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Posted on: November 10, 2010 9:58 pm
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Knicks President Donnie Walsh to have hip surgery

New York Knicks president Donnie Walsh will have hip-replacement surgery next week. Posted by Ben Golliverdonnie-walsh

The New York Times reports that New York Knicks president Donnie Walsh, a long time NBA executive, will have hip-replacement surgery next week.
The procedure, Walsh said, would allow him to walk without the use of the walker or a cane. He made the decision after consulting with multiple doctors.
“They both said, ‘Your legs are strong, your neck is healed, your balance is fine,’ ” Walsh said Wednesday before the Knicks played the Golden State Warriors. “When you disrupt your spinal cord and lose your bearings, you have to learn how to walk again. I’ve gotten through a lot. My legs are much stronger. I can walk down steps if I’m holding on to a wall but if I don’t have a cane or something. But if I’m walking alone and I have to dip, it throws me off balance.”
Walsh has done a nice job of undoing Isiah Thomas' mess in New York, sacrificing tons of assets to unload ugly contracts so that he could sign all star power forward Amar'e Stoudemire last summer and be a player in the 2011 free agency market. But he has had to deal with reports this summer that Thomas is trying to weasel his way back into a management role with the New York Knicks. And, to make matters worse, Walsh has also had to deal with explosive allegations about illegal pre-draft workouts conducted during the Thomas era that could result in a fine and/or forfeiture of draft picks for the organization. So there's a certain symbolism to the surgery here, as Walsh looks to get back on his feet as he works to help a once proud organization do the same.
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Isiah Thomas and reality are not friends

Isiah Thomas says he would have lured LeBron, wants his old job back, and is advising key NBA players. We weep for the future.
Posted by Matt Moore

Good morning, Knicks fans. Feeling good about that big win over the Bulls last night? Pretty great, huh? Yup, look's like that awful period in Knicks history is over.

Or... not.


From ESPN :
Isiah believes he can recruit James out of Miami and into Madison Square Garden in 2014. Isiah believes that, with or without James, he will someday help the Knicks win their first NBA title since 1973.
Yes, Knicks fans. That would be Isiah. Back in action. In a lengthy interview with ESPN New York, Thomas talks about his time with the Knicks, about how he'll put his draft record up against anyone (Renaldo Balkman for the win!), about how two of the players he brought in were All-Stars last year (on different teams, but who's quibbling?), and about how, yes, he wants the gig back. He talks about replacing Donnie Walsh. He talks about advising "a lot of players" including Carmelo Anthony. And he talks about the Big 3 as if he's hanging out with them on the Heat sideline.
"I do find it ironic that we all ended up here in Miami instead of us all ending up in New York," Thomas said. "But it's a four-year deal."
So there's that. Isiah plans on retaking his rightful throne as head of the Knicks, luring LeBron away in 2014 (when he's approaching 30) and fulfilling his destiny. If it sounds prophetic, that's because it's insane.

The Knicks just got through dishing the last draft pick they needed that Thomas traded. They still have to get Eddy Curry off the books (still!) . They're just now reaching some level of contention with the new regime after a half decade of utter disaster under Thomas. Thomas' problems went beyond just the sexual harrassment case (think of how many sentences in the English statement begin with that precursor), the drafting which looked good at the time and looks worse in retrospect, the terrible contracts and dismal on-court performance. It was the total and complete failure at all levels.

And the guy wants his gig back, and believes not only that he would have been succesful in drawing James et al if he had been in charge, but that if given the job back, he'll be successful in 2014.

Oh, Isiah. How we've missed you.

Ken Berger will have more on this situation tonight from Madison Square Garden.

Posted on: October 26, 2010 6:10 pm

League will investigate Knicks report

League will investigate allegations of illegal draft workouts. Posted by Matt Moore

Ken Berger of CBSSports.com reports that the league will investigate the report from Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski this afternoon that the New York Knicks egregiously and repeatedly violated league rules concerning pre-draft workouts, according to a league spokesman. As we discussed earlier , if the allegations are true, the league will be in a sticky place with the Knicks due to the level to which they've mortgaged their future already.

