and putting it together. So we'll see how this lockout goes. If it goes one or two years, we've got to start our own league."
via Knicks Stoudemire says players will start own league - NYPOST.com.

 Setting aside the outright horror of that phrase "one or two years," it's not surprising that Stoudemire would go this route. He's an idealist, a dreamer (but he's not the only one). The players harnessing their own value and starting their own league sounds like a great idea. And it would be, if they had a consultant group to handle the entire process and a two year window just to get things operational. 

The big X-factors in this discussion are two entities. Nike and ESPN. Both companies have enough invested in the NBA and its players to create a paradox for themselves. They could benefit tremendously from putting the players, particularly those in the Nike stable, on a massive stage they themselves create, and have the industry connections to create a functioning league. They simply have the resources. At the same time, both enjoy a relationship with the NBA, one that they'll have to maintain after the lockout ends. They can't help the players here because they need the league and they can't help the league because they need the players.

Stoudemire did go on to say that he believes the lockout will end after the two weeks are lost, which is a nice thought. But after the events of the last week, it's hard to see either of Amar'e's dreams becoming a reality.
Posted on: September 27, 2011 12:46 pm
Edited on: September 28, 2011 5:52 pm

NBA 2K12 overall player ratings unveiled

Posted by Ben Golliver


Player ratings for the popular basketball video game, NBA 2K12, continue to leak in advance of the game's Oct. 4 release.

A few weeks back, we noted that Miami Heat All-Star forward LeBron James was poised to lead the league in overall ranking with a 98, topping Los Angeles Lakers All-Star guard Kobe Bryant, who checked in at 94.

Unofficially, just nine current NBA players check in with ratings at or above "90".  All nine, including James and Bryant,  were All-Stars last season. The others: Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade, Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard, New Orleans Hornets guard Chris Paul, Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant, Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose, New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony and New Jersey Nets guard Deron Williams

A number of teams from the past are also included in the game. The 1992-1993 Chicago Bulls are included, led by Michael Jordan, who is rated a 99, and Scottie Pippen, who is rated a 90. Jordan also receives a 99 on the 1997-1998 iteration of the Bulls while he scores just a 92 on the 1985-1986 team.

An expanded list of player rankings has been uploaded to YouTube by user NBA2K12stuff. More rankings have been revealed or compiled by PastaPadre.com and Examiner.com.

Here's a compiled list of ratings for some star players from those sources. Remember: this year's rookie class is not included in the game.  

LeBron James -- Miami Heat -- (98)
Dwyane Wade -- Miami Heat -- (96)
Kobe Bryant -- Los Angeles Lakers -- (94)
Dwight Howard -- Orlando Magic -- (93)
Chris Paul -- New Orleans Hornets -- (93)
Kevin Durant -- Oklahoma City Thunder -- (92)
Derrick Rose -- Chicago Bulls -- (92)
Carmelo Anthony -- New York Knicks -- (91)
Deron Williams -- New Jersey Nets -- (90)
Russell Westbrook -- Oklahoma City Thunder -- (88)
Amar'e Stoudemire -- New York Knicks -- (88)
Pau Gasol -- Los Angeles Lakers -- (86)
Rudy Gay -- Memphis Grizzlies -- (86)
Andre Iguodala -- Philadelphia 76ers --(85)
Blake Griffin -- Los Angeles Clippers -- (85)
Dirk Nowitzki -- Dallas Mavericks -- (85)
Manu Ginobili -- San Antonio Spurs -- (85)
Rajon Rondo -- Boston Celtics -- (85)
Tim Duncan -- San Antonio Spurs -- (84)
Joe Johnson -- Atlanta Hawks -- (84)
Josh Smith -- Atlanta Hawks -- (84)
Steve Nash -- Phoenix Suns -- (84)
Monta Ellis -- Golden State Warriors -- (83)
Kevin Garnett -- Boston Celtics -- (83)
Stephen Jackson -- Milwaukee Bucks -- (83)
Gerald Wallace -- Portland Trail Blazers -- (83)
LaMarcus Aldridge -- Portland Trail Blazers -- (83)
Zach Randolph -- Memphis Grizzlies -- (83)
Paul Pierce -- Boston Celtics -- (82)
Eric Gordon -- Los Angeles Clippers -- (82)
Joakim Noah -- Chicago Bulls -- (82)
John Wall -- Washington Wizards -- (82)
Kevin Love -- Minnesota Timberwolves -- (81)
Al Jefferson -- Utah Jazz -- (81)
Danny Granger -- Indiana Pacers -- (81)
Chris Bosh -- Miami Heat -- (80)
Tyreke Evans -- Sacramento Kings -- (80)
Tony Parker -- San Antonio Spurs -- (80)
Stephen Curry -- Golden State Warriors -- (80)
Andrew Bynum -- Los Angeles Lakers -- (79)

Hat tip: Welcome To Loud City 
Posted on: September 14, 2011 12:21 pm

Report: Isiah Thomas courting CP3 for Knicks

By Matt Moore

The New York Post reported two Knicks  items of note Wednesday. The first is that Amar'e Stoudemire is currently working out in Miami at Florida International University... the same university Isiah Thomas is currently employed at. There has always been talk of Isiah Thomas' closeness with owner James Dolan even after his dismissal from the club. He was heavily rumored to have been involved in the discussions over All-Star Weekend to bring Carmelo Anthony to the Knicks, and was part of the deciding factor in Dolan's decision to "give up the farm" in the deal in order to insure they acquired Melo as soon as possible. Stoudemire working out there is likely just a convenient option for him, given its sunny location and facilities, but it's also a sign that Thomas is never far from the Knicks, as he continues to hover while the Knicks seek out a new GM.