The Knicks have left the office with very little room if this is on target, but at the same time, the league's also been instrumental in trying to guide the franchise back to health. It needs its biggest and best market's team to be competitive, to be succesful, and to not be stuck in purgatory for another ten years as it was under Isiah Thomas. What's worse, the regime put in place after consulting with Stern's office, featuring Donnie Walsh, was complicit in these repeated violations. This is a massively complicated sticky for the league which managed the storm of the Donaghy scandal admirably.

A seven-figure fine as suggested by our own Ben Golliver earlier, along with the loss of multiple first round draft picks? Wouldn't really hurt the Knicks. They've already sent off multiple picks to clear space for a free agent that didn't come, and their future plans still hinge on their draw as a free agent locale and trade opportunities. And the Knicks make money when their team is horrible. A fine unless it's eight figures, isn't going to even touch this franchise.

This one could get much messier, much faster. And, you know, not like David Stern's got anything else going on... with the CBA. And lockout. And stuff.


Posted on: October 21, 2010 11:37 am

Melo wants Spike Lee to make him a Knick

Posted by Royce Young

This just feels like one of those stories too good - or at least too straightforward and slightly weird - to be true.

Marc Berman of The New York Post has something interesting on the Carmelo Anthony front this lovely Thursday.
According to a source familiar with the situation, Walsh has been motivated by information from Lee, a Knicks season-ticket-holder, that Anthony's first choice is far and away the Knicks. According to the source, Anthony has had several conversations in recent weeks with Lee, who has in turn informed Knicks brass of Anthony's feelings.
Of course then there's the information we already know that Carmelo "definitely, 100 percent wants to be a Knick." Which is potentially why he's stayed so mum on the topic right now. He's using back channels to get things done, instead of working on the front. It's smart PR and it's the best way to get things done.

And let me stop you right there - since Lee is not part of the Knicks organization (not officially, at least), this isn't considered tampering. So Carmelo evidently has Lee's ear, who is influential in the Knicks front office.

That's nice and all, but it doesn't matter what Spike Lee says to Donnie Walsh. As Ken Berger reported last night, the ball is in Denver's court. It's their call. They can trade Carmelo when they want, or not trade him at all.

But as Berman noted, the Knicks have made everyone on the roster available to the Nuggets, sans Amar'e Stoudemire. But right now, Danilo Gallinari, Anthony Randolph and Eddy Curry's dead body (plus his contract) just isn't enough. So maybe the Knicks are working in a third team. Or maybe they intend on waiting out the Nuggets a bit until they soften.

This is a step for New York though. Up until basically this week, they weren't really even considered a contender for Anthony outside of the fact that's where he wants to go. New Jersey has always been said to have the best deal (and they still do), but at least the Knicks have gained some traction. So that's something.

At some point, Carmelo Anthony will be packing to head to another city. And if we're to believe he's enlisted the help of an influential filmmaker, maybe it'll eventually be the place he so badly wants.
Posted on: October 8, 2010 1:18 am

David Stern admits Isiah mistake

NBA commissioner admits mistake in approving Thomas re-hiring as consultant while employed as FIU coach.
Posted by Matt Moore

Isiah Thomas was the worst.

I'm not using the phrase colloqually. I don't mean it as in, "Chris Kataan's movies are the worst." I mean, he was literally the worst front office executive in the history of sports management. ABA franchises that crashed inside of a year had better runs. You've had bowel movements with more consistency than the work Isiah Thomas put in durin his Knicks run. Donnie Walsh just this year actually cleared the slate enough to make some progress with the roster he inherited from Thomas.

So, yeah, it was kind of a mistake for James Dolan to hire him. That's nothing new. Nor is the awkard blundering attempt to hire Thomas back as a consultant despite not only nearly violent protests from Knicks fans who were rapidly approaching "threats to jump off a bridge" level, but the fact that Thomas is prevented from working as a consultant for a pro team due to his current position as head coach of an NCAA basketball program at FIU. Again, we're all aware those are obvious foul-ups. But what's interesting is that David Stern was part of this particular foul-up.

Stern told New York reporters during his trip to Paris that he OK'd the hiring of Thomas. No complicated reasoning, no sidestepping. Stern simply told them he screwed up . Via the New York Post :

"It's fair to say I missed the issue,'' Stern said. "I told them they can do it. And when it was announced, my guy said it's not allowed. I blew that one pretty good. "It didn't comply with our rules and ultimately wouldn't have complied with NCAA rules.”

And that's how the commish rolls. Just goes out, admits he was wrong, moves on. It's also of note given the close relationship between Stern and the Knicks organization, including Donnie Walsh. The move still remains confusing due to Stern's concerns for the welfare of his biggest market. Why would he want the guy that brought the franchise to not only ruin but disgrace back on the payroll? But if he was just answering the question of if it was okay or not, maybe the answer with Isiah should always be "I'll get back to you."
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Chris Mullin would be Walsh's pick for GM

Posted by Royce Young

Knicks' president of basketball operations Donnie Walsh knows who he'd pick to run the front office. It's no secret. In fact, Walsh couldn't have been more clear.

He wants former Warriors general manager Chris Mullin.

"If I could hire anybody Chris would be the guy," Walsh told the New York Daily News. "That's who I want."

An interesting admission by Walsh mainly because there's been no indication the job is actually open. Allan Houston was rumored to be next in line for that position a few months ago, but Walsh made his pick pretty obvious. So maybe that means that Walsh won't have a major say in the next GM of the Knicks. But I'm aimlessly speculating on that.

One interesting thing to note is the connection Mullin already has with a couple Knicks players. By sheer coincidence, the Knicks have Anthony Randolph, Kalenna Azubuike and Ronny Turiaf all on the roster, all three former Warriors.

Marc Berman of the New York Post reports that Walsh has already tried to hire Mullin, but failed to get approval from Knicks' owner James Dolan. So instead, Walsh settled with hiring Isiah Thomas as a part-time consultant before the NBA said that was a no-go.

So of course, that makes you wonder what Dolan's issue is with Mullin. Is Dolan holding out for a second tenure with Isiah? Does Dolan have some problem with Mullin? What the heck is wrong with James Dolan? These are the questions you find yourself asking when you're a Knicks fan. Especially that last one.

Mullin is a native of Queens and played at St. John's in New York. He was a pretty successful GM in Golden State, constructing the last playoff roster the Warriors had in 2007 that famously upset No. 1 Dallas in the opening round of the postseason. He wasn't fired, but in 2009, the Warriors didn't renew his contract. Currently, he's doing stuff for the NBA Cares program.
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Shootaround 9.29.10: Mileage Edition

Davis is a baby, Brooks wants his dough, Garnett's feeling spry, and Hayward bought a new car in today's Shootaround.
Posted by Matt Moore

The only exception to the "rah-rah," "happy to be back," "excited for the season to start" mantras of NBA Media Days and training camp sessions is the public extension demands. Aaron Brooks has entered that arena in full garb. Brooks told the Houston Chronicle that his contract situation is "bothering" him . Brooks is a tough spot for the Rockets . He's emerged as one of the best players on the team, and helped keep them afloat through Yao Ming 's injury. But he's also a score-first point guard who's not terribly efficient. He gets the job done, but not well enough to make it a no-brainer. Which is likely why the Rockets have decided to wait to enter discussions on an extension with him.

Donnie Walsh denied that the Knicks tampered in any way with the now-dead four-team deal proposal for Carmelo Anthony . Very quietly, the Knicks and Nets are kind of slipping into a nasty little rivalry between the two teams, one that's likely to only accelerate when the Nets move to Brooklyn.