But the more eye-opening information regards the Knicks' top free agency target of 2012, not 2010. The Post reports that Dolan is actively working with Thomas, who is not under contract with the Knicks (the league ruled it would be a violation for a head coach of an NCAA team to be on contract with an NBA team), to court Chris Paul. From the Post:  
Plus, Isiah continues to share a close relationship with some of the league's top players. That would include Carmelo Anthony, Amare and more importantly, Chris Paul.

This is the reason James Dolan continues to lean on Isiah for advice, even though Isiah doesnt have an official position with the Knicks. If he did, Isiah would be in violation of NBA bylaws for having contact with players during the lockout.

Isiah played a role in the Knicks signing Amare two summers ago and he played a role in the Melo trade. He's now working behind the scenes to help the Knicks land Chris Paul.
via Knicks Amare Stoudemire works out at FIU, where former Knicks president Isiah Thomas is head coach

The report, if accurate, is alarming for all kinds of people. Knicks fans have to be concerned because this just puts Thomas closer to the organization and further opens the possibility of Thomas returning to the role of GM, despite Thomas' denials. Hornets fans have to be concerned with another team actively working to recruit their star player before free agency begins. The league has to be concerned on two fronts, from a tampering aspect and from a team working through back channels to communicate with a player through free agency. And Chris Paul has to be worried that Isiah Thomas has his cell phone number. Okay, not really, Thomas is respected by the players. 

In reality, it's possible this is more of the same rumors and innuendo that have linked Thomas with the Knicks and Paul for years.  But if Dolan is still pursuing a three-man team-up of Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony, and Amar'e Stoudemire, how is he going to feel about a hard cap which may restrict his ability to sign all three? These are the kinds of questions we're trying to navigate in an uncertain apocalyptic lockout landscape. 
Posted on: September 7, 2011 10:28 pm

Has Amar'e Stoudemire recovered from back injury?

Posted by Ben Golliveramare-stoudemire-back

New York Knicks All-Star forward Amar'e Stoudemire carried his team to the NBA playoffs for the first time in seven seasons last year, but we tend to forget that he collapsed almost immediately upon arrival. The Knicks were swept out of the Eastern Conference first round by the Boston Celtics and Stoudemire was a shell of his former self, averaging just 14.5 points and 7.8 rebounds, thanks to a pulled back muscle.

Stoudemire didn't undergo surgery this summer and there's been that whole ugly lockout thing, so his good health has generally been assumed going forward. But should it be?

The New York Daily News reports that Stouemire's availability should the 2011-2012 NBA season start on time is still in some question. 
Stoudemire has not fully recovered from a back injury he suffered before Game 2 of the Knicks' first-round series against Boston last April. A Knicks source claims that Stoudemire is approximately "90% healthy" but couldn't guarantee that the six-time All-Star would be available if the NBA season begins on time.

Stoudemire, who took most of July off to rest his back, is scheduled to resume workouts in Florida within the next couple of weeks.

Speaking at a charity event in Harlem on Wednesday, though, Stoudemire told the New York Post that he will be ready when the NBA is ready, which he expects to be in short order.
“I’m hearing good things about the lockout, that we’d be starting sooner than later,’’ Stoudemire said. 

Stoudemire ... said he “feels great’’ and would “definitely’’ be ready for action. He had been resting and rehabbing much of the summer because of the back’s slow healing. He’s ready to step up his workouts Monday and is good enough to play now. “I feel great,’’ Stoudemire said. “Been resting all summer. That’s been my main priority and I feel great.’’

Asked if he was nervous earlier in the summer about his back, Stoudemire said, “It was definitely a time it was sore and I didn’t know how long it would take to recover from that type of injury.’’
Stoudemire's words are certainly encouraging and reassuring, but he really has no reason to say anything to the contrary. The NBA season doesn't appear to be in a rush to get here and he hasn't played in any of the competitive exhibition matches this summer, so it's probably safest to reserve judgment on his current health.

Given that the initial diagnosis wasn't particularly serious, there's a much better than average chance that Stoudemire is indeed ready to go. But "better than average" isn't good enough for Knicks fans who are fully aware that next year's squad will be in the same spot as this year's Knicks: Lacking meaningful depth, the team will only go as far as Stoudemire -- and his new-ish running buddy Carmelo Anthony -- can drag them.
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