Charlie Villanueva is actually wracked by guilt about his performance last season. It's nice to hear that from an athlete, as they typically tend to bristle and deny that they even had a bad year, or explain it away. The question is how he'll actually improve, because the things he's typically criticized for are difficult to improve upon, often considered "you have it or you don't" territory. But stranger things have happened...

Apparently Kevin Garnett is feeling spry, prompting Boston media to claim he'll be back to 2008 standards . I would consider this to fall under the category of "jinxing yourself into oblivion." Garnett was healthy enough for the Celtics to win the East. That needs to be the expectation. Anything else is failing to acknowledge the realities of the situation.

Jacque Vaughn has joined the Spurs coaching staff, and Pop thinks he's got the same qualities as Avery Johnson. The comparisons are striking to a certain degree.

Efforts for a new arena in Sacramento have hit a gigantic iron wall. Keep your eyes on the horizon for storm clouds.

Triano has no reservations about playing Barbosa at point. That's a weird thing to be discussing with both Jarret Jack and Jose Calderon on roster, making a combined eleventy billion dollars. Additionally, that seems an awful lot like a recipe for the highest turnover margin in professional basketball history.

Glen Davis is acting like a... wait for it... baby about his role with the Celtics and Doc's not particularly drawn to take care of him.

Rashard Lewis is spending more time at small forward this year. That's a pretty big move, and one that could have significant changes for how the Magic do business. The trick is that the Magic have had so much success with Lewis at the four, and a move otherwise could change their four-out, one-in approach. But it could also provide them more balance. Things are so complex.

Gordon Hayward bought a shiny new car with his contract... a Honda Accord. That's just great.

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Donnie Walsh kind of regrets the McGrady trade

Posted by Royce Young

While Carmelo Anthony prefers New York to any other destination, it looks like it will be difficult to get him there, at least this season. The Knicks are lacking what the Nuggets want and as Alan Hahn of Newsday reports, the Knicks aren't pursuing Anthony with near as much aggression as they did LeBron James.

The Nuggets have said they want three things: cap relief, a young talent and picks. The Knicks are good in two of those areas - cap relief (Eddy Curry) and young talent (Toney Douglas, Wilson Chandler, Anthony Randolph and Danilo Gallinari). What they lack is draft picks, because the one they had was sent to Houston in a trade last season for Tracy McGrady.

And that's something general manager Donnie Walsh questions himself over constantly.

"I'll second-guess myself forever on that," Walsh told the New York Daily News in talking about including a 2012 first-round pick in the McGrady trade. "I've always wondered about that. I didn't like it when we did it."

I have to say, Walsh's honesty there is refreshing. Not too often do GMs admit that they may have gotten something wrong. Typically, even if a move was horrible and never came close to working out, there's some kind of justification and explanation that tries to show how it made sense at the time. But Walsh doesn't walk down that path here. He says he thinks he may have blew it.

Because at the time, it kind of did make sense. The McGrady trade helped create the cap space needed for the Knicks to sign Ray Felton and Amar'e Stoudemire this offseason. And without those moves, New York might not looks as appealing to Anthony. But that's a maybe. What we know is that Houston owns the pick the Nuggets would want.

But Walsh is trying to atone. He told the NY Daily News that he's trying to acquire a first-round pick that he could potentially use in a deal for Carmelo. But he's going to have to give something up to get it. It's just the circle of life in NBA transactions. A revolving door of moves that can be second-guessed forever.

GMs have to make choices all the time and when they don't work out, there's no one to blame but themselves. Though in a lot of cases, they try and point the finger or at least give an excuse. Walsh made a trade last year that resulted in the Knicks clearing space for a run at LeBron James. They didn't get him, but instead landed Amar'e Stoudemire. But that trade could be what costs New York Carmelo Anthony. And it's what's keeping Donnie Walsh awake at night.
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